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Scratch Cinema

Scratch Cinema

By Chase Hutchinson
Scratch Cinema is a film review site that now has a podcast! Here we will be reviewing movies, talking about our favorite actors, interviewing directors and many other things!
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Watching Pandemic Movies While In The Epicenter of One

Scratch Cinema

Oscar and his Awards
On today's podcast, hosts Chase & Quinelle predict who will win what at this year's Academy Awards and talk through all of the films themselves. 00:40 - Intro 05:36 - Best Picture 16:46 - Best Actor 22:30 - Best Actress 30:02 - Best Film Editing 34:20 - Best Sound 42:30 - Best Original Screenplay 44:30 - Best Adapted Screenplay 47:10 - Best Animated Short 52:26 - Best Actor in a Supporting Role 57:12 - Best Actress in a Supporting Role 59:44 - Best Director 1:02:00 - Snubs 1:06:50 - Mortal Kombat 1:10:02 - Conclusion
April 23, 2021
Getting Through the Golden Globes
On today's podcast, hosts Chase & Quinelle recap the Golden Globes. All the glitz and glamour, the corruption and chaos, oh and mostly some movies. 00:38 - Intro 02:00 - Golden Globes 6:00 - I Care a Lot 10:30 - Borat Subsequent Moviefilm 11:22 - The United States vs. Billie Holiday 21:47 - Judas and the Black Messiah 26:22 - Minari 28:30 - The Trial of the Chicago 7 31:05 - The Queen's Gambit 35:26 - Nomadland 54:37 - Soul 58:04 - The People vs. Agent Orange 59:02 - Raya and the Last Dragon 1:03:44 - Stray 1:05:25 - Conclusion
March 05, 2021
Judas and the Black Messiah, Space Sweepers, & Nomadland
On today's podcast, hosts Chase & Quinelle ask if you can make a radical film in Hollywood, talk what makes good science fiction, and preview some new releases. 00:40 - Intro 02:22 - Judas and the Black Messiah 30:38 - Space Sweepers 45:32 - I Care a Lot 47:40 - Test Pattern 48:52 - Nomadland 50:42 - Conclusion
February 19, 2021
Scratch Cinema Podcast: The Films of Steven Yeun from Okja to Burning
On today's podcast, hosts Chase & Quinelle discuss the work of Steven Yeun in buildup to his new film Minari. 00:40 - Intro 03:32 - Mayhem 10:47 - Okja 26:45 - Sorry to Bother You 37:40 - Burning 1:06:54 - Minari 1:12:52 - Conclusion + Preview for next week (Judas and the Black Messiah)
February 12, 2021
Golden Globes Remain Trash, Remembering Cicely Tyson, and Little Fish
On today's podcast, hosts Chase & Quinelle discuss the recent award nominations debacle, remember the great Cicely Tyson, and talk some new releases. 00:40 - Intro  2:20 - Golden Globes Remain Trash 21:51 - Remembering Cicely Tyson 22:30 - Sounder 41:45 - A Lesson Before Dying 44:30 - The Trip To Bountiful 50:32 - Tyson’s Legacy 1:00:42 - The Wanting Mare 1:02:25 - Two of Us 1:04:27 - Little Fish 1:08:20 - Conclusion  Next week we highlight the great work of Steven Yeun's career from Okja to Minari.
February 05, 2021
F**k Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob and The White Tiger
On today's first podcast of 2021, hosts Chase & Quinelle discuss another special Euphoria episode and the new film The White Tiger. 00:40 - Intro 2:38 - Euphoria Special Part Two: F**k Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob 29:20 - The White Tiger 57:32 - Sundance preview 58:32 - Conclusion
January 29, 2021
Best Christmas Movies, Soul is Sentimental, & Wonder Woman 1984 Falls Flat
On today's special holiday podcast, hosts Chase & Quinelle discuss their favorite Christmas movies then talk the new releases Soul and Wonder Woman 1984. 00:40 - Intro  02:10 - Best Christmas Movies 50:42 - Soul 56:02 - Wonder Woman 1984 1:03:20 - Conclusion This is our last episode for 2020 so we will see you next year!
December 25, 2020
Sundance announces lineup, Christmas in Euphoria, & our Best Films of 2020
On today's podcast, hosts Chase & Quinelle break down the newly announced Sundance lineup, talk through the HBO special episode of Euphoria Rue, and the best films of 2020. 00:40 - Intro  02:30 - Sundance announces lineup 8:20 - Rue and Euphoria 1:05:34 - Best Films of 2020 1:06:00 - Sound of Metal 1:07:07 - The Invisible Man 1:07:42 - Relic 1:08:37 - Portrait of a Lady on Fire 1:09:59 - The Nest 1:11:02 - Klaus 1:12:22 - First Cow 1:31:13 - His House 1:13:47 - Possessor 1:14:40 - Beanpole 1:15:42 - Small Axe films 1:17:00 - Canvas 1:17:42 - Feels Good Man/Mayor 1:18:57 - Conclusion Next week we discuss our favorite holiday movies and Wonder Woman 1984. 
December 18, 2020
Movie Theaters Face a Crisis, Unpacking The Undoing, & Mank is Mid-Tier Fincher
On today's podcast, hosts Chase & Quinelle discuss the potential loss of movie theaters as we know it, talk through the HBO series The Undoing, and new releases from the Sound of Metal to Mank. David Fincher's Mank Does Not Feature Serial Killers or Graphic Violence and... That's Okay! Sound of Metal Is a Profound Experience 00:40 - Intro 04:22 - Movie Theaters Face a Crisis 17:50 - The Undoing 1:04:00 - Another Round 1:05:57 - Mank 1:07:50 - Sound of Metal 1:13:20 - Conclusion
December 04, 2020
Wonder Woman 1984 Saves Christmas?, Haunting of His House, & Sarah Paulson is a Wine Mom in Run
On today's podcast, hosts Chase & Quinelle discuss the release of Wonder Woman, praise Netflix's His House, then review new releases like Hulu's Run. The Fire Was Just the Beginning The Nest Convinced Me Never to Marry Jude Law 00:40 - Intro 02:22 - Wonder Woman 05:02 - His House 47:12 - Collective 48:57 - The Nest 49:54 - Run 52:30 - Conclusion
November 20, 2020
Women Sweep The Gotham Awards, The Queen's Gambit, & Ammonite
On today's podcast, hosts Chase & Quinelle celebrate The Gotham Awards' nominees, discuss the Netflix series The Queen's Gambit, & new release Ammonite. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays I Keep Thinking About One Bloody Neck Wound in Possessor 00:40 - Intro 01:30 - The Gotham Awards 03:30 - The Queen’s Gambit 53:10 - Dreamland 54:22 - Ammonite 59:06 - Possessor 1:00:04 - Conclusion
November 13, 2020
The Haunting of Bly Manor
On today's podcast, hosts Chase & Quinelle talk through all of the Netflix series with special guest Taya. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays @citystcrs THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR: A COMMENTARY ON LOVE 00:40 - Intro 1:47 - The Haunting of Bly Manor 54:32 - Conclusion
October 23, 2020
Evaluating Evil Eye, Navigating Nocturne, & What's New To Watch This Weekend
On today's podcast, hosts Chase & Quinelle their most new movies yet. Evil Eye, Nocturne, The Trial of the Chicago 7, Love and Monsters, Shithouse and Kajillionaire. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays ‘Kajillionaire’ a bittersweet examination of family bonds and the urge to break them 00:40 - Intro 1:40 - Evil Eye 23:10 - Nocturne 48:34 - The Trial of the Chicago 7 51:40 - Love and Monsters 52:44 - Shithouse 54:50 - Kajillionaire 55:40 - Conclusion Next week, we discuss all things The Haunting of Bly Manor.
October 16, 2020
Theaters Face Extinction, Breaking Down Bulbbul, & Vampires vs. the Bronx
On today's podcast, hosts Chase & Quinelle talk with special guest Alex about the potential loss of the theatrical experience then discuss two horror flicks Bulbbul and Vampires vs. the Bronx. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays @alexbedead ‘The Wolf of Snow Hollow’ is a wicked and darkly comic creature feature 00:40 - Intro 2:32 - Theaters Face Extinction 13:00 - Bulbbul 33:30 - Vampires vs. the Bronx 57:20 - The Wolf of Snow Hollow 58:40 - Conclusion
October 09, 2020
Disney Delays Everything, Ratched is Wretched, & Time for Some Misbehaviour
On today's podcast, Chase and Quinelle recap all the new release changes, talk through all that is Ratched, and talk new movies from Enola Holmes to Misbehaviour. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays From Oliver Sacks to Yotam Ottolenghi: A Documentary Double Feature to Watch This Weekend Netflix’s ‘Enola Holmes’ is a refreshing look at the world through new eyes A rich portrayal of complex characters, ‘Misbehaviour’ shows the value in bucking the status quo 00:40 – Intro 4:10 - Release Date Changes 7:02 - Ratched Discussion 51:00 - Oliver Sacks: His Own Life 51:29 - Enola Holmes 54:10 - Misbehaviour 56:20 - Conclusion
September 25, 2020
Emmys Extravaganza
What will win the Emmys? On today's podcast, hosts Chase and Quinelle plus special guest Kyle give you all their hot takes. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays @KylePlantEmoji Next week we discuss Netflix's Ratched.
September 18, 2020
Dune Drops A Trailer, The Boys Gets Review Bombed, & Woke is Weird
What is to come with Dune? Why are people review bombing The Boys? Should you get Woke? On today's podcast, Chase and Quinelle talk about their expectations for Dune, what they think of The Boys thus far, and how Woke is quite weird. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays Doomed by convention, Helen Reddy biopic, ‘I Am Woman,’ falls flat Wil Wheaton Is Not Your Pal Review: Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ is an imperfect and messy coming of age tale 00:40 – Intro 3:30 - Dune is here 11:00 - What’s up with The Boys? 37:16 - Hulu’s Woke Broken Down 1:00:22 - I Am Woman 1:01:17 - Rent-A-Pal 1:02:40 - Unpregnant 1:04:02 - Cuties 1:13:05 - Conclusion Next week we do our Emmys prediction episode.
September 11, 2020
Host Director Rob Savage Drops In, Robert Pattinson Has COVID-19, & Disney’s Mulan Is Meh
Its been one month since Host premiered, what does Director Rob Savage think of his film being the breakout horror hit of the summer? With Robert Pattinson getting coronavirus, can film production resume? Should you see Disney's Mulan? On today's podcast, Chase and Quinelle conduct a fascinating interview then talk through a big week for movies. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays @DirRobSavage Best go watch the original animation. Disney’s new ‘Mulan’ is an empty experience A Harrowing Look at Hate Told Through the Eyes of a Cartoon Frog. No Really. A masterpiece from Charlie Kaufman, ‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’ is existential horror 00:40 – Intro 2:58 - Talking Host With Director Rob Savage 30:31 - More Host Talk 33:08 - Are Film Productions Safe? 44:02 - John Boyega Takes No Prisoners 52:00 - Mulan 54:19 - Feels Good Man 56:54 - I’m Thinking of Ending Things 58:13 - Remembering Chadwick Boseman 1:00:50 - Conclusion Next week we discuss Hulu's Woke.
September 04, 2020
No Thanks New Mutants, Destroyed by I May Destroy You, and Bill & Ted Face the Music
Is New Mutants a disaster? Why is I May Destroy You the best show of the year? Can Bill & Ted Save the day? On today's podcast, Chase and Quinelle walk through the best show of the year plus tease an exciting guest for next week.  @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays ‘Get Duked!’ sees a group of teens on the run from a murderous Eddie Izzard ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ shows the duo can still save the day 00:40 – Intro 2:02 - The New Mutants is a disaster 6:22 - I May Destroy You 1:06:05 - The Binge 1:06:55 - Centigrade 1:07:57 - Get Duked! 1:08:47 - Bill & Ted Face the Music 1:12:22 - Tell Me Why 1:13:42 - Conclusion Next week we talk to Rob Savage, writer and director of the breakout horror film of the summer "Host."
August 28, 2020
Teenage Bounty Hunters, A Scanner Darkly, & Zombie Movies
What exactly is Teenage Bounty Hunters? How does A Scanner Darkly hold up? What is the best zombie movie? On today's podcast, Chase and Quinelle take it all on, now with fancy segments! @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays Disney is taking a crack at ‘The One and Only Ivan.’ Here’s the real Tacoma story A cliche-filled romance, ‘Chemical Hearts’ is a contrived look at first love ‘Tesla’ is a surrealist reflection on the dreams of the historic inventor 00:40 – Intro 2:44 - Theaters Are Open 4:24 - Teenage Bounty Hunters 22:17 - A Scanner Darkly 40:32 - Zombieland: Double Tap 43:03 - Shaun of the Dead 44:04 - Warm Bodies 44:40 - iZombie 45:44 - The Girl with All The Gifts 50:32 - I Am Legend 51:47 - Little Monsters 52:02 - One Cut of the Dead 52:30 - Train to Busan 53:32 - Seoul Station 55:02 - Peninsula 57:02 - The One and Only Ivan 59:34 - Chemical Hearts 1:00:49 - Tesla 1:03:17 - Conclusion Next week we discuss all things Michaela Coel from Chewing Gum to I May Destroy You. 
August 21, 2020
Live Action Avatar Is Doomed, Jamie Foxx from Ray to Project Power, & Boys State
What in the world is happening with Netflix's live action Avatar? What is the best Jamie Foxx movie? Will Boys State destroy your faith in the world? On today's podcast, Chase and Quinelle bring you up to speed on all you need to know. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays Dominique Fishback, Jamie Foxx save an otherwise disjointed ‘Project Power’ ‘Boys State’ is about a mock election, but it shows dark side of real political system 00:40 – Intro 2:06 - Avatar is Falling Apart 12:32 - Ray and Mike Tyson 19:47 - Collateral 21:47 - Dreamgirls 23:47 - The Soloist 28:07 - Django Unchained 49:54 - White House Down 51:34 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 52:02 - Baby Driver 54:02 - Robin Hood 54:36 - Rio 55:50 - Just Mercy 59:00 - Project Power 1:02:47 - Boys State 1:13:30 - Conclusion Next week we discuss Teenage Bounty Hunters, A Scanner Darkly, and zombie movies in lead-up to Peninsula.
August 14, 2020
Mulan Costs How Much?, Raining on The Umbrella Academy, & She Dies Tomorrow
Is $30 too much for Mulan? Is The Umbrella Academy season 2 just the same as season one? Why should you see She Dies Tomorrow? We talk through it all on today's wide ranging podcast. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays Actually doing your taxes is more enjoyable than watching ‘The Tax Collector’ A masterpiece unlike any other, ‘She Dies Tomorrow’ is writer-director Amy Seimetz’s magnum opus 00:40 – Intro 3:02 - Mulan Is Going To Disney+ 10:30 - The Umbrella Academy Season 2 58:52 - The Tax Collector 1:04:56 - An American Pickle 1:07:02 - She Dies Tomorrow 1:09:10 - Conclusion Next week we discuss Jamie Foxx movies in buildup to Project Power, animation from A Scanner Darkly to Weathering with You, and much more. 
August 07, 2020
Tenet Goes To China, Road to The Umbrella Academy, & Kissing Booth May Kill Us
Who gets Tenet first? Is Blade a hero? Where are we at with The Umbrella Academy? Is Kissing Booth ever going to end? We talk through it all on today's packed podcast. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays ‘The Fight’ candidly captures the dire importance of the ACLU A tale of love and loss, ‘Summerland’ sees Gemma Arterton give a terrific performance 00:40 – Intro 03:08 - Tenet Goes To China 05:42 - X-Men 16:59 - Blade 29:02 - Altered Carbon 34:28 - The Old Guard 45:32 - The Boys 1:10:32 - The Umbrella Academy 1:27:32 - The Kissing Booth 2 1:30:12 - Host 1:33:57 - The Fight 1:35:22 - Summerland 1:36:08 - Sister, Sister/Moesha/Girlfriends 1:37:25 - Conclusion Next week we discuss the second season of The Umbrella Academy.
July 31, 2020
2020 Releases Are Cancelled, Road Trip Movies, & Should You Rent The Rental?
Will The New Mutants be the next movie to be cancelled? What is the best road trip movie? Should you check out Dave Franco's directorial debut? Back on the podcast is Quinelle who makes a triumphant return to talk through all this and much more. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays ‘The Rental’ is a horror film without anything to say Not even the great Rosamund Pike can save the misguided biopic ‘Radioactive’ 00:40 – Intro 05:47 No More Movies in 2020 14:17 - American Honey 27:39 – Magic Mike XXL 37:32 – Eat Pray Love 53:00 –  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 53:48 - Little Miss Sunshine 1:00:00 - Mad Max: Fury Road 1:01:42 – The Old Guard 1:04:52 - Green Book Remains Terrible 1:06:52 - Road Trip Wrap Up 1:08:12 - Norseman 1:09:24- The Rental/Radioactive 1:15:52 – Conclusion Next week we discuss monsters and heroes in buildup to The Umbrella Academy.
July 24, 2020
Possessor is Coming, Netflix's Dark is Delightful, & Wading Through New Releases
What can audiences expect about the upcoming Possessor? Why should you stop everything and watch Netflix's Dark? What new releases are worth checking out? Joining the podcast is Michael Frank, Film Journalist/Writer, to provide his insights from Sundance and more. @EclecticHutch @peachfuzzcritic A Drop in the Ocean: On the Three Seasons of Netflix's Mesmerizing Dark 'Palm Springs' doesn't make movie magic, but it has its moments ‘The Old Guard’ has flaws, but over-the-top action sequences and Charlize Theron save it ‘First Cow’ director talks about movie making and getting a bovine onto a raft ‘First Cow’ is a brilliant mix of joy, melancholy and visual delight ‘The Assistant’ delivers a taut portrayal of the dark side of Hollywood ‘Flannery’ struggles under the weight of author Flannery O’Connor’s complicated history 00:40 – Intro 04:49 – Possessor 11:12 – Dark 26:35 – Relic 27:35 – Palm Springs 29:15 – The Old Guard 34:37 – Film Criticism/First Cow  46:12 - The Assistant 51:14 – Greyhound 1:05:00 – Conclusion/Looking ahead Next week we celebrate the triumphant return of Quinelle and discuss road trip movies.  
July 17, 2020
Scratch Cinema News, a Kelly Reichardt Retrospective, and Bowing Down to First Cow
What is cooking at Scratch Cinema? What Kelly Reichardt films should you see in the buildup to First Cow? What new releases are worth checking out? Joining the podcast once again is Charlotte Little, Scratch Cinema new Co-Creator and writer, to break it all down. You can find a full transcript here: @EclecticHutch @ALittleOutlook Crip Camp: Inspiring a New Generation of Disability Activists ‘First Cow’ director talks about movie making and getting a bovine onto a raft ‘First Cow’ is a brilliant mix of joy, melancholy and visual delight Relic: A Triumph of Terror ‘The Old Guard’ has flaws, but over-the-top action sequences and Charlize Theron save it 00:40 - Intro 01:02 - Scratch Cinema Update 2:38 - Crip Camp and Hunchback of Notre Dame 6:52 - River of Grass 11:42 - Wendy and Lucy 16:32 - Meek's Cutoff 19:35 - Night Moves 37:17 - Certain Women 45:32 - First Cow 50:37 - Relic 52:07 - The Old Guard 52:57 - Palm Springs 53:52 - Conclusion Next week we discuss the series finale of Dark, Greyhound, and much more!
July 10, 2020
Fallout is Getting a Live Action Adaptation, House of Hummingbird is a Triumph, & Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Remains Great
Should Fallout be made into a series? How is House of Hummingbird one of the best of the year so far that not enough people have seen? Should you check out Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts? On this episode is the return of longtime guest Jae as we talk through all that's going on and new releases you should be watching. @EclecticHutch @brohomonofomo ‘The Truth’ captures a complicated snapshot of family ‘John Lewis: Good Trouble’ is a compelling documentary about the civil rights legend 00:40 – Intro 01:00 – No Theater Releases In July 01:49 – Fallout and The Last of Us Part II Live Action Adaptations 07:43 – House of Hummingbird 44:32 – Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts 58:06 – New Releases John Lewis: Good Trouble, The Truth, and Hamilton 1:00:19 – Conclusion Next we discuss the films of Kelly Reichardt in the lead-up to First Cow. 
July 03, 2020
The Importance of Accessibility, The Elephant Man Plus Our Relationship to David Lynch, & How Does Shutter Island Hold Up?
What can be done to make films more accessible to enjoy? Is a David Lynch film good to see on a first date? Does Shutter Island still pack as much of a punch? Joining the podcast all the way from Scotland is Charlotte Little, Scratch Cinema writer and disability activist, to talk through all these topics plus much more! You can find a full transcript here: @EclecticHutch @ALittleOutlook The Elephant Man’s 40th Anniversary: Have Societal Attitudes Towards Visible Differences and Disability Changed? Shutter Island: One Decade Later Jon Stewart uses a switcheroo in ‘Irresistible’ to make a point. Is it successful? Is it a spoof? Is it a tale of the underdog? ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ is just bad 00:40 - Intro 02:22 - Accessibility Conversation 17:46 - David Lynch and The Elephant Man 28:07 - Wonder and Portrayals of Disability 42:42 - Shutter Island 49:45 - Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga 50:49 - Irresistible 52:39 - The Last of Us Part II 55:33 - Conclusion
June 26, 2020
Insecure Has Its Best Season Yet, Movie Theaters May Kill Us, and Queerness In My Soul from Love, Victor to Bubbles
What is to come with Insecure? Theaters are reopening, but is it safe? Does the new Hulu show Love, Victor hold up to the movie? On our longest podcast yet, we cover what has been a packed week of releases. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays ‘Miss Juneteenth’ unflinching in its portrayal of motherhood, hope and regret Someone should have grounded ’7500.’ It suffers from many flaws, including Islamophobia 00:40 - Intro 02:40 - Insecure 44:02 - Intro Part 2 44:35 - AMC Reopening Without Masks 51:54 - Love, Victor 1:28:12 - Bubbles 1:37:53 - Miss Juneteenth 1:40:18 - 7500 1:41:47 - You Should Have Left 1:43:35 - Conclusion/Preview of Next Week
June 19, 2020
Discussing the Spectacular Spike Lee from Do the Right Thing to Da 5 Bloods
Is Da 5 Bloods Spike Lee's best film? How does Do the Right Thing hold up? What is the controversy surrounding BlacKkKlansman? On this podcast, we discuss the prolific career of one of the greatest filmmakers working today. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays Spike Lee is at his best with ‘Da 5 Bloods,’ a complex tapestry of a war movie ‘The King of Staten Island’ is a directionless and unfunny movie. Too long, too 00:42 - Intro 04:11 - Do the Right Thing 22:41 - She’s Gotta Have It 27:40 - Malcolm X 30:58 - Chi-Raq 34:33 - Oldboy 38:08 - 4 Little Girls 42:43 - BlacKkKlansman 1:03:56 - Da 5 Bloods and The King of Staten Island 1:07:44 - Conclusion/Preview of Next Week Next week we discuss the season finale of Insecure. 
June 12, 2020
Black Lives Matter, Reviewing Ramy, and the Series Finale of She-Ra
The present moment requires us to speak up and support those harmed by an ongoing history of anti-Black racism. What we watch and learn from are underpinned by these real life stories. We will always be working to engage with the intersections between the stories we hear and the world around them. In Honor Of Manuel Ellis @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays Oh, boy, is ‘Becky’ bad. Nonsensical story line dooms would-be thriller ‘Shirley,’ a biopic about writer Shirley Jackson, grabs your attention and won’t let go 00:09 - Intro 00:50 - Black Lives Matter 06:45 - Ramy 50:12 - She-Ra and the Princesses of Power 1:01:42 - Conclusion/Preview of Next Week Next week we discuss the films of Spike Lee leading up to the release of Da 5 Bloods. 
June 05, 2020
Talking Tenet, the Best of Christopher Nolan, and Haggling Over Homecoming
Is Tenet about 9/11? Why is Interstellar the best Nolan film? Is Homecoming season 2 good? In this special episode of the podcast, Editor in Chief Pollyjo Frantz joins Chase for the first part of the podcast and then the second part has Quinelle come back to break down all the watching she's been doing. @EclecticHutch @pollyjo @pizzamondays ‘The High Note’ chooses to be formulaic, and that’s its downfall Amazon Prime’s ‘The Vast of Night’ is a different kind of sci-fi flick 00:40 - Intro Part 1 01:04 - Talking Tenet 04:55 - Best of Christopher Nolan 20:14 - Intro Part 2 22:32 - Hollywood 27:34 - Haggling Over Homecoming 58:56 - 'The High Note' and 'The Vast of Night' 1:03:53 - Conclusion/Preview of Next Week Next week we discuss She-Ra, Ramy, and the new Elisabeth Moss film "Shirley."
May 29, 2020
Oscars Cancelled, Dead to Me, Isolation Movies, and The Lovebirds
In this episode of the podcast we talk through all the shenanigans of season two of Dead to Me, the best isolation movies, and the newly released The Lovebirds. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays Lynn Shelton, who created a legacy of movies showcasing the Northwest, has died Rae and Nanjiani shine in the Netflix comedy movie, ‘The Lovebirds’ 00:41 - Intro 01:25 - Oscars Postponed 03:02 - Dead To Me 28:38 - Isolation Movies 56:00  - The Lovebirds and Remembering Lynn Shelton 59:36 - Conclusion/Preview of Next Week Next week, we discuss the new season of Homecoming starring Janelle Monae from Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail.
May 22, 2020
Discussing Asian Pacific American Heritage Month & Cinema from Driveways to The Half of It
In this episode of the podcast we discuss the most number of films yet! We discuss Tigertail, The Farewell, The Half of It, Driveways, and so much more! @EclecticHutch @brohomonofomo  ‘Driveways’ lacks strong story but is saved by moving performances from Chau, Dennehy How’d we get in such an economic mess? ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ shows us ‘Capone’ is derailed by a convoluted story that wastes Tom Hardy’s talents Next week we talk isolation movies and romantic comedies in lead up to the new release of Lovebirds. 00:00 - Intro 04:45 - Tigertail 22:37 - The Farewell 33:38 - The Half of It 41:10 - Driveways 48:49  - General discussion 58:42 - New releases   
May 15, 2020
Reviewing the Horrors of Netflix's Hollywood & Wrapping Up the Finale of Westworld
In this episode of the podcast we joke about who would play Elon Musk and Grimes in a movie, review the Netflix miniseries Hollywood, and wade our way through the finale of Westworld. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays Next week is a discussion of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. From Driveways to Tigertail and The Half of It. ‘Driveways’ lacks strong story but is saved by moving performances from Chau, Dennehy ‘Clementine’ is not a conventional story, but it reveals truths about how we trust
May 08, 2020
Invisible Man Revisited, The Theater Wars, & Recapping SXSW from Selfie to Tales from the Loop
In this episode of the podcast we talk how The Invisible Man may be the last movie we ever see in theaters, Universal and AMC are looking to fight after Trolls made a big debut when released directly to streaming, plus discuss the 2020 SXSW Film Festival Collection and some new movies coming out. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays Rob Morgan delivers another stellar performance in rodeo movie ‘Bull’ Both joyous and heartbreaking, ‘A Secret Love’ is a documentary worth seeing Netflix’s ‘Dangerous Lies’ isn’t funny or even coherent. Don’t waste your time
May 01, 2020
Dumpster Fire or Dazzling Inferno? Discussing the Fiery Finale of Hulu's Little Fires Everywhere
Littles Fires Everywhere has come to a close. Will there be another season? Does the book even matter? Is Reese Witherspoon evil? In this episode of the podcast, we answer these burning questions. Next week we recap the best and worst of the SXSW Film Festival. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays @jmksct What’s better than reading books, watching movies? Talking about them. Join our new clubs ‘Extraction’ makes the most of stellar action sequences. The writing? Well ... ‘Fantastic Fungi,’ while fascinating to look at, suffers from a lack of diverse voices
April 24, 2020
Deconstructing Devs, Dune and the Death of the Tiger King
Tiger King has finally come to a close and our long watch has ended. In this week's episode we celebrate this freedom, the fantastic season finale of Devs (which Westworld wishes it could be), the exciting first looks at Dune, and the new releases out today. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays ‘Extra Ordinary’ movie mixes gags and ghosts to good effect The Icelandic film ‘A White, White Day’ is beautiful to look at but hard to watch
April 17, 2020
Trolled by The Tiger King
We get reflective on this episode of the podcast. There is going to be a new Tiger King episode and that may not be a good thing. We discuss this, movies about toys, and some new releases that just came out. Next week, we discuss the show Devs and Alex Garland's long career in science fiction.  @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays Maybe the Bergens should have won. Second ‘Trolls’ movie isn’t very good In brilliant ‘Corpus Christi,’ a man finds his calling while trying to escape his past ‘Zombi Child’ brings new dimensions to the zombie-movie genre, including a keen score ‘Slay the Dragon’ would have benefited from more voices in the fight against gerrymandering
April 10, 2020
Always in Atlanta Part 1: From Ozark to Baby Driver
In this episode, we discuss some of the various shows and movies that are shot in Atlanta which is now officially under a shelter in place order. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. We hope this podcast provides some refuge and maybe a few good things to watch in facing the long time locked inside. @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays ‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’ is remarkable for breakout performances, fine directing ‘And Then We Danced’ features superb acting and incredible dance sequences ‘Balloon’ has its moments, but the German escape tale misses the mark in some regards
April 03, 2020
Stuck At Home With Joe Exotic
@EclecticHutch @pizzamondays ‘Bacurau’ will stay with you long after the closing credits have run
March 27, 2020
Watching Pandemic Movies While In The Epicenter of One @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays @henronemus Here’s some quality streaming content to help get you through coronavirus pandemic ‘Blow the Man Down’ on Amazon delivers a delightful diversion during this trying time You’re better off not wasting your time on ‘The Hunt ‘The Invisible Man’ tries to be more than a horror movie by examining domestic abuse 'Emma’ should be better than it is, but a meandering story line sinks it ‘The Banker’ never quite reaches its potential
March 20, 2020
Best Peter Pan Movies @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays ‘Wendy’ movie is an interesting and novel take on the Peter Pan story
March 13, 2020
Queerness in my Soul and Portrait of a Lady on Fire @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ is moving, beautiful and nearly perfect ‘Wendy’ movie is an interesting and novel take on the Peter Pan story ‘Greed’ movie tries to be too much, fails as a result
March 06, 2020
All Things Emma @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays ‘Emma’ should be better than it is, but a meandering story line sinks it ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ is moving, beautiful and nearly perfect ‘The Invisible Man’ tries to be more than a horror movie by examining domestic abuse
February 28, 2020
Oscar Recap and Valentine's Day Movies @EclecticHutch @pizzamondays My Final Words on 'Jojo Rabbit' | Esther on Film ‘The Photograph’ elevates the romantic comedy to a new plane with fine acting and direction ‘Downhill’ is a poor attempt at imitation and a mess of a movie
February 14, 2020
Horror Movie Madness Hello and welcome to the first ever episode of The Scratch Cinema Podcast. We are talking all things Horror in this episode. It will be part of a 2 part series. 
October 07, 2019