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Seize the Good

Seize the Good

By Stephanie Page
The Positive Podcast with Passionate People. Tune in to hear interviews from movers and shakers, believers and doers, and general world changers.

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Be My Eyes App – Bringing sight to blind and low-vision people

Seize the Good

Gender YOUphoria - flipping the script of gender dysphoria
Check out this week’s episode for an interview with Gender YOUphoria Founder Ashton Colby as we talk about changing the narrative of transitioning genders. “Gender Transition is more than a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria. Gender YOUphoria gives name to the profound journey of aligning your mind, body, soul and spirit through gender expression.” Truly an amazing story.  Then, check out the Do Gooder Report with Jamie Foltz about Kind Kamp, where kids go to both have fun and learn about being a good human. Check it out! Edited by Nightcall Sound - Check out these links for more info: Sign up for email updates at Ashton’s Ted Talk - Connect with Ashton @ Kind Kamp - Seize the Good Podcast -
February 19, 2020
People Helping People
We’re back after a holiday break in an incredible episode with Adam Morris, host and producer of People Helping People podcast. You might recognize Adam from our episode about Wild Tiger Tees, in which Adam employs homeless youth to screen print tee shirts. Adam is honestly one of my favorite people and today he talks about why he’s so passionate about lifting up these issues, how he uses his talents to share ideas to inspire greater social change in the world. Then, check out the Do Gooder Report with a story on Linda and how she supports children in Uganda. Check out these links to learn more: PHP Website - PHP Episode with April Thacker - Facebook - STG Episode of Wild Tiger Tees - Social Good Blueprint - POINT’s volunteering app - More Do Gooder stories at
January 30, 2020
Loving folks with special needs
Check out this week’s episode for an interview with Kaleen Marshall, author of a book about how to care for people with disabilities (Who Will Love Me). She specifically talks about what it’s like living with, and caring for someone with disabilities. She also shares some things we might not know about the lives of people with disabilities. Then, check out the Do Gooder Report with Jamie Foltz about a really sweet kid who created a cleanup club at his school. Check it out! Edited by Nightcall Sound - Check out these links for more info: Kaleen’s Facebook: Kaleen’s LinkedIn: Who Will Love Me Book: Clean up Club: Seize the Good Podcast
January 3, 2020
Celebrating one person at a time
Check out the story of Celebrating One, a nonprofit in Central Ohio that focuses on sending over 300 cards every month to people who could use encouragement, holds free support groups, and throws graduation parties for single parents who can’t afford them for their kids graduating high school. AMAZING. Then, hear a story from Do Gooder Media about a company that raises $$ for SeriousFun, which is a network that supports summer camps, where kids are not defined by their illnesses. Check out these links to learn more: Request a card: POINT’s volunteering app: The episode with POINT’s founder: A&F Challenge: SeriousFun:
December 26, 2019
Moving women into positions of power with The Forem
Check out our interview with Alli Young, founder of The Forem - a tech platform that improves upward mobility for professionals at Fortune 1000 organizations. There are $366 Billion dollars spent on learning & development globally; 70% of Learning & Development is allocated to existing leaders; and 30% more men are promoted than women at the first stepup. Solution? The Forem! Alli tells us about her founder story and why she is so passionate about helping women succeed. Bonus content: Alli shares the 5 skills that unlock upward mobility Edited by Nightcall Sound - Check out these links to learn more:
December 12, 2019
Young nonprofit leaders, listen up!
If you’re thinking about starting a nonprofit or you’re a young leader in the nonprofit world, this episode is for you. We’re chatting with Rhea Wong– she has a podcast called the Nonprofit Lowdown and does consulting after working for a nonprofit in New York for 15 years. Rhea gives us a lot of great advice for young leaders – like collaborating with other charities and curbing your ego. Edited by Nightcall Sound - Check out these links to learn more:
December 6, 2019
The shoe that grows
You might not have heard of Because International, but you’ve probably heard of, or see pictures of, The Shoe That Grows. The Show that Grows is a shoe that was designed for kids living in poverty. It expands five sizes and lasts for years. I’m so excited for y’all to hear Founder Kenton Lee’s story. Edited by Nightcall Sound - Check out these links to learn more:
November 21, 2019
Tee shirts & work programs for local youth
This week we’re chatting with Adam Morris, founder of Wild Tiger Tees! Wild Tiger Tees employs youth at StarHouse, a drop in center for homeless teens, to screenprint tee shirts. Check out the interview to hear about how 5 people who had never started a business (or knew anything about screenprinting) came together and created a work program for these youth. Edited by Nightcall Sound - Check out these links to learn more:
November 14, 2019
Squat for Change: Fighting for Changing Tables in Men’s Restrooms
Donte Palmer is a dad who went viral after posting a picture of himself squatting in a restroom to change his son’s diaper. He took that energy and turned it into a massive social movement and nonprofit organization to fight to get more changing tables in men’s restrooms. Check out our interview with him to hear his story, how he transformed the tweets and facebook shares into action, and what he’s doing to keep the momentum. Edited by Nightcall Sound - Check out these links to learn more:
October 2, 2019
Cryptocurrency & Charity – The Giving Block
This week we’re chatting with Alex and Pat, founders of The Giving Block, as they tell us all about how they are using cryptocurrency for good and helping nonprofits get set up to accept cryptocurrency donations. It’s super interesting – Alex and Pat talk about what it is, why it’s important, and how it’s helping nonprofits get connected with millennials. Edited by Nightcall Sound - Check out these links to learn more: 1994 clip: What is the Internet? What is bitcoin?
September 26, 2019
Fashion, the Environment, & Love Shows The Way Clothing
If you care about fashion and the environment – this episode with Wendy Oldani of Love Shows the Way is for you. Wendy, a fashion and supply chain expert, started her own line of clothing to  focus on sustainable product development and supply chain. Listen in to hear about why hemp is becoming so important (and not all about marijuana), why it’s important to vote with our dollars, and how Love Shows the Way is making the world of apparel a better place. Edited by Nightcall Sound - Learn more about Love Shows the Way: Website: Twitter: Facebook: IG: Find Wendy on LinkedIn: Ohio & Hemp: Circular Economy: Jay Shetty 1 Minute Wisdom:
September 5, 2019
Making Kindness the Norm with the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
Check out this week’s episode for an interview with the VP of the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, Brooke Jones. If you were born in the 90s or after – it might seem like “random acts of kindness” has always been a thing. But there were people who popularized the phrase and concept. Listen to this interview with the ROAK Foundation while Brooke tells us how they’re creating kindness curriculum for schools, encouraging students to create kindness clubs, and building calendars with ideas for kindness. Edited by Nightcall Sound - Learn more about ROAK:
August 28, 2019
1Mission - Housing, Community Building, & Service Hours
Check out this week’s episode for an interview with Nate Hughes of 1Mission. 1Mission is a community development organization giving people in poverty the opportunity to earn a house by serving their community. Each house recipient serves a set amount of community service hours. This fosters significant ownership, not just in one's home, but in the entire community. Check it out! Edited by Nightcall Sound - Check out these links to learn more!
August 23, 2019
The Amazon for Good:
Seize the Good is the positive podcast with passionate people. Check out this week’s episode for an interview with Cullen Schwarz, Founder of DoneGood was created with a simple mission: to make it quick, easy, and affordable to use our purchasing power for good. Cullen tells us about why he started the company, what makes a “DoneGood brand”, and how he has fun at work while changing the world. Check it out!  Edited by Nightcall Sound -  Check out these links to learn more: 
August 14, 2019
The AirBnB of Farm Equipment – Sustainable Agriculture with Hello Tractor
Show Notes – This week we’re chatting with Jehiel Oliver – Founder of Hello Tractor, which is basically the Uber for Agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa. There a lot of farmers with small farms who can’t afford large farming equipment and Hello Tractor uses technology and crowdsourcing to solve this and benefit a TON of people.  Edited by Nightcall Sound - Check out Hello Tractor on social media: Check out Jehiel on social media: Learn about microfinance: Learn about the internet of things:
August 8, 2019
Be My Eyes App – Bringing sight to blind and low-vision people
Check out this week’s episode for an interview with Will Butler, VP, Community at Be My Eyes App. Be My Eyes is a free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers and company representatives for visual assistance through a live video call. We talk about how the app works, why it started, and the impact it has. Check it out!  Edited by Nightcall Sound - Check out Be My Eyes on social media:
August 1, 2019
Khana Panties Make Education Possible
Check out this week’s episode for an interview with Shayna Fowler (@shayna_fowler), Founder & Executive Director of Khana Panties. Khana is on a mission to ensure every girl has the panties she needs to manage menstruation and stay in school—starting with Uganda. While pads have become more accessible in the developing world, panties have not. Without panties to hold pads in place, over 8 million girls in Sub-Saharan Africa miss up to one week of school every month. Many girls drop out entirely once they start their period. Edited by Nightcall Sound - Check out Khana Panties on social media:
July 19, 2019
The Charitable Roundtable in Columbus, Ohio
This week we’re interviewing Frank Agin, who founded and facilitates the Charitable Roundtable - a monthly networking event for nonprofits and people who want to help nonprofits in Columbus, Ohio We chat about how charities can help each other, creating resources for nonprofits, and using networking for good. Edited by Nightcall Sound - Social Media Links: Charitable Roundtable: Networking Rx: Frank & LinkedIn:
July 11, 2019
POINT App – the easiest way to volunteer, ever.
Check out this week’s episode for an interview with Madison Mikhail Bush, Founder & CEO of POINT. POINT’s mission is to eliminate the barriers to doing good by connecting volunteers and charities through technology. POINT provides a free mobile volunteer app that makes getting involved in your community just as easy as booking an Airbnb. Edited by Nightcall Sound - Check out POINT on social media:
June 27, 2019
Do Gooder Columbus
Check out this week’s episode for an interview with Jamie Foltz, Founder of Do Gooder Columbus. Do Gooder is a print, social, and digital digest to inspire, motivate, and recognize good in our community. Edited by Nightcall Sound - Check out Do Gooder on social media: Check out these Do Gooder stories:
June 20, 2019
The People vs. Happiness
This week we chat with David Musgrave, the host of The People vs. Happiness podcast. He’s awesome, and we talk about what happiness is and how he’s been exploring it over the past few months. Edited by Nightcall Sound ( Find David & The People vs. Happiness on social media! Frederick Buechner Quote:
May 9, 2019
Making People Believe the World is Shaped by Them
This week we chat with Okan McAllister – an amazing businessman with a heart for social change. He tells about Prime Movers, which is two-year program for young people that teaches how to make change. We chat about social entrepreneurship, how you don’t always have to choose between making money and doing good, and systems thinking. It’s honestly fascinating. Edited by Nightcall Sound. Find Okan & Prime Movers on the internet! Shoot STG Podcast an email at and find us on IG @seizethegoodpodcast
May 3, 2019
Recycling the Non-Recyclable
This week we’re chatting with Candice Lawton of TerraCycle. Candice tells us about the amazing work TerraCycle does to eliminate the idea of waste and recycle things you wouldn’t think are recyclable. She’s amazing and I can’t wait for you guys to hear her thoughts. Edited by Nightcall Sound. Find TerraCycle on social media: Check out these videos to learn more: Now This: TerraCycle Aims to Make Our Waste Stream Completely Recyclable Dubai Future Talks with Tom Szaky Beyond Recycling: Loop How the World's Biggest Brands Plan to End Garbage
April 26, 2019
Who Holds Charities Accountable?
This week we chat with Ashley Post, Communications Manager at Charity Navigator – which is a great tool for people who like to support charities financially. We chat about how charities get rated, which includes a lot of financial records, and why its so important. Edited by Nightcall Sound. Check out and Find Charity Navigator on social media:
April 17, 2019
Participating in Modern Medicine with Blood Donations
This week we chat with the American Red Cross about why blood donation is so important – and where your blood goes! We also hear about how Red Cross volunteers help with natural disasters, house fires, etc. Thanks to Rodney Wilson of the Central Ohio/Indiana office for sharing these stories! Edited by Nightcall Sound. Check out for opportunities to volunteer and find blood drives. Head to Instagram and Twitter to find @americanredcross and @seizethegoodpodcast.
April 10, 2019
BANGS Shoes. And Investing in Humans.
This week we’re chatting with Hannah Davis, Founder & CEO of BANGS Shoes. BANGS Shoes is a social enterprise that creates sustainable shoes AND helps entrepreneurs in developing countries. Hannah’s story about creating BANGS Shoes is pretty amazing. Edited by Nightcall Sound. - Follow Hannah! @hannahcdavis - Follow BANGS! @bangsshoes - Learn more about being an ambassador: - Watch this super cool video: - Learn more about KIVA: - Learn more about microfinance:
March 27, 2019
"It's in my DNA to Serve"
This week I’m chatting with Nancy Day-Achauer, community advocate and grassroots organizer in Central Ohio. She’s amazing & this is a great story about seeing a problem and actually DOING something about it. We chat about how she and a team of other incredible people work to help with the opioid crisis, senior citizens who are stuck at home, and food insecurity. Find Nancy on social media! Edited by Nightcall Sound . Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: 2-minute video on addiction: Jordan’s Crossing: United West Side Coalition: Hilltop Senior Initiative:
March 21, 2019
A Woman's Place is in the House of Representatives
This week I sat down with three Ohio State Representatives, Allison Russo, Kristin Boggs, and Mary Lightbody. We chat about being a woman in politics and how they formed a coalition called “Ohio Women Lead” to amplify other women’s voices. Find them on Facebook!
March 14, 2019
Bibbity, Boppity, Boop - Empowering Choices with Free Prom Dresses
This week I met with Jenna Homan - President of the Fairy Goodmothers. This organization hosts pop-up shops to give away free prom dresses to absolutely any young girl in high school - no strings attached. It's really an amazing story of how something seemingly so simple can make a huge difference - empowering choices & raising self-esteem. Check out Edited by NightCall Sound
March 7, 2019
The Internet's "Cool Aunt", 5 Golden Retrievers, and a Source of Reliable Joy
This week I chat with Jen Golbeck, more commonly known as Golden Ratio Mom of Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. We chat about the joy she brings people, how it affects her life, and why she started the account. Edited by NightCall Sound
February 28, 2019
Seize the Good - Trailer
Tune in to Seize the Good to find interviews with movers + shakers, believers + doers, and general world changers.
February 12, 2019