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Show Me The Data

Show Me The Data

By LeadSift
B2B marketing podcasts follow the same playbook. To be frank, they are fluffy. Interview a guest, spend 15 minutes talking about their origin story and then maybe give you 1-2 golden nuggets that are applicable. Show me the data promises to flip the traditional marketing podcasts on its head. We talk to real practitioners and get straight into the data. We want to know what's working, what's not and tie actual numbers to it.

Show Me The Data podcast is powered by LeadSift. A contact level intent data provider for B2B companies.
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How The "Virtual Event" Space Has Evolved In A Post Covid World | Episode #4

Show Me The Data

How Evolv Doubled Their Virtual Event Series Attendance Rate | Episode #035
In this episode of the Show Me The Data podcast, Tukan spoke with Marin Sakhri - Director of Demand Generation at Evolv. During this conversation, Tukan chatted with Marin about Evolv's event series: "Think CX" Marin breaks down how they map out all of the content for each of their sessions and what goes into the distribution/promotion of the series. (She also shares how they doubled their attendance rate to their sessions...) If you want to connect with Marin, click here
November 17, 2021
How Neo4j Drove 40,000+ Registrants For Their Virtual Event Series | Episode #034
In this episode of the Show Me The Data podcast, Tukan spoke with Lauren McCormack - ex Director of Demand Generation at Neo4j. Let's jump back 18 months... It's March 2020.  The Pandemic has hit.  And every marketer and their grandma is sending out virtual event promotional emails.  How on earth do you stand out? 🤔 Well, Lauren McCormack and her team at Neo4j were able to rise the above noise... and within just a few months had over 40,000 registrants for their virtual event series: "Connected" If you want to connect with Lauren on LinkedIn, click here
October 14, 2021
How WorkPatterns 5x'd Their User Base Launching On The Zoom App Marketplace | Episode #33
In this episode of the Show Me The Data podcast, Tukan spoke with Marlo Oster - Head of Marketing at WorkPatterns. Most "marketplaces" nowadays are flooded with an over-saturation of apps, making it very difficult for new-comers to turn it into a viable user acquisition channel. But when Marlo and the team at WorkPatterns discovered that Zoom were launching their very own app marketplace... they decided that: A) They had to get onboard. And... B) They had get onboard FAST. 6 months and an app later... they're now ranking #1 on Zoom's marketplace (and as a result have 5'x their user base) During this conversation, Marlo talks through that journey from start to finish. P.S. If you want to connect with Marlo, click here
September 23, 2021
Attest turned off the traditional leadgen model - what did they start doing instead? | Episode #32
In this episode of the Show Me The Data podcast, Tukan spoke with Andy Davis - Director of Demand Generation at Attest. What do you do when you realise that your MQL → Closed-Won is only 0.1%? 🤔 Well, that was the exact question that Andy Davis was posed with when he made that discovery for Attest. And during today's podcast conversation, Tukan explores exactly what came next for Andy and the marketing team at Attest once they turned off the traditional leadgen model. P.S. It didn't involve running gated eBook campaigns on LinkedIn 😅 If you want to connect with Andy, click here.
September 7, 2021
How Kibo Commerce Tripled Their Outbound Activity In The Last Three Months | Episode #31
In this episode of the Show Me The Data podcast, Tukan spoke with Justin Berger - Director of Demand Generation at Kibo Commerce. Like a lot of organisations, Kibo hit a ceiling with their inbound activity and realised they had to start taking outbound more seriously. So, what did they do? 📈 Tripled their SDR headcount in THREE months, massively scaling their outbound function in the process. During this discussion, Tukan chats with Justin to uncover how they were able to scale their headcount that quickly and the data behind their new outbound machine. If you want to connect with Justin, click here
August 26, 2021
How Health Recovery Solutions Drove $2M In Annual Contract Influence | Episode #30
In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Senior Marketing Manager at Health Recovery Solutions - Elena Muller.   When the pandemic hit last year, it became more critical than EVER for hospitals to figure out how they could deliver as much care virtually, as possible.   And for Health Recovery Solutions, a company that specialises in helping hospitals do exactly that, they knew they had to devise a campaign to get the word out about their product.   A.K.A "The hospitals at home" campaign.   During this discussion, Tukan chatted with Elena Muller - one of the masterminds behind this campaign about:   ✅ How they came up with the idea/strategy for the campaign.   ✅How they approach the content for the campaign.   ✅The data/results behind the campaign & ultimately how it led to generating over $2M in annual contract influence. To connect with Elena, click here 
July 29, 2021
How Madkudu 7x'd Their Event Registrants | Episode #29
In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Director of Demand Generation at Madkudu - Hana Jacover. How do you create a monthly event that gets 100's of IDEAL buyers to tune in? 🤔 Well, for todays discussion we've brought on Hana Jacover - who's done exactly that with the Madkudu 'Marketing Ops Confessions' series. During the conversation, Hana breaks down: ➡️ The hack they used to 7x their event registrants number. ➡️ How they come up with the topic & narrative for each session. ➡️ Why they avoided calling the event a webinar OR podcast. Plus, much more! If you want to connect with Hana - click here
July 21, 2021
How Approach Marketing & Sales Alignment | Episode #28
In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Vice President of Marketing/Business Development at - Dave Karr. It's 2021 and it seems every marketing & sales "thought leader" has an opinion on marketing/sales alignment. ...with most advice being very generic/non-useful chatter. Which is why for this episode of the Show Me The Data podcast, we wanted to bring someone on who literally lives & breathes the topic. A.K.A. Dave Karr. Dave is the VP of Marketing/Business Development at - a sales enablement tool for B2B companies. During this discussion Dave & Tukan go below the surface to seek out what true marketing/sales alignment actually means, with practical implementation examples from Dave on how are doing it for themselves as well as with their customers. If you want to connect with Dave on LinkedIn, click here. --- Here are the links mentioned in the episode: How to improve B2B sales and marketing alignment article: MJ Peters LinkedIn profile:
July 15, 2021
How Gradient Works Are Using 'Scalable SEO' To Drive Early Stage Growth | Episode #27
In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Co-Founder at Gradient Works - Jenn Deering Davis. "You should really double-down on SEO as a startup" - said no one ever. Question: what do you think of when I say "SEO?" Probably... - Takes ages; - Not as effective as it used to be; - Very hard... Right? 🤔 If you're nodding your head in agreement, you're not alone. And if you're a startup - who needs results *tomorrow* - you're definitely nodding your head. So... how in the hell have Gradient Works, who're just over one year old, managed to overcome the "SEO odds" and turn this channel into one of their primary growth levers? Well, in this episode that's exactly what Tukan wanted to find out... and believe me Jenn didn't disappoint. If you want to connect with Jenn on LinkedIn, click here.
July 7, 2021
How Reonomy Are Transitioning From Targeting SME's To Mid-Market & Enterprise Companies | Episode #26
In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Director of Growth at Reonomy, Puneeth Ghodgeri. Every SaaS company dreads it... 😬The transition from targeting SME's to mid-market/enterprise companies. i.e. moving up-market & actually having to try that good olde' thing called "outbound sales." "How do we support our sales when they've always been used to warm inbound leads.... and now all of a sudden there's little to no 'inbound' leads?" It's questions like that, that are on the minds of every SaaS exec team - when making this kind of transition. Which is why for this episode of the Show Me The Data podcast, we've brought on Puneeth Ghodgeri who's helped companies make this transition not once but SEVERAL times. He's key piece of advice? It requires *culture change* not just *tactical changes* to make this transition. If you want to to connect with Puneeth, click here
June 23, 2021
How Replicant Drove 400 *Perfect Fit* Signups To Their Experiential Event | Episode #25
In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Director of Demand Generation at Replicant, Veronica French. Getting 400 *ideal* customers to signup for an event... I think is every marketers dream 🏆 (Particularly, when you're working at a small startup) But where do you even start with driving that many signups? 🤔 Well - Veronica French may know a thing or two about that... Recently, Veronica and the team at Replicant ran a "chocolate tasting" experiential event session - that drove over 400 event signups & significant pipeline activity. During this conversation with Tukan, she broke down exactly HOW. If you want to connect with Veronica, click here.
June 9, 2021
How Salesflare Are Using "Guest-Podcasting" To Build Brand | Episode #24
It’s 2021. And it seems like everyone and their Grandma is talking about ‘starting a podcast’ But what usually doesn’t get talked about in that conversation is “guest podcasting” i.e. not starting your own podcast BUT guest-ing on someone else. Nope. ...not revolutionary or as sexy as starting your own. But for Jeroen from Salesflare its proved to be brilliant brand building play and an SEO gem. Tune into the episode to find out how Jeroen was able to guest on 150+ podcasts over the last year and his process behind it all!
May 19, 2021
How Breakthrough Have Driven 7+ Figures In Pipeline Using Events | Episode #23
In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Head of Marketing at Breakthrough, Tyson Wigfall. Since March last year, it seems like everyone and their Grandma has had their hand in virtual events. Still, to this day, my inbox is flooded with invitations to this webinar over here and this virtual event over here... it's madness 🤯 So, where do you even start with crafting a virtual event strategy that actually drives engagement with key accounts? 🤔 Well, for today's episode we've got none other than the virtual pro himself - Tyson Wigfall. Over the last year Tyson has helped Breakthrough drive over 7+ figures in pipeline through virtual events and in this episode, he's here to explain how! If you want to connect with Tyson on LinkedIn, click here
May 12, 2021
How Syncari Successfully Launched A New Feature (The Data Fitness Index) | Episode #22
In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Director of Demand Generation at Syncari, Aubrey Morgan. Launching a new feature as a B2B company is tough... especially when every single one of your competitors is doing the same PR "feature-release" So how do you make your new, shiny feature stand out? 🤔 Well, for today's episode we've got on Aubrey Morgan who was responsible for launching "The Data Fitness Index" - a new feature Syncari were rolling out. In the episode you'll learn: 1️⃣The distribution channels Aubrey leveraged to promote the feature-release. 2️⃣How they executed a "product-webinar" to show-off the feature to prospective customers. 3️⃣The data behind the feature launch campaign!
May 5, 2021
How Finmark Achieved Product Of The Day On Product Hunt | Episode #21
In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Head of Marketing at Finmark, Nicole Markisohn. How do you achieve product of the day on Product Hunt? 🤔 ...that is the million dollar question, right? 💰 Well, luckily for today's episode - we've got someone who's actually done it. No, not an "expert" or "guru" Someone who's actually achieved product of the day. A.K.A. Nicole Markisohn.  If you want to connect with Nicole on LinkedIn, click here
April 28, 2021
How Balto Are Using LinkedIn Ads To Create Demand For A New Category | Episode #20
In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Head of Demand Generation at Balto, Rowen Gray. Ask most B2B marketers about: "LinkedIn Ads" And I think the general sentiment/feeling you'll get back will be pretty negative. 👉"They're really expensive" 👉"Google/Facebook ads are better" 👉"Just use organic LinkedIn" These are the common 'knee-jerk' reactions you'll hear from marketers.  So, why then... if the general consensus is that they're "too expensive" and that "organic is better" - do they still make sense? Well, according to Rowen from Balto - they make A LOT of sense. Especially, when you're trying to educate buyers about a new category & create demand from SCRATCH.  And in this episode - Tukan get's to the bottom of just how Rowen & the team at Balto are using LinkedIn ads so effectively as well as what they're doing differently from most others "trying to run LinkedIn ads" If you want to connect with Rowen to ask him about LinkedIn ads, click here
April 21, 2021
How The Paid Marketing Manager At Reduced Adwords CPA From $200 -> $100 | Episode #19
In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Paid Marketing Manager at, Alex Panchuk. Sales engagement platforms = highly competitive category.  (And very expensive keywords) Meaning... every. single. dollar. really does count when you're playing in that space.  But HOW DO YOU make every dollar count when you're going up against the likes of SalesLoft & Outreach? 🤔 Well, in short - you have to get creative.  (Like REALLY creative) SOOOOO creative that you figure how to play Google at it's own game, confusing the tag manager and reduce your adwords CPA by $100. YEP. That's what our guest for today's episode, Alex Panchuk, figured out how to do (a true "growth hacker" at heart ❤️) During this conversation, Alex broke down the EXACT process behind how he's been able to setup this up and within just a few weeks, reduce his CPA from $200 to $100. P.S. If you want to connect with Alex on LinkedIn - click here
April 14, 2021
How GetSling Drive 6,500 Leads A Month Using SEO | Episode #18
In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Chief Revenue Officer at GetSling, Aaron Davies. 10 years ago... driving 6,500 leads a month (strictly using SEO) would have been seen as a MASSIVE achievement.  So... how does one - in the now incredibly competitive SEO market - still drive those kind of lead numbers? 🤯 Well, for todays episode, we had on the B2B SEO expert that is Aaron Davies. Over the last 5 years Aaron and the team at GetSling have created an SEO engine that today, drives 6,500+ leads a month!! (No... that's not a typo) And during this discussion Aaron broke down EXACTLY how he & his team have been able to build this engine from scratch (using a combination of clever content + an amazing backlinking strategy) If you wan to connect with Aaron on LinkedIn, click here
April 7, 2021
How Reduced Newsletter Unsubscribes By 50% | Episode #17
In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Head of Marketing at RevOps, Mark Lerner. No the title isn't clickbait... Mark *actually* reduced his newsletter unsubscribes by 50% 🤯 And in this episode, he broke down EXACTLY how he did so along with how he's grown RevOps's newsletter to become their #1 demand gen driver.  Oh... and by the way, he doesn't create any of the newsletter content himself 🤯 If you're starting a B2B newsletter OR trying to grow a pre-existing one - LISTEN to this episode. Because It may just save you weeks/months of time.  P.S. If you want to connect with Mark, click here
March 31, 2021
Driving 10 Meetings With Dream Accounts Using An Original Research Report | Episode #16
In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Head of Marketing at Cylindo, Aleksandar Atanasov. Standing out with your content strategy in 2021 - is super HARD. Your competitors can copy: 👉 Your podcast 👉 Your LinkedIn text posts 👉 Your blog 👉 Your newsletter But something they can't copy? ✅ Original research. More to the point... original research reports. But how do you go about creating an "original research report?" Good question. Well in this discussion Aleksandar (the original research report wizard) sat down with Tukan to break down Cylindo's EXACT process for creating these reports... from A-Z. During the discussion you'll hear: 1️⃣ How to actually create the report & make sure it's relevant for the end consumer. 2️⃣ Distribution strategies for a research report & how to repurpose it. 3️⃣ Data behind Cylindo's latest research report. To connect with Aleksandar on LinkedIn, click here
March 24, 2021
How Shield Are Driving 40 Product Demos Per Week Using LinkedIn Outreach | Episode #15
In this episode, Tukan spoke with the Growth Marketing Manager at Shield App, Filippo Piras. LinkedIn... Personal Branding... both of these terms are the talk of the town at the minute for most B2B marketers. ...with many touting it to be the "new way" to drive demand. So for this episode we invited on a true LinkedIn expert himself, Filippo Piras from Shield, to finally separate the hype from the facts. During the conversation, Tukan & Filippo discussed: 1️⃣What's vanity & what's not when it comes to measuring content success? 2️⃣Shield's strategy for encouraging their employees to post content. 3️⃣How Shield are using "social listening" to aid their outbound prospecting efforts. To connect with Filippo, click here
March 3, 2021
How E-days Generated 5.5 Million Organic Media Impressions By Curating Their Own Research Through LinkedIn Polls | Episode #14
In this episode, Alex spoke with the Director of Demand Generation at e-days absence management, Tom Whiley. Sick of paying "research agencies" $10,000's to carry out large research reports... and taking months to do so? 🤔 Yep... me to.  Well, in today's episode Tom Whiley from e-days discussed how working with a "startup budget" forced the team to think creatively when collating research around a popular topic in their industry.  🚨And spoiler alert 🚨 ... it involved LinkedIn Polls.  Here are some of the things Tom covered: ✅Why your startup should be considering LinkedIn polls & how they're an alternative to traditional "research agencies" ✅How they used rewards to incentivise their team to post the poll on their own LinkedIn profile.  ✅How they turned the research into 5.5 million organic impressions through getting it featured on popular media publications like Forbes (ZERO paid)  If you want to connect with Tom on LinkedIn, click here
September 17, 2020
Handling An Inbound Lead Influx From Markets You've Never Sold To | Episode #13
In this episode, Alex spoke with the Director of Demand Generation at Aircall - Carly Dell. Imagine getting 1,000's of inbound leads (in a matter of weeks) from markets you've NEVER sold to.  Well, that's exactly what happened to Carly Dell and the team over at Aircall, when COVID hit back in March.  They went from having predominantly "startups" and tech companies as their user base to having an influx of very "traditional businesses" needing their product... literally overnight.  And when I say "overnight" - I literally mean the day COVID broke. Now... Eventhough this sounds like a great problem to have - it meant both their Sales & Customer Support team has to adapt incredibly quickly.  ...and in this podcast Carly discusses how the team adapted & managed to capture the demand they were presented with.  If you want to check connect with Carly, here is the link to her LinkedIn profile: ➡️
September 8, 2020
Live AMA - Fernando/Xeneta
In this AMA, Alex spoke with the Director of Demand Generation at Xeneta - Fernando Nikolić. We brought Fernando back on to do a live AMA with Alex, so we could get your questions answered. Here are some the topics/questions we covered: ➡️ How do you cut through the noise on LinkedIn? ➡️ How do you implement outbound, if you've always relied on inbound? ➡️ What triggered your move from manual outreach to an automated process? If you want to connect with Fernando, here is the link to his LinkedIn:
September 4, 2020
How SentinelOne Structure Their Content Marketing Program | Episode #12
In this episode, Alex spoke with the Director of Marketing at SentinelOne - Yotam Gutman. Content marketing is a MAZE for most marketers.  With a lot of companies, falling into the trap of just creating content for the sake of creating content.  So, how do you actually execute a successful content strategy? 🤔 Well, in this episode Yotam broke down exactly how they're approaching their content strategy for both gated & un-gated content.  Here are just some of the things we covered in the episode: ➡️ How they package up their best "un-gated content" to create "gated content" ➡️ The three different types of content they create & why it's important  ➡️How they've pivoted their content strategy since COVID & how being the "first-movers" with the content they're producing has helped them stand out. If you want to check out SentinelOne, click here 
August 25, 2020
How This Demand Gen Veteran Uses Historical Data To Plan Out Marketing Quarters | Episode #11
In this episode, Alex spoke with the Director of Demand Generation at Gravitational - Anadelia Fadeev. Execution is the name of the game with demand gen... or is it? 🤔 Look, execution is obviously important but if you haven't laid the groundwork correctly - you're going to be running around like a headless Chicken, doing a lot of activity but not knowing what's really working.  Having a solid strategy in place grounded in solid data is so crucial - with any "demand gen campaign" "But what data should we be looking at?" - I hear you ask.  Well, in this episode Alex chatted with Anadelia Fadeev from Gravitational about the answer to that very question.  ...and she didn't disappoint. If you want to check out Gravitational, click here
August 18, 2020
How Outreach Transitioned From "In-Person Events" To "Virtual Events | Episode #10
In this episode, Alex spoke with the Director of Demand Generation at Outreach - Harmony Anderson. How do you pivot an entire "in-person" event strategy... overnight? 🤔 Well, for Outreach this is exactly what they had to when COVID hit - they went from last year doing 225 in-person events... to having all of those cancelled back in March, when COVID hit.  In this episode Harmony breaks down: ➡️ How Outreach pivoted to Virtual & got 13,000+ people to attend their Virtual Event.  ➡️ Why follow-up & everything you do as "marketing collateral" around the event is so important - when it's Virtual.  ➡️ Why she thinks Virtual will never replace the value of in-person & how that impacts "lead scoring"  An absolute value-packed episode to say the least... especially if you've been on the fence about Virtual Events.  If you want to check Outreach, click here
August 11, 2020
How Changing The SQL Process Increased Pipeline By 48% | Episode #9
In this episode, Alex spoke with the Director of Demand Generation at PubNub - Julia Hartwig. High volume + low quality SQL's is usually the reason why there's so much friction between both Marketing & Sales.  And that was EXACTLY the problem Julia faced when joining PubNub, just over 8 months ago.  So, how did she solve it? 🤔 Well, in this podcast she broke down from START to FINISH how they've restructured their SQL/Sales Process to see an increase in pipeline of 48% (in just 8 months) 🚀 If you've been struggling, with this misalignment between both Marketing + Sales, once you've finished with this podcast - you'll have all the answers you need! If you want to check out PubNub, click here
August 4, 2020
How Xeneta Have Built Out The Ultimate "Outbound Prospecting Engine" | Episode #8
In this episode, Alex spoke with the Director of Demand Generation - Fernando Nikolić. How do you build a HIGHLY effective outbound engine (at scale) - that feels personalised? 🤔 Probably one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do as a "Demand Gen" marketer! Luckily... we managed to steal some time with the BEST of the BEST in the "outbound game"  (Fernando Nikolić) who was responsible for building out Xeneta's outbound engine 🚀 Fernando, really didn't hold back in this episode (like at all) - he broke down all 30 touch points of their outbound campaign & how they've managed to personalise every... single... touchpoint.  If you want to check out Xeneta, click here 
July 28, 2020
How Labelbox Drove $300k In Pipeline With Their First Webinar | Episode #7
In this episode, Alex spoke with the Director of Demand Generation at Labelbox - Matthew Hammon. Creating webinars that turn attendees into real opportunities is hard... really HARD.  With all the noise, at the minute, from different companies running Webinars - a lot of people have asked the question: "Are webinars even still that effective?" Well, if there is ONE person that can answer that question... it's Matthew from Labelbox (who on the first attempt created $300k in pipeline) Matthew broke down exactly how they drove traffic to the Webinar & how they created an amazing experience for the attendees on the Webinar.  Definitely not one to be missed, if you've been looking to run Webinars 🚀 If you want to check out Labelbox, click here
July 28, 2020
How Surfer Doubled Their Userbase By Running A Black Friday Campaign | Episode #6
In this episode, Alex spoke with the Head of Marketing at Surfer SEO - Karolina Gawron. As B2B marketers, we often think that we have to stick to this RIGID playbook of "B2B marketing" -  very rarely do we try and think outside of the box.  But for Karolina & the team at Surfer, thinking outside the box & ditching the classical "B2B playbook" resulted in doubling their userbase in ONLY 30 days... (no that's not a typo)  If you're thinking about running a Black Friday campaign this year, for your B2B business, this is definitely not an episode to miss 🚀 If you want to check out Surfer, click here  
July 21, 2020
How Alyce Achieved 25:1 "Pipeline Generated:Spend" Ratio By Using Gifting | Episode #5
In this episode, Alex spoke with the Director of Demand Generation at Alyce - Nina Butler. Ever wondered what the difference is between Corporate Gifting & Direct Mail is? 🤔 Well, in this episode Alex sat down with the "Gifting Pro" herself, that is Nina Butler & discussed how they've been using their own gifting platform to see a 25:1 "Pipeline generated:Spend" ratio... (no that's not a mispelling) 🚀 Nina also gave some really actionable advice to those who're looking to implement Gifting & shared some really sound examples/case studies of how they've implemented it, into their own campaigns! If you want to check out Alyce, click here
July 21, 2020
How The "Virtual Event" Space Has Evolved In A Post Covid World | Episode #4
In this episode, Alex spoke with the Director of Demand Generation at Banzai - Bryant Lau. How many "Virtual Events" have you been invited to over the last 4-5 months? 10...20... 50 - 100!? 🤔 I know for me personally, that my inbox has been bombarded with Virtual Events from 100's of different MarTech vendors since COVID hit & like Bryant said in the podcast - I feel like I may have reached that "Zoom Fatigue" stage now lol.  But in the current state of the world, Virtual Events are still the best alternative & for some companies they're proving to be highly ROI positive & are being very well received. In this episode Bryant, pulled back the curtain behind the data of the Virtual Event "COVID Transformation" & gives his insights into how B2B marketers can get involved with Virtual Events & how he personally sees the space evolving - post COVID. If you want to check out Banzai, click here
July 14, 2020
How Sendoso turned $4K into $180K ARR by sending "Fortune Cookies" to target accounts | Episode #3
In this episode, Alex spoke with the CMO at Sendoso - Daniel Frohnen. Imagine for one second...  A pandemic sweeps across the world - forcing everyone to work from home & the company you work for has to make a pretty major product change otherwise you'll be out of Business. Yet despite, this fact you go onto to use that VERY product change to turn $4,000 into $180,000+ net new ARR 🚀 Oh wait... this actually happened.  If you're looking for some "Direct Mail" inspiration & you want to hear exactly how Dan & the team at Sendoso turned $4K into $180K ARR - give this a listen.  Also, if you want to check out Sendoso - click here
July 14, 2020
How Lumavate Achieve 35% Meeting Booking Rates Using Sports Cards Combined With ABM | Episode #2
In this episode, Alex spoke with the VP of Sales & Marketing at Lumavate - Stephanie Cox. ABM to most sounds pretty daunting... especially when you're a startup.  So, where do you even start when wanting to launch an ABM campaign?  Well, luckily enough we had on the "ABM NINJA" for this episode (Stephanie Cox) who broke down exactly how Lumavate structure their ABM campaigns from start to finish & how they've achieved 35% meeting booking rates (hint: it involves sports cards) Definitely not one to miss, if you've been seriously considering "ABM" as a marketing/sales approach. If you want to check out Lumavate, click here P.S. If you want to join a community where the REAL B2B marketers hang out & be part of weekly AMA's with the guests we have on the show, click here
July 7, 2020
How Forcemanager Drove 9,000+ Virtual Event Attendees | Episode #1
In this episode, Alex spoke with the VP of Marketing at Forcemanager - Jordi Capdevila Espitia. Jordi broke down exactly how Forcemanager drove 9,000+ registrants to their Virtual Event back in April (from start to finish) & also advice for other companies who're looking to create their own Virtual Event.  If you want to check out Forcemanager, click here P.S. If you want to join a community where the REAL B2B marketers hang out & be part of weekly AMA's with the guests we have on the show, click here
July 7, 2020