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Simply Living Life

Simply Living Life

By Dan Ekenberg
After completing my bicycle ride across America against all odds in 2017, I realized that we are capable of accomplishing incredible things if we will only START. Cycling continues to be a big part of my life and I will be doing episodes on my cycling life as well as other cyclists. Of course life isn't only about bicycles! Join me as I share amazing stories of determination and accomplishments with people living their lives on their terms and "Simply Living Life".
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Dan and Ryan discuss their bike ride across America

Simply Living Life

Living life without a car
Could you live without a car? For many, cars are a necessary tool for getting to work, bringing kids to sports and school events, shopping and more. I recently made the decision to sell my truck and go car free! My situation is perhaps a bit different from others in that, I'm retired and don't go to the office every day, I don't have any kids living at home, I'm close to amenities (stores, bank, Post Office etc.) and live is a pretty bike friendly community, Boise, Idaho. In this episode, I share what led me to my decision, how I'll manage daily transportation and more. You'll find this and all episodes on my website
August 01, 2021
A very personal and candid conversation with Jeff Lurcook, President of Strive Workplace Solutions
Jeff and I have had a unique relationship for over 20 years, both as friends and employer/employee. In this episode I speak about very personal moments in my life that Jeff was there for me. We talk about our careers, families and fur-babies, plus I share a comment he made to me many years ago regarding his son joining the military that changed the direction of my life. Jeff is the President at Strive Workplace Solutions.  You can see photos of Jeff's beautiful family on my website at
July 25, 2021
Author, Peter Leavell
Author, Peter Leavell shares his passion for his faith, family, writing, teaching and mentoring. He also shares his love for his brother who he lost to cancer.  Website: Peter's Website:
July 14, 2021
Dan and Ryan discuss their bike ride across America
The summer of 2017 two people who never met, both set out on a goal of riding their bicycles across America. Starting in Florence, Oregon, they met and have become great friends. This episode Dan and Ryan revisit their journey, sharing the challenges, the victories and most of all, the incredible people they both met. To see photos from our ride, visit my website at
July 04, 2021
Simply Living Live introduction
Welcome to the Simply Living Life podcast where we bring you stories of optimism, overcoming challenges, risk taking, perseverance and a little humor too! I hope you find encouragement and inspiration to begin Simply Living Life! I’m glad you’re here!
July 02, 2021