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Savage Well Being

Savage Well Being

By Ellen Olson
I cannot describe myself in 600 words! So please check out my website to REALLY get to know me!
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Savage Well Being Intro - PODCAST #1

Savage Well Being

Messy Episode #4
I have great news in this podcast and information I want to share about myself that can pertain to you!  Truthfully, I was tired, overcoming pain and it was early!  But it was time to share some good words so here we are!  Check out what's happening and what's to come!
April 29, 2021
Episode #3 - Cancer Survivorship! What you should know and how you can help a new survivor!
It sucks having cancer and going through treatments!  But what sucks more?  Being done.  Yeah, that finish line is a nightmare for a while.  Everyone goes about their lives while the cancer survivor lives in fear and gets kinda stuck.  Wanna help?  Wanna reach out to someone you love that is going through this but not saying anything?  Here's some useful tips from someone in the midst of it!
April 28, 2021
Get those chemicals OUT of your bathroom products!
Every day we put chemicals on our face, in our hair, on our teeth and THEN we have the audacity to toss it into the trash!  Many times, the plastic that you throw into the recycling bin can't even be recycled!   This episode tells you how to green your bathroom and gives you a few fabulous lines that you can use to keep your waste to a minimum! Check out EWG.ORG to check out your current products and the ingredients inside! To purchase chemical free, sustainable skin care go to For chemical free hygiene go to Bamboo toilet paper and other papery things! Who gives a CRAP!  (And yes, it comes loud and proud to your front door with those words plastered on the box! Bamboo rounds for skin care: Body products: Thank you all for your support and LOVING this podcast!  Don't forget to tell everyone how much you dig it!
April 21, 2021
Savage Well Being Intro - PODCAST #1
This VERY FIRST EPISODE is an introduction of who your host is.....ME, Ellen Olson.  Also, I talk about all the facts, subjects and STUFF I'm going to be sharing in future podcasts.  Yes, this is a wellness, mindfulness and fitness podcast.  BUT this is coming from a woman who BEAT a very aggressive breast cancer and kicked ass BECAUSE I fiercely focused on my self care and well being.  Thus, Savage Well Being was born.  Well, it was being birthed prior to cancer but this life threatening disease truly helped me get this podcast off the ground.   Thanks for listening and please share this with all of your friends.  You don't have to have cancer to listen but it can be very beneficial for those who are fighting the fight and surviving post cancer!
April 16, 2021