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By S. Seegars
Just a general rambling of different topics that we find interesting and maybe you will too. I’m doing this project with my son so this is very much family friendly although some of the topics may be a bit much for younger ears. Or they may find them downright boring. It’s a process we are both learning. But we’re doing it for fun and THAT we are definitely having.
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Things In The Dark


Things In The Dark


Give Us Your Ideas
Not an episode more like a request for subjects to speak on. And intermission, kind of.
March 1, 2021
Lizard Man/Kid Nation
Another Sunday, another episode. In this episode we discuss The Lizard Man of Lee County and Kid Nation. If you’re listening we appreciate it. This is just a father and son having fun, enjoying each other’s company. Shoutout to the boys behind the line in Kamp 9 for the music.
March 1, 2021
Great Things, Fear, Zombies, and Grizzlies (And other things)
In this episode we discuss various things. I think I may have found my podcasting partner, my son Sam. So we took it for a test drive today to see what we could do. This might turn into a thing.
February 22, 2021
Things In The Dark
An episode about gorillas, Bigfoot, and a guy named Cal. Thanks for listening. #bigfoot #gorilla #skunkape
February 14, 2021
Broken Arrow (Mars Bluff, SC)
One of many Broken Arrow incidents happened not too far from me here in SC. I find stuff like this interesting. If you do as well have a listen. I can’t get better until I get through and find my way to a certain point. 🤔 #BrokenArrow #SouthCarolina #NuclearIncident
February 7, 2021
I Won’t Hide
I’ve been very worried about speaking my mind about what has been going on but I won’t hide. I can’t. Sorry for the poor audio. It will get there. Under five minutes and I’ve spoken my mind about some things. This will evolve into whatever it decides to be. Everything has a beginning.
January 31, 2021
Digital Wallets (Cash Is King), 99 Phones And A Fake Traffic Jam, Cryptids?
We started this as a joke a couple of days ago and ended up enjoying ourselves so, here you are, Another Generic Podcast. We’re new so bear with us.
February 10, 2020