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Sharita πŸ’–

Sharita πŸ’–

By Sharita Bent
Sharita is a singer, songwriter, consultant, and coach who is here to encourage, challenge, empower, and inspire you. Good things are in store when you listen, so let's do this.
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Episode 3: Masks, Asks, and Life Lessons

Sharita πŸ’–

Episode 5: On Cancel Culture
If you're sick and tired of cancel culture and selective outrage, then this episode is for you. I mean how much longer can we go before we're all #canceled?
April 4, 2021
Episode 4: On Friends & Friendship
What does it mean to be a good friend and how exactly do you find supportive and trustworthy friends? I get asked this question often, so I'm breaking it down in today's podcast. πŸ’™ If you want to know if you're being a good friend or you've ever wondered whether or not you're surrounded by the right peeps, today's episode is just for you.Β 
November 11, 2020
Episode 3: Masks, Asks, and Life Lessons
Masks, Asks, and Life Lessons is going to make you think and it may make you upset too. (Kindly refer to Episode 1 if you get ticked.) What if there is a deeper meaning to everything that we're dealing with right now and what key takeaways can we embrace as both individuals and the collective? πŸ€” With all that we're facing right now, there's more to it than meets the eye.Β 
October 4, 2020
Episode 2: EC = FC (The Success Formula)
EC = FC (The Sucess Formula) is a powerful and transformational concept that is as old and wise as time itself.  No one on the planet 🌍 is exempt from the impact and power of this formula. If you take the time to learn and remember this simple yet profound truth, it will help you tremendously as you navigate life and transition from surviving to thriving.  
September 21, 2020
Episode 1: If You're Angry Listen to This
Everybody is angry about something, especially right now. Are you handling and processing your anger or is your anger handling and processing you? Whether you're lashing out and blasting everyone in sight, hardcore venting on social media, or taking deep breaths and counting to 10 while trying to calm down, this episode is for you. Β πŸ’–
September 13, 2020