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The Solitary Pagan Path

The Solitary Pagan Path

By Robin Kyrie
Sit by the fire and listen as I, Robin Kyrie, invite you to join me on my own journey as a solitary pagan practitioner, with a leaning into the Norse pantheon! We'll be talking about the Runes, telling tales from Norse mythology, and talking about what's stolen my hammer today. For once it may NOT be Loki's fault!

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Night and Day - drama and makeup magick - uruz, the rune of the wild oxen
In this episode we explore the creation of Night and Day, and I butcher many more pronunciations no doubt. We also introduce the idea of using sigils and makeup to create an alternative form of magick. Finally we cover Uruz, the rune of the wild untamed Aurochs, and the strength it has. Show notes will be going live on and if you have any feedback please send it to me at Stay safe traveller, until we meet again
February 22, 2021
The creation of Earth - small irritations of a cyclical nature - Fehu, the rune of cattle
In today's episode we talk about the creation of the Earth, discuss small things I see that irritate me, and talk a bit about trying to find solutions to my inability to visualise! We also cover the first rune of Freya's Aett in the Futhark and that is Fehu. So I hope your ready to sit with me in the circle of the firelight, under the last oak of the forest, and listen as I share what I've learned.
February 15, 2021
The creation - Norse symbols do not belong to supremacists - the blank rune
We get through a LOT today! From the creation of the world story, and my own personal thoughts on some aspects, to how the white supremacists steal without researching first, and finally a ramble about the blank rune you so often see! We got pretty deep pretty fast! If you'd like to find me in other places - - or if you'd like to drop me a message -! I can't wait to hear from you, and y'all are cute a/f okay?
January 25, 2021
Trailer episode
Welcome, come step into the fire light and sit yourself down. Have a seat and let's talk about Norse, and the path of a solitary pagan with a lean towards the Norse pantheon. This trailer episode may give an idea as to just what to expect!
January 18, 2021