By Sarah & Hannah
Whether you think SEO is important or not, you will after this.

SEO SAS (special answering service) is a podcast that delves into individual SEO issues each week.

Hosts Sarah McDowell & Hannah Wellings are two feisty females who love everything SEO. Each week they answer FAQs & provide real life examples of SEO quandaries alongside handy tips & solutions, in a way that’s easily accessible to everyone.

From SEO novices & dabbling marketing managers, to SEO experts who enjoy listening to passionate debates about the best ways to do SEO, listeners will learn something & laugh... a lot!
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#012: The One Where We Discuss Common Issues With E-Commerce And SEO
Somehow, Sarah and Hannah have managed to persuade yet another guest to join the podcast madness. This week, Ian Lockwood (Director at Boom Marketing) discusses common issues with E-Commerce and SEO, and what can be done about them e.g. discontinued products, internal linking etc. Also, the forfeits just keep getting weirder and weirder... beatboxing is involved this time...
February 17, 2019
#011: The One Where We Discuss Common SEO Mistakes
SEO mistakes are very easy to make. Even those of us who are experienced make them. In this episode, Sarah and Hannah discuss the most common mistakes and errors made, why they are common and how to avoid them. Also, the forfeit this time around gets weird. Yeah, operatics are involved...
February 10, 2019
#010: The One Where We Discuss Common SEO Issues
In this episode, Sarah and Hannah go into depth about common SEO issues. So, when things are happening which you probably aren't aware of but are causing issues with traffic coming to your website. This weeks forfeit involves a plant-pot... need we say more...?
February 3, 2019
#009: The One Where We Sound Like Disgruntled SEO Folk
In this episode, Sarah and Hannah discuss times when you should get your SEO professional involved and why it's so important for the success of your website and ranking. Also, this week the forfeit is the dreaded plank, but who will be the victim?
January 27, 2019
#008: The One Where We Talk About Link Building
In this episode, Sarah and Hannah talk about link building, discussing everything from the differences between good and bad links to real life examples of how to actually acquire them for your website. Oh and who do you reckon ends up doing the forfeit, which this week is press ups. Is your money on Sarah or Hannah?
January 20, 2019
#007: The One Where We Discuss Where To Begin With SEO
In this episode, we discuss where to begin with SEO, as there is so much that can be done. For example, should you start with link building or focus on the content side of things? Oh and guess who ends up doing power lunges as a forfeit...?
January 13, 2019
#006: The One Where We Discuss SEO Trends in 2019
In this episode, Hannah and Sarah discuss SEO trends for 2019. Are links still important? What is the importance of E.A.T? Is site speed all that? It's also time to get sassy, as Sarah steals something from Google (which makes a change)...
January 2, 2019
#005: The One Where We Discuss Google Penalties
In this episode, we discuss Google penalties including what to do when your website has been hit by one. We have also managed to get ourselves a special guest! Dom Bryce who is the Search Manager at MHR and specialises in the technical side of SEO.
December 18, 2018
#004: The One Where We Discuss Our Favourite SEO Tools
In this episode, we discuss what our favourite SEO tools are and why, including both free and paid ones! Also, Sarah and Hannah discuss whether Sebastian or Jeremy is a better name for a reindeer...
December 10, 2018
#003: The One Where We Decide If Wix Is Evil Or Not
In this episode, we discuss Wix websites. They used to get a bad rep as there was a number of factors that made them a nightmare for SEO. However, is this still the case today? Oh, and also who do you think ends up doing this weeks forfeit? Go on, take a guess...
December 3, 2018
#002: The One Where Sarah Is Asked A Very Important Question...
In this episode, we talk about what to do with pages that are un-preforming in search engines. Do you move it or do you improve it? Oh, and also Sarah is asked a very important question and her reaction is, well, priceless...
November 27, 2018
#001: The One Where Hannah Rants About Content
In this episode, we talk about everything to do with optimising content for search engines, including the do's and don'ts. Oh, and also Hannah rants about a supposedly optimised blog she's received from a third party and why it's so pants.
November 19, 2018
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