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SolarPunk Permaculture

SolarPunk Permaculture

By Sam Betteridge
The SolarPunk Permaculture Podcast seeks to forge the powerful narrative force of the SolarPunk movement w/ the ethics and design principles that underpin Permaculture.
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Dustin Jacobus - Illustrations of a SolarPunk future

SolarPunk Permaculture

Dustin Jacobus - Illustrations of a SolarPunk future

SolarPunk Permaculture

Andrew Millison - Pure SolarPunk Permaculture. Right now, on Planet Earth.
Andrew is a Senior University Instructor at the Oregon State University. Teaching mainly online courses at OSU, it's his youtube videos that have helped me and millions of other people around the globe better understand the concepts and principles of Permaculture design. His well-illustrated lightbox clips and the AR sandbox, an augmented reality tool one of his students developed and realised may project Andrew's work forward, suitably positions him as a legitimate SolarPunk and modern Permaculture Educator. On top of discussing what he has dubbed India's 'Water Revolution' and the country's pilgrimage towards Permaculture, we also discussed his philosophies on the state of Permaculture Education in an online era flooded with open-source content. We discuss the use of technology in the modern world and peer into the future to prognosticate upon what may be in store for our ever-evolving species. You can observe Andrews's work on his self-titled Youtube channel and listen to some of his immensely valuable and insightful conversations, with others in this space, on his podcast - Earth Repair Radio.
June 12, 2021
Lauren & Oberon - Life in a waste-free Spiral Garden
Lauren and Oberon are living a conscious lifestyle that places Permaculture ethics at the centre of their living arrangements. As true Permaculturalists, they share with the world how & why living 'simply' is an achievement to strive for.  With relationship-building at the centre of their family ethos, they have changed their behaviour to live a waste-free life. Literally counting the pieces of waste produced in a recycled jar. Lauren is a full-time homeschooler, builder of permaculture curriculums and shopkeeper to the beautiful Spiral Garden. An online store that promotes waste-free, simple living that celebrates beauty and functionality all in one sustainable and reusable package. Oberon is a professional Ecologist and lover of classic sci-fi novels and SolarPunk visions of the future. He sees the logic of living a waste-free lifestyle as an imperative shift our species must take in terms of mindset. Together we spoke about the wise intuitions of children, the art of engagement, the natural systems that govern ecologies, Permaculture as a lifestyle curriculum, the beauty of things and the challenges we face on planet earth in the 21st century. You can follow Lauren's individual story @owletmama, Oberon's @berondi and purchase sustainable and regenerative goods from their beautiful store @spiralgarden. 
June 4, 2021
Byron Birss - Creating Paradise in the Bay of Plenty
Byron is a community creating, fun'n'sun-loving Food Forester, openly practicing Agroforestry and Permaculture for the whole world to perceive. He spent some of his younger years immersed in nature at the Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School, a charter institute developed in honour of our favourite English Primatologist. Moving on to study environmental science at university, Byron found himself longing for a field that explored solutions rather than dialing in on the dismay some ecologies find themselves in. After stumbling on our favourite design framework, Permaculture peeled open his eyes to the possibilities and potential nature provided in abundance all around him. Nowhere has this potential made itself more evident than in his own Backyard Paradise - an old Kiwi orchard he had purchased with his parents. So, after playing around with the idea, reading deeply into his newly discovered fascination and running a few workshops, he quit his job and dove headfirst into the canopy of a new career. And boy are we glad he did. You can follow his journey on the gram and call on his services @backyard.paradise.permaculture
May 23, 2021
Aaron Mears - The Living Classroom Legend of Lulu's Perch Permaculture
Aaron is a Permaculture and Highschool Educator with an inspiring and eclectic story. Having worked as a mental health nurse for a decade, he found himself searching for answers for the people in his care. Who would've guessed the answers would be found in the deserts of Jordan, w/ Permaculture heavy hitter; Geoff Lawton. Additionally, through the now 18-year-old 'Living Classroom Project', Aaron and his colleagues are drawing students into engaging living and learning spaces by drawing them outdoors on true, tangental learning tours. In this fascinating conversation, we discuss the super healthy Hunza people, his experience helping to re-green the desert, the richness and "informality" of Project-Based Learning, his hand cultivated Permaculture demonstration site, Chad the chicken and Captain Planet. You can observe Aaron's array of educational videos on the tube @ Lulu's Perch and follow his journey on the gram @lulus.perch.permaculture.
May 23, 2021
Dustin Jacobus - Illustrations of a SolarPunk future
Dustin Jacobus is an artist exploring the SolarPunk futures our heart's desire, primarily through his strengths as an artist. In this conversation, we discuss how his illustrations help to fill a void many of the SolarPunk enthusiasts may feel today, as they search the internet looking high and low for depth and a better understanding of what a high-tech, eco-conscious future may look like and just how the society that sustains it might function. You can find Dustin on the gram @solarpunkart and you can see his jaw-droppingly detailed and inspiring publication @ 
May 9, 2021
Lauren Nissen - Landscape Architect and Urban Designer of the future!
Lauren Nissen is a Landscape Architect and Senior Associate at ASPECT Studios in Sydney Australia. Growing up w/ a keen interest in science and having a natural creative flair has taken Lauren on a Journey that most SolarPunks and Urban Permaculturists would only dream of. She has helped design and worked on some of the most progressive and forward-thinking projects found anywhere in the world. Not only is she building the future we SolarPunks are hoping for, but she is also incredibly insightful when it comes to understanding how places of the future will function as mechanisms of societal support. If you're a Sydney-sider you'll be familiar w/ some of these projects including the Darling Quarter precinct, home to the dopest playground around. The now world-famous 1 Central Park - a commercial/residential village that looks like it belongs in Singapore and if you're a current or former UTS student, you've likely sat and chat or studied on the newly developed Alumni green.  You can see all of the ASPECT studio projects on the gram @aspectstudios or on the website at
May 9, 2021
Andreas - A systems thinker, an ecological philosopher & a SolarPunk Farmer
Andy is a father and lifelong gardener living in Los Angeles. Working as a professional aquaculturist and a student of the environmental sciences, he thinks about the world in a deeply insightful manner. Drawing upon theories of Social Ecology, Andy inspired me with his Youtube Channel - The Solarpunk Farmer where he shares his knowledge and expertise with a global community.  He's thought long and hard about many topics such as Radical Agriculture - an approach to Regernative Agriculture that he feels empowers individuals to do what is right in a society that can often get things wrong. Amongst many things, he is driven by a desire to create a SolarPunk future where humans partner with nature, just as he has done in his own Resilience Garden. Andy reminds us of the famous Mollison quote - "Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple."  Along with his Youtube content, Andy keeps us optimistic about his journey via the gram @solarpunkfarmer
May 9, 2021
May 9, 2021
May 9, 2021