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Sis To Sis

Sis To Sis

Let's sit down within these walls of zero judgments, share a bottle of wine, and talk about life. This is a safe space with no such thing as taboo subjects. So, sit back and enjoy a good listen, or join the conversation on Instagram.
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E2: Navigating And Healing From Beauty Standards & Korea's Damaging Obsession
Beauty standards... we are all victims of this life threatening construction created by the society and white men. But, there are so much more to this topic, so give this episode a listen to find out how I am actively trying to heal from the damaging effects of the beauty standards, both in the west and in Korea. Eating Disorder Trigger Warning: 15:50 - 18:58 Opinionated Duck, "We Blame Society But We Are Society" Follow me on Instagram to get the chance to join next episode with your questions! @sissel_ab
February 26, 2021
E1: My Spiritual Journey, Meditation & Manifestation For A Better Life
Have you ever wondered how to take the first few steps towards a more wholesome and grounded life? In this episode I am taking you through my spiritual journey and giving you some of my best advice on how to get started yourself as well. Enjoy! Follow me on Instagram for frequent updated on new episodes and Q&A openings: @sissel_ab
November 10, 2020
E0: Welcome To Sis To Sis
Welcome to Sis To Sis! This is episode 0 of the new podcast Sis To Sis, and here you can learn everything about what this podcast will be about. I am sharing the story behind my "shamelessly openness" that will give you a better idea of who I am and why I am doing what I am doing. Enjoy! Follow Sissel on Instagram at @sissel_ab Intro & Outro Music: Afternoon - Liquify
October 25, 2020