Smells Like Infinite Sadness

Smells Like Infinite Sadness

Michael Taylor
The SLIS podcast focuses on 80s and 90s alternative rock. We interview rock stars, do reviews, retrospectives and the occasional old guy rant. *Theme song by Interstelar.


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2. Dean Ween SLIS Podcast

Episode 2: Dean Ween Talks New Album Rock2

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Don't Let the Moon Catch You Crying
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Episode 2: Dean Ween Talks New Album Rock2

Episode 2: Dean Ween Talks New Album Rock2
Dean Ween is one of the most celebrated cult musicians in rock. As one half of the musical duo/band Ween, he helped craft a truly eclectic (and humorous) mix of prog rock, punk, metal, psychedelia, soul and more, as evidenced on classic albums like Chocolate and Cheese and The Mollusk. Dean is back with Rock2, his sophomore solo release with The Dean Ween band (released March 16th via Schnitzel Records). In this week's episode, we discuss his new album, his creative process, some hilarious insight into the lyrical inspiration behind select tracks, as well as what's next for Ween in 2018.
March 20, 2018
Kevin Haskins Talks Retrospective Book 'Bauhaus - Undead'
Drummer Kevin Haskins has lent his talents to Bauhaus, Tones on Tail and Love and Rockets, three of the most acclaimed bands of the post-punk era. He's revisiting his musical roots with 'Bauhaus - Undead: The Visual History and Legacy of Bauhaus,’ a deluxe coffee table book chronicling his tenure with Bauhaus, who helped popularize the Goth subculture (even though they refuted the classification). In this week's episode, Haskins discusses the making of his new book (due March 16th via Cleopatra Records), remembering his time in Bauhaus, what's next for his new group Poptone, and more. *For those who are curious, this episode's theme song is 'Hold it,' provided by L.A. space rockers Interstelar. Look for it on Bandcamp.
March 20, 2018

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