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Sex & Satori

Sex & Satori

By Chenoa Bhakti
SATORI is Enlightenment! Transcend the flesh and reawaken in spirit. SEXUAL SATORI is Soul Satisfying Sex and Spirituality. Where does human desire for romance and sex meet the Soul's individual quest for spiritual understanding?

Mature audiences will find sincere inquiry, playfulness, humor, and heartful sexiness as we venture deep to learn new dimensions of sensual pleasures, discover spiritual practice for healing sexual trauma and discover what it is to be a spiritual being having a sexual experience.

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True Consent on the Wheel ~ with Dr. Betty Martin

Sex & Satori

The Road to Sexual Bliss with Julia Kovacs
Julia Kovacs is an Intimacy Coach with a lifetime of experience, an open heart and a creative mind.  I chat with her about her work, her life and a few gems that helped her along the way. Her vast knowledge and experience is now a gift for you to help you on your way of sexual self-discovery.  Julia is dedicated to empowering everyone to live life orgasmically.  She accomplishes this by working with men and women individually, and in  groups, to overcome their past conditioning related to intimacy. Her goal is to teach people how to live an embodied, connected and  physically fulfilled life.   Changing the the public’s perception of sex and guiding an evolvution from shameful traumatic sex to sacred soul-satisfying sex, Julia in on a MISSION!  As an Intimacy Coach, she will give you hands on training, and gently  guide you through your own or couple’s sexual blocks to open the door to  your  bliss. Julia can be found at:
January 24, 2021
Modern Tantra for Healing and Living a Life of Joy with Tanja Diamond
Tanja Diamond is a Tantra Lineage Holder with a holistic view on using tantra practice for healing sexual traumas.  She has created Modern Tantra - The 7 Tantras of Integrated Intelligence., as well as High Speed Evolution - the 5 Evolutions of Life Mastery. Tanja stresses the importance of strengthening yourself and your decision making process while seeking help from professionals. Every professional working in the area of sexual healing, and that advertises as such, should be trained in specific trauma therapies and know that touch absolutely needs to be informed and client cleared in a client-centered healing session.  Too often unexpected touch re-traumatizes a client and it is incumbent upon the practitioner to know this and have a reliable client-centered therapeutic based approach to any service offered. Tanja goes deeper and suggests a sexually traumatized person who seeks out Tantra to support healing should learn to be their own sexual healers first through a wide array of therapeutic models,  avoiding Neo-Tantra hands on practitioners until such time. The 7 Tantras of Modern Tantra are:  1. Tantra of Spiritual Connection  2. Tantra of  Self Awareness  3. Tantra of Relations  4. Tantra of Sexual Healing  5. Tantra of Passionate Purpose  6. Tantra of Energy Mastery, & 7. Tantra of Integrated Intelligence Aside from using Modern Tantra (a revised, new way of embracing Classical Tantra) to support healing sexual traumas, Tanja expresses how these practices can increase your sense of joy, happiness and full body energy orgasms even without being directly sexual. We learn the true purpose of Modern Tantra as ecstasy in the body, where sexuality is embraced but not the central focus.  You can find details on Tanja's website.
November 24, 2020
True Consent on the Wheel ~ with Dr. Betty Martin
The Wheel of Consent is the brain child of visionary Dr. Betty Martin, a modern Sacred Intimate and Human Touch Specialist who has delved deeply into the physical-emotional somatic experience and brought forth a valuable technology for anyone and everyone to use for our personal private experience of life. We discuss the connected integrity of personal free will and choice as it relates to the Wheel of Consent.  Is the Wheel of Consent a tool for spiritual practice or just basic human interaction?  In these unprecedented times when government officials and medical leaders are in conflict around right action for our health and well-being, it is critical to come home to the self, identify which role you are playing on the Wheel of Consent, and ask yourself: are you asking the right questions? Who is doing? Who is it for?  Is the person that it is for being asked for consent? How do you know what is true consent? How do you embrace your own agency of choice?  A lot of questions for a deep dive into an awareness of intimate consent! ... which really means: are you consenting to your life? Are you in agreement with what is happening to you, for you and by you?  Betty Martin can be found at The Wheel of Consent School can be found at Betty's new book will be found here:
November 21, 2020
Why Sex & Satori go Together ~ Soft Launch Intro
Satori is Enlightenment! Chenoa explains what enlightenment in a human body means to her and how it relates to sexuality. 
November 15, 2020
Intimate Sound Can Transform your Life and CONNECT to Lover and Spirit with Amy Color
Certified Intimacy Coach, TEDx Speaker and Gottman Method Therapist, AMY COLOR tells one simple yet profound way to shift from dis-connection dis-harmony to connected joy and pleasure. Connect within to oneself and connect outside to your partner at the same time. Valuable wisdom about men's sexual health is discussed. The mystery starts to unfold as Chenoa queries deeper into the world of couple's therapy and the divine feminine teachings of Amy Color. Get ready for Amy's first published book on Intimacy Wisdom! Website: IG: @amycolor.intimacycoach FB: amycolorintimacycoach LinkedIN: amy-color-7226a811 Twitter: @intimatewithamy
November 05, 2020
Oh Divine Masculine ~ Oh Lovely Goddess
A poetic introduction to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Chenoa Bhakti introduces Elijah Ignatieff who shares his beautiful voice as they call to each other as the Divine Masculine and Lovely Goddess. We invite the listener to see the other as beautiful beings of blissful radiance and presence. 
October 29, 2020
Intro to Sex & Satori
My simple philosophy that our sexual selves are intimately connected to  spirit. I introduce my poetry that will weave it's way through many  episodes. Enter the doorway to all things intimate, sexy and spiritual!  Be prepared to hear some sexual trauma history, though not in detail, and also history of self-abuse, and how I overcame my troubles by seeking spiritual understanding and guidance.  With comfort and ease I discuss some very personal aspects to my life story.  Evolution starts with need, a need to grow and change, to improve our lives get out of hell and discover keys to asserting one's right to life, as a sovereign human, sexual & spiritual being! Join my email list and receive a free 15 minute one-on-one coaching call!  Limited time offer.
October 20, 2020