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inFLUX is SCAD FLUX's podcast about all things design and more. Every week Lara fills FLUX members in about any announcements for the coming weeks, while Nico (@nicozafarana) and Varun (@thevarunkhatri) co-interview a new guest. These guests include SCAD students, alumni, professors, and industry professionals they find interesting. Just like life, design, and pretty much everything else, this podcast is always in flux and is constantly evolving to bring the best experience.
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Travis Neilson (S2 EP1)


Matt Walker (S2 EP4)
This season we have gone out of our way to find designers from Las Vegas. This week we have another fantastic designer from there, Matt Walker. Matt is a senior product designer focused on design systems at Mailchimp. His journey to become a designer is a rather fascinating one with him starting out in agencies, then being one of the early UX designers at Home Depot to his current role at Mailchimp. Nico and Varun dive into this journey, a little about design systems as well as the obsessive fascination with Figma that every designer seems to have nowadays. This episode marks the end of our 2021 releases and we will return in January with more episodes. Stay tuned because we have some great things in the works.
November 06, 2021
FLUX × Design CO. (S2 EP3)
This marks the first collaboration between FLUX and Design CO. Not only are these two extremely different schools to study design at, but they are located on opposite coasts. Nico and Varun are joined by Sergio and Adam in this chat. Over the period of their chat, they discuss the difference between the two schools as well as the two clubs. Like always they end with a rapid fire with some never asked before hot take questions.
October 23, 2021
Jackie Sabillon (S2 EP2)
This week we have the incredibly kind Jackie Sabillon! Jackie is a recent SCAD graduate, who graduated right before the COVID outbreak almost 2 years ago now. The episode was recorded over the summer when Jackie was a product designer for Click Therapeutics in New York. Since then, she has started a new position at MIT Media Lab as a User Experience Designer. In the episode, we get to talk to Jackie about her move from Illustration to UX, her interest in game UX and her calling to empower those around her.›
October 09, 2021
Travis Neilson (S2 EP1)
After summer break, inFLUX is back and it is going to be bigger and better than before. We kick off this new season with Travis Neilson who is not only a designer at Google but a musician, ex-YouTuber, and more. Varun has been wanting him on the show since the beginning and we are excited to finally have him on. Nico and Varun sit down with Travis to talk about personal impact by COVID, design trends, content creation, music and more.
September 25, 2021
EP 8 - Edie Alvarado and Deane Collins
Have you ever wondered where the intersection of UX and Fashion is? To answer that question, we bring in two senior SCAD students, one from each major, Edie and Deane to see what they think. The conversation doesn’t end there. Together, we reflect on learnings over the past year as well as discuss design trends we hate. Ultimately, this episode is a fun look into the minds of art school students, whether they are UX or not.
May 01, 2021
EP 7 - Sarah Beth Doncals
Varun's mentor, Sarah, joins us this week and we have a great time chatting. Sarah is currently working at Uber Freight as a product designer and she is a recent SCAD grad. On today's episode, we chat about her job hunt after having her offer at Uber rescinded, how she eventually found her way back and even about who her favorite FLUX member is. Listen to get the insight scoop on who the member is! We think you will be surprised.
April 17, 2021
EP 6 - Keenan Mai
We are back! After a small break, Nico and Varun return to talk to Keenan Mai, a User Experience Product Manager at HP in Fort Collins, Colorado. The conversation starts by talking about Keenan's unique journey into UX but then slowly transitions to a fun, obsessive chat about coffee and more. This episode also introduces a new format that we are testing and we hope you enjoy the refinements.
April 03, 2021
EP 5 - Zachra Pradipta and Dallin Higgins (Winter 2021 Recap)
To mark the end of the quarter, we invited Zachra and Dallin, the co-directors of FLUX, to discuss the quarter and its large FLUX events including StartUp. This was a super fun conversation to have because we work with Zachra and Dallin regularly, but for those of you who don't know them as well, we dive in to their journey to SCAD, talk about their soon-to-happen graduation and much more. This episode provides insight into the people behind FLUX, so you definitely won't want to miss it.  We will be taking a short break till the next quarter too, so stay tuned till the next episode.
March 13, 2021
EP 4 - Clark Delashmet
For the first time on inFLUX, our guest is one of the UX professors and it's none other than Professor Clark Delashmet. We start by talking about his journey to becoming a professor but move to more obscure topics such lab-grown whiskey as well as getting schooled on college football. This fun and lighthearted conversation with a great professor is definitely something SCAD students don't want to miss.
February 26, 2021
EP 3 - SCAD IDSA - Natalie Schaake + Joshua Nilsson
Nico and Varun are back this week after a short break. This episode the show grows bigger with two guests instead of one, Natalie Schaake and Joshua Nilsson, the co-presidents of SCAD IDSA. In this hilarious episode, we discuss what IDSA is and how it is changing this year, learn about Josh's connection with Paula Wallace (SCAD's president and founder) as well as get the scoop on Nico and Natalie's relationship. You don't want to miss out on this one.
February 12, 2021
STARTUP 2021 Bonus Episode - Jen Bonnett
On this special half-length episode of InFLUX, Savannah and Lara take over (again) to talk to Jen Bonnett, VP of the Savannah Economic Development Authority or SEDA. Jen and SEDA are a signature sponsor of this year’s StartUp event! We sat down to chat with Jen about her early career, SEDA as an agency and of course, StartUp! Since it was a short chat, we decided to release a special half-length episode, but don’t worry, we will be back next week with another full length episode and a pair of special guests.
February 03, 2021
EP 2 - STARTUP 2021 Special w/ Andrew Sibert, Savannah Wilkinson & Lara Federspiel
On this special episode of inFLUX, Savannah and Lara take over to talk to Andrew Sibert, UX designer at Backbone. While at SCAD 6 years ago, Andrew founded STARTUP. This episode will dive into why he started it, the history of STARTUP and then move to the future with Savannah and Lara co-hosting this year. Outside of STARTUP talk, Savannah and Lara will talk to Andrew about his recent shift to Backbone, a company focused on mobile gaming, from his job at Google.
January 29, 2021
EP 1 - Dane Galbraith
Welcome to the first episode of inFLUX! This episode is not only your introduction to this new show but gets straight into the action with our first guest. On our very first episode, Nico and Varun interview the one and only Dane Galbraith, a recently graduated senior from the UX design department here at SCAD. He is the perfect candidate to be the first guest on the show because not only was Dane the president of FLUX last year, but he also hosted STARTUP 2019. Although now Dane works at Google, he is clearly a FLUX veteran.  Nico and Varun chat with him about what it's like working in the pandemic, graduating SCAD, and ended the episode by getting some recommendations for movies to watch and music to listen to. Thank you for joining us on this journey.
January 15, 2021