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Shut Up & Listen with Jamila Bannister & Carla Williams Johnson

Shut Up & Listen with Jamila Bannister & Carla Williams Johnson

By Jamila Bannister
The Shut Up and Listen Podcast is the podcast where we get real about building your personal brand and marketing your business.

I'm Jamila, a Personal Branding Strategist and Coach and Carla is a Marketing and Media Expert. Between us we advise and entertain you with tips and tricks to increase your visibility, grow your audience and sell your products.

We also share our stories, including mistakes we've made, failures we've experienced and times we've succeeded in hopes that you feel empowered to build your own brand and grow your own business.
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How to build your brand and market your business as an introvert.

Shut Up & Listen with Jamila Bannister & Carla Williams Johnson

How to build your brand and market your business as an introvert.

Shut Up & Listen with Jamila Bannister & Carla Williams Johnson

Self care in business: How to do it and why it's important
There's an old saying that goes "you can't pour from an empty cup" , this is exactly what happens when we neglect our self care. So we're sharing 6 ways you can get it done and the positive effects of a good self care routine
August 5, 2020
How to build your brand and market your business as an introvert.
If you're an introvert who's thinking about building your brand, you might be freaking out, but there's no need to. In this week's episode we give you some tactics to help you reach your target audience, without dealing with the overwhelm of big social situations.
July 29, 2020
4 Limiting Beliefs that are Stunting your Personal Brand and Business Growth
Anything you attempt begin and end in your mind first, so it's no surprise that limiting beliefs can really hold us back from going after the things we want. In this episode Carla and I talk about 4 beliefs that can be mental blocks and stop us for going after the things that we want and of course, how to get over these blocks!
July 22, 2020
How to become more visible so you can expand your network
Have you found your growth stunted a bit lately? Or maybe you're just tired of seeing the same old faces around you. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's probably a sign that you need to start expanding your network, meeting new people and creating new opportunities for yourself. In this episode, we tell you exactly how yo do that and drop some news too! 😀
July 15, 2020
Managing Imposter Syndrome as you grow your business
If there's one thing guaranteed to show up as we build our brand and business, it's imposter syndrome. This week we discuss how feelings of anxiety about feeling like a fraud can affect us and how to manage them as we build the businesses we want.
July 8, 2020
Business dodgeball- Spotting and avoiding prospects who are about to waste your time
Have you ever met someone who seemed like a great potential client but all they did was waste your time? Yes, me too. In this episode we break it down and share some of the most common types to watch out for and how to respond.
July 1, 2020
You're fired! Knowing when it's time to outsource roles in your business
In this episode we talk the inevitable moment entrepreneurs reach in their business as it grows i.e outsourcing. We talk about 4 different times in your business when it's time to fire yourself from being chief cook and bottle washer and start delegating.
June 24, 2020
Call the Fraud Squad-Distinguishing real entrepreneurs from frauds
Growing your business means you're going to have to hire and collaborate with other entrepreneurs. However there are true entrepreneurs who really want to help you and then there are others that you should avoid. In this episode we talk about 4 types of "entrepreneurs" to steer clear of
June 17, 2020
10 tips on how you can figure out if you need help with marketing or branding
In this episode we talk about knowing the difference between marketing problems and branding problems. While they may seem similar, they actually address two very different issues in your business. We drop 5 marketing indicators and 5 branding indicators. Leave us a message if you're having trouble with either one
June 10, 2020
Island Mindset- The fear of taking your brand global
In this episode Carla and I talk about the fear entrepreneurs have about taking their brand and business global. Why they are scared , why they shouldn't be and how to prepare you personal brand and business to compete in the global market place.
June 3, 2020
How to choose the right collaborations in business
In this episode, Carla and I talk about what's important to consider of you're looking to growing your visibility and business through collaborations. We help you answer 4 questions you should ask yourself about your potential partner. Did you assess their brand to determine if it aligns with your? Do you know their character? Do you know their work ethic? How do I safeguard myself within a collaboration? Shut up & go listen to our advice!
May 27, 2020
How to spend your marketing dollars during Covid 19
Welcome to our first episode ever! Carla and I kick off this podcast by sharing advice on how best to spend your marketing dollars in the face of Covid 19. We know some people have paused everything, but now more than ever you should be doubling down on showing up to your audience. Perhaps not in the same way, but you should be visible.  We advise you on  Content Strategy, Advertising, How best to improve your business systems, Self- improvement, Let us know what you think by leaving us a message and we'll shout you out in an upcoming episode. Now, shut up and go listen!
May 20, 2020
May 15, 2020
May 15, 2020