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Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing

Giving you the basics of online marketing for your small business.
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Is Radio Still a Viable Way to Market your Small Business?
Everyone likes to say things like "radio is dead", but is it?  Statistics will show you that in fact, radio is still very alive.  The key to using radio to promote your small business is doing it right.  In this podcast we discuss a few key ways to stick out from your competitors & gain a competitive advantage by using radio for advertising. If radio is going to live on, radio will need to evolve just like many other businesses.  Do I think that radio is still a viable way to advertise?  Yup.  Hit play & find out why! Cheers.
September 21, 2020
Basic Tips for Building Your Brand
Why do customers shop at your business? Brand loyalty is no small subject, however getting started with brand awareness & building that loyalty doesn't have to be difficult.  In this podcast we talk about where to begin, how to be authentic & how to engage.  Growing your brand takes time & with a little effort can make you a winner in the long game.
September 17, 2020
You're Buying a Business, Now what?
Businesses come & go,  so do business owners. I was approached to market a Pizza Place online by a client who just purchased the business.  I quickly realized that there was a lot of digital properties already & my client didn't realize that nor have access. In this podcast, we talk about the steps you need to take to ensure that when you buy a business, the digital properties also come with it. Before you buy or acquire a business, listen to this podcast!
September 14, 2020
Creating Your Own PR - A Unique Way to Advertise!
Most people know how to make a social media post or ad.  The problem is that there are already lots of ads online, many of them from your competition.  Another way of branding yourself is by creating your own PR, in other words, putting yourself in the news. Creating PR isn't complicated & it can put your brand in places that your competition hasn't thought about. Did I mention it's free as well?
September 3, 2020
Instagram Part 02 - Digging a Little Deeper!
Once your Instagram account is set up, the next step is making effective posts that bring your response.  We discuss photo editing using Insta's amazing tool set, how to tag people for more response, using hashtags to make your posts more searchable, using location tags & finally Instagram Reels.  We cover a lot of territory in this tutorial so take notes! We discuss some pro-tips at the end, however my favourite is using Instagram on an iPad or tablet instead of a phone.  Larger surface area to work with & easier to type on than a phone!
August 28, 2020
Instagram for Business - The Basics
In this podcast, we dip our toes into Instagram marketing!  If you're new to Instagram or you've never experienced doing business and/or advertising on the platform, this is a perfect introduction on how to get started. As mentioned in the podcast, check out more information here:
August 25, 2020
Copywriting Part 01 - How to write a great ad
Ever wonder why some ads or posts get response?  Words mean everything.  We talk about how to start writing posts, making headlines that work, what not to write & how your words along with the right image or video can be the difference between success & failure. Two resources referenced are: Copy Hackers & Scientific Advertising Check out this headline analyzer too!
August 21, 2020
Beginning Your Campaign - Small tips to get your started in a big way!
You're a small business & it's time to start your online campaign.  We talk about getting organized, things to consider first & how to make a roadmap to success.  Marketing your own business doesn't have to be difficult, let's get started! For more info:
August 19, 2020
Self Auditing - Know Yourself Before You Tell The World Who You Are
You're ready to begin your online campaign, but have you taken the time to get yourself organized first?  People are attracted to what they know, if you can promote who you are with absolute clarity,  you will be more effective.  We take a deeper look at digital self reflection in this one & talk about why it's a crucial first step.
August 17, 2020
Getting Started - How to Begin Your Online Campaign
You have a small business & perhaps you already have some online content.  We cover the 3 main things you should do if you're going to get serious about starting your online campaign.  It's not very difficult but you need to get organized first.
August 14, 2020
An Introduction To Your Host
In this episode we set the table for this podcast.  Starting with an introduction to your host, we also explain what this podcast will cover & how it can help you promote your small business online, inside your busy schedule. For more info:
August 12, 2020