SHIPS: The Vessels for a Meaningful Life

Escaping the Comfort Zone: Episode 059

An episode of SHIPS: The Vessels for a Meaningful Life

By Pat McAndrew
Welcome to SHIPS! SHIPS explores the vessels in our lives that create fulfillment and meaning in an increasingly digital world: genuine human relationships.

Pat McAndrew, a professional actor, speaker, and coach, hosts this captivating podcast where he interviews inspiring experts in digital wellness, entertainment, business, and other industries who can help you get to the next level in your life. We'll laugh, we'll cry, and we'll leave feeling more connected than before. So come aboard and ride the waves to your ideal life!
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Welcome to SHIPS! SHIPS explores the vessels in our lives that create fulfillment and meaning in an increasingly digital world: genuine human relationships.

Pat McAndrew, a professional actor, speaker, and coach, hosts this captivating podcast where he interviews inspiring experts in digital wellness, entertainment, business, and other industries who can help you get to the next level in your life. We'll laugh, we'll cry, and we'll leave feeling more connected than before. So come aboard and ride the waves to your ideal life!

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Don't Let Others Define Who You Are: Episode 063
In the age of social media and smartphones, there is a lot of pressure to impress, whether it be our friends, families, or people at work or school. We begin to mold ourselves into people that we believe society wants instead of living our authentic selves. In episode 063 of SHIPS, we discuss the importance of not letting others define your identity, and how you can go about defining it for yourself.
December 12, 2019
The Thinking Trap, and What To Do With Our Lives: Episode 062
Many of us become absolutely paralyzed when faced with a decision. We fear making the wrong decision and, therefore, make no decisions. In this episode, we discuss how to free ourselves from overthinking and how to work towards finding what we want to do with our lives.
December 10, 2019
The Social Media Dance: Episode 061
In episode 061, we discuss The Social Media Dance. How do we both stay connected in real-time, engage deeply in relationships, and create incredible content, while still being plugged into social media? We talk about how this interesting relationship between creation and promotion is a dance of sorts and that it's all about finding that perfect balance.
December 5, 2019
Escaping the False Reality with Jon Robert Byrne: Episode 060
Recording artist, Jon Robert Byrne, joins us in episode 060 of SHIPS! Jon and I have a great conversation about today's influencer culture and its potentially damaging effects on society. He discusses how we have no legitimate freedom on social media and how social media tends to cater to our most negative qualities. To combat these issues, Jon also discusses his work as a recording artist, along with his partnership with The Kennedy Forum. To learn more about Jon and to learn more about the amazing work he is doing with his music and with The Kennedy Forum, be sure to check out,, and Singer/Songwriter Jon Robert Byrne AKA JRB is about to take the music world by storm with a sound that will get you out of your seat dancing to the rhythm. His funk infused radio ready hits are anthems that will surely stand the test of time and listeners will be singing along for generations to come. More importantly his music has a message, to inspire people to connect with each other on a human level, away from technology and social media. This positive message of connection is working in tandem with The Kennedy Forum’s vision to improve mental health on a global scale.
December 3, 2019
Escaping the Comfort Zone: Episode 059
When we get into a flow of doing things a certain way, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of no longer learning and growing. Eventually, we wake up many years later to find ourselves wondering what happened to our lives and feeling incredibly unfulfilled. In episode 059 of SHIPS, we discuss why it is so important to regularly escape your comfort zone and how it can dramatically improve our overall happiness and well-being.
November 28, 2019
Communication is Freedom and Power with Laurie Wolk: Episode 058
Laurie Wolk, life coach and bestselling author of Girls Just Want To Have Likes, joins us in episode 058 of SHIPS! Get ready for a great episode because Laurie and I dive deep. She talks with us about how critical communication skills and confidence are, especially in our day in age of smartphones and social media, where we aren't exercising these skills like we should be.  Laurie mentions how important conflict is when building relationships, how small wins are everything, and how we truly need to start prioritizing and practicing our interactions with one another by simply showing up. You can learn more about all of the great things Laurie is up to at You can also purchase her book here: Laurie Wolk is a youth and adult life coach and the author of the bestselling book on Amazon, Girls Just Want to Have Likes: How to Raise Confident Girls in the Face of Social Media Madness.  She has integrated more than two decades of professional experience as an educator, mentor, coach, trainer, marketer, therapist— and parent—to provide engaging programming that can help reconnect families and balance the influence social media has on their lives.  A “go to” girl since girlhood, and a cheerleader at heart, she has been called a “modern mentor” by those who know her.  Laurie received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Emory University and is a certified coach by the Martha Beck Institute. She has a private practice in Larchmont, New York.  Laurie was instrumental in helping bring to fruition the Westchester Children’s Museum and is honored to join the Girls Leadership Advisory board. An engaged and hands-on mother of three, Laurie understands kids and is able to connect with them both as a guide and a friend.
November 26, 2019
Have I Made You Depressed?: Episode 057
I certainly hope I haven't made you depressed! In episode 057, we dissect the influence that social media has on our feelings and how we often fall into the comparison trap. We see everyone's successes and constantly ask ourselves if we should be doing more. This leads to questioning our self-worth, when really social media only represents the tip of the iceberg of our Facebook friends' lives.
November 21, 2019
Working Towards a Bigger Picture with Julie Schubert: Episode 056
Emmy award-winning casting director, Julie Schubert, joins us in episode 056 of SHIPS! Julie and I discuss her journey in the entertainment industry, the importance of learning in order to grow, and how elemental it is to build trust within a creative team. She talks with our listeners about  how a high level of commitment and professionalism is essential in this industry, how casting is a very empathetic profession, and why being a good human being is crucial in any line of work you pursue. Please be sure to check out all of the projects Julie has worked on by visiting Julie Schubert is a New York based casting director. Some of her previous work includes House of Cards for which she was awarded the Emmy for outstanding casting, Marvel’s The Defenders and Marvel's Daredevil, among others. Features include Deliver Us from Evil, Confessions of a Shopaholic and award- winning indie feature Night Comes On. Julie began her career assisting on features for casting directors Juliet Taylor (Woody Allen's Match Point) and Ellen Lewis (Martin Scorsese's The Departed).
November 19, 2019
Dancing for a Successful and Artistic Life with Roger Lee: Episode 055
My good friend, Roger Lee, Managing Director, Owner, and Founder of Roger Lee Arts, joins us in episode 055 of SHIPS! Roger and I talk about how failure is essential for success in both the arts and in any field, how vital it is to change our mindset for success, and how liberating it is to create your own work as an artist. We discuss Roger's career as a dancer and finding his entrepreneurial path in the arts. Please be sure to check out for more information about Roger and his company. You can check him out on all social media platforms @rogerleearts. Roger Lee is the Managing Director, Owner, and Founder of Roger Lee Arts, LLC, a business producing dance company concerts, portrait drawings, and artist career coaching since 2012. He wrote the e-book Career Advice For Visual and Performing Artists based on his 18 years of professional experience as an award-winning visual and performing artist. Roger is also an educational professional with 12 years of teaching and administrative experience. He currently serves as a Program Manager, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, and Adjunct Professor at Drexel University’s Close School of Entrepreneurship, the nation’s first independent entrepreneurship degree-granting school. Roger previously served as an Adjunct Professor at Eastern University’s Campolo College of Graduate and Professional Studies, Loeb School of Education, and Dance Department and at Temple University’s Dance Department, a freelance dance teaching artist, and an on-air dance instructor.
November 14, 2019
Why Bosses Stink: Episode 054
Why do so many bosses stink? So many people go to work at a job they can't stand, and a big reason why they can't stand their job is because of their boss. While some bosses have cracked the code and are amazing, there are plenty of bosses out there who don't quite understand what it means to lead a team of people. In this SHIPS episode, we dissect why this may be the case.
November 12, 2019
When The Smartphone Is Extinct: Episode 053
Smartphones have come to play such a pivotal part in our lives; they are always by our sides and also serve as another limb of sorts. They have completely revolutionized the way we interact with one another. So what will happen when the next thing comes along? In episode 053 of SHIPS, we investigate what might happen when the smartphone is no longer relevant and what that may mean for our future.
November 7, 2019
The Power of Social Accountability with Drew Montesantos: Episode 052
In episode 052 of SHIPS, we are joined by Drew Montesantos, CEO and co-Founder of SignOff. Drew and I share a great conversation where we discuss the importance of getting off the grid temporarily, how powerful social accountability can be when enacting change, and how crucial sitting in silence can be for our own well-being. We discuss how mental is central to the digital wellness movement and how, despite all of the negatives, we must remain open to tech to see how it can be used for our benefit. To learn more about the amazing work Drew is doing, be sure to check out or send Drew a direct email at Andrew Montesantos is the Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) of SignOff, a digital wellness start-up that is empowering humanity towards a more intentional relationship with technology. SignOff is proud to call Chicago home, where they curate phone-free experiences and empower local schools, businesses, and families through coaching and conversation. They’re also in development on some exciting hardware and software products! Andrew spent 3+ years as an IT Consultant, assessing humans’ control over technology before launching SignOff in 2018 to do just the opposite. He’s a pretty happy guy, especially when he’s with his family or within sight of some mountains – coincidentally two of the best times to SignOff.
November 5, 2019
Six Paths to Fulfillment: Episode 051
This episode 051 of SHIPS, I give you six different paths to fulfillment. Pursuing any of these will allow you to think about your daily life in a different way. I have found them to have a profound impact on my life and I hope they do the same for you.
October 31, 2019
Living Out Your Creative Message with Max Stossel: Episode 050
Max Stossel, poet, filmmaker, and Head of Education at the Center for Humane Tech, joins us in episode 050 of SHIPS. We discuss the root of creativity, being comfortable with failure, and the how crucial intention is when presenting a message. We also dive deep into our relationship with technology and how we need to continuously check ourselves with this relationship when relating to other people. To learn more about the great work Max is doing, please check out and @maxstossel. Max Stossel is an Award winning poet, filmmaker and speaker, named by Forbes as one of the best storytellers of the year. His one-man show “Words That Move” is currently selling out theaters all over NYC and is beginning to tour in select locations. Spanning across five continents, from Lincoln Center in NY to the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, Max’s performances have been described as mind-expanding, profound, emotive, and hilarious all at once. His work has been translated to fourteen languages, won multiple film festivals, and has been viewed over 20 million times online. Max is also the Head of Education for the Center for Humane Technology, an organization of former tech insiders and CEOs dedicated to realigning technology with humanity’s best interests. Before joining CHT, Max was a media strategist with an extensive background in social, spending more time learning the ins and outs of the facebook algorithm than any human should. The merging of these fields allows Max to provide a fascinating perspective on modern content and culture. He is currently performing Words That Move in theatres, speaking or performing at schools, corporations & events, and helping select brands tell their stories in his style via video.
October 29, 2019
Is Your Life A Simulation?: Episode 049
In this brief episode of SHIPS, we talk about how, since so much of our time is spent in the online universe, are our lives really just simulations? We post our highlight reels on social media and feign successes, fame, and glamour. Are we too busy living out our online personas that we forget to live in real life?
October 24, 2019
Do People Want to Change?: Episode 048
While there are a good handful of digital wellness companies out there educating the public on the harming effects of excessive technology use, the masses seem to still be spending a large majority of their time on their screens and devices. In episode 048 of SHIPS, we wonder whether or not people want to change their digital habits, despite all of the new resources available to them.
October 22, 2019
Increasing Our Energy and Intuition in the Physical World with Tracy McDowell: Episode 047
Tracy McDowell, Founder of Nested Feng Shui, joins us in episode 047 of SHIPS! We discuss how to be more conscious of our relationship with physical space and how we must sculpt a space for ourselves in order to optimize our lives. Tracy shares her experience combining her work with Feng Shui and digital wellbeing and ways in which we can declutter our digital spaces. She also shares with us the importance of sleep and how our society is suffering from a lack of intuition. To learn more about the great work Tracy is doing, please visit Tracy McDowell is a Storytelling and Feng Shui Consultant. She loves guiding clients through the process of finding flow within their spaces; including homes, offices, and businesses. She is committed to Feng Shui as a practice because she has seen in her own life--and her clients--how balancing a space supports, nurtures, and ignites feelings of harmony and balance. Her practice, Nested Feng Shui, is about these layers of wellbeing, all about settling into ourselves by settling into our spaces. In the current digital age balancing our homes has become convoluted. Tracy specializes in Feng Shui for Digital Wellbeing by working specifically with clients to blend techniques for healthy technology use with tried and tested ancient Feng Shui remedies to optimize our relaxation and peace at home and/or in our physical spaces. Tracy's Feng Shui style is unique because she pulls from the multidisciplinary research she did for her specialized Storytelling Major at UCSD, yoga (200hr RYT), time as an elementary school art teacher, and work as a musician.
October 17, 2019
Why I Am An Actor: Episode 046
In this episode of SHIPS, I discuss with our listeners the reasons why I am an actor. I discuss how I believe acting better connects us to one another, how it enhances our relationships, and how it helps develop deeper levels of empathy within all of us. I also talk about it's tie in to digital wellness and how, with technology advancing at lightning speed, the skills learned in actor training are more crucial now than ever before.
October 15, 2019
Creating Something Real with Liana Pavane: Episode 045
Liana Pavane, Founder of TTYL, joins us in episode 045 of SHIPS. We discuss the creation of her events-based organization, TTYL, and the philosophy behind it. We talk about how we use our phones as an emotional crutch, how we still crave something real, and how everything is going to be perfectly fine when we put down our phones and take a break from them for a bit. To learn more about Liana and her work, please check out, @ttylnyc, TTYL on Facebook,  TTYL on LinkedIn or send her an email at Liana Pavane, a native New Yorker with a BA in Theatre Studies from Ithaca College, is the founder of TTYL, a phone free social club for adults full of board games, coloring, drinks, music and live entertainment. Her goal is to help people have a healthier relationship with technology and social media. Her passion is human connectivity and she believes her pop-ups allow New Yorkers to feel a little less lonely. TTYL has popped up in locations such as Showfields, The Phluid Project and Tijuana Picnic. Liana has been featured on NY1, Bedford + Bowery and The Cnneckt's blog. Her website ( can tell you where her next pop-ups are going to be! 
October 10, 2019
Our Transformation Into Data: Episode 044
As technology continues to advance, we are becoming more and more one with the online universe. There is so much information about us on the Internet that it is starting to becoming difficult to parse out what is real from what is online. Are they one in the same? In episode 044 of SHIPS, we discuss our slow transformation into data and what is means for the future. 
October 8, 2019
Why We Shouldn't Say Yes To Everything: Episode 043
In episode 043 of SHIPS, I talk with our listeners about why we shouldn't say yes to everything. Many of us always get caught in the trap of saying yes to every opportunity that comes our way. We are afraid of missing out on the potential of these opportunities and end up filling up our plate past capacity. Instead, we should be incredibly selective as to what we say yes to and hone in our focus in order to achieve what we want.
October 3, 2019
Bringing Our Humanity Forward in the Tech Industry with Jumana Abu-Ghazaleh: Episode 042
We talk with Founder and President of Pivot For Humanity, Jumana Abu-Ghazaleh, in episode 042 of the SHIPS podcast. We discuss the concept of virtual distance, that it is in fact possible to build trust over the cloud, and the important role that digital friction plays in our lives. To learn more about the inspiring work Jumana is doing, be sure to visit and You can also email her at  Jumana Abu-Ghazaleh is the Founder and President of Pivot for Humanity, the organization working to professionalize the social tech industry, creating a more responsible, ethical and accountable internet. Jumana spent over 20 years in marketing and brand communications, developing and implementing strategies for corporations such as American Express, Yahoo, Coca-Cola, Bank of America, Ally Bank and Hilton Hotels. She is perhaps most well-known for creating Capital One’s “What’s in your wallet?” campaign. In 2014, Jumana founded and launched, a digital conversation engine that harnesses technology to create a more authentic connection and communication between individuals on a team. 
October 1, 2019
The Positives of Dictatorship: Episode 041
It has been proven time and time again that dictatorships make awful forms of government. A power hungry leader takes charge and can completely decimate a nation. But are there any positives we can take from dictatorship when we apply it to our personal lives instead of to government? In episode 041 of SHIPS, we discuss how many of us are living our inner lives as democracies, appealing to the masses and relying on votes from others to determine how we live our lives. In this episode, I offer an alternative.
September 26, 2019
Setting a Daily Mindful Intention with Susan Reynolds: Episode 040
Susan Reynolds, Executive Director and co-Founder of, chats with us in episode 040 of SHIPS. We discuss Susan's extensive career in tech education, understanding the positives and negatives when using technology, and how crucial it is for us to set daily mindful intentions with how we use technology. We talk about Susan's work with college-aged students and Generation Z, and how she is giving students agency to come to their own mindful conclusions about how they use their tech. To check out the inspiring work Susan is doing, please be sure to visit and Susan Reynolds has over 20 years of experience in digital wellbeing, mindfulness and youth leadership. From 1985 to 2003, she was an English teacher, curriculum developer, and first Director of Academic Technology at the Fenn School in Concord, MA. She taught her students to develop critical thinking and cooperative learning skills to be forward thinking citizens in the digital age. In 1997, she founded ABC Legacy with programming focused on harnessing the positive aspects of technology while mitigating the negative ones. In 2017 she co-founded Mindhood, a program created to foster mindful communities on college campuses through digital wellness, mindfulness and face to face relationships. After a successful pilot at Dartmouth College, she broadened her mission to inspire youth to find balance between their real lives and technology as the Executive Director and co-founder of Susan continues to teach, speak, lead workshops and facilitate panels to educate and empower Gen Z to find and implement their own solutions to the detrimental aspects of social media and digital distraction. As a speaker at conferences in Copenhagen, London, and Toronto, she's brought her mission to a global audience.
September 24, 2019
Heightened Connection Through Acting with Ryan Kessler: Episode 039
Actor and acting instructor, Ryan Kessler, joins us in episode 039 of SHIPS. In this episode, we discuss how acting and performance is a form of heightened connection and how, especially when seeing a show, the audience cannot get away from this connection. He talks about his career as an actor and instructor, how acting allows us to become more comfortable with who we are, and the importance of the communal nature in the performing arts. To learn more about Ryan and his great work as an actor and instructor, please check out Ryan is an actor and acting instructor from NYC. Acting credits include: The Vampire Diaries (CW Network), NCIS: New Orleans (CBS), As the World Turns (CBS) South of Hell (We TV), Pinkville (Hollywood Film Festival, Rome International Film Festival), Practice (Hamptons International Film Festival), A Christmas Carol (Hartford Stage Co.), Sixteen Wounded (Long Wharf Theatre), Sideman (Meetinghouse Rep.), A Few Good Men and A Comedy of Errors (River Rep.), and Macbeth (The Secret Theatre). As an acting teacher Ryan has taught at the Penny Templeton Studio, Broadway Artists Alliance, Theater Arts Center, and Artistree Arts. He currently runs RK Acting Studio where he holds weekly classes and coaches actors. Students have appeared on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and in film and television. He is also a founding member of Endless River Arts, a theater ensemble dedicated to producing classical theater for a modern audience.
September 19, 2019
Why We Must Invest In Relationships: Episode 038
So many of our relationships are transactional and are incredibly surface-level. Relationships take a lot of patience and time to cultivate and, because we are so easily distracted today, many of us are not taking the time to become active listeners and invest in our relationships. In episode 038 of SHIPS, we discuss how relationships are the key for a happy and successful life and why it's crucial that we give our relationships the time they deserve.  
September 17, 2019
Human Connection For Peak Performance with Milton Pedraza: Episode 037
Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute and EI-Xpert, joins us in episode 037 of SHIPS. Milton talks with us about the importance of connecting on a human level using emotionally intelligent-based skills and how the luxury industry is leading the movement in human connection in the business world. We discuss how human connection drives business performance and how expertise on people and relationship building can make all the difference in businesses and their profits. To learn more about Milton and the impactful work he is doing, be sure to check out and Milton Pedraza is the CEO of the Luxury Institute and EIX (Emotionally Intelligent Xpert). Today, the Luxury Institute is the world's most trusted research, training, and elite business solutions partner for luxury and premium goods and services brands. With the largest global network of luxury executives and experts, the Luxury Institute has the ability to provide its clients with high-performance, leading-edge business solutions developed by the best, most successful minds in the industry. Over the last 16 years, we have served over 1,100 luxury and premium goods and services brands. We have conducted more quantitative and qualitative research with affluent, wealthy and uber-wealthy consumers than any other entity. This knowledge has led to the development of our scientifically proven high-performance, emotional intelligence-based education system that dramatically improves brand culture and financial performance. Milton advises and coaches luxury CEOs and advises and serves on the boards of top-tier luxury and premium brands, as well as luxury and premium startups. He is a sought-after speaker worldwide for his practical, innovative and humanistic insights and recommendations on luxury and high performance and is the most quoted global luxury industry expert in leading media and publications. Milton is also an authority on Customer Relationship Management and Artificial Intelligence technologies, Analytics, and Big Data. Prior to founding the Luxury Institute, his successful career at Fortune 100 companies included executive roles at Altria, PepsiCo, Colgate, Citigroup and Wyndham Worldwide. Milton is a frequent guest speaker at Columbia University and has presented at Harvard. He has been recognized as a top Latin Entrepreneur by Stanford Business School. Milton was born in Colombia, raised in the United States, and has lived in several countries. He has conducted business in over 100 countries and speaks several languages. 
September 12, 2019
The Effect of Broadcasting Our Interactions: Episode 036
Many of us don't think twice about what we post on social media, how we interact online, and the potential negative effects it can have on the people viewing it. Some of our posts and comments to other friends, while perhaps unintentionally, may make some feel isolated, secluded, and negatively about themselves. While it's possible to say that that's their problem, it's crucial that we realize the effect of broadcasting our interactions on social media. We explore this and more in episode 036 of SHIPS!
September 10, 2019
Spreading Awareness Through Film with Joseph Piner: Episode 035
Joseph Piner, documentary filmmaker and founder of CineFocus and Media Productions, joins us in episode 035 of SHIPS! Joseph and I discuss how powerful film can be in spreading awareness about important social issues and how documentaries are an incredible tool for promoting change in the digital age. I recommend checking out more of Joseph's work at and Joseph Piner is a documentary filmmaker and founder of CineFocus and Media Productions. Starting out filming weddings and events, Joseph found his niche in documentary film after working with the reputable TV company, Authentic Entertainment. In this role, he directed and produced a documentary called Uncertain Days Living Homeless in 2006, which was distributed through Amazon. In 2008, he Directed and Produced a the documentary Shape Up America and in 2011 he created Free Spirits – Saving America’s Wild Horses. This film has premiered in 5 different theaters throughout the United States, in cities such as Chico California, Las Vegas Nevada, Wilmington Delaware, Louisville Kentucky and Portland Maine.  Joseph has traveled across the country, as well as internationally, to represent the brand that CineFocus & Media Productions has established in producing documentaries, event videos, commercials, and music videos. The continuing strength of the company is its ability to present compelling stories through high definition formats.
September 5, 2019
Retreating to Digital Mindfulness with Christina Malecka: Episode 034
In episode 034 of SHIPS, we speak with founder of Digital Mindfulness Retreats, Christina Malecka. Christina is doing some incredible work in the digital wellness space. In this episode, we discuss the importance of social connection, the power of presence, and why it's important to be accountable to one another. To learn more about the great work Christina is doing, please check out As a Seattle-based psychotherapist, Christina has had a front-row seat to the emotional and social impacts of smartphones and social media, notably increased loneliness, anxiety, and alienation. Where weak social ties are plentiful, stronger ties grow harder to create and maintain, and Christina is passionate about helping people connect deeply. In 2017, inspired by the work of Sherry Turkle, Nicholas Carr and her own transformative experience with digital fasting, Christina launched Unplug. Reconnect. Restore: Digital Mindfulness Retreats that emphasize meditation, present-moment experience, social connection, and self-reflection. A community organizer turned Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Christina brings over 25 years of experience with change-making, group facilitation, mindfulness training, and workshop development. She loves creating nurturing experiences for individuals and teams. Christina is a member if the Digital Wellness Collective and co-leads JOMO + Digital Mindfulness Retreats a series of events designed to help digitally weary attendees learn to have a healthier relationship with technology.
September 3, 2019
Our Obsession With Celebrity: Episode 033
Many of us are obsessed with celebrities. We love watching their movies, TV shows, sports games, and seeing them talk at events. We can actually take away a lot from celebrities, but are we taking away the right things? In this episode of SHIPS, we dissect social media's influence on celebrity culture and how we should switch our thinking to get the good out of the lifestyles of the rich and the famous instead of the bad.
August 29, 2019
The Confidence In Asking Why with Devin Shacket: Episode 032
Devin Shacket joins us in episode 032 of SHIPS. We discuss her incredibly unique career in the entertainment industry, working in casting, acting, and coaching. She talks to us about the importance of preparation, being prepared in your craft, and sharing your own experience. We also discuss the value in asking great questions and the power in asking "why." To learn more about Devin and the great work she is doing, be sure to check out and    Devin Shacket is an actress, casting professional, audition coach, and on-camera acting teacher. Devin began coaching and taping auditions in early 2013, while working in the House of Cards: Season 2 casting department. Her casting credits include the second season of House of Cards, alongside Emmy Award winning casting director, Julie Schubert, feature films including Good Funk, Black Nativity, Three Backyards, and theatre projects and the San Francisco Playhouse. Her students have appeared on television shows such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Iron Fist, Happy, Gotham, New Amsterdam, Switched at Birth, Tyrant, Ramy, The Deuce, Jack Ryan, Sneaky Pete, Quantico, Infierno Verde, Jessica Jones, Blue Bloods, Sweet Bitter, The Looming Tower, FBI, Dickinson, The Blacklist, The Godfather of Harlem, and more. In addition to private coaching and audition taping, Devin teaches on camera acting and audition technique to adults and young actors internationally. She has been a guest lecturer at NYU Stonestreet School for Film and Television, SF Playhouse, SF State University, Palm Beach Atlantic University, dBs Berlin Film School, and several private studios in New York City. She is the founder and Artistic Director of the New York Drama Center.
August 27, 2019
The Fictions That Create Our Reality: Episode 031
What is intersubjective reality? In this episode of SHIPS, we dive into a brief, but deep, discussion on determining fiction from reality in our lives and how the information age is beginning to blur these lines.
August 22, 2019
How Theatre Is Paving The Way For The Future: Episode 030
In episode 030 of SHIPS, we discuss how theatre is paving the way for the future. "How?" you might ask. Theatre has been around for thousands of years and the art form is an in-depth process that involves looking into the human condition. This episode explains how theatre education should be present alongside all of the technological advances we will be seeing in the coming decades.
August 20, 2019
Belonging and Inclusion Through a Greater Purpose with Amy Giddon: Episode 029
Amy Giddon, CEO and Co-founder of the new app, Daily Haloha, talks with us about the importance of belonging to something bigger than yourself in episode 029 of SHIPS. She discusses the philosophy and story behind the creation of Daily Haloha and how this new app is helping to develop connections and bring people together in a new way.  To learn more about Amy and Daily Haloha, please check out    Amy is a seasoned leader that provides businesses with the clarity and alignment they need to grow, serve customers, engage partners and fulfill employees. As both consultant and executive, she has developed and implemented innovative growth strategies for organizations large and small, deeply rooted in customer and marketplace insight. Throughout her career, Amy has devoted her energy to the development of the next generation of women leaders and continues to develop programs to help women achieve their ambitions – however they may define them. Currently, she is focusing on her startup Daily Haloha for which she is CEO and Cofounder. The Daily Haloha mobile app presents a single thought-provoking question to the "world" each day that connects us more deeply to ourselves and to others. Her mission is to rekindle empathy.
August 15, 2019
Why We Don't Believe In Ourselves: Episode 028
Why is it so difficult for many of us to believe in ourselves? In an age of social media and smartphones, we are constantly comparing ourselves to others and setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves and others that often go unmet, leaving us disappointed. In this episode of SHIPS, we discuss why this is the case and how we can turn things around and start seeing our potential.
August 13, 2019
Building A Foundational Relationship With Yourself with Mileen Patel: Episode 027
We are joined by Mileen Patel for episode 027 of SHIPS. Mileen shares his experience working in both the film and natural health industries and how following his curiosity has led him down a path of self-care. We discuss everything from spirituality to natural medicine and how film is one of the best outlets for storytelling. To learn more about Mileen and the great work he is doing, be sure to check out and    Mileen Patel is a connector and media producer with a focus on natural health and spirituality.  As programming director for The Sacred Science, he curates original content for an active and growing online community of knowledge seekers interested in medicinal practices from older cultures.  He co-founded the Chicago South Asian Film Festival in 2010, and programmed its first few years before switching to an advisory role, and now helps to program the South Asian Film Festival of America.  He also served on the Executive Council of Circle of Wisdom, a non-profit initiative to document humanity’s wisdom through short form interviews with the world’s thought leaders and visionaries.  A former strategy consultant and entrepreneur, Mileen took a much needed break after 10 years of the business grind, and somehow the world of TV and film production found him through his creative roots in music.  In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, writing, live music, ice hockey and real ghost stories.
August 8, 2019
Living Consciously Digital with Anastasia Dedyukhina: Episode 026
Dr. Anastasia Dedyukhina, Founder of Consciously Digital, joins us in episode 026 of SHIPS. She chats with us about her Four Pillars to be consciously digital, creating basic rules for ourselves and how we live, and how we can better use technology more consciously as a tool in our daily lives. To learn more about Dr. Dedyukhina, please check out    Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina is a coach, TEDx speaker, Huffington Post blogger and author of Homo Distractus. She got rid of her smartphone as well as her senior international career in digital marketing, when she realised how dependent she had become on her gadget. She eventually set up Consciously Digital, a London-based consultancy that helps people develop a healthier relationship with technology. She is frequently quoted in the international press talking about tech-life balance and has appeared in The Guardian, BBC, Metro, Channel 4 etc. and is a speaker at major tech conferences, including World Mobile Congress (Barcelona). She runs the first educational program for coaches who want to help others use technology in a more mindful way. 
August 6, 2019
When The Internet Is Invisible: Episode 025
In this episode of SHIPS, we discuss how the advancement of technology over time will increasingly make the Internet and the online world more difficult to see. Eventually, it will become so embedded into our lives that we will have to exercise distinguishing what is real from artificial. It's crucial that we continue to use the Internet as a tool instead of a substitute for life. 
August 1, 2019
The Joy Of Missing Out with Christina Crook: Episode 024
In episode 024 of SHIPS, we chat with award-winning author and in-demand speaker, Christina Crook. Christina is leading the JOMO movement, of the "joy of missing out." She flips FOMO on its head as we discuss where we can find the joy in missing out on things. We talk a lot about the importance of missing out on the right things so that we can make space for the meaningful things and about how our relationships are our greatest source of joy in this world. Be sure to check out and Christina's podcast, The JOMOcast, to learn more information about Christina and all the great work she is doing. Christina Crook is an award-winning author and in-demand speaker with engagements including the Young Presidents’ Organization, World Vision and the All Tech is Human Summit. Her 2015 book, The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World, helped pioneer the field of digital well-being and established her as a leading voice on technology and human flourishing. Her commentary on technology and daily life has appeared in international media, including The New York Times, Psychology Today and Glamor Brasil. She is widely considered the leader of the global #JOMO movement and is a founding member of the Digital Wellness Collective. Christina co-leads JOMO + Digital Wellness Retreats, a series of events designed to help digitally weary attendees learn to have a healthier relationship with technology. Her new podcast, The JOMOcast, sponsored by, includes featured guests and discussion on the topics of technology and well-being.
July 30, 2019
Engaging In Play Is Crucial: Episode 023
George Bernard Shaw once said, "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." Engaging in play is of the utmost importance in our lives, but so many of us neglect it when we enter adulthood. In this episode, I talk about why play is so important. I discuss Stuart Brown's 'Properties of Play,' and why we need more play in our lives.
July 25, 2019
Working Towards A Shared Goal with Cal Hewitt: Episode 022
Cal Hewitt, Head of North America Partnerships at Flipd, joins us in this episode of SHIPS. Cal shares his story on how he entered the educational tech field and what Flipd is doing to pave the way for more mindful technology use. He also talks about the concept of using positive reinforcement instead of abusive control when leading an organization and the power of working towards a shared goal as a company. To learn more about Cal and Flipd, be sure to check out,, and  Head of North America Partnerships, Cal Hewitt’s personal balance journey began after taking a 10-day Vipassana course in South Korea in 2012. Then between 2013-14, while studying for a masters degree, he was part of the university's Buddhist society, where he meditated  every week. Fast forward to today, having moved to Canada from England, Cal is employee #2 at Flipd. Their hard-working, dedicated team is on a mission to make digital wellness an easy, accessible, daily habit for everyone. 
July 23, 2019
Learning How To Listen, Then Talk with Austin Pendleton: Episode 021
In episode 021, we chat with Austin Pendleton, critically acclaimed actor, director, and playwright who has worked with reputable artists such as Meryl Streep, Ethan Hawke, Natalie Portman, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.  Austin shares with us his story of humble beginnings in his small hometown in Ohio, putting up plays with his family and friends, all the way to his Broadway career and what he learned along the way. He teaches us the value that acting can have on a person and, though the lifestyle comes with its fair share of ups and downs, it is exhilarating. Austin Pendleton is a playwright, actor, director, teacher, and a Steppenwolf ensemble member since 1987. He received critical acclaim in 1964 for his performance as Motel in the original Broadway cast of “Fiddler on the Roof.” He appeared in “The Last Sweet Days of Isaac” (for which he won the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Performance and an Obie Award), “The Diary of Anne Frank,” “Goodtime Charley,” and “Up from Paradise” as well as many other plays. In August 2006, Pendleton played the Chaplain in Bertolt Brecht’s “Mother Courage and Her Children” with Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline in the Public Theater production. As a director, Pendleton has worked extensively on and off-Broadway. His direction of Elizabeth Taylor and Maureen Stapleton in Lillian Hellman’s “The Little Foxes” garnered him a Tony Award nomination. Additional directing credits include “Between Riverside and Crazy,” “Uncle Vanya,” “Three Sisters,” “Ivanov,” and “Hamlet,” all at Classic Stage Company in New York. He has made over 100 appearances in television and film. His film work is as diverse as “A Beautiful Mind,” “Mr. & Mrs. Bridge” and “The Muppet Movie.” In 2007, Austin Pendleton received a Special Award for his contributions to American theater at the 52nd Annual Drama Desk Awards.
July 18, 2019
The Indifference Plague: Episode 020
Episode 020 of SHIPS is all about The Indifference Plague, and how it can be super tempting to fall into a trap of being indifferent about life. If we are indifferent, we don't accomplish things and then the world doesn't progress. Not only that, but if we decide to be indifferent with our lives, it will leave us feeling incredibly unfulfilled and unhappy.
July 16, 2019
Reacting, Adapting, and Communicating with Bob Kulhan: Episode 019
CEO and President of Business Improv, Bob Kulhan, joins us in episode 019 of SHIPS! The author of 'Getting To Yes And,' Bob talks a lot in this episode about the importance of collaboration and communication. These are the pillars to any successful business. We also discuss how pretty much anyone can benefit from learning improv because it is such an adaptable skill in interacting and relating with our fellow human beings. To learn more about Bob and Business Improv, please check out (where you can also check out his book, 'Getting To Yes And'),, @bizimprov, or on LinkedIn at  and    Bob Kulhan is an Adjunct Professor of Business Administration for The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University as well as an Adjunct Professor of Business for Columbia Business School, Columbia University. He also is the Founder & CEO of Business Improv®. Based out of Chicago, LA & New York City, BI is a world-class leader in developing experiential learning programs for businesses. For 25 years Bob has performed and taught improvisation internationally. His teaching and performing credits include Chicago's famed Second City, Improv Olympic, Columbia College, London TheaterSports, The Banff Centre, The Australian Graduate School of Management, Koç University in Istanbul, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, UCLA Anderson School of Management, Columbia University Business School, and Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. His consulting and teaching work in leadership and managerial improvisation includes emphasis on team skills, fostering a collaborative corporate culture, whole body listening, busting blocks to creativity, conflict management, dyadic relationships, creative and adaptive problem solving, leadership, influence, and fostering creative cultures. Since 1998, his customized Business Improvisations programs have served a large international roster of blue-chip firms such as GOOGLE, PepsiCo, American Express, Capital One, Ford Motor Company, Cushman & Wakefield, SAS, Mazda, Glaxo Smith Kline, DuPont, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Hilton Hotels Worldwide, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai, Neutrogena, Progressive, Colgate-Palmolive, Raytheon, WebMD, Procter & Gamble, R&D University, the US Department of Defense, and the US Naval Academy. Bob has had the fortune of performing improvisation and facilitating Business Improv® workshops in the United States, England, Scotland, Germany, Singapore, Australia, Turkey, Dubai, Mumbai, and Banff, Canada, where he participated as a Faculty Member and Master Artist in both the Creativity Forum on Creative Leadership, and the Thought Leadership Forum on Ethical Governance and Creating a Climate of Corporate Integrity. Bob is the author of ‘GETTING TO YES AND’, by Stanford University Press, January 2017. 
July 11, 2019
Nourishing Productive Self-Care Habits with Nina Hersher: Episode 018
We chat with CEO of the Digital Wellness Collective and Founder of Nourishing Habits, Nina Hersher, in episode 018 of SHIPS.  Nina gives us some great tips for implementing more productive habits into our lives and finding ways to provide self-care for ourselves, specifically in today's digital age. Great habits will allow us to better connect with ourselves as well as others. To learn more about Nina and the amazing work she is doing at the Digital Wellness Collective and Nourishing Habits, be sure to check out,, and Nina Claire Hersher is the CEO the Digital Wellness Collective and founder of Nourishing Habits™, a resource center providing digital wellness counseling and educational seminars on best practices in productivity and self-care in the digital age. Hersher holds a Master of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis with a specialization in norms of connectivity and reconceptualizing human development in the 21st century. Hersher is an international speaker, Oasis in the Overwhelm Facilitator, dance, and meditation teacher. Hersher views digital wellness as the intersection of technology and mental health and is dedicated to consulting and coaching on tech/life balance in an era of overstimulation.
July 9, 2019
Being Intentional With Our Social Media Use: Episode 017
In this one-on-one episode, I chat with our great listeners about how to be more intentional with our social media use. In an age where there is so much noise floating around online, it is super easy to go online without an intention and simply as a way to cure boredom. It's more than okay to use social media and to spend a lot of our time online, but if we are to do so we must do so with a purpose.
July 4, 2019
Providing Value Through Digital Marketing with Jonathan Gerhartz: Episode 016
In Episode 016, we chat with Jonathan Gerhartz, Founder at FieyoMedia, a digital marketing company. We discuss how it is important to engage with your audience by providing value, to gain consistent feedback on our work, and how to use technology to our advantage instead of to our detriment. To learn more about Jonathan and the great work he is doing at FieyoMedia, be sure to check out, @fieyomedia, or Founder at Fieyo Media and helping businesses grow with 100% custom tailored and data driven digital marketing strategies, Jon is passionate about educating people and companies with the insights they need to change the world. A life-long learner and community leader, Jon cares deeply about legacy and impacting the lives of others.
July 2, 2019
Silence Can Be Powerful with Bill Bowers: Episode 015
Internationally renowned mime, Bill Bowers, joins us on SHIPS for Episode 015. He talks with us about his journey becoming a mime and the performer he is today as well as the key lessons we can all take away from the art of mime.  Be sure to check out all of the great work Bill is doing at  Hailed by critics as the most accomplished and renowned mime of his generation, Bill Bowers currently performs and teaches the art of physical storytelling throughout the world. His methods and exploration of universal truths transcend the spoken word to educate and touch audiences in countries as varied as Poland, The Netherlands, China, Thailand, Japan, Macedonia, Romania, Italy, Norway, Germany and Austria. An award-winning actor, Bowers has also performed in all 50 United States and Puerto Rico appearing on the stages of Broadway, The Kennedy Center, The White House, Steppenwolf, LaMaMa, Theatre for a New Audience, St. Anne’s Warehouse, Urban Stages, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, Ensemble Studio Theater, Radio City Music Hall, HERE, and the New York International Fringe Festival. His Broadway credits include Zazu in “The Lion King” and Leggett in “The Scarlet Pimpernel.” He has also portrayed the great silent clowns: Charlie Chaplin in the world premiere of “Little Tramp,” Pierrot in the world premiere of “Beethoven N Pierrot,” and Petruchka with “The Colorado Symphony.” A passionate student and educator, Bowers studied with the legendary Marcel Marceau and currently serves on the faculties of New York University, Stella Adler Conservatory, and William Esper Studios. He has recently served as a Visiting Professor at Williams College, Ohio University, and University of Wyoming. He holds an MFA from Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts, and an Honorary PhD from Rocky Mountain College. 
June 27, 2019
The Importance of Doing Nothing: Episode 014
In this brief episode, I talk with our amazing listeners about the importance of scheduling time for nothing. We live in a society that constantly tells us to work hard, to hustle, and to always be busy. We wear busy on our sleeves as a badge of honor, but it's important to consider setting aside some time to do nothing, so that we can use that time to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate. This way we will be better rested to put our best selves forward when we are working so we can leave a stronger impact in the world in the long run.
June 25, 2019
Creating An Intentional Environment with Pete Dunlap: Episode 013
Pete Dunlap joins us for Episode 013 of SHIPS! Pete gives us some incredible tips and tricks for regulating our tech use and our tech habits. We also discuss how socialization is one of the main solutions in establishing an environment that will better suit us moving forward. You can learn more about the great work Pete is doing at  Pete Dunlap, founder of Digital Detangler, has spent the last decade immersed in the worlds of education and technology. Armed with a Bachelors in Physics and Masters in Education, Pete taught internationally (UK, USVI, Ecuador). Returning to the States, he became a software engineer (education, healthcare, the gig economy). Concerned about the distractions he and his coworkers were facing, he started helping organizations improve employee engagement through transformed digital environments. He's had the privilege of speaking at corporations (United Way, Vaco, United Methodist Church, 40AU) and universities (Vanderbilt, Belmont, Wake Forest). He was named The Moth's Nashville StorySlam Champion for his storytelling ability. He's been featured in local media and the podcasts. As the creator of ScrollStopper (a Chrome extension) and award-winning author of Digital Detangler: A Guide to Mindful Technology Use, Pete has established himself as a leading voice in the movement for more humane technology.
June 20, 2019
Using Theatre to Stay Present and Alive with Anne Bogart: Episode 012
In this episode, we talk with critically-acclaimed theatre director, Anne Bogart. Anne shares with us her journey as a young director working and finding her way in New York City and we talk a good deal about the importance of creating a theatre company of actors who train together. Through our conversation, it was apparent that the essence of community was a recurring theme. To find out more about Anne and the amazing work she is doing with SITI Company, be sure to check out  Anne Bogart is a Co-Artistic Director of the ensemble-based SITI Company, head of the MFA Directing program at Columbia University, and author of five books: “A Director Prepares,” “The Viewpoints Book,” “And Then You Act,” “Conversations With Anne” and “What’s the Story.” With SITI, Bogart has directed more than 30 works in venues around the world, including “The Bacchae,” “Chess Match No. 5,” “Steel Hammer,” “The Theater Is a Blank Page,” “Persians,” “A Rite,” “Café Variations,” “Radio Macbeth,” “American Document,” and “Hotel Cassiopeia.” Recent opera works include Handel’s “Alcina,” Dvorak’s “Dimitrij,” Kurt Weill’s “Lost in the Stars,” Verdi’s “Macbeth,” Bellini’s “Norma” and Bizet’s “Carmen.” Her many awards and fellowships include three honorary doctorates (Cornish School of the Arts, Bard College and Skidmore College), A Duke Artist Fellowship, A United States Artists Fellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Rockefeller/Bellagio Fellowship and a Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Residency Fellowship. 
June 18, 2019
How Theatre Can Be Used For Digital Wellness: Episode 011
In this episode, we talk about how theatre can be used for digital wellness. The digital wellness field is still very new and there are a lot of methods out there helping to regulate our tech use. I discuss how theatre and acting practices can be a powerful tool in improving our communication, listening, and empathy in a very distracted world.
June 13, 2019
The Lasting Impact of Trust and Play with Bobbi Block: Episode 010
Bobbi Block joins us in the tenth episode of SHIPS! Bobbi shares with us the immense value to be found in applied theatre and applied improvisation as well as the long-term, positive effects of playing together and building trust. To learn more about the work Bobbi is doing, please check out  and Bobbi Block is an experiential Facilitator and Coach with a unique background in both training and the performing arts. She designs and facilitates behavioral development programs that build collaborative, authentic, trusting relationships. Bobbi’s unique interactive programs include Relationship Management, Collaboration, Leadership, Presence, Creativity and Presentation Skills. In addition to her consulting work, Bobbi works as Independent Faculty for The Wharton School’s Executive Education Institution. She is also a Senior Affiliate with The Ariel Group, a firm with global reach that uses best practices from actor training to develop executives’ Leadership Presence. Bobbi is the Director of Applied Improvisation Programs for CSz Philadelphia, and a Designer/Instructor for the leadership program Work.Life.Leader. In addition, she is a consultant for Bracken Leadership, and worked as a facilitator for the training firm Performance of a Lifetime. Bobbi teaches and performs Improvisational Theatre in Philadelphia and is an Adjunct Professor in the Theatre Department at Temple University, Drexel University, and the University of Otago in New Zealand. Bobbi received her Bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and her Masters at Villanova University. Bobbi is the Producing Artistic Director of the critically acclaimed Tongue & Groove Spontaneous Theater, and Co-Founder of ComedySportz Philadelphia, Philly’s longest-running live show. 
June 11, 2019
The Disruption of Connection with Kim Cavallo: Episode 009
Kim Cavallo joins us on the SHIPS podcast in Episode 009. She talks with us about her own experience being disrupted by technology and how that led to the development of her company, lilspace, and how we can decrease our excessive tech use by establishing new habits. You can learn more about the great work Kim is doing at  and Kim Anenberg Cavallo is the founder and CEO of lilspace, a company that elevates human connection in the digital age. Lilspace brings phone-free experiences to live events by activating wellness lounges, a time-tracking app and the social impact incentive Unplug for a Cause™. With 25 years experience raising money for nonprofit organizations, event planning and community building, Kim's work is now centered at the intersection of digital wellness, social action and the music industry. In addition to building lilspace, Kim is a co-founder of Digital Wellness Collective, supporting professionals all over the world focused on using the power of tech for good. Growing up with a Mom who was a therapist, Kim experienced the incredible power of relationships and became concerned when technology was clearly interfering with our human to human connections. Her dedication to protecting relationships and the creation of her company is Kim’s way to honor her mother, Jane Anenberg, who died in 2012. When Kim is unplugged she finds joy in spending time with her family, traveling, hiking and practicing yoga. 
June 6, 2019
The Value of Sharing Your Subjective Experience with Tessa Lena: Episode 008
Tessa Lena joins us for Episode 008 of SHIPS. Tessa is a performing artist, writer, and speaker who shares her courageous journey with us, her personal struggles, and why art is so important today as technology is advancing at a rapid pace. You can learn more about the amazing work Tessa is doing at @tessamakeslove and Tessa Lena is a Russian-born musician and writer living in the East Village of New York. Her music and her blog are about staying human in the age of robots and algorithms. She is the founder of VulnerableWin, an initiative designed to restore the art of sincere dialogue. Her motto is, “ See a fellow human.”
June 4, 2019
The Craft of Acting with Olympia Dukakis: Episode 007
Oscar-winner Olympia Dukakis joins us for Episode 007 of SHIPS. She discusses the craft of acting, the importance of observing a script and what's written on the page, and the importance of building trust in an artistic community.  OLYMPIA DUKAKIS is an Oscar-winning actress who has appeared on Broadway in several productions including Rose (Drama Desk Award Nominee), Social Security, Who's Who in Hell,  and The Aspern Papers.  In London, Rose (Royal National Theatre), Credible Witness (Royal Court). Off-Broadway: The Milktrain Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore, The Tempest, Mother Courage and Her Children, Singing Forest, The Marriage of Bette and Boo (Obie Award), Curse of the Starving Class, Titus Andronicus, A Man’s a Man (Obie Award), Rose Tattoo, Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard, The Seagull, Electra, Hecuba, and Peer Gynt. She is an Academy Award winner for her performance in Moonstruck, a role that also earned her a Golden Globe Award, American Comedy Award, and the Los Angeles Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress. She has appeared in more than 60 feature and short films, including The Infiltrator, 7 Chinese Brothers, Cloudburst, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Steel Magnolias, Dad, Look Who’s Talking I, II & III, Mighty Aphrodite, Jeffrey, Away From Her, among many others. Television: Big Driver, Sex & Violence, Forgive Me, Bored to Death, Last of the Blond Bombshells, Sinatra (Golden Globe Nominee), Joan of Arc (Emmy Nominee), Tales of the City, More Tales of the City (Emmy Nominee), and Further Tales of the City, SWITCH, among more than 40 others. She has performed in over 130 productions Off-Broadway and regionally at theatres including the Public Theater, A.C.T., Shakespeare in the Park, Shakespeare & Co., and the Williamstown Theatre Festival, where she also served as Associate Director. Founding member and Producing Artistic Director of the Whole Theatre in Montclair, NJ, for 19 years; also a founding member of the Actor’s Company and the Charles Playhouse in Boston. She continues to teach acting at NYU and master classes for professional theatre companies, colleges, and universities across the country. She was bestowed the National Arts Club Medal of Honor and her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was placed in 2013. And at the 2018 Greek Independence Day celebration at Gracie Mansion, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio proclaimed March 20, 2018, as “Olympia Dukakis Day.”
May 30, 2019
How To Not Waste Away Our Time: Episode 006
In this solo episode, I discuss with SHIPS's amazing listeners ways in which we shouldn't waste away our time. In a society that is very distracted and loves to procrastinate, it is very easy and super tempting to let our time go by the wayside. Before we know it, days, weeks, months, and even years have passed without us even realizing it. It's crucial that we discipline ourselves to get the things we need to get done with this little time we have on Earth.
May 28, 2019
Embodying Community with James Ijames: Episode 005
In this episode, we chat with James Ijames, a Philadelphia-based performer and playwright. Not only do we discuss the amazing work he has been creating in the theater industry, but we also talk about the value of community. We discuss the importance of truly seeing each other and appreciating one another as human beings. Be sure to learn more information about James by checking out his website at  Instagram: @jameswijames JAMES IJAMES is a Philadelphia based performer and playwright. James’ plays have been produced by Flashpoint Theater Company, Orbiter 3, Theatre Horizon (Philadelphia, PA), The National Black Theatre (NYC), Ally Theatre (Washington DC) and have received development with PlayPenn New Play Conference, The Lark, Playwright's Horizon, Clubbed Thumb, Villanova Theater, Headlands Art Center, Wilma Theater, Azuka Theatre and Victory Garden. James is the 2011 F. Otto Haas Award for an Emerging Artist recipient, and he also won two Barrymores for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play and one Barrymore for Outstanding Direction of a Play for The Brothers Size with Simpatico Theatre Company. James is a 2011 Independence Foundation Fellow, a 2015 Pew Fellow for Playwriting, the 2015 winner of the Terrance McNally New Play Award for WHITE, the 2015 Kesselring Honorable Mention Prize winner for The Most Spectacularly Lamentable Trial of Miz Martha Washington the 2018 Kesselring Prize Winner for Kill Move Paradise and a 2017 recipient of the Whiting Award.  James is a founding member of Orbiter 3, Philadelphia’s first playwright producing collective. James is Assistant Professor of Theatre at Villanova University and resides in South Philadelphia.
May 23, 2019
Transforming Outside Our Comfort Zone with Gabi Jubran: Episode 004
In Episode 004 of SHIPS, I talk with Gabi Jubran, Founder and Executive Director of HAPPI and co-Founder of the Digital Wellness Collective. We discuss the importance of connecting to one another in an age that is comfortable with information instead of transformation, as well as Gabi's inspiring journey in building HAPPI. We are very comfortable consuming information instead of transforming ourselves by stepping outside of our comfort zone. Gabi provides his insight and encourages us to step outside our comfort zone in order to discover our potential to transform.  To learn more about HAPPI, the Digital Wellness Collective, and the great work Gabi is doing, be sure to check out and Gabi Jubran is the Founder/Executive Director of a non-profit called HAPPI (Helping Awesome Parents Parent Intentionally) and Co-Founder of Digital Wellness Collective. Born and raised in Silicon Valley, he has always been saturated by technology and is now on a mission to align tech's incentives with people's well-being. His inspiration came from watching his 2 year old niece play with an iPad and ultimately realized the biggest impact would come from helping parents reclaim their own attention. He is a firm believer that creating a world where parents feel deeply connected to themselves, to their communities, to the natural world, and to their children will naturally create more HAPPIness everywhere! 
May 21, 2019
Generating Empathy Through Theatre with Michael Hollinger: Episode 003
In this episode, I interview Michael Hollinger, who is a successful playwright based in Philadelphia. We dive into his exciting journey in the arts, the complexities involved in creating dynamic characters for the stage, as well as the importance of human relationships. Be sure to check out Michael's website and learn more about his work at    Michael Hollinger’s plays include Under the Skin, Opus, Ghost-Writer, Tooth and Claw, Red Herring, Incorruptible, An Empty Plate in the Café Du Grand Boeuf, and the musical TouchTones (co-authored with composer Robert Maggio), all of which premiered at Philadelphia’s Arden Theatre Company and have variously been produced around the U.S., in New York City, and abroad (London, Paris, Tokyo, Athens, Poland and Slovenia). Plays premiered elsewhere include: Hope and Gravity at Pittsburgh’s City Theatre; Cyrano (translated, and co-adapted with Aaron Posner) at Washington’s Folger Theatre; Sing the Body Electric at Philadelphia’s Theatre Exile, and the musical A Wonderful Noise (co-authored with Vance Lehmkuhl) at Creede Rep. Awards include an ATCA/Steinberg New Play Citation, an L.A. Drama Critics Circle Award, a Mid-Atlantic Emmy, four Barrymore Awards, nominations for Lucille Lortel and John Gassner awards, and multiple fellowships from the Independence Foundation and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Michael is a Professor of Theatre at Villanova University, Artistic Director of Villanova Theatre, and a proud alumnus of New Dramatists.
May 16, 2019
Being Emotional Humans in the Digital Age with Teodora Pavkovic: Episode 002
In this episode, I interview Teodora Pavkovic, a psychologist, international speaker, and parenting coach. It proves to be a fruitful conversation as we dive into the impact that excessive technology use is having on families and what we can do to change it. To learn more information about Teodora, please be sure to check out her website at or you can email her at Teodora is a New York City based psychologist, international speaker and parenting coach with over 10 years of international experience working with children and parents with emotional and behavioral difficulties, as well as adults with mood and anxiety problems. She specializes in digital wellness and parenting in the age of technology and addresses these issues with an approach rooted in emotional intelligence and neuroscience research, as well as positive psychology and mindfulness practices. She is frequently invited to speak, train and facilitate at diverse venues such as schools, co-working spaces, museums and coffee shops, and in front of diverse audiences comprising of teachers, young professionals, parents, children, and therapists. Her tips on parenting, well-being, empathy, emotional intelligence and other psychological topics have appeared in articles on NBC News, Thriveworks, Huffington Post, and Thrive Global among others. She recently spoke on the topic of emodiversity at the TEDxPickeringStreet conference in Singapore.
May 16, 2019
Welcome to SHIPS: Episode 001
 Welcome to SHIPS! SHIPS is a new podcast which explores the vessels in our lives that create fulfillment and meaning in an increasingly digital world: genuine human relationships. Pat McAndrew, a professional actor, speaker, and coach, hosts this captivating podcast where he interviews inspiring experts in digital wellness, entertainment, business, and other industries who can help you get to the next level in your life. We'll laugh, we'll cry, and we'll leave feeling more connected than before. So come aboard and ride the waves to your ideal life! 
May 7, 2019
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