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Skate Of Mind Pod

By Skate Of Mind Pod
Roller skating for many looks like fun and reminds older people of when they were kids. But to those of use who rollerskate, it's so much more. Over the years we've seen our community grow and there seems to be a link between being having a creative mind and a passion to be on wheels. The Skate of Mind Pod is a place where we can share, discuss, and explore the connection between creativity, mental well-being, and being on wheels. For more information and to take part in discussions join us on @skateofmindpod via Facebook and Instagram.
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001: Yanka's #SkateOfMind - The Ups and Downs of 10K Instagram, Pregnancy as a Skater, The Escape

Skate Of Mind Pod

001: Yanka's #SkateOfMind - The Ups and Downs of 10K Instagram, Pregnancy as a Skater, The Escape
Launched on #WorldMentalHealthDay 2020 Meet Yanka aka Jiggy Dust. In this episode, we chat with "the other Jiggy" about how she got into roller skating, the different mentality used for skate dance / jam skating vs the skate park, how being on instagram tapped into her creative side and being pregnant had changed her mindset. We also speak about social media trolls, mental freedom, and who inspires us as skaters.  We'd love your to hear your feedback and suggestions so get in touch via @skateofminpod on Instagram and Facebook Hosted by Craig Jiggy - @craigjiggy
October 10, 2020
000: Welcome to the Skate Of Mind Pod!
Welcome to the Skate Of Mind Pod! This is where we will unapologetically explore the connection between creativity and the mental well-being, of people on wheels! We'll discuss Who we are, why we skate, and what makes us creative! Hopefully, this will inspire you to whether you are a seasoned pro rollerskater, anxiety gets the better of you in the skate park, or being on wheels is a metaphor for life. You can find us at @skateofmindpod on Instagram and Facebook to continue the chat :)
October 8, 2020