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Sideways Boulevard

Sideways Boulevard

By Mark L. Groves
Three Kansas City fiction writers- Shelby Dollar, J.E. Petersen, and Mark L. Groves- talk about whatever weird, spooky, quirky but usually dark subject they find pleasing to their twisted curiosities. Get on the road to Weirdsville, population: you, on Sideways Boulevard.
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Podenstein's Lab Episode 008: The Shocking Shakedown on Earthquake Madness

Sideways Boulevard

Podenstein's Lab Episode 008: The Shocking Shakedown on Earthquake Madness

Sideways Boulevard

Sideways Boulevard Episode 001 - Curses, Crashes, and Bathhouse Hexes
We're now Sideways Boulevard- your one-way street to Weirdsville, population: you.  Join Mark, J.E., and Shelby as the laydown the lowdown on curses- what they are, how to fight them, plus cursed cars and corpses you probably haven't heard about, and Roman-clature that really upped the curse game, along with witches vs. Hitler.  Ready, hex, go- in episode 001 of Sideways Boulevard!
January 10, 2022
Podenstein's Lab Episode 012: How's It Hanging? Executions, Et Al
So this was the hardest Podenstein's Lab they've done yet. Mass murderers who sold the bodies to science? Sure. Gross infections?  You bet.  All the horrible stuff that can happen to you in space? Call it done.  But hangings and executions go to some really, really dark places.  J.E. Petersen, Shelby Dollar, and Mark L. Groves do their best with humanity's worst, and present it here, in Episode 11.  Plus real headlines that are real weird (basement full of bowling balls, anyone?).  Get the news you can use freak out your friends, right now, in Podenstein's Lab.
August 21, 2021
Podenstein's Lab Episode 11: Vacation Revelations for Deplorable Destinations
It's a hell of a vacation list, literally, in Episode 11 of Podenstein's Lab!  Shelby, J.E., and Mark put together a time-off-that's-awful set of real places that are real nightmares for leisure plans: an Island getaway to get away from, a nightly firepit from the bowels of hell, and a famous river with the foulest flow. As always, you also get real news headlines of real news oddities. Pack your swimsuit, anti-venom, and flight bag, this episode is such a trip- in Podenstein's Lab.
July 19, 2021
Podenstein's Lab Episode 10: Did Edgar Allan Poe Actually Murder Miss Mary?
Edgar Allan Poe- prolific horror writer, yes...but did he commit a horror of which he wrote? Fiction is the way to tell truth through lies, and Podenstein's Lab takes a deep dive into the real story of Mary Rogers, victim in life- and in literature as "The Mystery of Marie Roget." Did Poe write a story, or a confession? Plus we look at Poe's other tales based on real life horrors, and look into his own terrible demise at the age of forty. And as always, real news headlines of real news oddities, all here in Podenstein's Lab.
May 29, 2021
Podenstein's Lab Episode 009: What Lies Beneath, and the Lies About Them
Buried treasure.  It exists, but does it exist here in the Midwest?  Episode 9 of Podenstein's Lab digs out stories of underground bounties- from 16th century Spanish riches in Arkansas, to a whole city of statues- and giants- under Moberly, MO, to where you might or might not find hidden gold from Jesse James. The truth is out there, even when it's lies.  Plus real headlines of real weirdness, in Podenstein's Lab.
May 22, 2021
Podenstein's Lab Episode 008: The Shocking Shakedown on Earthquake Madness
In Episode 008, there's a whole lot of shaking going on as the news team takes a deep dive into Earthquakes in the USA.  First, find out about the big Missouri monster that rang bells in Boston. Next, get a happy thought with a possible future catastrophes stateside that could kill a lot- or everybody.  Then discover how tremblors are being created- by the thousands- through the hand of humanity.  And of course, real headlines that are real weird.  It's news you can use to shake up your friends, in Podenstein's Lab!
May 03, 2021
Podenstein's Lab Episode 007: Breaking Out in Breaking Out- Prisons, Persons, and Places
You might be innocent, but Podenstein's Lab is guilty of taking you behind bars in Episode 007.  From the lingering mystery of what happened to the real "Escape from Alcatraz" trio, to truly amazing break-outs both artistic and yogatastic, to some truly crazy calabooses across the world.  Plus real headlines that are real bizarre. What we have here, is NOT a failure to communicate, in this series of reports from Podenstein's Lab.
April 23, 2021
Podenstein's Lab Episode 006: A Trio of True Tales from the Decapitation Nation!
The Podenstein’s Lab news team loses their heads! At least, in the news they bring you in this episode. Mark L. Groves introduces the man behind “laughing your head off”- literally; Shelby Dollar discusses the science of slugs that love a good auto-decapitation; and J.E. Petersen revisits a Colorado chicken who takes a chopping- and spends the next 18 months headless pecking for paying audiences nationwide. It even has it's own festival...of course. These stories and more are on the chopping block, in Episode 6 of Podenstein’s Lab.
April 08, 2021
Podenstein's Lab 005: Museum of Puketastic Potables, The Real Deal Behind Virginia's Notorious "Bunny Man," and Giving Birth to Bunny Bits in 1726
Episode 5 of Podenstein's Lab takes you to Sweden's Disgusting Food Museum for news on their barfy booze; goes behind the scenes for the hatchet/axe wielding, fuzzy suited, sorta' true Bunny Man Legend; and goes back in time to find out why a woman in England was busy birthing bunny bits, among other animal chunks.  Proving truth is grosser than fiction, it's all the news you can use to freak out your friends, here in Podenstein's Lab.
March 20, 2021
Podenstein's Lab Special Report: Frozen Dead Guy Days 2021
It's a no-go for the snow bro this year. Find out what Frozen Dead Guy Days is all about, in this special report- including an interview from 2018 with Amanda MacDonald, Event Coordinator for Frozen Dead Guy Days.
March 09, 2021
Podenstein's Lab 004: Alone Again..Unnaturally, Worm Balls Make for Good Future Tech, and Weird Places for Crawl Spaces
In Episode 4 of the Podenstein's Lab newscast, Mark L. Groves talks about quarantining alone- and how you may NOT be alone; Shelby Dollar takes us on a nature tour of gross, wriggling worm balls, and how high tech is working on mimicking them; and J.E. wraps up our deep dives with true stories of hidden rooms- and weird treasures- discovered recently inside people's homes.  Plus the usual Real Headlines that are Real Weird. It's all the news you can use to freak out your friends, in Podenstein's Lab!
March 06, 2021
Podenstein's Lab EP003: Killer Chess Moves, Lipid Gold From the Greased and Deceased, and 1983's Apocalypse (Almost) Now
It’s full news day in Episode 3 of Podenstein’s Lab.  Shelby Dollar discovers a chess player slayer on the Soviet side; Mark L. Groves chews the fat on two historical French facts of putrescent power; and J.E. Petersen makes you self-aware about world’s almost-real Judgement Day in 1983.  Plus the top three headlines from the past two weeks. It’s news you can use to freak out your friends, in Podenstein’s Lab.
February 20, 2021
Podenstein's Lab 002: A Bloodthirsty Banana on the Dating Game, Opening Email from Your Spinach, and Celebrating a Century Since They Disappeared.
In Episode 2 of Podenstein’s Lab, your intrepid, insipid journaleasts  bring you stories about how A 70’s Babe Dodged a Date with Death on the Dating Game; Bomb Sniffing Spinach Sending Email: and the 100th Anniversary of Finding the Cat- But Where’s the Crew? J.E., Shelby, and Mark dig these up from the digital trough, along with real headlines that are real weird. Need talk fodder to make a conversation uncomfortable? Find the words to suit your wierd here, in Podenstein’s Lab.
February 06, 2021
Podenstein's Lab 001: Shaggy's Sad Ending, Mo Mummies, and Repurposing Bambi's Booty
Podenstein's Lab returns- as a world wide weird NEWS show! With a bent for the macabre, your three cohosts- Shelby Dollar, J.E. Petersen, and Mark L. Groves- scour the web for whatever piques their aberrant interests.   In this inaugural re-boot, they bring you real headlines from the real weird world, and deep-dive news on  the Sad Sign-off of Casey Kasem, Recent Discoveries on How King Teti was Stackin' Acolytes, and Creepy Creatures that are Nothing Butt Cute.  They wrap up Podenstein's Lab with new horror movies they hope to see in 2021. Like a Phoenix from the dumpster fire,  they're back with all the News You Can Use to Freak Out Your Friends- Podenstein's Lab!
January 24, 2021