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Behind The Experience

Behind The Experience

By Sense Group
On ‘Behind The Experience’ Sense Co-founder and Director, Mark Bennedick puts the spotlight on our industry's best talent and interviews forward-thinking leaders of innovative, purpose-driven brands making an impact with brand experiences.
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#4 Kristen Berman Behavioural Scientist and Founder of Irrational Labs

Behind The Experience

#7 David Zolkwer Creative Director, Executive Producer, Writer, Consultant, Speaker
David Zolkwer is a creative director, executive producer, writer, consultant, and speaker with over 30 years in the experience industry. In this episode of ‘Behind The Experience’ we discuss the brand ideas and concepts that are emerging from the crisis, particularly in the Australian marketplace. “Perhaps we'll see a move away from that kind of nationalistic or brand chest-beating, indulgent displays of features and benefits of places and products and how awesome things are. That move away I think is happening anyway, but we might see a more meaningful focus on the why of what brands do more than the how and the what. The why... our purpose. That's what we'll emotionally connect with.” To learn more about our COVID-19 Events & Brand Experience Hub, see here.  To find out more about David Zolkwer and his work, see here.
July 16, 2020
#6 Verity Bell Global Head of Events and Engagement, Atlassian
As more people work remotely due to COVID-19, businesses are being challenged to stay productive, engaged, and foster a digital community. In this episode of 'Behind The Experience,' we speak with Verity Bell, the global head of events and engagement at Atlassian, a leading project management software company, about employee engagement strategies during and beyond COVID-19.  “We spend a lot of time and focus on connection points and where can we add value by connecting Atlassian's together so that they have a lot of those incidental conversations or shared experience and shared memories...” This is a part of our digital COVID-19 Events & Brand Experience Hub Sense Group is curating to help brands emerge from the crisis stronger than before. For more information and resources head to  Learn more about Verity Bell and Atlassian here:
June 30, 2020
#5 Momtchill ‘Momo’ Vassilev Risk and Safety Manager at Avert Assure
With heightened risk, we require heightened safety measures and strategies. In this episode of ‘Behind The Experience,’ we take a look at how COVID-19 has impacted the health and safety approach to events and brand experiences. Our guest, Momtchill ‘Momo’ Vassilev Momo is an experienced Risk and Safety Manager with over 10 years continued service with Avert Assure. Lean in as we discuss how these new circumstances may impact our approach to events moving forward. “...since awareness has grown, now the demand for planning documents such as risk assessments has increased, certainly exponentially...” This will be part of a report Sense is curating to help brands emerge from the crisis stronger than before. For more information and resources head to Learn more about Momo Vassilev and Avert Assure here:
June 02, 2020
#4 Kristen Berman Behavioural Scientist and Founder of Irrational Labs
Have you ever considered behavioural science and economics as a resource for events and brand experiences? In this episode of ‘Behind The Experience’ we take a deep look at how human behaviour is affected by change with behavioural scientist Kristen Berman. Kristen spotlights how COVID-19 could provide your business with a new opportunity or solution and discusses how there are many answers to be found in observing human behaviour through digital and physical experiences. “...the opportunity for companies and brands and people is to take advantage of what's happening right now. Which is we're all changing our environments.” This is a part of our digital toolkit Sense Group is curating to help brands emerge from the crisis stronger than before. For more information and resources head to Learn more about Kristen Berman and Irrational Labs here:
May 12, 2020
#3 Clare Cahill Head Of Experience Marketing, APAC Adobe
Have you ever wondered what drives the brand loyalty of one of the biggest creativity software companies? In this episode of ‘Behind The Experience’ we dive into the world of experience marketing with Clare Cahill, Head of Experience Marketing, APAC at Adobe. Clare shares how to enhance experiences with technology, explores the relationship between digital and physical experiences, and defines that value of both. “I think the beauty of digital, the absolute beauty of digital is that breadth and volume, but also the personalisation now is becoming so much better. Especially in the B2B space, we're really starting to be able to craft how you talk to your customer.” This interview was recorded prior to COVID-19 impacting the event industry. Key learnings can taken from Clare's insight into the relationship between live and digital experiences and the strategies that drive them. Learn more about Adobe here: Make sure to check out more from Sense at
April 27, 2020
#2 Ari Popper CEO and Founder of SciFutures
Want to see what the future of brand experiences holds? In this episode of ‘Behind The Experience’ we speak with Ari Popper about the opportunities innovation and technological advances provide forward-thinking brands and discuss the pros and cons of such advancements. Ari is the Founder and CEO of SciFutures, an award-winning innovation house that uses science fiction prototyping to create preferred futures for Fortune 500 companies. “It's really cool barring lots of companies that are there, that are helping people know themselves better and helping you get into deeper meditations, helping you have digital assistance that make your life easier and more pleasant, helping you connect with people in a more meaningful way.” SciFutures and Sense have a partnership that allows Sense to gain access to SciFutures’ global industry trends and unique imagination, along with its expertise in emerging technologies. Learn more about Sense x SciFutures partnership: You can connect with Ari and his team via the following link: Make sure to check out more from Sense at
February 27, 2020
#1 Guy Greenstone Co-Founder of GABS, Stomping Ground & The Local Taphouse
Do you want to know what it takes to grow a successful business? In the first episode of ‘Behind The Experience’ we speak with Guy Greenstone to find out what it took to build international businesses including the Great Australian Beer Spectacular (GABS), Stomping Ground Brewery and The Local Taphouse. Guy shares what drives the core of his businesses and how they’re able to continually grow his brands authentically with the power of brand experiences. “The thing that people really crave and look for these days is less about material possessions and the best car and the best gadget. What they’re really looking for is a lifetime worth of incredible experiences.” - Guy Greenstone  Guy and his business partners recently sold their International venture, GABS and we find out how they maintain the integrity of the brand throughout this critical, transitional stage. You can connect with Guy and his endeavours at the following places: Make sure to check out more from Sense at
January 23, 2020