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Short Controlled Bursts

Short Controlled Bursts

By CSP Kris
Random ramblings about tabletop RPGs
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s01e01 The one where I say 'erm' a lot.

Short Controlled Bursts

S02E02 Gaming then and gaming now
The 'exercise book' story ...being embarrassed about being a tabletop gamer ...and playing on Roll20.
September 2, 2020
S02E01 Just another podcast...
More RPG / miniatures / terrain nonsense from yours truly. Show notes can be found on THE BLOG.
January 12, 2020
s01e03 Out of the hospital, and into the dungeon.
In this one I talk about some of the suggestions that I received in response to my last episode, some of the health issues I've had this year, and some random (and fairly obvious) nonsense about running NPCs. 
December 20, 2019
s01e02 Did it really just take me 4 minutes to ask a simple question?
This one starts off with a few call-ins, and I then talk about getting PCs to run away from monsters that are too powerful for them to deal with (and I also go on to mention some of the stuff I've been working on recently). Note that the show notes can be found here: LINK
November 9, 2019
s01e01 The one where I say 'erm' a lot.
A quick introduction to the podcast (it's all about tabletop RPG related nonsense if you hadn't already guessed), followed by a few short segments in which I ramble on about a couple of different topics. This one is very much an experiment in podcasting - so any and all comments are welcome. Note that the show notes can be found here: LINK
October 8, 2019