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Teach Me One Thing with Seyi Taylor

Teach Me One Thing with Seyi Taylor

By Seyi Taylor
I admit it, I'm a curious person! Every week, I try to learn new things from technology, to business, religion and culture, talking to inspirational people with real-world experience in them. Their stories educate and inspire me, and I hope they do the same for you. And did I mention each episode is under 30 minutes?

I'm Seyi Taylor. I've been a doctor, designer, startup founder and currently work in product. I've worked on projects for MTV, Facebook, Coca-Cola and the World Health Organisation.

For more from ST, follow him on Twitter at @seyitaylor and
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Section 230 - Preston J Byrne

Teach Me One Thing with Seyi Taylor

Section 230 - Preston J Byrne
In this episode, I talk to Preston J Byrne. Preston is a partner at Anderson Kill and focuses on working with early stage tech startups and VC firms on everything from corporate transactions to IP and cross border issues. He’s a fixture in the crypto community and has almost encyclopaedic knowledge of how the space has developed, as well as the legal implications for developers, investors and customers of crypto products. I turned to him because I wanted to get the point of view of someone that actually knew what the law said. almost everything else I read on the internet was clouded by opinion. Links: > Find Preston on Twitter and Parler at @prestonjbyrne > Preston's blog on this topic > Watch this on YouTube: > Follow me on Twitter @seyitaylor  > Theme music by Tmidao. Find them on Spotify - Apple Music - SoundCloud -
November 19, 2020
Bitcoin in Africa - Tomiwa Lasebikan, Co-Founder Buycoins Africa
In this episode, I talk to Tomiwa Lasebikan (@alephile on Twitter). Tomiwa is the co-founder and head of product at Buycoins Africa, which is using crypto to transform Africa’s financial infrastructure. They run one of the largest crypto exchanges in Africa, processing over 100M this year. They also have Sendcash which helps users in the US send money back home using crypto. Before Buycoins, Tomiwa was a software engineer at Microsoft, working on Azure and Hololens. We talk about how crypto is transforming the African financial landscape, his company's work in the space, and how African governments will react to these.  Highlights here: 1:05 — The current state of Bitcoin in Africa. 1:52 — How personal and business freedoms are curtailed in African countries. 7:18 — How governments might respond to crypto adoption. 13:00 — How crypto can help transfer intra-Africa transfers. 17:14 — Building new financial infrastructure with crypto. You can also find TM1T on YouTube at
November 11, 2020