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Slauson Girl Speaks

Slauson Girl Speaks

By Slauson Girl
Slauson Girl is a freelance journalist and writer from South Central Los Angeles. She provides world news with a South Central State of mind in her news & information podcast.
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Slauson Girl Speaks With Andre Spicer Candidate For Compton City Council District 2

Slauson Girl Speaks

Slauson Girl Speaks with Randy Savvy of The Compton Cowboys on New EP and His Family History in Compton
You might know Randy Savvy as a familiar face and the founding member of Compton Cowboys but on this episode of Slauson Girl Speaks, I talk with Randy on his new EP as well as his interesting journey of trying to merge the sounds of Hip-Hop and Country music together. The conversation also touched on the history of his family and where his inspiration came from to establish the Compton Cowboys as a brand. In just a few short years, Compton Cowboys has been involved in some major corporate campaigns. Randy wants people to know him for the music and the fact that he has been working on developing his sound quietly for some time. Now, Randy is ready to let the world hear his sound, with his Dr. Dre produced 2020 single “Colorblind,” followed by his recently released EP, Late Night Ride which can be heard on all streaming platforms. Follow @Randysavvy @Comptoncowboys
May 3, 2021
Slauson Girl Speaks With Andre Spicer Candidate For Compton City Council District 2
On this episode of Slauson Girl Speaks, I have a conversation with Andre Spicer, who is currently running in Compton's 2021 elections. He hopes to land the City Council District 2 seat and shares why he feels he is the perfect candidate. Known in Compton as "Hub City Dre" founder of Hub City Radio, we talk owning and operating several businesses, as well his experience growing up in Compton. We touch on the Compton Sheriff's, Latino and Black relations in L.A County as well as ways to bridge paths of solidarity within both communities.  Follow Andre Spicer @IamHubCityDre
April 5, 2021
LAPD Closing Mikeona Johnson Case, Mother Interview, Sikivu Hutchinson on Law Enforcement Treatment of Black Women & Girls
On This episode of Slauson Girl Speaks, I discuss Los Angeles Police Detectives closing the investigation into Mikeona Johnson's case. I also interview Mikeona Johnson's mother. Sikivu Hutchinson shares her insight on law enforcement's treatment of missing and murdered Black Women & Girls.  ***** Earlier this week, the family of Mikeona Johnson held a press conference in front of the 77th Police Station in South Central, demanding police re-open the investigation into her case. The 23-year-old Black Mother/Student went missing Sep 9, 2020 and was found deceased in her own car a week later. Detectives have now told Mikeona’s family that they are closing the investigation into her case, although, her cause of death has not been established. Mikeona's family searched for her in Los Angeles, putting up missing persons fliers, as well as using social media in their search efforts. They canvassed the same area she was found and they say her car was not in that location when they searched for her. It was determined by detectives that Mikeona died the day she went missing but her cause of death is currently listed as "undetermined." 6 months later, her family has also not received her autopsy report. Her toxicology report showed no drugs or alcohol. No reward was offered for information leading to an arrest on behalf of the city of Los Angeles. Mikeona has 2 daughters. For More Information Visit @MikeonaJohnsonfoundation on Instagram.
March 28, 2021
Slauson Girl Speaks With General Jeff on the Homeless Industrial Complex in Los Angeles, Racism and Money
On this episode of Slauson Girl Speaks, I have the opportunity to speak with General Jeff, who is a homeless rights advocate in the city of L.A from South Central. We talk about what he has coined the "homeless industrial complex" and why Black people represent over 42% the homeless in Los Angeles despite only being 8% of the population. Institutional racism, the crack epidemic and mismanagement of funds are only a few of the major issues not helping the homeless population in Los Angeles. We talk about the measures that have been passed and billions allocated for homeless services in Los Angeles despite the rise in homeless rates. We also discuss LAHSA's yearly homeless count that was stopped this year due to covid. 
January 19, 2021
Slauson Girl Speaks With Narissa on Her New Project Boss Bae, The Lash Trap on Slauson and L.A
On this episode of Slauson Girl Speaks I have the opportunity to speak with Narissa, who is a Los Angeles native, artist and business owner. She owns the Lash Trap located on Slauson Ave and stays busy with her brand as well as recording music. We discuss her journey as an artist, business owner, college, the pandemic, as well as Narissa's new single and video she released this week, Boss Bae, which you can stream now. Check out Narissa's visuals on Youtube as well as follow her on social media @NarissaWorld.
December 18, 2020
Slauson Girl Speaks With Eric of Public Statement Apparel About The Importance of the Black Dollar After Los Angeles Protests
Eric is a Black man with a public service announcement, so listen up! He is the owner and designer of the brand Public Statement Apparel and has a lot to say regarding the protest in Los Angeles. We discuss the importance of the Black dollar and Black entrepreneurs as well as what he hopes will come from the national unrest and protest regarding Black lives as a Black man in America. Follow him and support the brand:
November 23, 2020
Slauson Girl Speaks With Jaaye Person-Lynn Black | Black L.A Lawyer Racially Profiled, Charged & Convicted
Slauson Girl Speaks With Jaaye Person-Lynn, a Black lawyer from Los Angeles who has been charged & convicted after being racially profiled at a San Bernardino Courthouse. The court clerk and deputies did not believe Jaaye was an attorney because he was dressed In Dashiki print clothing. Jaaye was tased, tackled and shackled in a San Bernardino Courtroom. Although he was convicted, he vows to appeal his conviction.
November 9, 2020
Slauson Girl Speaks With L.A City Council Candidate Grace Yoo
On this episode Slauson Girl Speaks with Grace Yoo. Grace Yoo is running for Los Angeles City Council and is currently in a contentious run off against L.A career politician Mark Ridley-Thomas for the District 10 City Council seat. We discuss her life and journey as a student of LAUSD as well as her life as an immigrant in L.A. We talk about her plans for Black Los Angeles and why Black people in District 10 should look beyond someone who represents their identity and give someone like Grace Yoo a chance. She has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with important Black grassroots organizations in District 10. Election is Nov 3. Find More Information in Grace Yoo
November 2, 2020
Slauson Girl Speaks with Dejon Paul of A Day in L.A Hip-Hop Magazine
On this episode Slauson Girl Speaks with Dejon Paul who is the founder and CEO of the Hip-Hop Magazine a Day in L.A. We discuss the scene of radio hosts and DJ’s on air in Los Angeles Hip-Hop radio and the pushback he receives when bringing this topic up online. The conversation touches on representation in Hip-Hop, Black-ownership, culture vultures and so much more! Follow Dejon Paul at @ADLADEJON
October 22, 2020
Slauson Girl Speaks with Protestors labeled "Outside Agitators" By Police During Dijon Kizzee Protest
On this episode Slauson Girl Speaks with one of the protestors who came to South Central to protest after Sheriff's killed Dijon Kizzee while he was riding his bike in South Central Aug. 31 2020. We have a discussion on allyship and the proper way non-black folks can assist Black communities. Tara Perry is also on the episode, she ran for L.A City Council this year against Marqueece Harris-Dawson for the District 8 seat.
September 26, 2020
Slauson Girl Speaks With Jewish Millennials in Los Angeles
On this episode Slauson Girl Speaks with Jewish Millennial's in Los Angeles on what it means to be Jewish especially in America. We talk Nick Cannon, Ethnicity and Religion, Fleeing Countries To Avoid Persecution, Whiteness being centered in Jewish identity as well as how to bring up the conflict in Palestine without being labeled "anti."  Our conversation also touched on the label of "anti-semitism" as well as what they feel when they hear the term "fake jews." Los Angeles based publication L.A Taco also was a topic of conversation. This faux, problematic, white-owned platform uses the work of POC's to write articles while the owners reap most of the membership profits. After reaching out to me for a collaboration to legitimize L.A Taco in the eyes of Black Los Angeles, L.A Taco chose to release a libelous statement after a smear campaign was launched against me by local, corporate journalists. L.A Taco refuses to acknowledge or retract their libelous and defaming statement after myself and my diverse supporters called them out about it. Divest from white-owned publications that use the labor, stories and culture of others to profit and enrich themselves.
September 1, 2020
Black and Brown Relations in Los Angeles: A Talk With Black And Brown Folks
On this episode of Slauson Girl Speaks, I have a discussion with Black and Brown folks, on Black and Brown relationships in Los Angeles in 2020. We discuss historical tensions of the two groups, as well as the rise in attacks against Latino street vendors posted online by Black youth. The conversation also touched on the immigrant experience and what causes migration to the U.S, as well as many of the anti-Black attitudes in the Latino community. Jobs, white supremacy, colorism and what true solidarity looks like for both communities was also the topic of conversation--along with so much more! Guest: Danny Carter, co-founder of Buy Back The Block L..A, a financial and real estate literacy group based in Los Angeles, Memo Torres, Writer and photographer at L.A TACO, Abigail Lopez-Byrd, Founder and Executive Director of Color Compton. 
July 25, 2020
Slauson Girl Speaks On National Protest, George Floyd Death, Minneapolis + Special Guest Terrace Martin
Slauson Girl Speaks on this podcast episode about national protest that were sparked after the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, Black Lives Matter protests in Los Angeles and Hollywood, the role of rappers and Black entertainers, racism and white supremacy and life after college. Special guest Jazz prodigy and South Central native Terrace Martin.  Co-host Sin @lightheartballoons Music: Terrace Martin show at Harun Coffee in Leimert Park two weeks before U.S coronavirus shutdowns.
June 13, 2020
Slauson Girl Speaks with Jay Ticker
On This episode, Slauson Girl Speaks with sports commentator and journalist Jay Ticker on the hypocrisy between coronavirus stimulus checks and the refusal of the U.S to give African-Americans reparations for the genocide and institutional racism, that has left Black people seemingly at the bottom of American society. We also discuss entrepreneurship, finance, everyday motivation and what's holding the Black community back from our perspective.  Follow Jay Ticker @TheTickerReport 
April 28, 2020
Slauson Girl Speaks with Hot and Cool Cafe Owner Anthony Jolly
On this Episode of Slauson Girl Speaks, I speak with Hot and Cool Cafe owner Anthony Jolly about the founding of the coffee and tea shop in Leimert Park and how it has quickly become a cultural hub for Black's in Los Angeles who continue to be pushed out the city in alarming rates. Tony details his journey through the coffee business and his plans for Crenshaw Coffee Company, named in honor of Nipsey Hussle. We also disccuss the affects that the coronavirus has had on local businesses forced to limit large gatherings to "flatten the curve." Visit Hot and Cool Cafe in Leimert Park and on Instagram.
April 11, 2020
Slauson Girl Speaks on The Coronavirus Pandemic & Los Angeles Shutdown
On this episode of Slauson Girl Speaks, I focus on having faith over fear in midst of the coronavirus pandemic from the perspective of a Black woman living in Los Angeles, with my co-host Shabetti Bashazzz, who is a poet and writer. We discuss the recent orders from Los Angeles to "stay at home" along with the closing of all "non-essential" businesses. 
March 21, 2020
Slauson Girl Speaks With Hoodrat Feminist
On this episode Slauson Girl speaks with Hoodrat Feminist. Feminism is a white woman's world and Hoodrat Feminist aims to represent that counter-narrative that is disregarded in academia. The East Orange New Jersey native recently moved to Los Angeles with her boyfriend as he attends USC's film program. We talk about her journey as a young, Black creative, Black Feminism, relationships, sex, body positivity and so much more.
January 30, 2020
Slauson Girl Speaks #9 The Alex Alonso of Street Gang TV Episode
Alex Alonso is a geographer, filmmaker,  lecturer and creator of the widely popular Youtube Channel and website, Street Gangs. Alex offers a wealth of knowledge in this episode of Slauson Girl Speaks, regarding the history of Black Los Angeles. We talk not only gangs in L.A, but important figures in Black L.A’s history; including the Los Angeles #BPP & #BunchyCarter. We touch on the role of the late journalist Gary Webb in understanding the history of Black L.A, as well as Alex’s journey through USC. We even talked about the push for South Central to be named SouthLA and how that change was initiated.
November 24, 2019
Slauson Girl Speaks #8 The Dyme Taylor Episode
In this episode of Slauson Girl Speaks, Slauson Girl sits down with Dyme Taylor, to discuss her journey of healing from childhood trauma and her recently released memoir, Dyamond in The Rough. This self published work of art is already helping so many women from the land of Los Angeles and around the world, landing in the hands of young women as far as New Zealand. We talk motherhood, dysfunctional parents, trauma and triumph. News recaps include Inglewood Native DSmoke winning Netflix's Rhythm and Flow, the National Association of Black Journalist Media Summit at USC, as well as the Fear of God x Marathon Clothing limited capsule release. 
November 1, 2019
Slauson Girl Speaks #7: The Black Beverly Hills Episode
In this episode we talk all things Black Beverly Hills with CEO China Berry, about the historic Black wealth of Los Angeles . Local and world news recaps. Sponsors include Milk It Media, IVL_Photo, JerkAlertLA and the new, mobile juice service, Straight Up Fast Food.
September 23, 2019
Slauson Girl Speaks Episode #6: Six.Sev Drops ‘Sevshaw’ Interview
Slauson Girl Speaks with South Central’s own Six.Sev to discuss his recent music project he dropped entitled “Sev Shaw.” Local news updates include march and rally for Ryan Twyman, Education is Key Campaign Scholarship Drive, South Central Love the movie premiere and more. Slauson Girl also discuss most recent news about Nipsey Hussle, including the fence now around his Marathon Clothing property on Slauson and Crenshaw.
August 7, 2019
Slauson Girl Speaks Episode #5 The Black “Nightcrawler” of South Central
Nash has been filming the deaths and police brutality of Blacks in inner city Los Angeles for over 20 years. As a stringer, he captures news footage on the streets, which he sells to news stations. A South Central Native, Nash talks with Slauson Girl on how he became involved with stringing, the importance of Independent Black media and what it will take for Black people to mobilize in inner city communities against the various attack’s they are currently facing.
June 22, 2019
Slauson Girl Speaks Episode #4 Getting More Personal/ Hometown Homies
On this Episode of Slauson Girl Speaks, Slauson Girl does a segment called "Hometown Homies" with her college friend Jesse, about growing social media platforms, owning your voice, post grad life and how not to lose sight of your passions while working within the capitalistic structure to survive. 
May 30, 2019
Slauson Girl Speaks Episode #3 The Cormega Episode
On this episode of Slauson Girl Speaks, Slauson Girl takes legendary NY rapper ( and one of her favorite emcee's) Cormega on a trip down Slauson. They make several stops; Pepper's Jamaican food, The Marathon Clothing Store and the Black-owned restaurant and health food spot Simply Wholesome. Slauson Girl then sits down with Cormega to discuss vegan-ism, his latest projects and Nipsey Hussle's impact.
May 14, 2019
Slauson Girl Speaks Episode #2 Jamal Shakir/ Land of No Pity
This episode of Slauson Girl Speaks was actually intended to be the first episode, recorded the week prior the the murder of Nipsey Hussle. On this episode Slauson Girl shares part of her interview with Jamal Shakir Jr., at Hot and Cool Cafe in Leimert Park. Shakir is a young film-maker from South Central, L.A who produced his own project, Land of No Pity. He recently wrapped up shooting the pilot and talks about his journey and background. During the Hip-Hop segment, Slauson Girl talks with her co-host from the music streaming platform TrapxLA about recent Hip-Hop happenings.
April 28, 2019
Slauson Girl Speaks Episode #1 TrapxLA x Slauson Girl speaks about death Nipsey Hussle
Nipsey Hussle, born Ermias Joseph Asghedom , was shot and killed outside his Marathon Clothing Store located on Slauson and Crenshaw last weekend March 31, 2019.  Slauson Girl talks with one of her co-host, founder of the music marketing/streaming platform TrapxLA about Nipsey's death and what his legacy means to South Central. The Conversation also touches on the Bloods and Crips unity walk held in honor of Nipsey, as well as the importance of shifting the consciousness of Hip-Hop.
April 9, 2019