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The Small Nation Podcast

The Small Nation Podcast

By Small Nation
We want to welcome you to The Small Nation Podcast where we share the valuable lessons that we’ve learned about entrepreneurship, real estate, economic development, and more. The point of this podcast is to create value for you, the listener, and to create a space to learn, talk about what’s trending, and inspire others.
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01 | Setting the Stage | The Small Nation Podcast
This is the very first episode of The Small Nation Podcast! (Previously The Friday Small Talk Podcast)   This podcast is created for entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and economic developers. Listen in as Jason Duff and Ethan DeLeon walk through the early days of Small Nation and how the company has become the authority in small town revitalization. This episode serves as a brief introduction to the podcast as we interview other business owners and developers to discuss some of the most relevant topics in small-town revitalization.    Watch on YouTube:    Friday Small Talk Newsletter:  Join the Conversation | Making Small Successful Facebook Group:
July 06, 2022