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Inner A Door - Adore Your Path

Inner A Door - Adore Your Path

By Sathish kumar vedh
The real time incident which we face in our society, motivational , life changing steps , narration of best books and short stories. Let's see the life "inner a door- (heart) then you will adore your path". Keep listening, thank you for your journey with me. Follow our you tube channel "Walk In Voice Leaders League"

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Ep.9: Longing for my lost call

Inner A Door - Adore Your Path

Ep.9: Longing for my lost call

Inner A Door - Adore Your Path

Ep.24: What Last Longer than Your life
What Last Longer Than Your Life An Interesting Life Changing Story by Walk In Voice. Behind all your stories is always your mother's story because here's where you begin. The best alarm clock in the world is your mother. If you ask her to wake you up at 7. She will wake you up at 6 saying it's 8. Mother - A person who loves you unconditionally , maker and keeper of good memories and inspires you to move forward. Her love is a fuel that enables a normal human being to do impossible. Make her laugh spend your time with your them. You can earn money and become rich. But you can't get the love your mother has given you with that money. Not everyone can be equal to your mother even your crush or anyone's love. None was there to compare mother's love , don't allow anything to put her down. She is a precious gift in your life journey. Don't lose her in any situation. It really hurt me , why there is a old age. Why some people are leaving their parents in old age. Did they find a better love , care than their mother ? Did they lose their sense just because they are grown up. They forgot one thing , the reason for them to be in better position is their parents sacrifice. Those people should visit orphanage , where they will learn how special is getting parents love. Spare sometime with the people who are good for your soul. Never forget the two people who are the reason for your existence. Death is a reminder which tells us not to waste your time and what we really love , what we really want to do and what we really cherish. Listen to know what last longer than your life. Do subscribe πŸ’Œ Walk In Voice Leaders League...Wish your support forever 😊
October 1, 2020
Ep.23: What Stops You From Flying
What Stops You From Flying An Interesting Story by Walk In Voice Leaders League Our You Tube Channel.Do Support. There are lots and lots of things happen in our life just because of our fear. Our fear and worries are the reasons for unwanted stress. Especially where I have encountered fear in my life is public speaking where everyone will be geared to talk in front of all. You will be thinking what others will say whether my body language will be good or my language for example English will be good or not. Whether people will laugh if I speak or they will criticize after I speak. All these thought comes to your mind. The reason why I'm saying this is, even I have faced this situation. At that time what I will think which will give confidence is " It's none of my business to mind what others think about me". This sentence which make up me to face crowd and speak up with confidence. You just try this before going to public speaking or presentation in your college. Tune your mind. Follow your dream don't stop because others stop you or make you lose your confidence. A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan done by an action becomes reality. Whatever changes you have been trying to avoid, stop it. Move toward it, you can step slowly but start moving. Whatever has been holding you back let it go. We think Change will hurt us, but actually not changing will hurt us more. Do you know what stops you from flying? After watching this video, you will come to know how to fly higher and higher. If you like this, do share with someone who is in need to know about this. Don't forget to comment and subscribe. Keep supporting me forever.
September 16, 2020
Ep.22: What's Wrong In Copying
Don't let others to decide your path or future. Everyone are in different journey. It's up to you to quit or not. Always be prepared. Don't follow others blindly just because they are saying. The decision maker is you. You have to take the decision. Not everybody knows everything. If you fail accept it, but don't give up. You cannot be a master unless you master how to overcome failure. You do what's best and right for you. Everything you need is already inside you. Don't wait for others to light your fire. You have to do. Don't let others to give permission to be you. You will grow faster than other people once you start doing what's best for you. Sometimes you do some mistake, don't regret about that. In the path of reaching your goal you will fail many times. So never beat up on yourself for what may seem like a mistake. It was necessary for you to walk that path to learn those lessons. Too many people spend money they haven't earned . To buy things they don't want to impress people they don't like. So don't be that type of people to copy others lifestyle and leaving your originality. You be you and do what's best in you before that believe in you. This is not only for school exam but also for life exam. Do listen and support our YouTube channel "Walk In Voice Leaders League". Do share if you like this πŸ€—
September 7, 2020
Ep.21: How To Live After You Die
Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what does inside while still alive . You can rise up from anything. You can completely recreate yourself. Nothing is permanent. You're not struck. You have choices. You can think new thoughts. You can create new habits. All that matters is that you decide and never look back. This is deep .We are born in one day. We die in one day. We can change in one day. And we can fall in love in one day. Anything can happen in just one day. Your past is important , but it's not nearly as important to your present as the way you see your future is. In the end , we won't remember the most beautiful face and body. We will remember the most beautiful heart and soul. So when you're living don't complicate life, missing somebody then call, wanna meet up then invite, wanna be understood then explain, have questions then ask , don't like something then say it, like something then state it, want something then ask for it, love someone then tell them. Keep your life simple. Appreciate what you have. Nobody knows when the last goodbye is. Is it possible to live after you die? When you die only your soul leaves you but you can use your body parts to live once more. This is an interesting story about Thane Chinquinho Scrapa incident happened in Brazil. This inspires me. Hope after listening even you will live after you die. If you like this do share , do comment and subscribe my YouTube channel "Walk In Voice Leaders League". I wish your support forever 😊
August 31, 2020
Ep.20: Education Engage Us In Cage
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Intelligent plus character that is the goal of true education. Study so hard so that one day your school will invite you as a chief guest. When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their heart. Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school. Education is not memorising everything ,writing the same thing in the exam and scoring first mark . It's all about understanding the concept and writing in their own concept. Giving liberty to students to bring out their ideas. Appreciation is the key for success. Beside these parents should not compare the children with others. Everyone has their unique talent. Try to find out or encourage your children in what your children are interested in. Always update yourself , learn skills which are in demand like learning coding, learning new language. Only your skills gives you job or you can create your own job not grades. Grades are just token for your goal. It's up to you to reach it. 16 things your school won't teach you are: how to sell, how to think, how to negotiate, how to face failures, how to make money, how to invest money, principles of success , how to find your passion , how to handle money, how to make an impact, how to start your business , the importance of travel ,how to communicate well, emotional awareness/ intelligence, how to read financial statements like stock market , how to do your taxes. If you like this ,find its worth sharing then do share don't forget to subscribe our YouTube channel "Walk In Voice Leaders League". Thank you πŸ€—πŸ˜
August 20, 2020
Ep.19: What we gain in giving?
What We Gain In Giving An Interesting Story by Walk In Voice -Leaders League (my you tube channel, do subscribe πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘). Humanity is the religion of God. Not everyone brought up in the same way. Everyone are going to some difficulties in life we mayn't be knowing, so it's better to be kind to all. Don't insult anybody before knowing their situation , just stand in their position before hurting them. Knowledge will give you the power but character will give you respect. Our prime purpose in this life is to help others and if you can't help them at least don't hurt them. Help people even when you know they can't help you back. If you want happiness for an hour take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go for fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime , help someone.
August 11, 2020
Ep.18: Lifestyle in the modern world
A person in 2 months could make you feel what a person in 2 years couldn't. Time means nothing character does. Always spend time with people who are good for your soul. Get rid of negative people. Don't go back of money, don't be a slave for money. Spare sometime with the old people. Never leave them alone or forget them. Make them happy. Not everything is found in Google, don't be always struck with laptop or cellphone. Need to know one thing, this time won't come next time. Never leave children alone, motivate them. Don't force them to be best in what the dreams you missed in life . Ask them what's their dream or find their potential , appreciate them to reach higher. Money can be earned but it can't bring back the times you missed in life. In the journey of life, give as much love and laughter to others. This is your trademark when you leave this world. Old people or many people get sick , it's not that the medicine is enough. It's because of loneliness. Don't let your heart get occupied in loneliness with depression. When it hurt observe life is teaching something. Do support my YouTube channel " Walk in Voice leaders league" for more inspiring content . Thank you πŸ€—
July 31, 2020
Ep.17:What makes your day feel satisfied
What Makes Your Day Feel Satisfied An Inspiring Story by "Walk In Voice-Leaders League". Create more memorable memories , make this day the best . Do what you love, don't worry what others will think about you because they are not going to live their life. Don't live in the past or future , live in the present. Surround yourself with the people whom you want to become. Choose your goal, walk toward it confidently.Your goal is to build a life you don't need a vacation from. Don't worry when you feel alone, you know what Bruce Lee said "A wise man can always be found alone. A weak man will always be found in the crowd". You have potential, your potential means nothing without taking action. If someone treats you bad, just remember that there is something wrong with them ,not you. Normal People don't go around destroying other people. Great things won't come from your comfort zone. This makes you to reach a successful life. It's a beautiful day. Make it beautiful for somebody who needs your help. Appreciate others for their good deeds. A single appreciation might change their life. Capture this moment and live In this moment. Here story begins like was night...walk with friends... suddenly one of my friend... stopped...took photo...did he gave me?... how was the time? listen to know more....Do follow my you tube channel...Walk in Voice leaders league for more interesting content. Thank you:)
July 24, 2020
Ep.16: How To Become The Greatest Version Of Yourself
Stop being patient and start by asking yourself, how do I accomplish my 10 years plan in 6 months ? You'll probably fail , but you'll be alot further along than the person who simply accepted it was going to take 10 years. Your dream will come true not by just thinking ,you need to take action. Execute your plan before you pray for God. Have a strong mindset. Think always ," I'm not going to lose hope what ever may the situation". Set a timer for everything you do, and while the timer is on ,fully focus on the task at hand , nothing else is matters. If you don't identify your weeknesses, someone else will do it, play with your emotions and make you even weeker. You don't give chance for them to do. Here's a story begins like this...Will Smith was young...his father works in the bakery...removed the old wall..ask Will and his younger brother to build new wall...Will thought it's impossible to build a wall...but later he he finished? What did his father said? Did the wall was perfect? Listen to know more... Do support my YouTube channel-Walk In Voice leaders league ,where you can find more interesting content. If you like my content do share, comment and subscribe πŸ’Œ friends:)
July 21, 2020
Ep.15: What is True Love?
Relationship fails because more often it's because they don't do enough good things to each other. Be with person who celebrate who you are. Beauty of heart lies inside not outside. Most of the time people in relation fight with each other because they never adjust each other. Place yourself in the situation before hurting others. It's easy to hurt others but it's difficult to get joined. If a situation or person make you lose you don't stay in the situation ,just walk away. Sometimes silence is the best way to respond. Show love to everyone, be kind to all. First love yourself, before you love others. Self love, self motivation is the path of success and to find the glory inside you. For me love is saying as well showing. Sometime people lose hope because there is no one to appreciate their deeds. Little appreciation leads to success, this shows what they are good at. Talk good. Here a story begins like this, I asked my dad ,why don't you say I love you to mother though you love her. He narrated a story, one man go to office...when he cross a house...he heard a terrible singing by old man...this man went to say ... don't sing to that old man...after going to his home ...he said is superb ...what changed that man? Why he asked the old man to sing daily? Did I got the answer from my dad through the story? Listen to know more..... Do subscribe my You Tube Channel "Walk In Voice Leaders League" for more interesting content.
July 15, 2020
Ep.14: Bear With Your Barrier For A Better Life
Sometimes in life, some situation breaks you and some goes to take a wrong decision or they say ,life is not meant for them to live. You should know one thing break up should make you stronger and never make you weaker. Don't lose your hope at anytime, whatever be the situation.Face it with full courage to win them. If one thing is lost it means something better is waiting for you. Buddha said Maturity is learning to walk away from people and situation that threaten your peace of mind, self respect, values, morals and self worth. Here's a story begins like this...I was travelling in bus.. suddenly I hear someone who was crying... I asked him what was the matter...first hesitated later said... then he said he want to die...i convinced boy came and explained his situation...we were shocked...why the man wants to die?what did the young boy said which changed his mind? Do listen to know more...if you like this then do share with your friendsπŸ€—.
July 3, 2020
Ep.13: Don't be too blind to believe all
Never beat up yourself for what may seem like a mistake. It was necessary for you to walk that path to learn those lessons. Sometimes you need bad things to happen, to inspire you and change you. It's upto you to find beauty in the ugliest days. Here is a story begins like woke up took bath...came to garage ...he found his car missing...he and his wife went to police station...they were morning...his car was there in garage...with a letter in the driver seat...he was happy..they went to cinema...when they came back ....they was shocked...a letter on sofa....What happened to that car? Why the thief brought back the car and left in garage? What was there in that first letter which made them happy?What was there in second letter which was placed on the sofa? Who is stupid the man or the thief ? .Listen to know more, if you like this find it's worth sharing then do share πŸ€—
June 2, 2020
Ep.12: One Last Once More
A soulmate is someone who can't stand seeing you sad, someone who stays faithful ,loyal, committed to you, someone who helps take care of you when you're sick, someone who stands by your side through the good days and the bad days , someone who wants to grow old and grey with you. Here is a story begins like this... Old woman asked her husband a joke....she was admitted in the hospital...he said a joke...she asked ...once he asked once more... What happened to the old woman? Why he asked once more to his wife? Do you think this is what is called as true love? Listen to know more, if you like this story find it's worth sharing... then do share πŸ€—
May 22, 2020
Ep.11 : Your Thought Is What Matters Alot
The greatest gift you can give someone is your time, your love and your attention.Two things to remember in your life: Take care of your thoughts when you are alone and take care of your words when you are with people. The strongest people make time to help others, even if they are struggling with their own problems. Here is a story begins like this...two men met in the same hospital person near the window, other closed with wall ... person in the closed wall...ask the man near the window ,what is there outside...he elaborate the beautiful view pond morning he discharged...when other man went to window bed...he found nothing...what happened in just one day? Why this person can't see that view? What did the nurse said? Listen to know more....if you like this story,find it's worth sharing... then do share πŸ€—
May 10, 2020
Ep.10: All Fall Down
I like when money makes you difference but don't make you different.A person becomes 10x attractive not by their looks but by their act of kindness ,love, respect, honesty and loyalty they show.We are born naked and die naked then why ,in between looking at others in ego, hate, hurt, caste, race, religion. Here is a story begins... husband hardworker...saves lot of money...ask his loyal wife to put all his money in the casket...when he die...he died... she kept a metal box in the casket...whether his wife put all money or not? What was there in the metal box? Her friend asked...did you kept all the money? Listen to know you think loyal wife is a clever or a fool. If you like this, find its worth sharing then do share πŸ€—
May 1, 2020
Ep.9: Longing for my lost call
None was there to compare our love, I never allow anyone to put you down. Nothing in this world can be compared with mother's love... Here a story begins like this....I video called my mother didn't speak....for first time.... I cried like a part of my heart is parted apart ...What happened to my mother? Why she didn't speak?.....Let some people understand that love you give to the lovable once, when they are alive and not when they die.Show your love and say how much you love when their alive.Do reply:Does peace gives birth to love or love gives birth to peace?. If you like this and find it's worth sharing, then do shareπŸ€—
April 22, 2020
Ep.8 : Don't Break The Promise You Make
Three things you should never break: promise, trust and someone heart.Most of us overthink because we undervalue ourselves.Life doesn't give you people you want.It gives the people you need:to help you,to hurt you, to love you, to leave you and to help you grow into the person you are meant to be.Here is a story cold night... rich man met poor old man...poor man shivering man... promise to bring coat...poor man left a letter for rich man... What was written in that letter? day what happened ? Listen to know more.... expectation is good or bad do reply. If you find its worth sharing , then do share πŸ€—.
April 15, 2020
Ep.7: Presented By Presence Of Mind
Most problems in our life is because we act without thinking and we think without acting .In life when you look problem is more you have more problems ,when you look for probability you find more possibility. Everything depends on how we look.Here is a story begins like this... boy... cycling..with eggs...stone hit...fell down... eggs broke...crowd gathered...old man came....then boy got money from everyone...who is the old man? How did the old man solved the problem?... What this old man did is right or wrong? Do leave a reply. If you enjoy this story and it's worth sharing, then do share.
March 22, 2020
Ep.6: Wise to wait for awhile with hope.
Focus on people who inspires you than the person who annoy you. You'll get much further in life.Most of us overthink because we undervalue ourselves.Push yourself forward this is your life. If you lose today something better is coming on your way. Put some effort and lift you up but never quit. Here is a story... little boy and mother...went sweets...but hesitate to buy...but he got more sweets.... listen to know more...if you like then do share... spread positive vibes....thank you!
March 2, 2020
Ep.5:Don't hang with anger.
The strongest people make time to help others,even if they are struggling with their own problem. Don't lose yourself in any situation. Stop being angry. Enjoy your life, appreciate everything you have received. Here is real story.... I was in traffic...a person showed me paper... I treated him like dog...he smiles...tears flowed in my eyes... listen to know more...If you like do share.
February 11, 2020
Ep.4: Why old age? What is the need of old age?
Don't hurt anyone ,it can't be healed life long. Give happiness, life is all about giving ,we don't take anything when we leave. Here is a story begins...young boy and old man...went to restaurant...old man don't know to eat properly...young boy settled the bill...did he left something? Listen to know more. If you find its worth sharing ,do share.
January 27, 2020
Ep.3: Once upon a time I was alone.
Being alone doesn't solve all your problem. Not everyone who judge is perfect.Young boy made me realize this...who is the young boy...what did he do? ... listen to know more....after listening if you find, it's then worth sharing do share.
January 15, 2020
Ep.2:Understand the feeling of others before you hurt or hate
Don't lose yourself in emotion, words are more powerful.Be kind to all. Here is a story begins like had one eye...i hate her...i disappoint she lost her eye?... whether i realize my mistake or not... Listen to know more...Do share your feedback.
January 12, 2020
Ep.1:Judge your words before you judge others
In our life, we feel odd for being accused wrongly. Not everything you hear is true. Don't be too quick in judging others, take your time. Sometimes right person are accused. Here is a story begins like this ,Once upon a time, old man spread a rumour on a young man.......judge verdict... Right or wrong ? comment below.
December 3, 2019