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A podcast detailing the stories and experiences of immigrants to Canada. As told by Enhanced Academic Program students at Sir John Thompson Junior High.
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S1:E8 SJT Immigration Project
This is the final episode! Thank you so much for supporting our little podcast this summer. We are looking forward to bringing you more stories next season, so keep an eye out for us. There are two stories today to lead us out of our project this year. Please enjoy them! Don't forget to comment about us or rate us on your favorite podcast platforms. And share the word about this podcast with others! If you know someone who would like to share their immigration experience with us at the SJT Immigration Project, please send an email to or find me on Twitter @MrLuukkonen. Thanks, and see you next season!
July 25, 2019
S1:E7 SJT Immigration Project
Today's immigration stories comes from the Philippines and from somewhere a little more close to home. We've only got one episode left in this season! 
July 20, 2019
S1:E6 SJT Immigration Project
Today's episode features an interview with a cousin of one of our students, who is a University student herself. This makes her perspective a little unique from the rest of the stories we've heard this season. Only two more episodes coming for this season! Don't forget to rate us on Apple Podcasts and subscribe through your favorite podcast platform!  See you soon!
July 10, 2019
S1:E5 SJT Immigration Project
Hello! Two interviews on this episode--one from India and one from the Ukraine. Great stories that help us to understand where we all come from. We hope you enjoy the episode! 
July 6, 2019
S1: E4 SJT Immigration Project
Today's story comes from an immigrant from Eritrea. From leaving her home country, becoming a refugee in Kenya, and then moving on to Canada, she tells us of some of the difficulties in making her way in this new land she calls home.  Happy Canada Day, everyone! 
July 2, 2019
S1:E3 SJT Immigration Project
Today we feature two interviews with immigrants from the Philippines, one that comes from the Philippines via Duabi. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, and it would be great if you left us a review on Apple Podcasts! See you next time!
June 27, 2019
S1:E2 SJT Immigration Project
Today's episode features an interview with an immigrant from Scotland, from SJT student Abby.  Also, we're available on most major podcast platforms! Please spread the word about the show, and don't forget to rate and even leave a review in Apple Podcasts!  SJT Immigration Project is a production of the SJT's Enhanced Academic Program and Social Department. Thank you for listening! 
June 21, 2019
S1:E1 Immigration Project
Episode 1 of Immigration Project from Sir John Thompson Junior High. Today's episode features two interviews with immigrants--one from Vietnam and one from the Philippines. Thank you for listening! Please spread the word about this podcast, and make sure to subscribe!
June 14, 2019
S1:Trailer SJT Immigration Project Trailer
Coming from Sir John Thompson Junior High: Immigration Project. A new podcast detailing stories and experiences from recent immigrants to Canada. Look for Episode 1 coming soon. 
June 11, 2019
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