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Welcome to the 100things Podcast, a tongue in cheek, behind the scenes chat with the most colorful, interesting, and kind characters involved with the craziest goals from Sebastian Terry's "100things" list.

Over the years, Sebastian has shared his story with millions of people from stages, in books and on TV screens, but he's never done this!

From uncovering the untold stories to shining a light on what makes these amazing people tick, this is 100things Podcast.

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List Item #51 Endurance Tandem Bike Ride | 100things Podcast | Episode 5

100things Podcast

The Bucketlist Stat-Off
In this episode, Seb & Todd try and impress each other with every bucket-list statistic under the sun. Want to know the most popular bucketlist goal or the biggest reason for failing to achieve a goal? This is the episode for you. #whatsonyourlist
June 25, 2021
Living On A Desert Island For A Week | 100things Podcast | Episode 20
Seb and Todd get stuck into Seb's experience on the isolated desert island of Ilo Gi, where he spent 7 days with only his GoPro for company.    See more of Seb's list here:  #DesertIsland #100things #Castaway
April 05, 2021
Living With A Maasai Tribe For A Week | 100things Podcast | Episode 19
This time Seb and Todd get stuck into the week Sebastian spent living with a tribe of Maasai on Mount Suswa in Kenya. Found out how Seb found the experience, his close encounters with some of Africa's most fearsome predators whilst going to the toilet at night, and his spontaneous Church performance armed with a ukulele. #Maasai #Kenya #100things
February 15, 2021
One Weeks Silence In New York | 100things Podcast | Episode 18
This week Seb and Todd discuss one of the earliest items Seb completed on his list that of Number 29 One Week's Silence. As always you get to hear the thought processes that went into this week and why it ended up being 8 days rather than 7! What's On Your List? Find more here:  #OneWeeksSilence #NewYork #100things
December 21, 2020
Getting Shot #73 | 100things Podcast | Episode 17
In this Episode, Sebastian and Todd discuss Number 73 from Seb's list of 100 things; Get Shot Whilst Wearing A Bulletproof Vest. Seb explains how it all came about and how the friendliest factory owner in Columbia shot him. Point blank. In the stomach. He was kind enough to give him the vest just before.    For more click here:  #GettingShot #Columbia #100things
December 07, 2020
Cattle Drive #69 & 100things Reality TV Show | 100things Podcast | Episode 16
In this episode, Seb & Todd discuss the creation of the 100things Reality TV Show with Defy Media. What it's like to make a TV show, how it all came to happen in the first place, and some of Seb's favorite and funniest memories from making it, including being able to tick off number 69 from his own list; Muster Cattle!   100things Reality Show is now available on the 100things YouTube Channel!
November 23, 2020
Visit A Haunted House List Item #92 | 100things Podcast | Episode 15
Todd helps Seb relive the time he spent the night in an abandoned Primary School located on a former Native American reserve that had previous reports of paranormal activity...! They dig into the experience that night, whether ghosts are real, Patrick Swayze in Ghost, and a lot more! Enjoy. #GhostHunt #MostHaunted #HauntedHouse
November 09, 2020
List Item #34 Kiss A Celebrity | 100things Podcast | Episode 14
Who hasn't thought at one point in their life 'I'd love to kiss a celebrity'? Anyone? Anyone? Well for Seb, this item was one of the first to go on his list and in this podcast, Todd and Seb unpack what is one of the craziest and most hilarious stories of the 100things journey! And Seb reveals what it's like to kiss Sharon Osbourne.  #100things #bucketlist #kiss
October 26, 2020
How To Start A Charity with Dan Flynn | 100things Fireside #12
In this fireside, business, and social impact prodigy Dan Flynn joins us as he shares his insights and learnings on how he is using his business Thankyou as a powerful tool to help eradicate extreme poverty worldwide.  Dropping gems on all things from starting and growing a business, to scaling impact and how to truly connect with your audience, Dan also offers you the opportunity to engage with Thankyou’s latest cutting edge campaign as they try to partner with one of the worlds biggest companies to finally eradicate extreme poverty forever. This is a must-listen!
October 19, 2020
List Item #33 Be on a TV Game Show | 100things Podcast | Episode 13
Podcast #13 Be on a TV Gameshow Like most kids growing up, Seb would watch gameshows most evenings. From The Price is Right to Wheel of Fortune, he always wondered what it would be like to be a contestant. Listen in to hear how his childhood curiosity led him to apply for every gameshow on Australian TV as an adult, leading him to find success on an awkward dating show called Taken Out. From being embarrassed on national television, to spilling champagne on his date, this is a fun one! #WhatsOnYourList
October 12, 2020
How To Become An Artist | 100things Fireside #11 | Danielle Weber
Ever dreamt about becoming an artist? Passionate about creating art but not sure what the next step is? Well, this 100things Fireside is for you! We're stoked to interview incredible artist Danielle Weber who shares tips and tricks on how she progressed through every stage of her career. Whether you simply want to improve your painting game, or whether you need advice on how to transfer your passion into your career, listen in and enjoy! #whatsonyourlist
October 05, 2020
List Item #21 Speed Dating | 100things Podcast | Episode 12
One of the very first items from Seb’s list! With a sheltered upbringing and a distinct lack of love in his life, Speed Dating was an obvious addition to Seb’s 100things list. Tune in as Toddy dives deep into this story, using Seb’s original (and brutally honest) blog as a reference point. From the desperate and absurd, to fictitious characters and a late night kiss, watch Seb wriggle in awkwardness as this forgotten list item rises again! #whatsonyourlist
September 28, 2020
How To Become A Stunt Person With Heidi Schnappauf | 100things Fireside #10
Behind every actor is a badass stunt person, and in this Fireside, we sit down with veteran stunt woman Heidi Schnappauf! If you’ve ever wondered how to use your talents to forge a career as an action stunt hero, this Fireside is for you. From being set on fire, fighting villains, and being involved in radical car chases, Heidi shares valuable tips and tricks for all you future stuntmen & women.
September 21, 2020
List Items #7 #9 #15 'The Performance Ones' | 100things Podcast | Episode 11
At times some of our list items can happen 'under the radar', but on other occasions, they may rely heavily on a performance aspect, maybe even some stage time! In this episode Toddy probes Seb on 3 of his 'performance items', i.e goals that saw Seb shoved into the limelight, #7 Be in a Bollywood Movie, #9: Be in a Music Video and #15: Perform Stand Up Comedy. From casting couch stories and flirtations with fame to bad jokes and a questionable fashion statement, the boys uncover some outrageous stories behind these 3 list items. #whatsonyourlist
September 14, 2020
How To Fall In Love | Ozzie Osborne | 100things Fireside #9
Whether it’s falling in love, finding a partner, or meeting your soul mate, so many of the lists shared on the 100things site revolve around the area of love.   In this Fireside, we sit down and find out the best way to address the pursuit of love as we chat with renowned love and relationship coach Ozzie Osborne.   Listen in and be guaranteed of taking away some pearls of wisdom as she shares the best ways to prepare yourself for love.
September 07, 2020
List Item #12 Visit a Death Row Inmate | 100things Podcast | Episode 10
Comprised of 100 things that would get Seb out of his comfort zone, Todd and Seb discuss one of the most thought-provoking, confronting and nerve wracking items from Seb’s list,Number 12 Visit a Death Row inmate. After 12 months of exchanging hand-written letters, listen to what happened when Seb visited J-Loc in person at the Oklahoma Death Row Penitentiary. This is a must listen!
August 31, 2020
How To Become A Pilot | 100things Fireside #8 | Ryan Campbell
Is flying a plane on your 100things list? If so, this Fireside is a must! Speaking with pilot Ryan Campbell, we learn all his tips on how to get your licence, how to navigate the expenses of getting your licence and how you can turn your passion of flying into a number of amazing and varied careers. Drawing from his experience of circumnavigating the globe at the age of 19 years old in a plane by himself, Ryan will leave you feeling inspired and helps you to build a game plan so that you can get in the pilot seat ASAP.\ Fid out more about Ryan Campbell @
August 24, 2020
The Nude Items (#58 Nude Skydive #71 Nude Rugby #75 Pose Nude ) | 100things Podcast | Episode 9
There’s no doubt about it, there’s a fair amount of nudity on Seb’s list! But why?  In the most fitting way possible (by recording a fully nude podcast episode), Todd probes Seb to discover that the reason for his exhibitionist ways are not as obvious as you might think. Reliving all the awkwardness of nude modeling, jumping out of a plane with no clothes on and breaking his wrist while playing an organized game of naked rugby, the boys uncover the behind the scenes stories of each event and have a good laugh along the way. #whatsonyourlist
August 17, 2020
How To Become A Pro Athlete | 100things Fireside #7 | Marc Stcherbina
Speaking with ex-professional Rugby Union player Mark Stcherbina, we get to the bottom of how you can turn your passion into a profession, the importance of hard work, how to balance personal life within your professional environment and even shine some light on how to prepare for your post-career!   Marc has played rugby at the highest level for clubs such as the Waratahs in Super Rugby, Northampton Saints in the English Premiership, and the Cardiff Blues. On top of a fantastic club career, Marc also represented played at the highest international level for Australia 7's winning a Bronze Medal at the Commonwealth Games.    Click here for more ways to achieve your goals
August 10, 2020
List Item #98 Crash a Red Carpet | 100things Podcast | Episode 8
You may have seen the viral video of Seb ducking under a fence at the Cannes Film Festival and somehow evading police to make it to the red carpet, but you’ve never heard the behind the scenes story of this jaw-dropping moment.  Todd has fun with Seb in this podcast as he finds out what actually happened before, during, and after this heart-thumping list item.  From desperation and abject fear to the celebrity rejection and even signing autographs, this is a story that deserves an oscar! #whatsonyourlist
August 03, 2020
Photography | Sam Edmonds | Fireside #6
Ever wanted to snap the perfect photo but never quite knew how to use the camera? Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of turning your passion for photography into a career? Or maybe you’ve felt called to use your photography to support a cause but didn’t know how to pull it off? If so, this Fireside will excite you! We’ll be speaking with Sam Edmonds, a professional photographer, conservationist, and expedition leader. Sam tells how he turned his passion into a career that has gone onto to help create change in Antarctica. In this Fireside you’ll learn his techniques to taking the ultimate photo, his tactics to begin and establish your very own career and how to compliment your skills with your other passions in your life.
July 27, 2020
List Item #26 Help a Stranger | 100things Podcast | Episode 7
Podcast 7 Help a Stranger Meet one of the most inspirational people on the planet; Mark Rostoks, and hear how his desire to complete a half marathon changed the course of Seb’s own 100things journey and allowed him to check off Number 26; Help a Stranger. In this episode, Todd & Seb unpack the story of Mark who became a quadriplegic after being bitten by a tick and contracting Lymes disease. Hear how Mark’s call for help resulted not only in a completed half marathon but also a friendship and a ripple effect that is still blossoming today.
July 20, 2020
Acting | Fireside #5 | Jaimie Alexander
Is acting on your list? If so, pull up a chair and get involved at this intimate 100things Fireside chat with US actor, Jaimie Alexander. With breakthrough roles in the Thor franchise as well as starring in her own show on NBC, Blindspot (5 seasons!), Jaimie opens up and shares her advice to help those interested in progressing their own acting careers. From taking her first steps into acting, all the way to how she navigates the industry as a celebrity, this truly is priceless information for budding actors, seasoned veterans and those who have followed her career as fans.
July 13, 2020
List Item #62 Hitch Hike Across The USA | 100things Podcast | Episode 6
From staring down the barrel of a gun to being picked up by some of the most colourful characters you’re likely to find, Seb shares with Todd his never before told stories of his 6 day hitchhike odyssey across America, from Palm Beach, Florida to San Diego, California.  Ride along with the boys as they shift through the gears of kindness, conspiracy and danger! #whatsonyourlist
July 06, 2020
Learning to surf is on everyone’s list! And if it isn’t, it’s because you can already do it! If you dream of jumping in the salty goodness of the ocean and riding endless waves under the summer sun, this 100things Fireside is for you. Professional surfer and prolific high performance surf coach, Kale Broc,  joins us in this Fireside to take us through every step of surfing from beginner to advanced. Sharing his own story on how he developed his skills, from his first wave to his latest barrel, this fireside is designed to help you learn the tips and tricks of how to improve your surf game in and out of the water. Topics include: popping-up, finding balance, back had turns, practicing on land (via skating), wave pools, wetuits, surf trips, getting air and many more things! #whatsonyourlist #100things #surfing #learntosurf To learn more about the awesome Kale Brock, check his stuff out here
June 29, 2020
This is part 2 of the Adventure & Exploration Fireside with Justin Jones. From the first step through to safety planning and onto how to break your trip down to maximize your chances of completing it, we use the examples of 5 beginner adventurers to structure The amazing Justin Jones aka Jonesy runs through all the above with Seb and the 100things Goal Getters on the call! Enjoy. Click here to find out about more 100things Goal Getters Events: Click here to find out more about the legend that is Jonesy: #adventure #planning #100things
June 23, 2020
Put up the sails, strap on the boots, pack your bag, and throw away the map! This adventurous fireside is for the wanders, the dreamers, those looking to climb mountains, cross oceans, or complete expeditions.   From paddling a kayak from Australia to New Zealand to walking to the South Pole unassisted, we’re taking a seat with world-conquering adventurer Justin Jones.   Uncovering where his adventurous spirit was born, how he embraced it in a society that told him not to and how he managed to turn his passion into a career, Jonesy shares his tips for first-time explorers to professional adventurers.   Check out more 100things Firesides at  Also, make sure to follow Jonesy @  #100things #whatsonyourlist #adventure #explorer #expedition #speaker #author
June 23, 2020
Is ‘Learn an Instrument’, ‘Write a Song’, ‘Start a Band’, ‘Record a Music Video’, or ‘Be a Professional Singer’ on your list?   If so, the first 100things Fireside Chat is for you!  Professional musician and long time friend, EJ Worland is sitting down with us to share his story (and some songs!) of turning his musical ambitions into a reality, from first picking up an instrument to breaking into the LA music scene.   If you have any music-related goals, make sure to check this out and learn from the best so you can leave with new tools and motivation to attack your musical dreams.   Check out more at   #100things #whatsonyourlist #learnmusic
June 23, 2020
Wanting to create the next biggest movie or TV show? Its time to get that idea down on paper and write that script!    Listen to this 100things Fireside as we unearth stories, tips and tricks with Hollywood screenwriter Jordan Roberts, writer of March of the Penguins and Big Hero 6 which both went on to win Oscars.    From his writing process to how to break the industry and get the right people in your corner, this is not be missed.   In a stunningly candid and raw chat, Jordan talks about the power of mentoring, humility and shares some eye-opening thoughts on what it takes to endure, and triumph in a tough but rewarding industry. #scriptwriting #oscars #movies #100things #whatsonyourlist
June 22, 2020
List Item #51 Endurance Tandem Bike Ride | 100things Podcast | Episode 5
The boys talk with good friend and professional adventurer, Dave Cornthwaite, who has joined Seb for 4 of his list items.   From breaking the Guinness World Record for the most amount of eggs crushed in 30 seconds (Number 19 on the list), to dribbling in public and hallucinating while staying awake for 72 hours (Number 72 on the list), be taken on their most ridiculous adventure of cycling a tandem bike from Vancouver to Las Vegas.  #whatsonyourlist Check out more of Dave Cornthwaite's stuff here
June 21, 2020
List Item #23 Deliver A Baby | 100things Podcast | Episode 4
One of the most outrageous and beautiful experiences from the 100things list, Todd & Seb chat to the world’s most generous mother, Carmen, as she explains why she invited Sebastian to help deliver her baby and the bizarre set of circumstances that led to national TV coverage of this goal.  Ten years on from the birth, we also hear from Carmen's family, including baby Oakley as they reminisce and share their take on the most unlikely of events. #whatsonyourlist
June 08, 2020
List Item #36: Walk Across a Country | 100things Podcast | Episode 3
If walking across France while pushing a shopping trolley named ‘Trojan’ isn’t a strange enough story to listen to by itself, hear how Seb and his 6’8 mate Matty (aka ‘Treeman’) navigated train tunnels, commandeered a plane and experienced the kindness of complete strangers as they limped from Switzerland to the Atlantic coast of France in just 16 days. Bonus: Listen to one of the funniest stories ever told from Matty of how a rattle snake, a Harley Davidson and an hallucinogenic mushroom led to one of the craziest desert crossing of all time! #whatsonyourlist
May 24, 2020
List Item #2: Marry a Stranger in Vegas | 100things Podcast | Episode 2
Join hosts Sebastian Terry & Todd Duncan on this episode as they re-visit one of the most outrageous items from Seb's list #2 Marry a Stranger in Vegas.   Speaking live to Seb's Vegas wife, Chiaveli, for the first time since their marriage over 10 years ago, the boys also track down his bestman, Lester, for a quick chat as they reminisce on how close the wedding was to not happening at all!   The boys first discuss the tragic loss of one of Seb's close friends that acted as the catalyst for his Vegas mission, and in fact the creation of his whole 100things list.   They then peel back the events that led up to the wedding, from his first proposal and being stood up at the alter by a mud-wrestling exotic-dancer, to being saved of embarrassment by the worlds most eligible receptionist and losing $1000 of black at a roulette table at the wedding reception.   Chiaveli joins the boys to share her account of what happened and reacts to hearing the news from Todd that she was in fact a replacement wife. Awkward!   Throw in a cameo from Seb's bestman who seemingly can't remember Seb's name and you have all the ingredients for the one of the most unexpected stories you've ever heard.   Check out Sebastian's full 100things list at #whatsonyourlist
May 18, 2020
List Item #70: Meet Another Sebastian Terry | 100things Podcast | Episode 1
Join hosts Sebastian Terry & Todd Duncan on this episode as they dive into #70 on the list 'Meet another Sebastian Terry' and hear how this bizarre meeting of two Sebastians came to be. Learn how their first meeting unfolded, whose idea it really was, and the crazy story behind a trip where they coincidentally saved the lives of a group of boys in India from drowning...    Check out Sebastian's full 100things list at #whatsonyourlist
May 03, 2020