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SeXXXy Sista Circle

SeXXXy Sista Circle

By Sonya Z. Phillips
Welcome to The SeXXXy Sista Circle A podcast created for the professional woman that embraces her SeXXXy Side and wants to join a tribe of goal getters while having fun! Here, you'll find resources through the life lessons of my guests that share how they maintain or regain the resilience to level up in life and love themselves. Some show topics will include self love, feminine energy, business, family, travel, spirituality, law of attraction, fashion, beauty, health, wealth & relationships. I am your host Sonya Z., the SeXXXy Unicorn. Join me on my journey to love me, unconditionally.
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Let's Talk About Sex and Marriage with Naomi-Marie

SeXXXy Sista Circle

Let's Talk About Sex and Marriage with Naomi-Marie

SeXXXy Sista Circle

Health, Wellness & Wealth With Candice Lynn
Candice is a distributor with Total Life Changes known as TLC. Candice works hard to ensure customers feel healthier and more energized. She provides over 40 products for your health & wellness goals. Contact Candice for more information & receive a FREE sample by following her on IG and sending her a message at Candice is also a Certified Financial Coach and the owner of Candice Bryant Mobile Notary Service Thanks for Listening! Connect with the Sexxxy Sista Circle on social media.> And remember... "Sexxxy Is A State Of Mind!!! Sonya Z. The SeXXXy Unicorn Host of “The Sexxxy Sista Circle Podcast”
March 13, 2022
Let's Talk About Sex and Marriage with Naomi-Marie
Today we talk with Naomi-Marie, owner of Oaths & Affirmations Wedding Officiant, Notary and Concierge.  Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook @imwinningatit ******* Make sure to check out this episode's sponsors: ******* Virginia Beard Festival ******* Stretch Couture ******* The Sexxxy Unicorn.... Instagram @sex.x.x.y.unicorn
January 23, 2022
It's OK To Be BY-POLAR with ShonMarra Glover
Today we are talking to ShonMarra Glover owner of BY-POLAR Brand. Her Instagram is @_bypolarbrand................ Please visit our sponsor for 20% off your 1st sewing lesson.................. Follow the SeXXXy Sista Circle on IG @sex.x.x.y.unicorn and on FB @the SeXXXy Sista Circle Podcast.
January 25, 2021
Sonya's Daily Affirmation
I recorded this affirmation after a morning fast and prayer. I believe I can do all things through Christ and everything I want and need is already there for me. I am a child of the most high God and I am abundant beyond measure. Take some time to write down some things you want or need in the present tense as if you already have them. Then read your statement aloud several times a day. You must evoke feeling as if you are doing that thing or already have that thing...because thoughts become things. Only positive thoughts allowed. Feel free to share your affirmations with me on IG @sex.x.x.y.unicorn or by email at
December 03, 2020
"We Be Stroking" Sexy Self Love with Thellon Corbett
Today’s guest is Thellon Corbett AKA “Tee”, the very 1st guest to join me on the SeXXXy Sista Circle Podcast. Her and her husband Donnie are living & filming the RV life with “Journey Four the Weekend” and  painting art on a sexy canvas with “We Be Stroking Body Art.” Tee helped me to take sexy to another level on my personal self-love journey for my birthday (May 7th). It was such an awesome experience working with "We Be Stroking Body Art" as I transformed from Sonya Z. to the SeXXXy Unicorn.  Tee shares her story as we talk about struggles, self-love, feminine energy, and body painting as a ministry. She mentioned Adrienne Everheart to learn more about feminine  energy: There is soooo much more good stuff in this episode, click play now and share with a friend. Check out my SeXXXy Unicorn Body Paint video. Please remember to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel 🦄🦄🦄 ***I do not own the rights to this song: Nicki Minaj Moment 4 Life*** LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!!!!! "Journey Four the Weekend" YouTube Channel: Instagram Page: The SeXXXy Sista Circle Podcast The SeXXXy Unicorn Website: Email: Instagram Page: Other Links
November 29, 2020
Hey, I'm Sonya Z...A Little About Me
Heyyyyy I did it....I recorded my 1st episode about me.  It was a little scary but  ended up being short and sweet just like me.  Take a listen and get to know me...Sonya Z., the SeXXXy Unicorn.
November 11, 2020
Welcome to the SeXXXy Sista Circle Podcast!!!
October 15, 2020