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All about you

All about you

By Sheila West

A podcast where you can hear stories from everyday people about their hobbies, their travels and their experiences.
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Travelling the globe with Pier - Thailand - Episode 6
Pier talks about the festival of Loy Krathong an offering to the Goddess of Water and his passion for growing Orchids. He tells the story of the construction of the Death railway and the famous silk industry 
August 12, 2022
Travelling the globe with Pier - Gabon - Episode 5
If the tree trunks don’t get you the Hippos might! Pier is now in Gabon but no swimming in the sea due to the huge tree trunks below the surface, because the trees were waiting to be collected by the tug boats to be taken to the main port and if you are swimming in the esturies watch out for the Hippos. Also an amazing story of Nobel peace prize Albert Schweitzer for his hospital work.Dr Eiffel who built the Eiffel tower used left over metal to build a church the Saint Anne Mission and we talk about Pier’s love of Orchids
August 11, 2022
Travelling the globe with Pier - Nigeria episode 4
Driving on the river bed of a lake that had shrunk by 90% complete with boats that had sunk and were just left there, the vacant city of Abuja and some floors of the Hilton hotel was built but the forest took over so only a few floors could be used. Finding gin bottles from a slave trade ship, timekeeping and using glass beads from Venice as currency
August 10, 2022
Travelling the globe with Pier - The Netherlands Pier’s home country Episode 3
Pier learns making business decisions is not such an easy process, being a trailblazer by starting up afterwork social activities for the employees and their families which made the working day so much easier and while the house movers were unpacking his items Pier received a phone call to go to Nigeria so the movers stopped unpacking.
August 09, 2022
Travel the globe with Pier - Oman episode 2
Living and working at Shell international in Oman, stories include going to a Bedouin village asking the local elders about employing the local people in the company and they were chosen my using a process using matchsticks.Also Pier's daughter was the first baby to be born in the Shell clinic in Oman.
August 08, 2022
A life spent travelling around the globe with Pier a special summer series of 12 episodes
In this episode we begin with Pier working in the Merchant Navy as a ships engineer, we cover transporting tea, a very special bar in Malaysia, Christmas at sea and so much more.We then have a further 12 mini episodes covering his travels which will be published over the next 12 days so while you are on holiday or commuting lets travel with Pier. I want to say what an absolute pleasure it was to hear these wonderful stories. Thank you Pier for the opportunity to tell your stories. 
August 07, 2022
If it scares me I know it’s the right thing to do, with Paul and Bea who have a wedding videography business a conversation about moving to Valencia and taking chances
“If you are in your comfort zone then you are stuck” a chance comment from a friend caused Paul & Bea to look at their life differently and decide to make changes. We cover Paul getting into wedding videography, and his first job editing music videos for MTV. Being pushed out of his comfort zone in a big way led him to filming and editing wedding videos in his business and starting a YouTube channel to document their journey & to show others what is possible when you step out of your comfort zone and to pay forward the help they had by helping others take that first step with doing something new.
July 24, 2022
EFT part 2 a practical tap along session using a EFT breathing technique with Jennifer Moore
In the 2nd part of my conversation about EFT with Jennifer Moore we discover a breathing technique called the constricted breathing, Jennifer leads me through a full tapping routine so you can see how it works. So tap along with us and see what changes you feel in your body and discover the amazing power of EFT.
July 24, 2022
EFT 1 Part Discovering the power of the Emotional Freedom Technique EFT using your hands to tap on points on the body to release blocked energy with Jennifer Moore a EFT International master Trainer
Jennifer guide us through a round of EFT tapping using a headache as an example, we cover how to evaluate what's going on, determine the level of intensity (using the SUDS scale) the set up and the balance statements then we go through the tapping process around the body and evaluating how we now feel. What has shifted and what differences we notice about how we feel now. Tap along with us and see the difference it can make. No special equipment is needed and the process can be learnt easily and quickly.
July 17, 2022
The All about you podcast is afloat with Captain Alex
Alex moved from Russia to Valencia for the great sailing opportunities and comes from two generations of naval officers on submarines but his love of sailing began in university.We talk about the practical side of learning to sail and the qualifications, choosing the right boat to buy, provisioning and cooking on the boat while it’s leaning and sailing across the Atlantic and seasickness. instagram @hola_kraken.
July 10, 2022
Getting inside the mind of a hypnotist with John Moyer ,and it’s not about dancing with a broom but how hypnosis can help your physical, mental and emotional system.
We cover about what hypnosis is, what it can do and look at the misconceptions and how hypnosis and meditation can help people improve the quality of their lives through the way they think and manage their emotional states and get control of their lives. Our operating system is our sub-conscious mind which dictates how we think and feel and hypnosis can get into that system and we can re-wire the mind for the better and erase the negative connections and replace it with a more positive connection. We talk about ASMR what is and what it can do for you. YouTube: Website:
July 03, 2022
We go into the world of a mixing and mastering engineer and production co-ordinator for musicians and start-ups with Brian Zani
Today my guest is Brian Zani, who is an audio engineer and a production coordinator and we delve into the world of turning recorded audio or songs into professional quality music or sound fit for a specific purpose, working with independent artists, startup companies and bringing the vision, intent into a final product.We talk about Brians journey from university to moving to Nashville, creating his lucky break into the music industry and the power of reverse engineering a project, the key is baby steps and consistancy for any project LinkedIn: Fiverr:
June 26, 2022
Do you have a tattoo? does it have a special meaning for you? thinking about getting a tattoo? with my guest Anna
My guest today is Anna, who is a Tattoo artist, after studying Fine Art and thoughts of becoming a book illustrator, a change of plan led to her becoming a tattoo artist. We cover the top 3 tattoos people want, is it painful and which areas of the body are more sensitive for having a tattoo. We talk about the process of having a full sleeve or back tattoo, why hygiene is so important during the tattoo process and for the after care and companies are becoming more accepting of tattoos in a uniformed position.  
June 19, 2022
Thinking of buying a property in Spain? Graham Hunt guides us through the process and we cover getting children into schools and golden and Digital Nomad Visas
My guest today is Graham Hunt of Valencia Property Limited  we talk about what type of property are you looking for, the legal system, its location that matters as well as who are buying and why, finding a school for your children and starting his own property podcast and working with the UK TV show “A place in the sun” and a great story about “Aqua de Valencia” a conversation full of information. for the properties for the blog for the podcast for the swearing ;-)
June 12, 2022
You can start a business at any age, and how to be kind to yourself & ask for help with Marsha Watson of Divine Executive Concierge Inc.
Marsha is celebrating 3 years running her business DivineExecutive and will help you transaction from working IN your business to working 0N your business, by doing the things you don’t want to do, as well as when to ask for help with your business and don’t let age stop you from starting a business or achieving your goals, hobbies or passions. We talk about getting stuff done, the lesson Marsha was taught by her son about time management as well as how to honour your time and be disciplined with your cut-off time. Marsha V. Watson-O'Mara CEO, Divine Executive Concierge Inc. 416-722.2202 |
June 05, 2022
Don’t let the biscuits or the food manufacturers control you with Louise Mercieca Nutritional Therapist
Food starts in the head with your relationship with food, we talk about the role of the media with body dysmorphia for both men & women.The role shops play in food placement, all the tricks food companies use to encourage us to eat certain foods by developing our pleasure receptors particularly with snack foods and how obesity have tripled since dieting became a thing. Louise Mercieca Nutritional Therapist, Author, Podcast HostEarly Years Nutrition Consultant, Food Judge & Presenter on Early Years TV FoodThe Health Kick    Podcast: Louise's Health Kick Podcast Tel: 07557 343896 Email:   Web: Web: Twitter: /LouiseMercieca1Facebook: /The.Health.Kick/Instagram: /thehealthkick_louise/LinkedIn: /louisemercieca/  
May 29, 2022
Starting his podcast Ourdadsstamps about stamp collecting with my husband Pete
In this conversation with Pete we talk about starting his podcast about stamp collecting and how using YouTube has allowed him to share images of the stamps while you listen and how his podcast has eBay shop : Delcampe shop : Anchor podcast : YouTube :
May 22, 2022
How a rare find of a 2 headed cow opened the door for my guest Duane Cerny to supply Film director Oliver Stone props for the film Natural born killers
In this conversation I talk with Duane Cerny who wrote the book “Selling dead people’s things” after spending many years buying and selling for his antique shops.We learn about the options of what to do with peoples things, especially the sentimental items which are the hardest.Also the growth of storage facilities Duane says "A stoarage facility is a message from God you have too much stuff" Duane Scott Cerny - Author/Antiques Dealer E-  
May 15, 2022
Dating in the modern world using Apps, the good the bad and the ugly with Ansa who is an author and a brilliant storyteller who recently performed at the Kennedy centre in the US.
After her divorce Ansa found herself back dating, was using Apps the way to go? well it was not quite what she imagined! Can you trust the information given? where should you meet? Dropping everything to fly from Washington to Iceland on the spur of the moment for a date ! But most of all not letting anyone dim your sparkle. It’s a brilliant conversation 
May 08, 2022
Following your passions and creating your brand and business with artist and stationary lover Nelly Castro (enjoy the discount code)
Having a love of stationary, colour and art from a very young age she decided to follow her passion, which developed into her brand using the themes of friendship with your girlfriends and her love of dogs We talk about the difference sending a card to someone can make, and keeping those cards is a great way of saving the memory relationships Enjoy the discount code The code is VALENCIA, and 15 OFF until May 30th, 2022
May 01, 2022
Healthiness and definition are the keys to looking your best self with make-up artist Lauren Fry
Today’s guest is make up artist Lauren Fry we are talking all things make-up, looking your best everyday, where to save & spurge in your make-up bags and make-up dupes for high end cosmetics Lauren’s speciality is natural wedding make-up, we talk about managing the expectation of the Brides so listen up as we are ready to learn from an expert @makeupbylaurenmallorca
April 24, 2022
I play because I love performing, and running away from police in heels during the making of his music video with song writer and musician Jaime Nanci
Singing in the back of his dad's car planted the seeds of a future career in music for Jaime and the influence of Bette Midler on his career. We talk about the making of the brilliant video to Escalante Street, running in heels and a police chase. Jaime’s mantra is "If I can perform I am happy” a great conversation with a very talented musician.
April 17, 2022
Empowering the mum to be with confidence, information and the positive mindset to have the best birthing experience she can with Liz a positive birthing teacher
Empowering mum to take decisions about the kind of birth she wants, whether she is a first time mum or wants to have a better experience than with a previous birth Having un understanding of what is happening to Mums body during the labour process takes away a lot of the fears well as educating mums birthing partner to provide the right kind of support when needed during the birthing process and being the buffer between mum and the medical professional. We take about due dates and why they are not accurate, and how amazing Mother Natures is in preparing the body for labour such a fascinating conversation and an education
April 10, 2022
What is Crypto? we cover the what, when, why and how and what it could mean for the future of money, a fascinating conversation with Simon
The world of money is changing, using bank cards leaves a digital footprints, a paper trail of your spending habits however Crypto takes back control of your money and transfers takes minutes globally We cover the volatility of Bitcoin and coping with the fluctuations and the general rate of inflation & the risks of investing in Crypto the how to spend your crypto The Book mentioned The Bitcoin Standard - Saifedean Ammous The Crypto Queen podcast - On BBC sounds
April 03, 2022
We are all artists just have a go and enjoy creating with Artist Lucy Manek
Lucy began her passion for art as a child recreating things made on Blue Peter a UK TV children’s show, she shares the opportunities that came her way and combining art and moving to Spain. Lucy tells a great story about giving talks about Goya while living in Spain and repairing Mosaics in Sienna Italy We also talk about creating your own art, do not be afraid to try different things and how art can be a great release to express how we feel often in challenging times hopefully Lucy will inspire you to create your own Email Facebook: Lucy Manek Instagram: lucymanek
March 27, 2022
Moving from Australia to Spain with Liz & Neville
 Liz & Neville talk about their experience of moving to Spain from Australia, also the impact of social media for finding out information, is it a good and reliable source? should you trust it? Making traditional English Hot Cross buns, and the slower pace of life, which yes can be frustrating too and enjoying living in Europe (This recording was made in a restaurant so there is some background noise, including breaking glass)
March 20, 2022
Do you have a nice speaking voice? Talking all things about using your voice with Glenn Thomas a voice over actor, what it takes, getting started and the kinds of work you can do.
During the  conversation with Glenn we talk about Whisky adverts, “Ums" when speaking and getting started as a voice over actor and recording your own voice in your wardrobe, it’s a very interesting conversation.
March 13, 2022
"Pain is inevitable suffering is optional” A very personal and touching conversation about the journey Chris took after being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia - AML (and yes there are tears)
After a chance routine medical check-up Chris discovered he had AML ,Chris tells his incredible story of living in a Hong Kong hospital for 8 months, the gruelling rounds of treatment and a 30% chance of dying during treatment. Chris’s blog during the transplant and follow up care: Chris is happy for anyone to contact him directly his email is Donations:
March 06, 2022
Cat people are lovely but a bit crazy with Melissa & Rick a husband & wife team who invented "Forever Litter trays” a solution to all your litter tray issues
The story of "Forever litter trays” hand making 2000 cat litter trays in their garage in the first year while still working in full time jobs, talking to potential customers and cat lovers on forums spreading the word then using their social media to find customers.How customers service has been at the core of their business and Rick personally answering emails and queries and showing their core values to each and every customer and their black black cat Jack is the Logo for the business and will always be there.  Website: Facebook: IG: YouTube:
February 27, 2022
A couple of Nomads Vicky & Josh who have a YouTube channel about their passion for food and travelling
Welcome to the All about you podcast and my guests today are Vicky & Josh and they have a youtube channel called  “A couple of Nomads”  we talk about giving up corporate life to focus on their passion of travel, then starting to document their experiences by starting a YouTube channel and what that entails and hopefully the birth of a new YouTube Foodie channel with Josh, enjoy the conversation  email -   YouTube channel
February 20, 2022
Taking the theatre to schools and groups with the La Tourne theatre company with Sami, Jo and Ben
In my conversation with Ben, Sammie and Joe from the La Tourne Theatre company they create a one hour show in English teaching children through plays such as Edward scissorhands how it is ok to be different. The children receive a workbook prior to the show to learn language and discover the moral story.How one comment from an autistic child after the Edward scissorhands performance can make all the hours of hard work so rewarding for the group, as well as the logistics of a travelling theatre company. Enjoy the conversation.
February 13, 2022
Home is where the boat is - Living on a sailing boat with Cathy Bunn
Welcome to the All about you podcast and my guest today is Cathy and she lives on a sailing boat called Enigma with her partner, they don’t have much interest in sailing but regard it just as a means of getting around and this is their experience. We talk about being stuck in the galley making sandwiches while her partner learnt to sail in South Africa, with seasickness playing a big part, leaving Durban in SA for Madagascar just the two of them on their first sail together being thrown in the deep end using their survival instincts to get through some difficult situations. The logistics of provisioning, food cravings and preserving food for 2 weeks at sea and a twin tub washing machine, commonly known as two buckets, it’s such an interesting conversation.
February 06, 2022
From gardening, running a restaurant, vaping, Sunday lunch and learning crypto we have it all here from one woman Trish Kingdom
From discovering Valencia through her husbands work and the emotional transition from the UK to Valencia, to her love of gardening, running a restaurant and Deli using produce from her 3 acre garden, cooking for money, Vaping the good the bad and the ugly and   future plans with crypto currency and banks in the future its all here. Enjoy the conversation 
January 30, 2022
Take a penny and leave a penny what does that mean? With Rick Terrien Director of The Centre for Ageless Entrepreneurs
Are you thinking about your future retirement and what it could look like? My guest Rick Terrien has a wealth of knowledge, he is the Director of The Centre for Ageless Entrepreneurs, he has set up the organisation to match peoples skill sets with those that need their help all across the world, to help connect people in their passions and start up businesses. We talk about skills sharing your wealth of experience with others, and the story of one lady using her skills to create a small business doing what she loves and having a two year waiting list for her items. Enjoy the The Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs 
January 23, 2022
Can you play a musical instrument? Would you like to be in a band? Tom talks about playing his sax in two big bands and a rock band
In my conversation with Tom we talk about our experiences of music in school, his music idols, rehearsals and nerves before a performance and being paid in beers.We cover the different types of saxophone, and why they are classed as a woodwind instrument not brass as most people believe and the history of the sax, the cost of a sax and the great band leader Glenn Miller used the sax differently in his band and so much more enjoy the conversation.
January 16, 2022
What is the role of a Celebrant? Judy Mansfield reveals all
Judy talks about the role of a Celebrant, and why you may use one. Judy says it’s being a story teller, talking to the families about their stories which can be very emotional and giving people an experience very personal and unique for each ceremony. We talk about the funny moments and the training as well as her day to day role in her business Cherish Ceremonies.
January 09, 2022
A special end of year podcast Lifting the curtain on Sleeping Beauty the Pantomime with Cameron Hall, use the link below to watch
Welcome to another conversation on the the All about you podcast, I wanted to publish this early so you have chance to watch the pantomime using the link below. I have retuning guest Cameron Hall, and we are talking all things Pantomime.Cameron is the Director, scriptwriter and Choreographer of the Pantomime Sleeping Beauty in Skegness which is his home town .In this conversation Cameron talks about what it takes to put on a panto during a pandemic,and some of the secrets of a great panto.You are also able to watch the panto Sleeping Beauty the digital dream online until the 4th January 2022 using this link.
December 31, 2021
Travelling during the Pandemic with my guest William
Welcome to the All about you podcast, and this weeks conversation is with William who is talking about his experiences of travelling during the pandemic.If you are willing to travel there are lots of travel bargains out there, and hotels will welcome you with open arms and airports are mostly empty and planes are mostly 50% full. We talk about the airline industry in general, and if staycations in your own country are the way to go in the future.
December 26, 2021
How to let go of perfection and be realistic about Christmas with Mindfulness coach Kate Greenslade
I welcome Kate Greenslade mindfulness coach back to help us deal with the stress we can experience at Christmas.Kate talks about how expectation can cause issues over the holiday season and by letting go of expectation that everything needs to be perfect can lessen our feelings of overwhelm, Kate gives us great tips to help us enjoy the season.Happy Christmas and enjoy the conversation
December 19, 2021
Finding your own personal style with fashion stylist Flor
We talk about wardrobe basics, knowing your shape and personal style can save you a lot of money by only buying the clothes that are right for your body, we cover the 80/20 rule we wear about 20% of our wardrobes 80% of the time, capsule wardrobe and getting milage from the clothes you own mood boards and so much more. 
December 12, 2021
Celebrating the first birthday of the All about you podcast
In this very special episode I take a look back over the last year with Pete my husband asking the questions, it’s been an amazing year with so many wonderful guests. We talk about what goes into making a podcast, what I have learnt and the All about you Youtube channel, and most of all a huge thank you for all the guests who have told their stories. 
December 05, 2021
A 3 question podcast with Kiran
Welcome to the All about you podcast, today I am having a Q & A with Kiran, I love these podcasts as I always learn something from the guest so enjoy the conversation
November 28, 2021
You look like me with Louise Mcloughlin on being Donor conceived (Part 2)
#donorconceived #spermdonor #DNA #Ancestry #wearedonorconceived #familytree #searchingforfamily #siblings #spermdonation Louise was told at age 13 that she was Donor conceived (DC), this is her story of finding out that her father who had bought her up was not her biological father, the impact of a change in law, joining support groups for DC people and taking her first steps to finding her sibling and who her biological father is. This is the 2nd part of the podcast with Louise
November 21, 2021
You look like me with Louise Mcloughlin on being Donor conceived (Part 1)
Louise was told at age 13 that she was Donor conceived (DC), this is her story of finding out that her father who had bought her up was not her biological father, the impact of a change in law, joining support groups for DC people and taking her first steps to finding her sibling and who her biological father is. This is the first of a two part podcast
November 14, 2021
Wine is geography in a bottle with Ben & Matthew of Simply Spanish Wine
My guests Ben & Matthew of Simply Spanish Wine are here to demystify wine and help people make a decision when faced with a wall of wine in the supermarket by understanding the types of wine you like and help in making an informed choice when you buy your next bottle. Simply Spanish Wines website has online videos give you the tools to understand why you like a particular wine and to give us a little more confidence and knowledge to enjoy wine and the possabilty of trying something new. 
November 07, 2021
We are made to move and movement is life a conversation with Alan a personal trainer
We are are talking about why exercise as we get older is so important, we don't need any equipment as our body gives us all the equipment we need. We cover the different components of cardio, stretching and flexibility, the connection between Vitamin D, bones and our balance Alan gives us a great exercise to aid our balance and talks us through a weekly exercise program and three different types of stretching and explains the poor mans workout The benefits of walking, it's natural it's free its low impact and by moving on a regular basis we are working on keeping a good quality of life, so we need to move our bodies, life is movement.
October 24, 2021
An introduction to Enneagrams (9 personality types) with Enneagram Coach Marni
Welcome to the All about you podcast with my guest Marni and we are talking all things Enneagrams. An enneagram is a system to find which of the 9 personality types you are and how knowing this information can help us understand ourselves better.
October 24, 2021
Making a piece of bespoke jewellery for Britney Spears by my guest Antoanetta
Coming from a family of creatives Antoanetta started her own company making bespoke jewellery pieces, one of her highlights was her Fishbone design necklace being worn by Britney Spears in her video "Piece of me" We talk about this and starting her own jewellery business and her youtube channel about life in Valencia Spain If you have a story to tell please contact me  
October 17, 2021
Being a children's nanny and starting her Evelyn & Bloom Nanny Agency in Majorca with Jo Kirby
We lift the lid on being a nanny, how being a nanny has allowed Jo to travel around the world. Having a little push was the start of creating her Evelyn & Bloom Nanny agency We talk about why people hire a holiday nanny, and how Nannies are available for weddings and events, Ski resort nannies, who knew there were so many options for working with children. If you have a story to tell please contact me on
October 10, 2021
Mindfulness is like going to the gym for the mind with Kate Greenslade
Welcome to the All about you podcast with Mindfulness coach Kate Greenslade. We talk about what mindfulness can do for us on a daily basis, how mindfulness is going to the gym for our mind and how checking in with yourself every so often during the day can really make a difference. Kate also guides us through a short mindfulness practice we can use everyday, enjoy the conversation
October 03, 2021
A passion for collecting Airline uniforms, the arrival of a door from a 747 Jumbo jet, and a BOAC theme dinner party with my guest Juke
A door from a 747 Jumbo Jet is arriving on Monday, collecting airline uniforms and a lack of paper dolies are some of the things we talk about in my conversation with Juke. By the way we are hoping to find someone with a lot of spare cash to help Juke bring his dream to life and more. So buckle up and let's get airborne with Juke.
September 26, 2021
"Alcohol is the drug not the person" how powerful is that statement?
Welcome to the All about you podcast and my guest is Jeroen Van Zanten who is a mindset coach. After living a life full of alcohol, drugs and partying, the night of his 31st birthday was a turning point to change and take control of his life and make peace with his sexuality. Using his career in journalism he stated a Instagram account about his sobriety, and  began to write about his experience which is the opposite of the anonymity of Alcoholics Anonymous. He has turned his life around and now coaches others to build their confidence. It's a really honest conversation with so many pearls of wisdom for all of us. My Instagram account is: @thelgbtqcoach My Facebook link:
September 19, 2021
The show must go on, lucky breaks and it's never too late to start your acting dream with Ben
Welcome to the All about you podcast, my guest this week is Ben an Actor who talks about his journey to becoming an actor, his lucky breaks and life travelling with the costumes props, Oh the Glamour! How the show must go on even when audience members give you a surprise mid song and not in a good way!
September 12, 2021
A conversation about Spirit Guides with Daniel Jackson
My Guest is Daniel Jackson, who is a spirit medium and we are talking about spirit guides. What are they, what is their purporse, how do we know if we have one? These are some of the questions I will be asking as well as why filling your dance card is import
September 05, 2021
Things are not always what they seem, my conversation with ex UK police Detective Simon Osamoh
Simon talks about his experience working in the UK police force and shares his stories  The strong bonds he made while in the police and being part of a greater cause that is bigger than you Following the money trail to solve the crime and talking about a criminal he put in prison for 5 years and the impact it has on Simons own life and meeting this person some years later If not me, who? how this phrase had an impact on Simon and how human nature and the back story is not always what you think, and the power of connection. Its a great revealing conversation
August 29, 2021
You are 100% responsible for 50% of the relationship, how powerful is that statement?
Why do we spend so much energy on creating puzzels for each other when we can just think and say what we mean Welcome to the All about you podcast and my conversation is with Carola De Jong and she is talking about a book by the German psychotherapist/relation therapist Michaël Moeller about his method for better communication within relationships You are 100% responsibly for 50% of the relationship, how true is that I found this conversation with Carola so interesting and thought provoking so enjoy the conversation. Carola has very kindly written notes for this podcast email me at and I will send them to you.
August 22, 2021
Get to know the hidden gems of Lisbon city with Ian Walker of Borders Journeys
Returning guest Ian Walker of Borders Journeys is taking us on a tour of the Lisbon you may not know, street art, Royal palaces, and of course Ian's famous Cake o'clock with the delicious Pastel de Nata pastries. Ian has a wealth of information taking us away from the tourist areas and telling us about the real Lisbon and all it has to offer, so  walking shoes on and let's get ready to climb those hills of Lisbon together.
August 15, 2021
Exploring our values with returning guest Robin of Robin Macdonald Coaching
Robin talks us through a 3 part values exercise, we explore what things are important to us and why Knowing our values can help us to make good decisions about our career and personal life, living your life inline with your core values and use it as a compass to point us in the right direction to navigate our own personal journeys in life. Freebie 1-  get your copy of the values worksheets email and I will send them to you. Freebie 2-   Robins offers the first 5 people who request the worksheets a complementary coaching session.
August 08, 2021
My love of Manchester United with Steve Downey
My guest this week is Steve Downey from Manchester and we talk about his love of football and his team Manchester City,football food and getting into Wembley twice without a ticket, enjoy the conversation.
August 01, 2021
What is the connection between shoes and Stamps? millions of dollars apparently
This is the story of the famous Shoe designer Stuart A. Weitzman who designs stunning shoes using diamonds and who has a passion for collecting stamps and putting up for auction two of the rarest stamps in the world. 
July 25, 2021
My guest David Styles a retired London Black cabbie
Welcome to the Sunday All about you podcast, My guest today is David Styles a retired London Black Cabbie who is talking about talking "The Knowledge" the training and exam which all London Black Cab drivers have to undertake to obtain their licence and is said to be the hardest exam in the world.
July 18, 2021
Who Cares? Supporting my son through a mental illness - by Ann Graham
This is the true account of a mother having to make some very tough decisions in order to help and support her son on his very difficult journey and her determination in getting to the right medical professionals who could help . Ann is a remarkable woman whose strength and determination and love for her son put them both on a long and dangerous path. Ann is a natural story teller and in her book she hopes to help other families who may be going on a similar journey. This is a story of a mothers love, and not giving up. I feel very privileged to be able to share Ann's remarkable story with you. 
July 11, 2021
Charley London of Totally Tailored and her mission is to get the world riding on a London bus for the best views in the world.
My guest this week is Charley London of Totally Tailored and we talk about her tour guide business, we cover how a question in an interview gave Charley London the name for her company. Combining her love of acting and history, working in Borough Road Market and how she supports small business on her tours and so much more.
July 04, 2021
The benefits of massage with Cherith
In this weeks conversation with my guest Cherith, we talk through a typical first session, the value of communication between the client & therapist How massage can speed up your metabolic rate, support the lymphatic system, and improve your energy levels
June 27, 2021
Teaching children about money with Pete Matthew (one of my heroes)
I am so happy to have one of my heroes on the podcast Pete Matthew of Meaningfulmoney Out topic is financial education for children in a world of plastic and digital payments. We talk about our own education about money from our parents, and the language we use around money with children and as adults 
June 20, 2021
Paul Stanley a brilliant Hospital Radio presenter at Birmingham Hospital BHBN radio
I wanted to shine a light on the great work hospital radio volunteers do, and Paul was a brilliant guest with a great laugh. We have a little misunderstanding around the 26 min mark, which I have left in for your listening pleasure (I'm still laughing). I hope you enjoy our conversation
June 13, 2021
Ever wondered how Brides are getting on during a pandemic?
My guest on today's podcast is Abby Rentall who knows only too well that some tough decisions had to be made to make her wedding happen. We talk all things wedding and the three pillars and no we are not talking about the cake. Enjoy the conversation
June 06, 2021
Cake o'clock, ancestry,castles,history,fish & chips in Edinburgh it's all here in my conversation with Ian Walker of Borders Journeys
Did you know there are more sheep than people in Scotland, and that Fish & Chips is the dish people want to try when they visit and Gin is overtaking Whiskey as the most popular alcoholic drink. We talk about what to see and do in Edinburgh The Royal mile, the Tattoo which over 8 million people attend each year and all things tartan and cake o' clock.
May 30, 2021
The music and life of David Bowie with todays guest Sara
Do you like the music of David Bowie? and do you know much about his life and work, if not you are in for a treat as you will enjoy my conversation with Sara as she talks about her lifelong love of David Bowie. We  look back at the nostalgia of saving up to buy an album, where she sources items to add to her collection we look at his musical and private life and what an amazing musician he was.
May 23, 2021
Robin MacDonald is a coach and we talk about what coaching is and what it can do for you
In our conversation Robin talks about who and why someone may decide to use a coach, We cover some of the myths surrounding coaching, no it does not mean you are broken or unable to sort out your own problems if you use a coach. We look at how knowing your personal values can help you as a navigation tool and compass to live your life true to you.
May 16, 2021
Cycle of Lives a book by David Richman who cycled over 4700 miles around the US talking to people whose lives had been affected by Cancer
The diagnosis of his sisters terminal cancer put David on the path to a journey of cycling 4,700 miles over 6 weeks across the US to meet and to talk with 15 people whose lives were affected by cancer, some themselves were patients, some caregivers, doctors, nurses, co-workers, friends and family members. His book cycle of lives documents these stories and how we can be better prepared to have conversations with those affected with Cancer. How it is sometimes easier to talk to a stranger without any emotional connection than to family members. Also how there is no time limit, no due date and no use by date to deal with grief and relationships.
May 09, 2021
Author Darlene Foster talks about her new book Amanda in Malta (Amanda travels the world as a 12 year old solving mysteries)
My conversation on todays All about you podcast is with Darlene Foster from Alberta Canada, who is the author of a series of books about 12 year old Amanda and her adventures around the world. Darlene talks about her love of writing the Amanda Travels series, her own love of reading and tips on leaving a good book review. We also talk about the memories and the joys we have of our parents reading a bedtime story and the importance of children developing a love of reading, and how books can be passed down through the generations to enjoy. The latest book in the Amanada Travels series by Darlene is Amanda in Malta, due for release 11th May 2021 Darlene Foster
May 02, 2021
We dive into the world of Opera with Paula Murrihy from Ireland
Do you like Opera? Have you thought about going to see an opera? Do you have questions about the opera? if so you are in for a real treat as this weeks conversation is with Paula Murrihy who is a Mezzo soprano from Ireland. Paula talks about where her love of singing began, some of the myths surrounding opera and how Opera works in general, it's a great conversation.
April 25, 2021
Simon Tucker talks about the what and the why of bird ringing
My guest on todays All about you podcast is Simon Tucker from the UK, who has a passion for birds, he talks about the joys of getting up at 4am to go bird ringing, what exactly bird ringing is, the process and why it is done. Simon also gives advice on having bird feeders in your garden, what to put in them to attract and feed the birds and the importance of keeping the feeders clean.
April 18, 2021
Tricia talks about learning to sail.
My guest on this podcast is Tricia Harvey, the mother of last weeks guest David. Tricia talks about how by changing her job and working for a yacht company she grabbed the opportunity to start on her journey of learning to sail, and passing her sailing exams and how she enjoys the social side and introducing her grandson to the water. Enjoy the podcast
April 11, 2021
Ultra distance running - With David Harvey yes running for 100 miles plus without stopping!
My guest today is David Harvey who is a mental health professional and in his spare time is a ultra distance runner. In our conversation we talk about the races he has compleated and the surprising benefits of going outside of your comfort zone, and proving to yourself what you can do when you set your mind to it and challenging yourself. And how getting past a giant flip flop can be a metaphor for life, a story about doing the Great South Run  I know you will enjoy this conversation. This conversation was recorded remotely  during the pandemic.
April 04, 2021
Gina talks about researching her family tree and discovering she is related to William the Conqueror and the British Royal Family
In this conversation Gina talks about researching her family tree with she has gone as back as far as being related to William the Conqueror and British and European Royalty. She gives plenty of tips is you are thinking about researching your family tree too.
March 28, 2021
A conversation with John about the art of wood turning and retirement
Do you know anything about woodturning? I didn't it's new to me, so I was really interested to discover this world. We also have a chat about planning for a good retirement and some things to consider about your social life. I hope you enjoy the conversation.
March 21, 2021
My senior gap Year with Chris Herrmann
When life threw a spanner in the works for Chris he started on a journey around the globe His stories include how he created his very own ATM machine How surplus bedding changed the lives of so many thanks to his actions, how cooking classes helped him make social connections and how he came to write a book about his journey. To read his blog visit
March 14, 2021
Callum is my guest for another Q & A
My conversation this week is with Callum, as well as answering the questions he will talk about changing his career from a chef to teaching, and we talk about why there are more male chefs than women and his signature dish.
March 07, 2021
Bernie talks about the psychology behind advertising and buyer behaviour
In my conversation with Bernie he talks about the psychology of familiarity with brands, buyer behaviour Social media being the new medium for advertising A little experiment to see how you are being targeted The myths of cost and quality, buyer beware  Limited edition are they really something we should buy into? The scarcity phenomenon How coca cola created a buzz
February 28, 2021
The first Q & A podcast with my guest Eamon
Eamon talks about living near water, his dream dinner guests and directing a famous tv star in his first stage role.
February 21, 2021
My conversation with Craig talking about productivity.
How we came to get into it, the quick answer we blame our fathers. What we have tried and found works for us, and the pros and cons of pen and paper versus technology. Craig has some great book recommendations too and we both make a few confessions about our own productivity, and no we are not perfect at it. Books The 7 habits of highly successful people - Stephen Covey Miracle morning - Hal Elrod Kaizen - Sarah Harvey Getting things done - David Allen 43 folder system -  Merlin Mann Inbox Zero - Merlin Mann Podcasts Asian Efficiency - Thanh Pham Beyond the to do list - Eric Fisher Back to work with Merlin Mann & Dan Benjamin on the 5by5 network The Crypto Queen - BBC sounds Planners Kikki K online store The clever fox daily planner - Amazon Miracle Morning routine Savers Silence (meditation) Affirmations Visualisation Exercise Reading Scribing (journalling)
February 14, 2021
Alicia - Explorer for a change of life
In this conversation I talk to Alicia about her leaving her home and family in Argentina, moving to London and the opportunities that came her way
February 07, 2021
Adie continues talking about his passion with film & cinema
The 2nd part of my conversation with Adie, in this episode he talks about the future on cinema, online film sites and streaming with lots if recommendations
January 31, 2021
Adie's passion for film and cinema and my apple pie confession
Welcome back to another conversation on the "All about you podcast". In this podcast I am talking with Adie about where his love for the cinema Began, working within the industry and the future of films and cinema, and I make make a confession regarding an apple pie!.
January 24, 2021
Karen's story about teaching English in Korea
Today my conversation is with Karen , originally from Ireland and she talks of the the highs and lows of living and working in another country, with a few surprises along the way. Enjoy the conversation.
January 17, 2021
Fake it till you make it with Cameron Hall- Part 4 of 4
Welcome back to another conversation on the  "All about you podcast" In this podcast I talk to Cameron Hall about his career in the arts, he takes us on his journey discovering his love of dance, theatre, the ups and downs of auditions, and more importantly being in the right place at the right time and taking a chance and having the sugar plum fairy help with his Spanish homework and a plan B of becoming a history teacher This conversation will be over 4 podcasts as there is a lot to cover So sit back with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and come on his journey, I know you will enjoy this conversation I personally learnt a lot about the world of theatre, music and the world of dance. It's a great conversation with a lot of laughs along the way, with a little name dropping for good measure, so enjoy
January 10, 2021
Fake it till you make it with Cameron Hall - Part 3 of 4
Welcome back to another conversation on the  "All about you podcast" In this podcast I talk to Cameron Hall about his career in the arts, he takes us on his journey discovering his love of dance, theatre, the ups and downs of auditions, and more importantly being in the right place at the right time and taking a chance and having the sugar plum fairy help with his Spanish homework and a plan B of becoming a history teacher This conversation will be over 4 podcasts as there is a lot to cover So sit back with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and come on his journey, I know you will enjoy this conversation I personally learnt a lot about the world of theatre, music and the world of dance. It's a great conversation with a lot of laughs along the way, with a little name dropping for good measure, so enjoy
January 10, 2021
Fake it till you make it with Cameron Hall - Part 2 of 4
Welcome back to part two of my conversation with Cameron on the  "All about you" podcast In this series of podcasts I talk to Cameron Hall about his career in the arts. He takes us on his journey discovering his love of dance, theatre, and the ups and downs of auditions, being in the right place at the right time, taking a chance and having the sugar plum fairy help with his Spanish homework along with a plan B of becoming a history teacher. This conversation will be over 4 podcasts as there is a lot to cover I know you will enjoy this conversation I personally learnt a lot about the world of theatre, music and dance. So sit back with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and come on his journey, with a lot of laughs along the way, and a little name dropping for good measure.
January 03, 2021
Fake it till you make it with Cameron Hall - Part 1 of 4
Welcome back to another conversation on the  "All about you" podcast In this podcast I talk to Cameron Hall about his career in the arts. He takes us on his journey discovering his love of dance, theatre, and the ups and downs of auditions, being in the right place at the right time, taking a chance and having the sugar plum fairy help with his Spanish homework along with a plan B of becoming a history teacher. This conversation will be over 4 podcasts as there is a lot to cover  I know you will enjoy this conversation I personally learnt a lot about the world of theatre, music and dance. So sit back with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and come on his journey, with a lot of laughs along the way, and a little name dropping for good measure.  
January 03, 2021
Carmita, a dreamer who wants to change the world
Today I am having a conversation with Carmita Prieto, a life and business coach who is passionate about helping you to change the way you see your life, business, and work. Carmita wants to help you wake up every morning, motivated, inspired and happy, and end your day feeling satisfied with who you are, what you have done and what you have achieved.  Carmita's website : 
December 27, 2020
My interview with athletic Pete
My very first podcast in which my husband Pete tells his story of winning three medals at the World masters athletics championships in Brisbane Australia in 2001.
December 06, 2020