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Snack Time with Steph

Snack Time with Steph

By Stephanie Machado
Sharing snack size bits of all things wellness, self love, relationships and everything in between in the amount of time you’d eat a snack. Grab a cafecito and join me as I navigate the journey of changing my life from the inside out in 20 minutes or less.

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I love rolls, I eat rolls, I have rolls

Snack Time with Steph

I love rolls, I eat rolls, I have rolls

Snack Time with Steph

Body Positivity or Bust - The Truth Behind My Journey
I got a question in my direct messages that stopped me in my tracks and I knew I needed to make a podcast about it. I challenge all of you to ask yourself this question and to surround yourself with people who challenge you and force you to reflect on your life.  This question was about body positivity and my journey to get to the point where I am today which is 50 pounds lighter and 4 pant sizes down. I reveal my past, my present and my four tips for achieving body positivity.  Follow along with my on Instagram @givethatgirlasnack for more real life tips from a regular girl who is changing her body from the inside out. 
May 23, 2020
QuaranTEAM - Our Intro to Marriage
What does a honeymoon locked in the house together 24/7 look like during a pandemic? Here you have it. We got married on March 7 and had to cancel our honeymoon for now so we are enjoying a "home honeymoon" while navigating working  from home and being together every minute of the day. Get a taste of my new podcast, Bachelor Bites, and be sure to listen to me there, too, for all things The Bachelor.  Follow along with me and Denny on Instagram @givethatgirlasnack 
May 2, 2020
I love rolls, I eat rolls, I have rolls
I am sharing the liberation in loving your rolls and embracing your body at this very moment. You are special, you are amazing and you are worth the buttered roll. Carbs don't define you and neither does that skin that creases when you bend over.  Connect with me on Instagram @givethatgirlasnack
April 29, 2020