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Ship it and Sip it

Ship it and Sip it

By John McTavish
In the modern creator space, things happen fast — a flood of newness from startups and tools and products for all parts of our lives.

Sometimes — perhaps in the waning light of a Friday afternoon — you just gotta sit down and dig into it all with a friend or colleague. To see what they think beyond just messenger snippets and emoji reactions.

This is our goal for Ship it and Sip it.

We'll talk about small and big victories, about challenges and adaptations to the progress around us and about what keeps us excited to work creatively in this field.

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Build a High-Quality Product with Natalia Puzikova

Ship it and Sip it

Marketing Automation Tool for MENA region — the Founder's vision
This week we had an interview with Nihal Hassan, Founder of Menaflow. He shared:   👉The main idea and mission of Menaflow 👉His impression of the Paralect Accelerator 👉Customer feedback on the product 👉Key issues that Menaflow solves 👉Plans for fundraising   And much more insights 🔥
September 26, 2022
How to raise funding in today's market and build healthy investor relationships
"In the last couple years, we've been in an unbelievably long upwards spiral in the venture market which was mainly driven by cheap capital. I wouldn't go so far as calling it a venture crisis or venture winter, more-so a market correction back towards normality." – Konstantin Lotter from Trustventure. This week we sat down with Konstantin and Konstantin Kariapin to talk about: - startup fundraising and the challenges of current market conditions - hows and whys of startup financial modelling + investor relationship management - how to position early-stage startups for successful fundraising. With base in Berlin and Cologne, Konstantin and the Trustventure team are in the thick of the European startup scene. "Your main task is to actually portray your business model in a quantitative form — the beauty of that is that you can uncover your most important value levers for your business model." Want to know how to raise funding faster and maintain healthy investor relations right now? Have a listen 👀
September 05, 2022
Connecting Founders to Investors with Lukas Reider
It's a turbulent time for startups, fundraising and investments. Was there too much hype into certain sectors? Are VCs making smart choices? And how can founders navigate the scene in Europe to raise the funds they need from the right partners for their stage and industry? I had all these questions and more for our latest guest Lukas Rieder from Greca. Lukas and his team have been matchmaking between startups and VCs for years — so who better to shed some light on the current situation 🔦 Let's dive in! Raising in Europe soon? Catch up with Lukas and the Greca team at these upcoming events: The Tech BBQ in Copenhagen, Sept. 14-15th Bits & Pretzels in Munich, Sept. 25-27th Slush in Helsinki, Nov. 17-18th
August 19, 2022
Agora changes the game for scientists — here's the co-founder's story.
Science is amazing — but scientific discourse is broken 🫤  So let's fix it.   "We're calling it a social medium for science, but it's really so much more. We're thinking more broadly about the social functions of science and all the things that scientists do — and trying to bring them into one place." – Alex Washburne, co-founder of Agora   Right now our Accelerator team is working with Alex and the Agora team to design and build version 1 of this vision.    Watch and find out: • when Alex realised that scientists like himself needed a better platform • what's wrong (and right) with current social media   • where he finds inspiration for Agora's solution • how the team has narrowed the 'big vision' down to a specific feature set for the MVP   "We have this huge vision. I think we can revolutionize science for the 21st century, but that's step 100. And so the real challenge is finding which exact steps are 1 through 10, those will get us to 10-50 and 50-100. What really helped us was talking with people who had experience doing this before." – Alex   Stay tuned to follow Agora's journey to making science better for all of us 🚀   Visit our website to learn more about🔗:   Paralect    Paralect Accelerator    Subscribe to our social networks✔️ Linkedin    Instagram    Facebook    Twitter
July 29, 2022
First-time founder Kate Novoselova — life in Portugal and building a community-first app
"Let's say you relocate, or go to Portugal on a business trip. We wanna build the app for people who are traveling a lot and change places a lot — you don't know people there but you want to somehow have a quality time." – Kate Novoselova This week's show explores a bunch of fun topics with our teammate Kate. Mostly they revolve around the theme of community and its many forms, including: How her perspective on our relationship with founders has evolved Finding and developing connections with early-stage investors Working as a team in Portugal and meeting digital nomads there Throwing events that bring the startup community together And how she's bringing her experience of helping founders into her own founder journey together with Victoriya Antonovich. "For us, it's our problem — so we are solving our problem first and we do understand so we will use this app. We discovered when we did this offline event in Lisbon — for people it's very difficult to make connections, to make new friends. Our idea is to make it give the feeling of the vibe of the person." If you're in Portugal, keep an eye out for new events from Kate and Vika and enjoy the show 🍻 Check out their app — Altos here:
July 08, 2022
The Human Capital team — creating a unique culture at Paralect
"Creativity nowadays is the best team-building. I think that creativity and activity of our teammates can build a bridge between locations, departments and the whole ecosystem of the company" – Alina Nikon, Head of Human Capital. This week on Ship it and Sip it 🍻 John and Alina dug into Paralect's unique culture and how the Human Capital team supports it. Who creates the positive and thriving atmosphere and helps all the teammates feel part of the community, no matter where they live? What is the best way for the teammates to stay united? How does #BuidInPublic Strategy help forge trustworthy relationship with our partners and teammates? What was Alina's first impression of the interview and when did she realize  she wanted to be part of the team? Watch the whole interview to find out answers for all these questions and much more 👀 BTW, if you want to join our team, just visit and apply! Visit our website to learn more about🔗:   Paralect   Paralect Accelerator Subscribe to our social networks✔️ Linkedin   Instagram   Facebook   Twitter
June 17, 2022
Life in Bali as a Founder, Mentor and Director with Lyubov Dementyuk
"The most essential part is to ask your users the right questions — think twice or three or four times about the questions you're gonna ask." – Lyubov Dementyuk This week's guest has been a co-founder at a few startups, helps lead us as Managing Director at Paralect and most recently joined Founder Institute Bali as a mentor! That's a lot! So we tried to get through the highlights and most valuable experiences along her path so far, including: ⚖️ How to prioritize features for new products 📞 Talking to users and making the most of these interviews 🌏 Life as a digital nomad in Bali + the startup scene there 🚀 Her vision of the future of Paralect Global "When you think from the perspective of partnership — that you are working with the company, not in the company. I always pay attention to the idea. What do people do here, why — do they believe in this? Are they ambitious? And I pay attention to the team. And for me these two things matched perfectly at Paralect."
June 03, 2022
Behind the lens — meet the videographers of Paralect Media
When you watch a video, do you usually think about how much work was done to get us to see it? 📹 A beautiful setting, high-quality sound, a catchy plot — the combination of these elements is the result of the work of a passionate team. John McTavish interviewed Paralect's videographers to find out how our video content is created and what goes on behind the scenes. Vlad Nazarenko & Ilya Kravchuk shared: - why they changed from freelancing to creating with us - how the issues and responsibilities are distributed within the team - how they planned and filmed the video series for the accelerator - what were the most memorable and most challenging moments about filming in the last few months Interesting to learn more about our video team's workflow? Watch the full interview on YouTube and enjoy!
May 23, 2022
Data Strategy for Early-Stage Startups (that investors will love)
Today startup founders need to go beyond just data-driven. That means collecting, analyzing and using data on a day-to-day basis to understand and inform product growth.   This workshop focuses on designing a data strategy that fits early-stage startups to meet these goals: 1. Launch the MVP and follow data towards Product-Market Fit 2. Select metrics and insights that appeal to Accelerators, Angels and Investors 3. Collect user experience data to inform product decisions 4. Leading and iterating the data strategy through product and team growth   "It is paramount to map out a plan (i.e. data strategy) that is in line with your customers, product and business model to organise the data in a way that makes sense to you and your team." – Rosi Bremec, Data Strategist and Paralect Accelerator Advisor   Listen in and learn how to launch and grow products powered by data 🚀 Visit our website to learn more about🔗:   Paralect   Paralect Accelerator Subscribe to our social networks✔️ Linkedin   Instagram   Facebook   Twitter
April 25, 2022
Building up alumni communities with Nudge
"Once you tell people 'I already have someone invested in us', your status changes. You've become part of that pool of founders who are 100% committed to their products — so they know you will do whatever it takes to succeed." – Julie Landeroin, Founder of Nudge Julie's journey since finishing the Paralect Accelerator hasn't always been easy. But she's learned a ton as a founder and shares it with us this week on Ship it and Sip it 🙏 We discuss: How to analyze pitch responses to continuously improve both sales and investor pitching. What 'real life' is like for a first-time founder The market analysis she did to validate the problem Nudge solves. And as a bonus, Julie shared her ideas on how Batch '22 can be even better for the founders 💡 Learn more about this year's program at
April 01, 2022
Go-to-Market + Growth Marketing with Alexandra Cote
‘I like doing a bit of everything but I do specifically like the people part of things — working on partnerships and networking and expanding your reach.’ – Alexandra Cote Here’s what John got into with Alexandra this week on Ship it and Sip it: How should founders prioritise their marketing approach at an early stage? Which channel works best for early-stage startups? What you can do to differentiate both your brand and content 🚀 How to measure and structure marketing experiments ⚖️ And we broke down go-to-market strategies for founders at three levels: Those with a large engaged audience and deep industry expertise Those with deep industry expertise but a small or simply personal social audience And those with not so much expertise and no social/web presence. No matter where you’re at as a founder, Alexandra’s advice for growth marketing can be put to use today💡 With examples from Wynter, Notion, Typescript Pitch and more 🤩 ‘I'll tell you honestly, any channel can work for you. Any tactic — the newsletter, the podcast, the blog, whatever — as long you can tie it to your target audience's pain points.’ Follow Alexandra on Twitter and catch her newsletter:
March 21, 2022
Building in Public is a Powerful Go-to-Market Strategy
"It's normal … this imposter syndrome is never really going to go away — you just learn to dance with it better." – Jasna Klemenc Puntar.   For this episode of Ship it and Sip it, we went remote and talked with Jasna about how to make the most of e-networking and professional branding.    Any founders (or anyone) who want #BuildInPublic can learn:   👤 How to create an appealing profile and digital reputation 🚀 Why startup founders AND teammates help brand positioning 🤝 Where to meet people to grow your e-network   This is part one of our collaboration with Jasna — on March 24th she'll host a webinar with us to dive deeper into LinkedIn best practices for startups, founders, and all of us.    Get your questions ready and sign up here! "If you never ship anything, if you never publish anything, you're never gonna get there. This is the trick — do it and think, do it and think. There's a lot of doing involved." Visit our website to learn more about🔗:   Paralect   Paralect Accelerator Subscribe to our social networks✔️ Linkedin   Instagram   Facebook   Twitter
February 25, 2022
Validating problems and improving outreach with Art Garadecki
"This team will be experts who can do everything on their own — essentially, founders are getting a cool service that is working better and faster." – Art Garadecky Better and faster is Art's thing. This week on Ship it and Sip it, he and John dive into: 🤖 Sales and lead-gen automation 💡 Improving the problem and idea validation process 🛠 Building skills on internal products for our community And what he's learned about effective outreach across a variety of channels and contexts. "The most important part for me is understanding your target audience, why they're interested in your product. It's hard at the beginning when you have just an idea — I think it's all about the people and their use cases." Visit our website to learn more about🔗:   Paralect Paralect Accelerator Subscribe to our social networks✔️ Linkedin   Instagram   Facebook   Twitter
February 15, 2022
Brand Design and Finding Inspiration with Helen Sushkevich
"You should understand the target audience, their psychology — how they see you and look at you as a brand." – Helen, Designer at Paralect No matter what your startup or small business or established company sells, compelling visual design is a must-have. This week on Ship it and Sip it, John and Helen explore the challenges and opportunities in modern brand design — find out: 🤩 Where she finds inspiration when creativity lags 💡 How new startups should create an engaging visual presence 👏 Which brands she thinks get their design right consistently And which of today's trends she's not a fan of 👎 Helen's creativity can be seen all over our feed and her latest Bëhance project with Cinema 4D highlights the progress she's made just over the last few months 💪 Find out what drives her passion for design in the full interview! Mentioned: Helen's latest Bëhance project DEIP World The Breakfast App
January 21, 2022
Inside Look at VC Startup Funding with Michail Lapidus
Ever wonder how venture capital funds analyse startups and decide which ones they back 🧐 "Startups are making a lot of common mistakes … the key reasons for investing are the team, exit strategy, business model, problem they are trying to solve, and their competitive advantage is extremely important." – Michail Lapidus, Business Analyst at Paralect John brought one of our newest team members to kick off Season 2 of Ship it and Sip it 🚀 After 5 years of analysing startups for a VC fund Michail shares his insights around: 💡 What factors VCs really focus on 🐑 Why VCs seem to have such a herd mentality 🤔 How founders without a strong VC network can get seen And why he's excited to be working in a product team after all he's seen from the venture side 💪 Check it out and subscribe on Youtube or your favorite podcast provider to catch all the new episodes of Ship it and Sip it! ---- Mentioned: Startup World Cup
January 06, 2022
Who is John McTavish? Meet the host of Ship it and Sip it
Today's episode of Ship it and Sip it is one of the most unusual. 🗓 Firstly, this is the final episode of the first season of the show. But don't worry! Season 2 will launch in 2022 and that's right around the corner. 🤫 Secondly, in this episode, we turned the tables with a guest host and pulled questions from all the guests we've had so far in season 1. ⚡️ And thirdly, you'll get to know what John McTavish loves at Paralect and what plans he has as a Head of Content for the near future. Listen to the new episode and enjoy🍿 Visit our website to learn more about:   Paralect Paralect Accelerator Subscribe to our social networks✔️ Linkedin Instagram Facebook   Twitter
November 26, 2021
Paralect Launch Ecosystem with Pavel Prata
“Paralect Venture Studio is an organization that systematically builds, launches, grows, and funds new startups, using our internal resources, network, and expertise. I think that in the near future, we will become more product-oriented, rather than just technically-oriented.” – Pavel Prata, Managing Director at Paralect 🚀 Paralect Launch Ecosystem — what does it mean? 💥 What makes Paralect Accelerator different from other accelerators? 🔜 How are we planning to improve our go-to-market campaigns? 🪄 What does the transformation to the Venture Studio mean to the company? 🦄 ProductLab. What are the interim results? Listen to the new episode of Ship it and Sip it and learn the answers to all these questions 🙌🏼 Enjoy the show 🍻 Visit our website to learn more about:   Paralect Paralect Accelerator Subscribe to our social networks✔️ Linkedin Instagram Facebook   Twitter
November 12, 2021
Build a High-Quality Product with Natalia Puzikova
What's it take to build a high-quality product? "You should find a very good team and you should invest in building a strong relationship within the team … If you have a good team with good communication, they can solve anything." – Natalia Puzikova, Head of QA Department This week on Ship it and Sip it, we took a deep dive into quality assurance for startup products 🔎 Natalia told us all about: 🧐 Why professional pessimism makes QAs great team members 👉 What fintech teams should do to make reliable apps from day 1 🤖 When product teams benefit from automated testing 🤝 How new QAs learn via mentorship and grow through their career If you're keen to understand how important communication really is within a product team and what the decision-making process really looks like, this episode is for you 🙌 "We're just sitting and brainstorming together how it's better to do this feature so that everyone is happy — the developers are happy, the product owners are happy and we're happy." – Natalia Enjoy the show 🍻 Visit our website to learn more about:   Paralect Paralect Accelerator    Subscribe to our social networks✔️   Linkedin Instagram Facebook     Twitter
October 29, 2021
HealthTech and .NET Engineering with Sergey Lukashov
"To make it super simple, it's like building something out of constructor blocks. It’s just a game for a boy — the boy just grew up and the game has changed.” – Sergey Lukashov 👉 Want to know more about .NET development? 🚑 Or building a healthtech product? 🔏 Or understand HIPAA compliance? Then this episode of Ship it and Sip it is just for you. Over his 5+ years at Paralect, Sergey has led our engineering team on the health tech SaaS platform that achieved a billion+ dollar exit earlier this year 🙌 And he's grown into the leader of Paralect's .NET division. “You’re working on a project that helps real people. By helps, I mean — it touches health. So feeling that what you’ve done may help somebody else on the other side of the sea to get healthy — to make their mental health better — is just cool.” Grab your drink of choice and enjoy the show 🍻 Mentioned:
October 15, 2021
Web3 — what it means for the creator economy. Interview with Alex Shkor
"Unlike the current economic model where it's the capital in the center, we put the creator in the center of the model." Meet Alex Shkor — CEO of Vedai: education crowd investing platform and DEIP — Creator Economy Protocol. In this interview Alex told us about: 🔹the transformation from CTO at Paralect to CEO at DEIP and Veda 🔹updates and upcoming events of Vedai and DEIP 🔹NFTs and the evolution of the blockchain space 🔹his attitude to Paralect Accelerator 🔹Web3 Academy — an educational course, launched together with Paralect. 📚Web3 Academy gives young developers the opportunity to quickly onboard into Web3 spaces and finds a job among Vedai partners. “Web3 academy is a Bootcamp we are launching in Warsaw together with Paralect. Paralect is a crucial partner for Web3 Academy because of the experience with Startup Summer” — Alex. Links:
October 04, 2021
Tales from Georgia and the BA Dream Team with Kseniya Tsyganok
"If someone is building a product, they want this product to be cool and to be built and work as they expected. And that's why it's easier to communicate with founders." – Kseniya Tsyganok, Business Analyst at Paralect In Episode 10 of Ship it and Sip it, John and Kseniya talk about Paralect's pop-up office in Georgia and: 📝 Her pivot from journalism into business analysis 🤝 How mentorship from Irina Latushkina helped (and still helps) her succeed 💡 Being a BA on established products vs a brand new MVP And a lot more! "For me the main challenge is how to make these abstract things more or less stories —  understandable to me and the people I'm talking to." Enjoy the show and check out our BA openings on 👀 Mentioned: goLance Paperclip Visit our website to learn more about:   Paralect Paralect Accelerator    Subscribe to our social networks✔️   Linkedin Instagram Facebook     Twitter
September 17, 2021
Paralect's Founder-Focused Approach with Dmitry Schetnikovich
"We still want to think in terms of the one single offer for the founder. To the person who'd like to start their own business … and go all-in with the product." – Dmitry Schetnikovich, Founder and CEO of Paralect. We got Dmitry into the Ship it and Sip it studio to dig into Paralect's history, understand his perspective on launching products and explore his vision for our future 💡 We dove into many topics — Dmitry's pre-Paralect days, the 5th year of Startup Summer, growing through failure as a founder, and what our concept of a venture studio looks like. "The stories everyone shares on this show are all enabled by the culture, teams and people that make up Paralect. Even the inspiration to start Ship it and Sip it came from Dmitry's podcast." – John McTavish Enjoy the show 🙏
August 31, 2021
Founder Chat — VISXA's Product Discovery Phase
"We keep trial and error — we have a couple sets of ideas, then we change it, we test them and make sure this is what we need." – Mohamed Abosbanab, VISXA founder We caught up with Mohamed to see the progress the team has made in phase one of the Paralect Accelerator 🚀 This product discovery and design phase includes: 🎉 Design and launch of the VISXA website with sign-up forms 💡 Refining the product requirements for the MVP 🤝 Talking with potential partners and users to improve the solution(s) VISXA brings to the travel and immigration market "I've gone to talk with the partners and people who'd like to relocate to try to see how we can — when we build the MVP — actually help them. And I've discovered that the market is changing rapidly. When you design something, you should be flexible — you can pivot — and you have to keep learning." – Mohamed Enjoy this clip and stay tuned for more from VISXA 🙌
August 31, 2021
Founder Chat — Discovery and Design of Nudge with Julie Landeroin
"We made sure that everything there had a purpose, that the flow was seamless between the screens, and we tried to tackle edge cases as much as possible. So I feel like for the developers it's going to be a lot easier to work on this." – Julie Landeroin, Founder of Nudge. We caught up with Julie to check in on Nudge's progress halfway through the Paralect Accelerator 🚀 Find out: ✨ What special touches Victoriya Antonovich’s design team added to the website and app ✍️ How Kseniya Starodubova and Pavel Prata helped refine Nudge’s value proposition 💡 What ideas came from prospective users that helped shape the MVP 🤔 Why Nudge is designed with every user in mind 👉 How Nudge supports the transition towards workplaces every Millennial dreams of Nudge is flying towards its launch and we can't wait to get more feedback from the early user community to make it even better along with Julie 🙌
August 25, 2021
Growing as an Engineer and Learning Cocktails with Mike Gagarin
This week's episode of Ship it and Sip it is fresh and cool like a perfect gin and tonic on a hot day 😎 John got fellow vlogger and front-end code-maestro Mike Gagarin in to chat: 💡 How he moved from design to development 🤔 What one important concept he teaches to new engineers 🙏 Why Paralect is still exciting and engaging for him after almost 5 years And, of course, his (relatively) new video series Bukhlonautica 🍻 where he shares recipes and secrets behind famous and up-and-coming cocktails. Shake yourself a tasty beverage and enjoy!
August 10, 2021
Startup Heart and Project Management with Victoria Barouskaya
Time for Episode 7 of Ship it and Sip it with special guest Victoria Barouskaya 🤝 We explore 🧐 🧭 her journey into project management and Paralec 👉 how she dealt with imposter syndrome at the beginning 💪 and how she's involved with growing the startup ecosystem at her University "I'm really grateful to our team of developers at that time because whenever I had questions about the tech side — this was a whole new world for me — everyone was really understanding and eager to help me with anything I wanted to know." – Victoria We hope you enjoy this chat as much as we enjoy working with Victoria 🎉
July 19, 2021
Ship it and Sip it — Digital Marketing and Paralect's Brand with Alena Timofeeva
Happy Friday, friends! Time for Episode 6 of Ship it and Sip it 🚀 This week Alena Timofeeva, Head of Marketing at Paralect, joined the show to talk brand positioning and more 🤝 From organizing our distributed team to her ideal home office setup to how we can best connect with new and ambitious founders around the world, John and Alena covered a lot over their cuppa tea. Enjoy this sneak peek into Paralect Marketing and have a lovely weekend 😎
July 02, 2021
Meet the Founder — Julie from Nudge
"I wanted to build a product to help people follow their dreams — how do you find people who really have your best interest at heart and are qualified to help? And I wanted people to give first, to get into that habit of giving before they ask for something." – Julie Landeroin, Founder of Nudge 🤝 Meet Julie, another founder in Batch One of the Paralect Accelerator 🚀 Right now, she's working with our business discovery team (Product Manager Pavel Prata, Business Analyst Kseniya Starodubova, and Designer Viktoria Antonovich) to establish the MVP design, features, and scope of Nudge. In our first interview, Julie shares: 💡 How she discovered this problem 8 years ago and the challenges she's had trying to build the solution. 💪 The support system for startups and founders in France 🙏 Why the pay-it-forward approach is Nudge's core feature and competitive advantage. With her background as an entrepreneur and the depth of customer research she brought into the Accelerator, we are confident Julie's got an idea that can thrive. And we're eager to turn it into a valuable, beautiful product together with her 🙌
June 24, 2021
Meet the Founder — Mohamed from VISXA
“The mentality here is different — you’re always looking to not waste a minute, focusing, understanding the plan — what’s the next step? And always happy to help, which I find much more interesting. It’s like building a win-win situation." – Mohamed Abosbanab, Founder of VISXA This is the first of a series of discussions with our founders in Batch One of the Paralect Accelerator 🤝 Right now, they're going through the business discovery and design phase with our teams to get a clear view of how their idea will transform into a product this summer 🚀 Find out: 💡 Why Mohamed wants to transform legal services for travelers, nomads and immigrants? 🤔 What challenges he's faced in pivoting from lawyer to founder? 👉 And how his vision of VISXA is taking shape with us in Phase 1 💪 Enjoy, we'll be back with more founder interviews soon!
June 22, 2021
Ship it and Sip it — Startup Scouting with Margo Vorikhova
Welcome to episode 5 of Ship it and Sip it 🚀 This week, John sat down with Margo to have a look at finding new ideas, making connections with founders around the world and the importance of an inclusive workspace for us at Paralect. Thanks for watching and have a lovely weekend ☀️
June 21, 2021
Product Discovery and Design with Victoriya Antonovich
Ever wonder what goes on 'behind the scenes' in the design dept of those cool tech startups 🤔 Who are these artsy folks in black t-shirts? John invited Paralect's Head of Design Victoriya Antonovich to Ship it and Sip it to dig into product design and our approach to beautiful, intuitive solutions 💡 They focused on the early stages of product discovery, the tools we use to turn ideas into mockups and clickable prototypes, and how our design team supports each other despite being on different product teams 👍 Enjoy the show 🍻 Want to know more about our design process? Check out to learn more.
June 10, 2021
Ship it and Sip it — Startup Summer and Blockchain with Nikita Solosniuk
🍻 Friday's here and so is episode 3 of Ship it and Sip it 🎉   This week John invited Nikita to the show to talk about his experiences with Paralect Startup Summer and his latest interest in blockchain and crypto 💎 🙌   Nikita's the perfect guy to ask about Startup Summer since he enrolled in the course at the start of his career and was a mentor and teacher last year.  And he'll be back for this year's edition to teach a lesson (or two) to the students 👍   Hope you've had a great week and enjoy the show 🙏   Topics and links we discuss:
May 25, 2021
Ship it and Sip it — Project Management and Mentorship with Vladimir Panteleev
Hey friends, today we're happy to have Vladimir Panteleev join Ship it and Sip it 🍻 "For me as a PM, I like happy customers — it's my main motivation. Processes, reports, meetings — I like to see happy faces when I share these things." – Vladimir In case you don't know Vladimir, he's been a long-time project manager and shining light at Paralect for almost 6 years 💪 We discussed: 🤔 Why he likes people more than computers. 🍸 How a project manager compares to your favorite bartender. 👨🏻‍🏫 His goals as a teacher at RollingScopes and TeachMeSkills. 🤬 What he loves most about PM software. 🦾 The potential for machine learning in product development. And a lot more. Grab a beverage, dive in and enjoy 🙏
May 07, 2021
Ship it and Sip it — Episode 1 with Igor Krasnik
Welcome to Episode One of Ship it and Sip it 🍻   This week our guest is Paralect CTO Igor Krasnik 😎   In our first episode, we dove into a lot of topics including: 🎉 The new insure-tech product and website iMitig8 Risk 👉 ⚡️ Igor's exploration of no-code and low-code website builders like Webflow, Notion and Tilda 👉 🤩 The 'creator economy' and Igor's move into building in public 🚀 Igor's vision for the Paralect Startup Accelerator program 👉   And a lot more.    To stay hydrated during our chat, we enjoyed New Riga's Puzzle IPA series — a simple, refreshing single-hop beer.   So grab a cold one and enjoy ❤️
April 23, 2021
Ship it and Sip it — Episode 1 Teaser
Welcome to a new series from the Paralect Studio 🍻 In our world and the tech world, things happen fast — a dizzying flood of newness from startups and tools and products for all parts of our lives. Sometimes — perhaps in the waning light of a Friday afternoon — you just gotta sit down and dig into it all with a friend or colleague. To see what they think beyond just messenger snippets and emoji reactions. This is our goal for Ship it and Sip it. We'll talk about small and big victories, about challenges and adaptations to the progress around us and about what keeps us excited to work creatively in this field. Less of 'this new shiny thing is so cool' and more light-hearted investigation into the whys and hows of it all. “Personally, I can't wait to have these chats with so many of my teammates and share them with our wider audience 🙏” – John McTavish
April 22, 2021