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Somos21 Podcast

Somos21 Podcast

By Somos21
Stories and insights on the Australia Latin America relationship from our global network.
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Back to where it all began...

Somos21 Podcast

The weekend we locked ourselves in a house
In this week’s episode, Kate and Gabby reflect on the weekend that was: Somos21 Board retreat. Together with the incredible group who are leading the Somos21 charge, Gab and Kate locked themselves in a house to dream and strategise. They both came to the obvious conclusion; starting a non-for-profit association isn’t easy. Nor is finding passionate volunteers to shape and lead it. But didn’t someone clever once say that “nothing worth having comes easy”? That’s where we’re at. It’s not easy, but its most certainly worth having. And looking back at where we started, we have certainly come a long way! Even better, we have come away from this weekend with clarity and ambition to keep striving. Somos21 is transforming the Australia-Latin America relationship. Listen now to learn more. Contact us at to share your story.
June 4, 2019
Changing perceptions of Latin America
In this week’s episode, Gabby and Kate discuss the importance of changing perceptions of Latin America - especially when it comes to business engagement. Gabby shares an example of how a group of Australian Construction Tech startups discovered new opportunities in Chile’s thriving construction sector, with its ambitious plan to digitise. Kate and Gabby then discuss how the nature of engagement between the regions is evolving and a few examples of how this has happened over the years that we have been involved in the conversation! To engage with our global network visit and create your profile!
May 26, 2019
Back to where it all began...
Gabby and Kate (Somos21 Co-Founders) reminisce on the beginnings of Somos21: where it all began, why 2 Aussie gals were so keen to transform Australia’s relationship with Latin America, and how this global community of Australian and Latin American professionals came to be...  It’s the untold origin story that will answer all your questions about Somos21 and give you an insight into why we exist.  ____ If you have any questions or topics you'd like us to touch on in future episodes just shoot us an email at and let us know.   If you're interesting in joining this dynamic global network, just head to and create your FREE profile now. 
May 19, 2019