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The Sav Sidorov Podcast

The Sav Sidorov Podcast

By Sav Sidorov
I’m looking to learn and follow my interests by exploring questions through conversation. Topics may include the future of science, mathematics, neurotech, learning, aesthetics, intelligence augmentation and sometimes politics.
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04 | Alexey Guzey | Improving the Structures of Science

The Sav Sidorov Podcast

07 | Elizabeth Van Nostrand | Pandemics, Systemic Risk & Effective Government
Elizabeth Van Nostrand is a researcher and writer. She has a past in software engineering, and currently works as a freelance researcher. In addition, she’s figuring out better ways to make sense of the world through her Epistemic Spot Checks and Knowledge Bootstrapping projects. We talk about COVID-19 policies, our capability to handle future pandemics, as well as global systemic risks in general. Links: Elizabeth’s Twitter: Elizabeth's Website: Epistemic Spot Checks: Knowledge Bootstrapping: Joe Norman tweet: microCOVID Project: Chaos monkey: Find me on Twitter: My Blog: My Website:
August 13, 2021
06 | Victor Tong | On Cancer Research
Victor is a doctoral student at the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, studying cancer biology. We talk about his journey through academia, the state of cancer research, and topics in biology in general. Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 2:28 - Journey through academia 19:03 - Mentorship 23:02 - The Cancer Science Institute of Singapore 25:34 - The “Cure for Cancer” 34:49 - What causes cancer? 46:00 - Evolution & adaptation 1:02:44 - Death 1:16:07 - “Fishing” in research 1:28:17 - Reproducibility 1:43:26 - Thoughts on career and the future 1:48:00 - RNA 1:54:30 - Why do science? 1:58:42 - Advice to your younger self Victor’s Email: Papers: ‘The Hallmarks of Cancer’ ‘Hallmarks of Cancer: The Next Generation’ ‘1,500 scientists lift the lid on reproducibility’ ‘Reserve Capacity Hypothesis’ Find me on Twitter My Blog My Website
August 03, 2021
05 | Yasmeen Hmaidan | Building the Brain-Interfacing Future
Yasmeen is a student and researcher at the University of Toronto, studying neuroscience, computer science and mathematics. We talk about our current understanding of the brain, and how we can use those insights to build cool tech.   Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 3:38 - “Why are you into the brain?” 8:55 - Cryonics 18:39 - Advances in BCIs 22:00 - Frictionless technology & tighter feedback loops 31:22 - Invasive vs noninvasive BCIs 43:11 - The current state of neuroscience 56:35 - The “200 year BCI goal” 1:28:44 - Urbit   Links: Yasmeen’s Twitter   Yasmeen's Github Yasmeen’s Podcast, The Brain Pod Find me on Twitter   My Substack Blog
July 29, 2021
04 | Alexey Guzey | Improving the Structures of Science
Alexey is a researcher, founder, and writer. He recently founded New Science, an organization that aims to build new institutions and improve the structures of science. We talk about New Science, his blog, and his journey to where he is today. Links: Alexey’s Twitter: Alexey's Website: New Science:   DONATE to New Science: 'From Eros to Gaia' by Freeman Dyson: Find me on Twitter: My Blog: My Website:
July 02, 2021
03 | Chen Wang | Nototo, a Spacial Workspace
Chen is the co-founder of Nototo — a collaborative, spacial workspace. We talk about his journey, from dropping out of university to living in Silicon Valley, about Nototo and how it fits into the broader ‘Tools for Thought’ software landscape, and about the impact that communities have in shaping your thinking. The essays mentioned in this episode: ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ ‘Domestic Cozy’ Chen’s Twitter: @___________chen Join Nototo’s waitlist at: Find me on Twitter: @savsidorov My Blog: My Website:
June 06, 2021
02 | Michaël Trazzi | Learning by Doing, Perfecting Habits and the Future of AI
Michael is a programmer, blogger and overall interesting personality. We talk about his experience learning at School 42 - a school that focuses on learning by doing above all else, about habits and how to do effective work, as well as artificial intelligence. Michaël's Twitter: @MichaelTrazzi Michaël's blog posts: How to Deep Write in a Shallow World & The 5 Tribes of the ML world. Listen to his podcast, The Inside View. Find me on Twitter: @savsidorov My Blog: My Website:
May 06, 2021
01 | Lulu Petrosyan | On Archaeology
Lulu Petrosyan is an archaeology student at the University of Calgary. We talk about what got her interested in it, the history of the field, current concerns, and what has her excited for the future. Buy Lulu's cards here.  Pertaining to People website: Pertaining to People Twitter: @p2pplpod Find me on Twitter: @savsidorov Blog: Website:
November 20, 2020
00 | Welcome!
Welcome to the podcast! This is a short description of where I plan to go with it in the episodes ahead.  Find me on Twitter: @savsidorov Blog: Website:
November 12, 2020