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By SlamCaesar
its all about me, SlamCaesar and my free flowing stream of consciousness way of eclectic speech and mannerisms right in your face like im in the room next to you-Im an intelligent, jovial rennaissance man with a love of Hardcore n Metal that is always on display-Im the living, breathing embodiment of NYHardcore, I am the Push that feeds your need to Move-Informative, funny, maybe silly, serious or even scary in my original outgoing thoughts, i say what i mean, directly and without malice-Im a celebrity w the Personality of 1000 people, masses love the sound of my melodious voice the world over
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Keith Lenn from Faster than Light episode


Truth justice Finally?!?
will truth n justice be served as the nation's fate hangs on one Incredible man who happens to b the Pres of the US? Pres vs the nation but SlamCaesar has Faith for the Republic!
January 19, 2021
th uh thingy n the thingy yeah
yes misc baked ranty ranty goose what? stuff n me n talking for a bit yay
January 14, 2021
new rantings early morning style
new year rants, joe biden is a pos, Be strong my SlamFiends we will win! Pres Trump support, thoughts n other things-
January 9, 2021
show 2 season 2 holy crapstik batman thats a ton of vocalizing
show 2 of 2021 rants and eandom thoughts about this that n rhe other, what in doing VaalHaai discs coming plus OOD songs n more
January 8, 2021
Hello 2021 Show no 1 of Season 2- Really? yes!
ready or not 2021 is here-show no1 of season 2-Really? yes! would i be here ranting naked n twisted if it wasnt new years? Probably, guests or not, upcoming projects perhaps trip touring europe sooner than expected and other misc ramblings
January 1, 2021
more rants or isnt this season over ? maybe?
SlamCaesar talking about adopting dogs responsibly, ranting about biden not winning shit, the matrix all around us, openknf your mind wow thats good shit-
December 26, 2020
extra bonus episode or a dream
one cohesive rant wirh a seemingly interesting narrative-bonus or dream, buymeacoffee.comslamcaesar I appreciate all support so that i can grow into an evil conglomerate that wants to dominate and control the world er i mean help the climate and support some idiotic causes
December 24, 2020
Keith Lenn from Faster than Light episode
Keith Lenn from Faster than Light comes on to talk about FTL, politics, rockland county music history, gear and why he such an old school analog guy
December 21, 2020
post election rants
post election news, Dan nastasi n Jrod MIA, kj lenn this week, jon connor my bud from DogEatDog confirmed in 2weeks and more
December 21, 2020
slam thoughts
Slam thoughts, hacking up a lung, the elusive jrod will make an appearance soon, Matrix n more-DED month Begins w upcoming guests confirmed DED dan nastasi, kj lenn, jon connor and Parris Mayhew
December 21, 2020
my elbow your face
i talk rants elbows n faces faces n elbows einhorn finkel and who knows? SlamFiends united, Mental Health, Higher consciousness and more-
December 21, 2020
hardcore, stupidity and beyond-
SlamCaesar talks about the history of NYhardcore and its 3important waves as they influenced n inspired the next bands to be even faster n more aggressive-Stupidity as of late segment and other variables
December 21, 2020
some of this n some of that
you take the good, you take the bad, you take them all and there u have the facts of life, the facts of life, what?
December 21, 2020
Final show of Season 1
season one has come to an end, or has it? yeah i think so 24 episodes although really 23 w a lost episode w Parris due to technical issues but hasnt that been 2020 in a nutshell? All kinds of free flowing thoughts
December 19, 2020
angry rants F bombs galore
angry rants F bombs but unfiltered anger True and live no guests so sponsors except weed and who knows what may or may not happen
December 7, 2020
Parris show confirmed tomorrow
Parris mayhew test run/ im excited as F to have such a legend of hardcore , its awesome of him to come on and be a guest
December 2, 2020
Hardcore king SlamCaesar Up vid n stuff
HardcoreKing SlamCaesar homemade lofi video for 'UP' also Parris mayhew from Cromags n his new proj Aggros def confirmed as a guest-will jc my DED bud be on before seasons' end in a few weeks? who knows?
November 30, 2020
Hardest working man in hardcore
heads up to fellow podcasters jeremyHarrell n dan bongino; coincidentally the name of my next bong-jc on in dec/Parris mayhew of cromags n his new project aggros up this week, political spewage
November 29, 2020
4am rants
Pres Trump, chemdog?, hacking, guests ducking me? jc on pause, im cold n alone n down but i gots some weed
November 24, 2020
330 am rants
rants at 330 about Pres Trump, Sponsorships, and im excited my buddy Jon Connor from DogEatDog is coming on next show-Also is dan nastasi ducking me? where is jrod? all questions and more answered sort of?!? KXP20Xz6CMVxgYYoKkZQ
November 17, 2020
uh what
freezin my sack, tuck out, ranting
November 13, 2020
upcoming fun
upcoming n things
November 13, 2020
teaser bonus w dr hybrid
this is just a teaser to see how the guests long distance are going to sound-Trial run for upcoming episodes w Dan Nastasi nj, kj lenn ny and jon conner nj/dc
November 6, 2020
blazed rants electoral bullshit
rants election bs upcoming guests for DogEatDog month w Dan Nastasi on later this week and Jon Connor in a few yay!
November 5, 2020
rolling it up blazing it down
me n me latenight, spotify, rants upcoming the guru master producer, musician extrodinairre, n my bud JRod finally confirmed to be on the show-Out of Darkess stuff
October 28, 2020
upcoming confirmed guests on SlamCaesarsUniverse
In the next month or so we have some Hardcore Royalty stopping by to educate and inform, to excite us, to blow our minds and to hear this life path through their eyes and unique Perspectives-Dan Nastasi Dogeatdog/muckypup/allborokings/Nastasee/kings never Die-Parris Mayhew-Cromags/Aggros and KJ Lenn of Fasterthan light/losing our faculties all confirmed to be guests on the show
October 26, 2020
weed weed and weed w dr hybrid
all about my love of weed w dr hybrid a knowledgeable weed horticulturist, cultivator and author of the self proclaimed weed book for tards, weed weed and more weed i like it!
October 23, 2020
latenight rants
ranting about biden at the debate, talking about weed w guest johnny english n having fun while people sleep
October 23, 2020
shreddy stuff
you take the good, you take the bad you take them all and there u have the facts of life, the facts of life, what?
October 19, 2020
trailer pilot s1 episode 101
episode pilot short rant
October 18, 2020