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St Michael's talks & sermons

St Michael's talks & sermons

By St Michael's Kelburn
Homilies, public lectures and other provocations delivered at St Michael’s engaging with matters of faith
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Why the Crucifixion of Jesus Changes Everything, Including Who Gets to Set the Rules in Church (Matthew Bartlett on Galatians 3)

St Michael's talks & sermons

The Cost - and Rewards - of Discipleship (Matthew Packer)
We hear a lot about the cost of discipleship, and rightly so.  Following Jesus is about taking up our crosses to follow.  But, is it all about cost?  In this sermon, Matthew reflects on both the costs and the treasure, the joy and the reward.  And he notes that Pascal's Wager rather withers under the promise of eternal life. Psalm 139 Jeremiah 18.1-11 Luke 14.25-33
September 05, 2022
The Growth of the Kingdom: Hospitality (Tim McKenzie)
Tim explores what the Kingdom looks like in the practice of hospitality.  What is hospitality, and what isn't it?  And what about hospitality is conducive to the spread of the good news? Tim references a John Mark Comer sermon that explores some of these issues really well - see Year C, Ordinary 22 Luke 7.1, 7-14 Hebrews 13.1-8, 16-16 Jeremiah 2.4-13
August 31, 2022
Jesus the Warrior? Peace, Division and the Two-Edged Sword
Tim McKenzie ditches his weather forecasting career to ask what it means that Jesus came to bring division, not peace.  The readings were the lectionary readings for the day: Isaiah 5.1-7 Luke 12.49-56
August 18, 2022
Galatians 6: Are We Carrying Each Others' Burdens? (Sam Jackson)
Galatians 6 Luke 12.32-40 Sam Jackson wraps up our Galatians series by asking us if we really are carrying one another's burdens, and encouraging us with the reminder that God specialises in using broken vessels.
August 09, 2022
Galatians 4: St Paul Visits Love Island (sort of!) (Tim McKenzie)
In Galatians 4, Paul explores the idea of captivity to the "elemental principles/powers of the world".  For some, that's captivity to the Law.  For others, it's captivity to "gods who are not gods".  In either case, Paul urges the Galatian converts to stay free.  What might that mean for 21st Century people?
July 25, 2022
Why the Crucifixion of Jesus Changes Everything, Including Who Gets to Set the Rules in Church (Matthew Bartlett on Galatians 3)
In our 3rd installment of the Galatians series, Matthew Bartlett explains why the cross is the way past cultural imperialism.  And why Paul is therefore so adamant that converts to the Jesus movement aren't obliged to follow Torah.  . Galatians 3.1-14 Galatians 3.21-28 Luke 23.32-34, 44-47 With help from Fleming Rutledge and Lamin Sanneh.
July 11, 2022
Māmari Stephens: Chewing our Fingers with Paul's Letter to the Galatians
Galatians 2, with Māmari Stephens
July 04, 2022
High Stakes! Introducing Paul's (Loud!) Letter to the Galatians (Tim McKenzie)
Galatians is Paul's loudest, fiercest, most polemical letter.  Rev. Dr. Tim McKenzie gives us a short overview of the letter, and highlights three things to look out for as we read it. Earlier in the service, we had watched the most excellent Bible Project overview of Galatians, and Tim refers to that a couple of times in the sermon. 
June 27, 2022
Why Be a Christian in 2022? Part I: The Stories We Live By
Tim McKenzie opens the Why Be a Christian series by sketching four stories that people live by, out of the many available.  Why do these  stories appeal to people?  And how do they stack up against the Christian story, the truest story of all? Note: this sermon was rerecorded after the fact, as the original recording failed Romans 1.1-6 Luke 6.39-49
June 21, 2022
Dr Bronwyn Wood: What Impact Has Covid Had on Children's Education?
This is the final episode in our 2022 series, Faith, Crisis & Freedom.  Bronwyn Wood, Senior Lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington, takes us on a rich tour of the data around children's educational achievement, and what Covid has done to their learning.  And she offers some thoughtful analysis of where we're going wrong in  New Zealand particularly, and what we might do to get back on track. 
June 17, 2022
Andrew Shepherd: The Start of the Anthropocene & the End of the World
This talk comes from the St Michael's Faith, Crisis & Freedom series (2022).  Dr Andrew Shepherd, lecturer in Theology & Public Issues at Otago University, probes the Western cultural mood, as humanity stares down the barrel of environmental devastation.  After summarising some of the "Cli-Fi" literature written in the past decades, he offers a close reading of Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel, and asks where we can find resources of imagination to address the environmental crisis. Note: the sound quality is not up to our usual standard on this episode.  Our apologies for this.
June 16, 2022
Tim McKenzie: Knowing God as Trinity
How do I know God?  Why all this Trinity stuff? Christians often feel befuddled by the doctrine of the Trinity.  Rev. Dr. Tim McKenzie suggests that our challenge is to know the God indicated by the doctrine, rather than focusing on knowing the doctrine for its own sake. Psalm 8 Romans 5.1-5 John 16.12-15
June 13, 2022
Rebecca Packer: Being Filled with the Holy Spirit (Pentecost Sunday 2022)
It's Pentecost Sunday! Rebecca Packer unpacks the rich biblical imagery for the Holy Spirit and asks, "what does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit"?
June 08, 2022
Dr Philip Fountain – The Political Theology of Covid Governance
Remember the first lockdown? How did we get from teddy bears in people's windows to fiery protests at parliament? In this talk, Dr Philip Fountain considers the government's management of the Covid pandemic, and suggests that hidden religious themes in New Zealand political discourse can cast light on what happened. How do ideas of sovereignty, solidarity, sacrifice and the iconic enable a better understanding of our deeply contested national politics?
June 02, 2022
A Jaded Vicar Wonders: Should We Just Give Up on Christian Unity?
Why on earth, since Jesus prayed for the church to be one, i it so divided?  Is there any hope? Rev. Dr. Tim McKenzie preaches on the lectionary readings for Easter 7, 2022. Acts 16.16-34 Revelation 22.12-17, 20-21 John 17:20-26
June 01, 2022
Rev. Jessie Black on Anticipation Without Anxiety
How are we to face the future?  How can we do it with anticipation, but not anxiety?  Jessie shares from these scriptures on that theme: Acts 16.9-15 Revelation 21.10, 22-22.5 John 14.23-29
May 31, 2022
Singing the Lamb's Song, Come What May
Easter 3, Acts 9.1-6, Revelation 5.11-14, John 21.1-19 Listen carefully, and you'll hear the epistle reader introduce "Revelation Chapter 5" as "Revolution Chapter 5".  Which is about right. Tim McKenzie preaches on Singing the Lamb's Song. The witness of history is that those who've been prepared to do this are truly revolutionaries.
May 02, 2022
03 April 2022 - How to be a Christian, or The Problem of Belief, with Dr. Philip Fountain. The Why Be a Christian in 2022 Series continued
Protestants often think of being a Christian as a question of believing things.  But is that the right place to start? Jesus puts a frighteningly terrifying emphasis on doing things.  In this sermon, Dr. Philip Fountain lets Jesus speak for himself, with devastating effect. Scripture: excerpts from Matthew 5, 6, & 7
April 04, 2022
Why be a Christian in 2022: A More Compassionate God (Ruby Burgess)
Ruby Burgess outlines the breathtaking vision of a God who isn't just loving and compassionate, but who is love and compassion. Scripture Texts: Psalm 103, 1 Corinthians 13, and John 14.15-31
April 04, 2022
Why Be a Christian in 2022: Is the Christian Story True? (Matthew Bartlett)
Another exciting episode in the series, "Why be a Christian in 2022?"  Matthew gives his telling of the Christian story, invites you to give yours, and offers his top 10 reasons for thinking the Christian story is more than just a fairytale...
March 11, 2022
Grief and Joy for Christmas
Is Christmas just about joy?  Or is it about grief as well?  How do those go together?  And how does Angela Merkel's blessing to her successor, Olaf Scholz, help us approach the Christmas message in a world of trouble and joy?
March 11, 2022
Women, power and God's action in the world
Text: Luke 1:26–56  Cassandra Burton-Wood, lately chaplain at Victoria University of Wellington, delivers a final message about Mary the mother of Jesus, before leaving town for love and theological study. 
January 27, 2022
Doubting Thomas and Doubting Tims
Texts: Acts 4.32-35; 1 John 1.1-2.2; John 20.19-31 The Rev Dr Tim McKenzie explores faith, doubt and the resurrection (with a special appearance by Tim Overton) Please forgive the mediocre audio quality in this episode!
April 12, 2021
Vocation, vocation, vocation!
Genesis 41:41–49; 1 Corinthians 7:17–24; Luke 19:1–10.  What does 'vocation' mean for Christians? Is it about landing your dream job? Or becoming a priest? The second in a series on faith & work.
March 07, 2021
Rev Mel McKenzie on prayer and 'letting go'
Texts: Psalm 46, Romans 8.26-40 & Mark 1.35-39 Mel spoke on the four S's of contemplative prayer — silence, solitude, stillness and surrender.
January 31, 2021
Richard Deeble: Pray without ceasing – how God's goodness, generosity and sovereignty can encourage us to pray more
Texts: 2 Samuel 7:18–29, Ephesians 5:18–21; Luke 11:8–13 Richard begins our series on prayer.
January 24, 2021
Christ the King: Dr Ben Thirkell-White
The texts for the day were Ezekiel 34.11-16, 20-24; Ephesians 1.15-23 and Matthew 25.31-46 Dr Ben Thirkell-White, until recently Associate Professor of International Relations, Victoria University of Wellington, now at the Reserve Bank, reflects on Christ the King Sunday and its political message for today. Christ the King is a recent feast — instituted by Pope Pius XI in the troubled period between the world wars. Ben draws comparisons with our contemporary situation, looking at the perhaps clashing models of kingship we find in the Bible.
November 22, 2020
All Saints: Rev Dr Tim McKenzie – Saints, All!
The texts for the day were Revelation 7.9-17; 1 John 3.1-3;  Matthew 5.1-13
November 02, 2020
Lent 2: Matthew Bartlett on Climate Change: Lament, Repentance, Renewal, Action
The texts for the day were Psalm 69; Isaiah 24:4–13; John 3:1–17
March 09, 2020
Lent 1: Rev Dr Tim McKenzie on 'lament' in the Bible & in us
Psalm 13; Lamentations 3; Matthew 4:1–11 Tim introduces the Biblical genre of lament as one pattern for our conversations with God. 
March 01, 2020
Rev Dr Tim McKenzie on Salt, Light & the NZ housing crisis
Tim the vicar preached from Isaiah 58:1-9; 1 Corinthians 2:1-12; Matthew 5:13-20
February 20, 2020
Rev Dr Deborah Wilson on Jesus the Teacher
Rev. Dr. Deborah Wilson, chaplain at Queen Margaret College, introduces St Matthew's depiction of Jesus as teacher — a new Moses who would in his own self fulfil the law. Texts: Isaiah 9:1–4, 1 Corinthians 1:10–18, Matthew 4:12–23
January 28, 2020
Rev Māmari Stephens on whakawhanaungatanga and the Massacre of the Innocents
Māmari refers to Léon Cogniet's (1794–1880) painting 'Le Massacre des Innocents':
December 29, 2019
Rev Dr Tim McKenzie on God's judgment & Terry Malick's The Tree of Life
For the fourth Sunday in Advent, Tim preaches from 2 Peter 3 and Matthew 1.18-25
December 22, 2019
Waiting for the Dawn: Rev Jenny Dawkins on acts of imagination and faith
The Rev Jenny Dawkins, from All Saints Peckham, South London, visits and preaches for the first Sunday in Advent.  The texts were Isaiah 2:1–5, 2 Peter 1:1-11, 19–21 and Matthew 24:36–44.
December 01, 2019
Emily Hockly on abortion & the church
A sermon preached at St Michael's Anglican Church, Kelburn, Wellington, New Zealand, 24 November 2019.
November 24, 2019