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The Scynewave Channel

The Scynewave Channel

By Ki Scyne
The best place to find all the shows produced by Scynewave Studios, a Virtual production house aiming to make entertaining and informative shows.
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The Scynewave Channel

The Scynewave Show : Shilling Money Grabs
The Crew talks about Chip and Dale, She-Huk's plastic skin, and Free to play games with shady advertising. Also, they talk dirty about VRChat's new API.   HELP SCYNE'S FRIEND PAY FOR HIS MOTHER'S FUNERAL : Watch live at
May 25, 2022
The Scynewave Show : An actual episode
The gang actually broadcasts a show because apparently people like new content. Scyne and Ginji rage against what cryptocurrency has become and Tina makes a case for why boobs make the best wallets.    Join our Discord at [](   -- Watch live at
May 17, 2022
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May 05, 2022
An update and Call for help…
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May 02, 2022
Welcome to The Scynewave Studios Channel!
This is the Scynewave Studios Channel, you home for The Scynewave Show, a 2 hour current events comedy talkshow, and Virtualog, a Virtual Culture show. New episodes of The Scynewave Show are recorded LIVE every sunday a 3pm EST|12pm PST at
May 02, 2022
The Scynewave Show : Getting Physical
Tina learns what it's like to touch things, Ginji exposes a major security hole in the steam Deck, Scyne talks about the future of Scynewave Studios, and everyone ogles a questionable Half Life 2 Mod... Join our Discord at Watch live at
April 29, 2022
Oh hey… this feed is not dead…
Scyne has a quick announcement…
April 24, 2022
Virtualog 002: The Matrix Unloaded
Launched in 2004, The Matrix Online was an MMO continuation of the movies of the same name. Unlike the other movie themed MMOs that came after, "MXO" was built heavily into the lore and had the potential to keep The Matrix alive for years. Sadly with such a reward came a massive risk. This episode we dive deep into The Matrix and what made it tick, have a chat with someone who cost the developers potentially millions with a ghostbusters reference, and hear about how a group of volunteers are taking the concept of Hacking into The Matrix quite literally. The Matrix Revolutions (2003) Ending Scene The Official Matrix Online StoryBook - ( | (Bittorrent Magnet Link) Youtube Playlist with all of the MXO Cinematics Furious Angels First Video Matrix Online Emulator - Troy Hewitt's Twitter
September 22, 2019
Intermission's Over
Here's a lil' update. New episode is in production, stay subscribed? Yeah that's better. STAY SUBSCRIBED!
September 12, 2019
Virtualog 001: A Glitch in the system
Glitch, originally launched in September 2011, was a browser-based massively multiplayer online game created by Tiny Speck. In this episode I open a 6 year old audio time capsule from that game’s community, talk about what happened to the team behind the game, and point out how while the game may be gone it’s soul still lives on inside millions of business computers to this very day.
December 28, 2018
This is Virtualog
A cheerful introduction...
December 28, 2018