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Identifying your values

An episode of Sherry Trentini & The Life Reclamation Society

By Sherry Trentini
A Life Reclamation Project is about untangling those relationships with someone or to something in order to create space. Letting go of thoughts, beliefs & things that you are holding onto which may be holding you back.
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Owning What Feels Heavy
Based on the contents of the emotional backpack that you are carrying...who's names are on those rocks or what would you call them?  Are you naming them for an experience, for a person, for an overall theme or feeling? When you think of the contents, if you were to categorize them or put them into different piles as to what the source is, what would that look like for you? One of my big life influences has been Louise L. Hay, and her little blue book, Heal Your Body, has been a resource that I have used perpetually and have given multiple copies away to others.  When I read her first book "You can Heal Your Life", I fell deeply in love with the concept that I could be my own healer.   Through changing my language, both in my inner and outer dialogue I could change my life and be free of all that hindered me.  What I have learned is that sometimes the very tool that we use for the greater good can also put us in a place of blame. Blaming someone or something for our dis-ease or discord in our life may initially feel empowering but blame's superpower is to dis-empower us and can put us in an If-Then mindset that decreases our efficacy of feeling, being or doing better. Here are some examples: IF he/she/they had or hadn't done x/y/z THEN I would feel ... IF he/she/they had or hadn't said x/y/z THEN I would feel ... There used to be a saying that when we point our finger at someone else we have three pointing back at ourselves, and when I recognized that I was looking outside of myself that where I needed to look was in the mirror.   Therein lies the contrast, when we take the tools we are using for our greater good and use them as a means to take us out of owing our feelings and potentially adding more weight to our load.  
March 8, 2019
Self Help Blocks
The evolution of the Self-Help Genre has continued to be a game changer.  My first trip to the bookstore to load up on all the books that would "fix" my life and problems was over 30 years ago.  In the last three decades I have consumed a lot of self help and self development information in that time.  The idea that I could go to a bookstore buy a book and read it or skim it, or hope for osmosis, then apply or not apply the information all with the intention that 'I could fix myself' can have the opposite affect in my experience.   I recently came across a list I had created of the books I've read, and in reflection can see that I bought multiple books from multiple authors in search of the tip, technique or wisdom, to fix the same issue.   Asking for help has never been my super power and I know that, however when I embarked on my Life Reclamation Project: Me last year I did just that.  It wasn't just one person but seven.  Just like I bought multiple books I needed different perspectives and expertise. In this episode, I share what I have come to learn as two of my biggest blocks to doing the work I needed to do in order to create space and feel lighter.
February 15, 2019
Letting Go of My Past to Get Clear on my Future
I saw a lot of social media posts at the start of 2019 referring to 2018 as being a tough one.  I would concur. 2017 was wrapping up on a very high note, yet my intuition kept telling me that something about this was off for me.  I couldn't shake it.   So I took a step back, despite how others may feel.   When a not so awesome event dredges up old stuff from your life its also not awesome but not uncommon; but when a positive event acts like a tripwire I knew it was time to clean things up. 2018 was a year of letting go of stuff I had been packing around for a lifetime.  The emotional baggage I had a strong emotional tether attached to needed my attention, the time was ripe.  Coupled with the fact that I had a milestone birthday in December 2018, I knew it was stuff that was not serving me and I didn't want to bring it forward into my new decade. Sometimes dealing with past stuff is akin to cleaning your oven racks.  Lots of hard work, time, scrubbing and getting the right tools and support to be successful.   Untangling yourself past relationships, experiences, stuff etc can take a lot of effort, but choosing to release the attachments so that you can move forward feeling lighter is powerful and empowering.   What have you let go of that has impacted you positively?  What are you holding onto that you feel would make a difference in you life if you let go? Let's Chat
February 1, 2019
Goal Recalibration
You may benefit from Goal Recalibration if you have set a body, food or fitness good that is making you feel bad. If the voice in your head is hoarse from screeching at you, I invite you to recalibrate. If you are in analysis paralysis from micromanaging numbers that makes your goal seem unattainable, I invite you to recalibrate. If you are not celebrating what steps you have achieved, I invite you to recalibrate. The Life Reclamation Project:  B.F.F.  which is my program of relationship coaching for You + Your Relationship with Your Body Your Food & Your Fitness
January 18, 2018
Identifying your values
Happy New Year! You know what you want to be, do & have for yourself in the new year and have chosen your goals, set either resolutions or intentions. Did you also review your personal values? In this episode I share a quick and easy way to identify your values and how when you know what they are that they can be the tool to help you achieve your personal goals.
January 3, 2018
Tips on using affirmations
Whether you know it or not, affirmations are a part of your thoughts daily. An affirmations is the process of affirming something, essentially stating it as fact. Therefore if you are stating as fact, “I don’t want to go to work” or “I hate my job” or “All is well in my world”, you are affecting change and possibly not all positive. For a free no optin tip sheet check the corresponding blogpost “Affirmations”
November 9, 2017
Mind & mindset changing ideas
How I changed my mind about saying yes to a puppy; and the positive influence of giving myself and others an “A” for their efforts based on a blogpost I wrote inspired by the book Art of Possibilities
October 31, 2017
Suicide Prevention Day 2017
Suicide Prevention is everyday. I share my story and what I have learned.
September 10, 2017
Defining relationships
Defining the Life Reclamation Projects as in relationships to someone or with something that you may be holding onto that feel heavy. This is the work I do to help you feel lighter.
September 8, 2017
Taking action on my shoulds
This is a repost due to my learning curve! All audio should be included this time!
August 21, 2017
Using shoulds to take action
How I've been using my shoulda to take action.
August 21, 2017
Changing the I should energy
How many times do you "should" on yourself? Using the word should can be an energy zapper, and sometimes it can uplift our vibe if we see it as an opportunity to choose yes or no.
August 17, 2017
Introducing My podcast
Introducing The Life Reclamation Society Podcast
August 15, 2017
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