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Life Without Limca

Life Without Limca

Ever wondered while going to a therapist for counseling if you are ‘crazy’? Has talking to your parents about mental health has been difficult? Were you ever told to hide your mental health issues, or these were brushed off as a weakness? If you said yes to any of these, this is a podcast for you! We will talk about the stigmas, taboos, stories,

This podcast will specifically tackle the challenges and struggles of going through life as a South Asian immigrant or child of immigrants, and just navigating as a Brown person!

Music recreated by Shiva Mittal.
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Life Without Limca Episode 2- Taking on our Mental Health

Life Without Limca

Life Without Limca Episode 3- Finding a Therapist
With guest speaker, Leila Chowdhury, they look at the importance of finding a therapist that is compatible, meets their mental health needs, and a therapist that understands their cultural needs. 
July 26, 2021
Life Without Limca Episode 2- Taking on our Mental Health
Simran, Kirat, and Pallavi take on the conversation of mental health. An open conversation about their realization of their own mental health struggles. They give great insight into how they have managed their mental health and how this may help you.  If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, please seek help or call 1-800-662-HELP (4357). 
May 13, 2021
Introductory Episode - What is Life Without Limca?
Introducing Our Hosts: Hello there! My name is Simran Chugani, I use pronouns like she/her/hers, I’m a third year student at the University of Minnesota, and you can follow me on my venmo account @Simran-Chugani (I figure it can’t hurt to put that in here). I am a child of immigrants and a grandchild of refugees. If my family were to have a theme song it would be “Started from the bottom” by Drake. Even still, mental health—talking about it, confronting it, managing it, and healing together—has always been a bump in my family’s story. And that’s why I am thrilled to be a co-host on “Life without Limca.” While I do love Limca, I’m especially excited to bring to light stories, ideas, and perspectives about mental health that are not frequently voiced as well as to learn from Kirat, Pallavi, and the esteemed individuals we interview. There’s a lot to talk about. So, sit back, relax, and crack open a bottle of Limca with us. Kirat Baveja was born and raised in Minnesota. She is pursuing her education at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, focusing on Psychology, Human Resources & Industrial Relations, and Leadership. Her passions include advocating for mental health, especially in multicultural communities. Her involvement with the UMN Indian Student Association and SEWA-AIFW provides a platform to increase awareness about mental health among youth and young adults and distribute culturally specific available resources. Pallavi moved from Jaipur, India to Minneapolis, MN 4 years ago for her undergraduate education. This May, she graduated from the University of Minnesota with majors in Human Resources, Management Information Systems and a Psychology minor. Throughout college, she developed a newfound love for her South Asian culture and heritage as well as mental health & advocacy, topics she explores through this and another podcast -  - the Caffeinated Brown Girl, where she brings in BIPOC creatives, pioneers and business owners to share their stories.  In addition to being a podcast fanatic, Pallavi works a day job in Marketing Analytics and in her free time, she likes to read, write, dance, and be an at-home barista.
November 24, 2020