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The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast

The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast

By Garry Llewellyn
In each hogcast I will be picking a topic from the silver hedgehog website and chatting more about it, I might even add some content that hasn’t found its way onto the site yet. I will include guests and interviews if anyone is brave enough to join me.

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Ep 3 'Green Screen' : Rambo
In this episode Garry is joined by Stuart and Chelsea to start a new feature. Green Screen: where we discuss a film that one of us has seen for the very first and review it against our criteria. For this Green Screen it's Chelsea Vs Rambo First Blood. We have a good natter all things Stallone and Rambo Support us on Patreon
September 29, 2021
EP 2 'Interview' : A chat David Moore from Lichfield Waterworks Trust..
In Episode 2, I interview the former chairman of Lichfield Waterworks Trust, David Moore. We talk about how the building saved the Black Country from Cholera, it's recent past and what the future holds for the impressive Victorian building. For further information please visit Join our community on Facebook or Support the Hogcast buying The Silver A Hedgehog a coffee  Thanks so much for listening  :)  Support us on Pateron Garry .
September 19, 2021
EP 1 'Film Review' : A Call To Spy
This is my first ever podcast!!!   In this episode I Introduce The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast and review the film 'A Call To Spy.' Please like our podcast on the app of your choice and join our community  Facebook: The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast If you would like to read my 'A Call to Spy' review, it is live on the website here. Thanks so much for listening. Garry aka The Silver Hedgehog. Support us on Pateron
August 30, 2021
Ep 0 'Teaser' : The Silver Hedgehog Hogcast
The podcast is arriving soon. This is our teaser A podcast with Film Reviews, Day's Out Reviews, Product Reviews and maybe with guests... Find the website at Twitter: silverhhog, Facebook: Thesilverhhog, Instagram: Silverhhog, Email, Please support the website and podcast via Buy Me A Coffee.
August 12, 2021