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Eve Eurydice

Eve Eurydice

By Eve Eurydice
How I came to change my views on Culture and commit to Nature. Experience the Freedom and Power of Getting out of the Patriarchy. Speak Sex is the Language of the Rising Feminine, of Conscious Consent, of Social Reprogramming, of Genesis and Mother Eve. Eurydice writes books on the philosophy of sex and procreation—Satyricon USA: A Journey Across the New Sexual Frontier, f/32: The Second Coming, Universal Mother Income. Born on Lesbos, Greece, Eurydice lives in Miami and makes Art Against All.
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Ep 107: War is the Original Sin of Patriarchy. How we Heal The Trauma Eurydice Eve w Veronica Clark
How do we create change? How we break the chains of war and words? How do we reverse the spell of patriarchy? How do we return to our selves, turn around off the roadmap of greed and competition and find personal and world peace? The war that’s outside is also inside us. Eve Eurydice speaks with Veronica Clark Veronica Clark, love coach educator who teaches sexual healing and inner intimacy—coming home to yourself. What is THE SPELL OF THE PATRIARCHY: “Turn it around” means to break free from the prison of our mind, which is really the prison of the patriarchy, which is really the prison of the words and signifiers that are so triggering. “Turn it around” means to reverse the assigned meanings of things. We can rebirth ourselves. Nature is the constant. Nature is Life. Our mind is our extra. Culture is manmade. We can change our perspective. We can change point of view. We can reverse the reason for war for conflict for vengeance for criticism and turn it into reason for Union for connection for acceptance for unconditional love. For more on Veronica, host of the liberate your orgasm podcast, go to⚡️For more, go to ⚡️For books, art, merch, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️Find our video episodes at
May 08, 2022
Ep 106: What is War? What’s the power of our Past? What’s Next? Eve Eurydice w Dana Wahab on Borders
Eve Eurydice speaks war in patriarchy with Dana Wahab, a Lebanese American writer and educator. We ask: What is war? What is logos? What is mythos? What are borders? What are words? What is the power of the past? Who are the warring sides? What’s keeping us from making peace? Why is America denying peace a chance by taking sides? Change is so difficult because we are so plugged in to the past. And to the $ invested by the past. These loyalties run deep. No one makes Independent decisions and businesses free of fear, intimidation, threat, punishment. National borders are old stories. What are our borders if not our stories? They come from our mythos of lineage and of patrimony. The war in Ukraine is yet another war over inherited Identity like the wars in the Middle East have been. Story has been used as a tool of war, conquest, indoctrination and colonization. America is the nation that hasn’t been conquered before, so people of all nations come here in hopes that she will deliver us from our ancestral enemies, by the accidents of our birth, by which we are born sworn to hate a certain other people. But America keeps taking sides in conflict, instead of taking the side of peace & enforcing peace, it picks sides & enforces wars, abdicating her posthistorical duty. She enforces ancient binaries of who’s good & who’s bad though she understands v little of these conflicts that aren’t rational; she perpetuates & magnifies old conflicts rather than help resolve them. Rather than use money to end all war in the pacifist ideal, America jumps into war. From WWII on, America has been corrupted & poisoned by participating in far-flung wars. In war no one is innocent. We should promote peace on all sides, but our news tell us, “this is who we hate this is who we like Saddam dislike Al Sadr good, no, bad, This warlord is our warlord, The Shah good Khomeini bad.” We wanted to escape this by coming to America. This country has a grave responsibility to change the world & fails at it. It can change the storytelling & fails at it. We may be in the minority or majority who gets demonized next. These conflicts are multigenerational. Every new hatred gets passed on for three generations even after migration to the New World. The war in Ukraine is another opportunity to see how the exceptionalism of American imperialism cancels out dissent. The criticisms of America’s fanning of the flames of war in Ukraine by flooding the young country with massive amounts of weapons, acquired by taxpayer money paid to multinational corporations that maintain the world’s permanent war economy, are silenced as unpatriotic. Our inheritance of war, and the stories of war create the future of war. War is the mold and lock of patriarchy. It’s not a new heartbreak. Young men kill old men. War is the only way to vie for power and ownership in the pyramid of patriarchy. It’s the pattern of our social fabric. War is familiar. War is the other face of Sex for the last 7000 years when humanity has been organized in patriarchies. Borders in terms of territorial ownership and inheritance in terms of financial ownership and lineage in terms of patronym-recognition are the triad of tools of the self-perpetuation of the patriarchy. The violence of war & the binary structure of language are the twin enforcement tools of the patriarchy. Our mythos the narratives it constructed to keep us plugged into the past so that we can’t turn around & go into the future. If we can switch & become a generation of difference, of Reversal, & enter our future, we will be able to evolve & move on. For more, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️Find our video episodes at
April 16, 2022
Ep 105: Are College Frats Elite Gangs! Exposé on Greek Culture on Campus. Eve Eurydice w Anonymous.
Eurydice speaks with Michelle Anonymous, a Senior at a Southern University about her research into fraternity life. 50% of young men in American Colleges are in fraternities. Most frats are rich people gangs. The difference is that gangs are criminalized and frats confer respect and honor. Society demonizes one and permits another. Both could be categorized as gangs under the law if judges challenged fraternities’ legal status. Mainstream culture supports «Greek culture» and portrays academia as a bastion of liberalism and wokeness, which Greek culture is not, or it portrays academia as the aspirational apex of a young person’s life. Patriarchy’s Survival depends on this perpetuation of old Rites of Masculinity. Frats propagate the patriarchy in college. Fraternity culture blazes its way through our elite institutions. Shaming and degrading young people teaches them how to become future autocrats. “Greek Culture” provides freshmen with social humiliation, alcohol and drugs; it does not teach them self-defense or survival, but the psychology of obedience, assimilation, and self-negation. Fraternities pass down obsolete hierarchical constructions of meaning in our formal educational setting, copying the military model where initiation requires the loss of individuality. Vows of silence and exclusivity connect fraternities to the camaraderie of recruits, the team fidelity of sports, the fixation on fraternal bonds of freemasons or the Proud Boys—groups that thrive in secrecy. The frat “manspeak” is an intro to the language of men in business. Old patriarchy is reiterated and remodeled via behavior modification that prepares young men to cross over from the role son to that of patriarch.⚡️ For details on frat legacies, hazing, Big and Little relations, fraternity and sister sorority relations, rape culture and Abu Graib-style punishments, listen to the episode. So how can a boy stay in a frat and survive it with his values intact? ⚡️ For more, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️Find our video episodes at ⚡️ #speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice
April 07, 2022
Ep 104: Zombie Warlords: Putins Greed, Zelenskys Pride. Strongmen Siren Song. Eurydice w Bob Steiner
Eurydice speaks the romantic call of the drumbeat of war with the author Robert Steiner. This is how patriarchies survive: not rationally. So we are not posthistorical? The contradiction: the West is saying “How can Putin do this we are post war” & at the same time we take sides & send weapons & money to one side so as to escalate the war & the numbers of the dead. We discuss the war in Ukraine in the context of history of patriarchy, the False Promise of the EU and of global capitalism. Corporate globalism promised that war would end. We would all be Europeans. Prosperity would put an end to inherited racist animosities. But Patriarchy is our Drug and our Fatal Romance. ⚡️ A decent human puts the good of others above his own. A strongman sacrifices numerous lives to what he thinks is right, ie, to his self-interest. When two strongmen go at it, they don’t care of the cost in lives. This war theatre is primal patriarchal drama: the younger strongman wants to castrate the older strongman, as Zeus did to Kronus, & Kronus to Uranus. Zelensky is not the face of freedom. He’s the younger face of nationalism. He’s adept at guilt-tripping the West, replaying the familiar drama of patriarchal family. He would not placate the patriarch. He chose to fight the tyrant to death. Mothers have placated patriarchs for millennia. That’s the difference between patriarchy and non. The self fulfilling prophecy is fear. Patriarchy is irrational. And it calls Nature irrational. Change comes as Reversal of Fortune. Nothing lasts forever. Patriarchy wagers that it can last forever so long as it cares not which patriarch wins. The only good thing in democracy is change: the rulers change, the more often, the better.⚡️Robert Steiner is the author of Quill, Bathers, Passion, Dread, Matinee, Toward a Grammar of Abstraction and more books of fiction.⚡️ For more podcast content, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️Find our video episodes at ⚡️ #speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice
March 08, 2022
Ep 103: Warlust in Patriarchy. History & HyperNationalism in Europe now. Eve Eurydice w Chris Hedges
Eve Eurydice speaks with Pulitzer-winning writer & war correspondent Chris Hedges about war as collective madness. Chris knows the intoxication of war, even addiction to war, first-hand. Chris gives us his take on what is happening in the world arena right now and why it is happening. We discuss the return of war in Europe caused by flawed past peace treaties. We discuss war as patriarchy’s rite of initiation into adulthood, Eros & Thanatos, the Life instinct & the Death instinct. War as seductive, enticing intoxication because it’s an expression of virility, of pride. War is emotionally driven, not rationally driven. The patriarchy conflates war with sex, since patriarchy began in the conflation of procreation with domination. In 6,000 years man’s instinct of domination has become inexorably confused with man’s instinct to mate. War is ultimately self destructive. Thucydides wrote that The tyranny that Athens imposed on others, it finally imposed on itself. The instinct to control is self destructive. Every action has a reaction; we are all connected as part of the mass brain. War disconnects the people in one country from another. Nationalism unleashes forces of indoctrination based on the dualism of ‘With us or against us,’ patriot or traitor. When politics surrenders to HyperNationalism in the name of the fatherland, millions die. Only the uber-rich profit from the slaughter.⚡️Chris Hedges is a journalist, minister, author, television host. He was a correspondent for The New York Times in Central America, the Middle East, Africa, the Balkans. He is the author of a dozen books, including America the Farewell Tour; War is the Force that Gives us Meaning; Empire of Illusion; Death of the Liberal Class; and Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt. Chris Hedges covered war up close in the Balkans, the Middle East, and Central America. For more on Chris, go to ⚡️For more, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch by Eurydice, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️Find our video episodes at ⚡️ #speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice #ChrisHedges #ProgressiveInternational
February 26, 2022
Ep 102: True Love, Sex as Transformation, Intellectual Intercourse Eve Eurydice w William T Vollmann
Eve Eurydice speaks with the acclaimed writer William T. Vollmann in a Valentine-special interview. We discuss Creativity as Transgression. Erotica. The Sexual Revolution. The Liberation of Man. Jung’s Anima & Animus. The Union of Opposites. Desire as unspeakable freedom from the bounds of the self, connection to timelessness, to the divine, to awe in nature. Love as submission to nature, especially challenging for the male who has been trained to conquer nature. The challenge for those who speak sex is to find balance between nature & culture, to overcome culture’s taboo separation between mind & body, to invent a new language that’s neither sentimentalism nor smut.⚡️To buy Eurydice’s new erotica, titled “Eve’s Academy,” follow this link to New Urge Editions:⚡️ For more, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch by Eurydice, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️Find our video episodes at ⚡️ #speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice #williamtvollmann #interview #podcast
February 14, 2022
Ep 101: A Journey of a Braid. Women Weaving from PrePatriarchy to Now. Eurydice Eve with Danié Gómez
Eve Eurydice speaks with Danié Gómez Ortigoza, a Mexican-American multi-media artist who practices braiding with intention. We discuss revisiting our relationship with our bodies and revaluing our natural bodies rather than leaving them behind and supplanting them with avatars. Danié sees our hair as a connection to our soul; as our body’s antennas or whiskers; in the manner of native peoples who are more attuned to nature. She uses braiding circles to create Portals of human connection and chakra protection and to set the mental frame for the day. When we give ourselves away without ego, we receive. We also discuss mothering. Motherhood is the work of not breaking continuity. Legally mother still belongs to patriarchy, bears the man’s name, lives in the man’s house, for the system of families has gone on after the Patriarchy, when the man was inserted in the center like the rooster and the family worked around him. Families existed before patriarchy and the dynamics between mothers and children have stayed constant despite the cultural interventions. Daily rituals centered mothers and children for millennia to earth herbs feminine time the cycles of nature and have survived the cultural war in various adaptations. The Knowledge in ancient native rituals is important for our survival especially if we end up having to become climate nomads. The metaverse will be extinct then. ⚡️For Danié, braiding is a portal into the soul and the main subject of her exploration of rituals and ancestry. Her project ‘Back to nature’ is a call for union and understanding the importance of reconnecting to Earth; in ‘Braiding Ceremony,’ she explores the act of braiding women into one hand-sewn fabric that brings all the braids together as one. Danié has worked as a television host for Disney, an advertising Copywriter and Digital Strategist in Mexico and Canada, Marketing Director for a media publication in Sweden, and correspondent for Glamour Mexico and Latin America in Miami, where she received a Fashion Group International Award. Danié sees community as the structure to re-engineer the world, and co-created ‘The Bazaar for Good,’ a philanthropic venture that uses fashion to raise funds for projects with social impact. For more on Danié, go to ⚡️ For more, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch by Eurydice, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to ⚡️ #speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice #journeyofabraid
January 22, 2022
Ep 100: The Psychology of Sex Work, Money & Gender in Post-Patriarchy. Eve Eurydice w Ingrid D’Aquin
Eve Eurydice speaks with Ingrid D’Aquin about what it’s like to be a Woman & separately a Sex Worker in 2021. We shed light on issues of choice, freedom & responsibility, youth & experience, & sexual exchange in capitalism. We agree that most people have one identity for life. Culture is manmade. We can shift our cultural allyship as we grow our boundaries change and accepting that we self judge less. We self update our operational system. Money affects our psychology. Money modifies our life choices. Money controls our behavioral patterns. Money determines what we consent to. Money informs our morals. Money is our promissory note. Money also muddles up our social contracts. We discuss marriage and dating, and Ingrid shares stories and insights from her decades of work in psychotherapy. For more on Ingrid D’Aquin, go to ⚡️ For more on Speak Sex, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch by Eurydice, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to ⚡️ #speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice #sexworkerpsychology
January 14, 2022
Ep. 99: Value Body over Mind, Nature over Culture for Balance. Eurydice w Silvia & Oscar, aerialists
Eve Eurydice speaks with Silvia Dopazo, an aerialist dancer from Galicia, Spain, who worked for Cirque du Soleil and Barnum, and is now creative artist of Aerial Move at Palapa Miami, and her creative partner, Oscar David Sanhueza Almonacid, a choreographer pole dancer aerial performer from Chile. #CirqueduSoleil is a global mentorship for circus performers, musicians, stage designers. Exercises involve core, flexibility, strong grip, mental focus, tope and tissue balance, solo silks, acro duo, strap dancing, stick manipulation, chains and group bungie, aerial tissues, acting, and pantomime.⚡️For more on Silvia & Oscar, buy tickets to see them perform at ⚡️Speak Sex, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch by Eurydice, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to ⚡️ #speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice #cirquedusoleil
December 25, 2021
Ep 98: At the Intersection of Sex & Money, where Patriarchy Lurks & Lures. Eve Eurydice w Po-Hong Yu
Human Social Liberation can only occur at the Intersection of Sex and Money where the Patriarchy Hits Us the deepest, and longest; at the intersection of our boundaries which is where we humans are most fecund. Eve Eurydice speaks with Po-Hong Yu, an Energetic healer, Daoist author, spiritual embodiment healer, acupuncturist and founder of COIN Money Manifestation Membership Groups. The truth is where the unspeakable is. The truth is what we don’t have a lexicon for. Stroke the truth. The more we stroke, the more we thaw, the more we unlock. The feminine is the most powerful force. It’s in a deficient space as the masculine has been in excess. We of the rising feminine self contract in order to appear masculine enough to be given a job a name a voice that’s not our male owner’s voice. We compress oppress camouflage gain weight hide our body everything about us that doesn’t fit in. We shut down. We can’t feel. Because this language isn’t our language, it’s the language of patriarchal authority. This 24-hr news cycle isn’t our time, it’s masculine time. The law, the medicine, the science isn’t ours. The global economy wants replaceable workers, & that’s why neoliberal feminism was permitted. Our procreative function is fully formed before our brain is fully formed because we have created so much excess culture that our brain takes longer to develop. A woman has 20 years to procreate. A man can inseminate for life. Yet women are judged by the same cycle where in our twenties we must study in our thirties begin a career. And the economy shows no respect for the work of a mother. Culture is geared toward one nonprocreative functionality. When we conceive we lose our freedom because we are no longer a dude. The assumed lack of control and agency that comes with the procreator body proves that our norms are masculinized. Our culture was set up to reverse man’s procreative disadvantage and has made up for his procreative dependency in a myriad ways. Even now that science and law have separated sex from procreation, society is stacked against the procreative feminine. Let us tap into our feminine and our procreator, awaken our non-masculine, and demand Radical Social change, a social programming update. ⚡️ For more on Po-Hong Yu, read Stop Hiding Behind Your Weight. ⚡️For more Speak Sex, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch by Eurydice, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to
December 11, 2021
Ep 97: Man’s Procreative Insecurity. Eve Eurydice on Procreative Relations, Mother in PostPatriarchy
Eve Eurydice explains the differences between Nature and Culture and the difference between love or lust and financial transaction. Eurydice believes we have entered in the West the era of Post Patriarchy. It is an era of chaos and confusion until we open a path toward a new social organization that’s no longer patriarchy. Humanity separated sex from procreation since the 1970s in silence and in law. It has yet to recognize this separation in mores and customs, in organized dynastic human relations. The power advantage of the mother has been denied and reversed through the thousands of years of Patriarchy. The reason for this was the procreative disadvantage of man, both biologically and epistemologically. Patriarchy was set up to reverse the procreative neediness of man and to provide man with access to means of genetic lineage. ⚡️WWII was a moment of reckoning that war among men was species-wide suicide. This led to technological and scientific development including the genetic sequencing, the key to paternity, the unraveling of the mystery of procreation. ⚡️We are all non procreators until we birth. All gender is social gender. ⚡️ Feminism has been another way for nonprocreators to control procreators. We need to revisit our history in order to begin to understand our future. Eurydice unpacks our romantic relationships and breaks down the precultural reasons of our love lives. ⚡️For more Speak Sex, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch by Eurydice, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to ⚡️#speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice #motherhood #procreativerelations #procreativedynamics #history #patriarchy #agrarianera #love #mating
November 28, 2021
Ep 96: Reproductive Law, Biological Fact. Is Legal Marriage Outdated? Eve Eurydice w Dinna Alexanyan
Eve Eurydice speaks with Dinna Alexanyan. A man needs to go to a woman to have children. A man needs to Own exclusive rights to a womb. That’s the real reason for the Patriarchy. The primal Reason for Marriage & Monogamy. We eliminated that reason long ago with DNA and paternity tests. We are going through the rituals of marriage and monogamy but the Meaning and the Necessity is absent. The Real Justification is Missing. It’s a Cultural Lie. The old Need for Marriage for the Perpetuation of Species is no longer. It’s a primordial Habit. It’s a Bad Habit we can Break. We have legally and scientifically separated Sex and Love from procreation. It’s a legal & scientific fact, but it’s not a social & moral fact yet. Socially we are lagging far behind our own science. We must update our mores and conventions. In Patriarchy, we understand Relationship as Ownership. Because our knowledge of it all starts with man seeking an exclusive ownership of the womb. And man’s urge gets mirrored back by women in love. We now conflate possession, esp. monetary possession, with love. We understand love as ownership, and love choice as risk ratio (the more you’re willing to risk, the more you show your love). Monogamy is procreatively obsolete but in our Patriarchy, love is driven by who’s the highest bidder. If we want true love, we must get the Government Out of Marriage. In place of Marriage, a couple can Come up with a public Marrying (& need be an advance Unmarrying) Ritual. If society takes the $ & perks out of Marriage, and if neither partner will lose the children, the property, the inheritance if they separate, if neither partner gets punished, if there’s a preexisting legal agreement in case of an uncoupling, only then can a coupling begin to be authentic and not enforced and transactional. ⚡️ Dinna Alexanyan is a licensed Psychotherapist, Theta Healer, teacher, Mediator, ordained Minister with a private practice of over 18 years serving clients nationally and internationally clients coping with trauma. Dinna is the Founder and Director of Sybarite Productions, a nonprofit organization committed to the mentoring and employment of youth in the arts, while teaching the importance of mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, including its infamous, 15+ year running, quarterly music, dance, film and art festival event - LOVEisLOVE Miami 10/16/21 and LOVEisLOVE WORLDWIDE. @sybariteproductions⚡️ For more Speak Sex, go to ⚡️ For books, art, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to ⚡️ For support, go to ⚡️ #speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice @eveeurydice #psychologyofmating #lovelanguage
October 10, 2021
Ep. 95: Tools to Liberate Men from the Patriarchy, Balance Mind w Body. Eve Eurydice w Michael Brody
Eve Eurydice speaks with Michael Brody, co-founder of the Crested Butte Film Festival, about life in Boulder Colorado where they found spiritual and somatic awakening, film through Stan Brackage Michael’s teacher at CU and literary writing. In this episode, Eurydice and Michael discuss being a man in the 21st century as a journey to integrate into wholeness and recast the masculine rites of passage into including the full spectrum of human relationship experience. Eurydice talks of Man’s Burden of Social Debt & Self-Censorship. Patriarchy doesn’t let man speak about everything man to man with nothing forbidden or diminishing; speaking truth in all the ways patriarchy has considered unmanlike. The restraints and censorships that the patriarchy (and the self raised snd trained in patriarchy) puts on men. Is man responsible for every birth he’s inseminated? Is it an assumed burden? Gender is obsolete nowadays but the weight of our patriarchal history is real and cages us all in our prescribed roles that define us since birth. The old norm culture keeps creating false social emergencies to get our attention away from the real challenges of evolution. ⚡️ Crested Butte Film Festival starts on Sept. 24 and runs until Oct. 3rd. Go watch it online at #cbfilmfestival ⚡️ Michael Brody has served as Co-Founder, Co-Director, and Artistic and Programming Director of Crested Butte Film Festival, in Colorado, named by MovieMaker Magazine as "one of the coolest film festivals in the world” for the past 11 years. Before that, he wrote, directed, and produced the feature film, "Document" and adapted several books into screenplays, including the Bill Duke directed, "Created Equal". ⚡️ For more Speak Sex, go to ⚡️ For books, art, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to
September 23, 2021
Ep 94: The Monogamy Assumption. The Science of Sex. Uncensored Open Smarter. Eve Eurydice w Dr Zhana
After millennia of human history, we have separated procreation from sexuality. For the first time in human history, we have the luxury of living our best sexual lives, and we have a million questions and new ideas about how to get there. Yet sexual shame and misinformation make it difficult to have the heart-to-heart conversations. Cancel-culture makes it dangerous to even ask certain questions. And on top of all this, a drawn-out pandemic is making human connection more elusive. Eve Eurydice speak with Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, a NYC-based sex and relationship consultant helping sexually adventurous individuals and couples live authentic, healthy, ethical lives. She holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Cornell University, teaches Human Sexuality courses at NYU, and hosts the online Uncensored Conversation series. #Uncensored is a conversation on zoom where people from all over the world discuss sex and relationships openly and honestly, moderated by Dr. Zhana. Her online course, Open Smarter, helps people make smarter decisions exploring non-monogamy. Today more than ever, we need better and longer conversations about sex, love, and relationships. ⚡️For more on Dr Zhana, go to ⚡️ For more on Speak Sex, go to ⚡️ For books, art, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to
July 30, 2021
Ep 93: Push the Boundaries of the Human Condition: Speak Lit Truth. Eurydice w Brandon Hobson
Eve Eurydice speaks with Brandon Hobson, author of The Removed and Where the Dead Sit Talking, citizen of the Cherokee nation. Truth is where we are free from identity, right where we overlap with each other. What is UnCensored Writing? How Do We Access the Deeps and How Do We Speak Truth? Creatives are motivated by the risks of journeying through the unknown. Art is an Act of Discomfort. How do we speak the Unspeakable? ⚡️ For more on Brandon, go to ⚡️For more on Speak Sex, go to ⚡️ For books, art, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to #EveEurydice #Indigenouswriter #Nativewriter
July 27, 2021
Ep 92: Revaluate Motherhood! Invest in Nature: Fund Independent Mothers Eve Eurydice w Ashley Peeler
Eve Eurydice talks natural birth and human propagation and the rites of womanhood with Ashley Peeler, a wellness coach, environmental health lobbyist, and clean living advisor who specializes in pre/postnatal corrective exercise and prevention from toxic exposure. Put your trust in our nature, not just in our culture! Sex and birth is what we are built for. We discuss medically assisted births, midwifery, birth and death doulas and other ritual thresholders, infertility treatments, emergency C sections, obstetricians, surrogates, and a woman’s right to choose whether she wants to be an object or a subject. We discuss raising healthy children, socialized healthcare, mindful spending, conscious consumerism, use of plastics and fragrances, chemical exposure, chronic illness, hormonal weight gain, migraines, mood and behavioral disorders, auto-immune disorders, anxiety screenings, purchasing choices, and making life choices based on monetary rewards. We discuss slowing down for nature: pregnancy and birth is a huge change. The body takes time to produce child and milk, and needs that time to comprehend that there is a new human at the climax of the birth journey. For more on Ashley’s work, go to ⚡️For more on Speak Sex, Go to ⚡️ For totes, books, art, merch go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, Go to ⚡️ ⚡️ #speaksexpodcast #eveeurydice #speaksexwitheve #mothersday #universalmother #theartfuldetox #mothernature #ashleypeeler @ashleypeeler @eurydiceeve
May 08, 2021
Ep 91: Art Against the Machine. Our Creative Purpose is Our Paradigm Shift Eve Eurydice w Nana Kwame
Eve Eurydice speaks with Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah, author of Friday Black, about our current googlified Categories of Creative Production and how they censor Creative freedom and Creative Purpose. We discuss Literary Writing as an unending Incantation and Exorcism. We discuss Blackness, Otherness, The Power of Saying No, The Power of Not Belonging in the context of Art. We call for a mass Paradigm Shift. The Patriarchy insists on dividing Mind from Body and monetizing Conceptual and Intellectual labor more than Embodied and Emotional Work. Creative Writing is only one aspect of Art. (Professional Writing, Essay Writing, Teaching of Writing are not.) Creative People Must Take Back the Production of Creation which stems out of Chaos and won’t be systematized. Our best Language is the echo of our beating pulse. So Write down the Body! Write what you’re Afraid to Say! Write what feels to you most Unspeakable!⚡️For more on Nana’s work, go to Nana is the winner of the Breakwater Review Fiction Contest, the PEN/Jean Stein Book Award, the National Book Foundation’s Five Under Thirty-Five, & his work has appeared in the New York Times Book Review, Esquire, Literary Hub, the Paris Review, Guernica, Longreads.⚡️For more on Speak Sex, Go to ⚡️ For totes, books, art, merch go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, Go to ⚡️ #speaksexpodcast #eveeurydice #nanakwame #speaklit #fridayblack
April 02, 2021
Ep 90: The Fabric of Fashion, Global Capital and Our Body Collective. Eve Eurydice w Rene Ruiz Miami
Eve Eurydice speaks with fashion designer Rene Ruiz, Miami’s dressermaker to the stars, winner of an Emmy for hosting MDC-TV's Fashion Forward documentary series. We discuss Name Brands & Globalization of the Craft, the Value of the Body to counterbalance the Business of the Mind, how Fashion connects the Collective Human Body to the Individual needs and aesthetic expressions. We discuss whether Fashion enslaves & objectifies people. We find the alternative of us all looking alike is so frightening that we can only associate it w tyranny, dictatorship, terror. We criticize Slavej Zizek who is predicting ‘the end of fashion’ & that fashion will become utilitarian. Eve says ‘fashion is the way in which culture daily touches the body intimately.’ Eve believes that ‘fashion is a fun way to show how our identity changes all the time.’ Covid-19 reminded us that We are One Collective Body. We are physically connected & interdependent. Plato described the Republic as an embroidery. Globalism has failed us because without global governance, with no enforcement of global laws, greed & injustice control the global market. The Future of Fashion? Buy Local! Rene was born in Cuba, studied in Europe, & launched his own luxury label in Miami with a sewing machine & $250. ⚡️For more on Rene’s work, go to The Rene by RR philosophy is European craftsmanship forged with the American spirit. ⚡️For more on Speak Sex, Go to ⚡️ For totes, books, art, merch go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, Go to ⚡️ #speaksexpodcast #eveeurydice #globaltrends #fashion #MiamiDesign #reneruiz #slavejzizek #plato @eveeurydice @speaksexpodcast @reneruiz03 @renebyrr
March 25, 2021
Ep 89: The Emergent New Masculinity. Feminine Cleanse, Embody Self-Integration Eve Eurydice w Hans M
Eve Eurydice speaks with Hans Morgenstern a writer and film critic journalist and producer for Channel 7 News who is also a practitioner of embodied spiritual intimacy and sexual polarity under the tutelage of John Wineland. In 2019 Hans put his longtime career in arts journalism and film criticism on hold and devoted his free time to yoga, meditation and conscious living. We talk about resetting dating habits, rituals he cultivated to go into conscious celibacy and reinforce it, the men's group he created, the parameters he set with feminine energy, side-effects like quitting drinking and smoking and exercising more, and his studies with #JohnWineland and #DavidDeida. Fresh off a 6-month feminine energy cleanse, Hans says he would still be trudging along lost and disconnected from himself had he not embarked on this New Masculinity.⚡️Men can lead the way into the post-patriarchy. Rather than feel that they are losing anything or that they are being blamed for past injustices. Our fathers & grandfathers stories show us the brutal models of masculinity & femininity that were handed down to us. Outside the strict #genderroles of the patriarchy, they’ll find freedom and become fully fledged humans. We are ripe for a Mass civilizational shift and for that we need men too. Men don’t have to depend on women to expose their emotions their wounds their needs, to live fuller lives. ⚡️For more on Hans’ work, Go to For more on Speak Sex, Go to ⚡️ For totes, books, art, merch go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, Go to ⚡️ #speaksexpodcast #eveeurydice #newmasculinity #femininecleanse #embodiedintegration #yinyang @eveeurydice @hans_morgenstern
March 12, 2021
Ep 88: Post-Reproductive Women! A Writer’s Passage through Menopause. Eve Eurydice w Darcey Steinke
Eve Eurydice speaks with Darcey Steinke, author of Flash Count Diary, a feminist fearless book about aging, desire, life. We discuss the shame and stigma attached to female aging. Darcey sees menopause as a channel through which new realms of possibility, depth, strength and growth are revealed. Transition from childhood to nubility to motherhood to Menopause is eventful and hormonal. Post Menopause is the first time in our cognizant lives when we can exist as persons free of gender difference & we have the opportunity to be who we are. The masculine capitalist productive time denies the feminine time of rest & embroidery, art & beauty, kinship-making & collective Wisdom. The stigma of menopause is a sign of the lasting power of the patriarchy. Women don’t look forward to the change as an emancipation because the young sexual - FERTILE - woman is very important to the patriarchy. Beauty is a social (patriarchal) programming. Sexuality, the numinous energy of life, is used by patriarchy to keep us all in our place in its reproductive order. We Err on the side of Reason At the expense of Emotion. But the ecstatic ekphrastic traditions—Ritual, Instinct, Faith—are as important as the attributes of Reason. Pregnancy, child rearing, eldercare, art and body care teach us to live in feminine time. If we divorce ourselves from our patriarchal identity, if we don’t get our self worth exclusively from this culture that merely quantifies us, if we remember that we can always choose our identity, as we Discard our reproductive self, we will enter a time of balance and equilibrium. Mature women bring together into the rising feminine the ancestral grandmother knowledge passed down to us & the feminist lessons that the leaders of our movements have given us. In our day, women of menopausal age wield & command extraordinary power. It’s ironic that women come into our most powerful after we complete our maternal work. Most female world leaders —Golda Meir margaret thatcher Indira Gandhi Ruth Ginsburg Madeleine Albright—were elders. We live longer non-fertile than fertile lives. Darcey has also authored the memoir Easter Everywhere and 5 novels: Sister Golden Hair, Milk, Jesus Saves, Suicide Blonde, & Up Through the Water. Her web story Blindspot was in the 2000 Whitney Biennial. For more on Darcey’s work, Go to For more on Speak Sex, Go to ⚡️ For Eurydice totes, books, art, merch go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, Go to ⚡️ #speaksexpodcast #darceysteinke #eveeurydice @eveeurydice @darceysteinke #menopause #risingfeminine #feministlives
February 26, 2021
Ep. 87: Self-Love Autoromance Autosexuality. The Spectrum of Self Satisfaction. Eve Eurydice w Chris
An episode for those of you who are alone, unattached or unsatisfied this Valentine’s Day. Of special interest during quarantine. Eve Eurydice speaks with Chris Hume, Director, Editor, Animator, Agitator, Yogi. Autosexuals are still a 90% invisible community. Coming Out is so 20th c. We don’t have to hide our sexuality–if we do, it becomes our taboo or our ‘dirty secret’ & takes on an exclusive air we may not intend for it. It may feel selfish to discuss it but practicing calling desires by their names & asking other people for their experiences helps banish social shame. This is how we evolve: by redescribing, recasting our Sexual drama. Autosexuality was coined by sex therapist Bernard Apfelbaum in 1989 to refer to people who have trouble being turned on by someone else sexually. But feeling turned on by yourself is common; some experience it more like an orientation, feeling more aroused by themselves than by others. Autosexuals are more comfortable in their own company, unlike narcissists who crave outside attention & constant validation. Autosexuals can be pleasers & daters who still prefer private personal sexual experiences. Auto sexuality starts w self-consolation & going out alone before it becomes a preference. For more on #SpeakSex, go to For totes, books, art go to ⚡️ For Apple subscribe to ⚡️For video, subscribe to ⚡️ #speaksexpodcast More about Chris Hume at Shoot and Run Productions #autosexuality
February 14, 2021
Ep 86: Let Boys Play. Online Games Free Men. MML e-Sports Sublimate Macho Rites. Eve Eurydice w Raph
Eve Eurydice speaks with 21-year-old gamer Raphael Lewis about the vast parallel universe of interactive online gaming. 2020 gave men more social permission to hang out online on Discord etc. In real life people are stuck replicating ancient & obsolete gender-based roles that used to be proper. Online, People Learn that We Have Full Control of Our Identity & We can change Who We Are, How we Present. In real life it’s hard to understand that we all have Agency & don’t have to obey. People who play online games w friends report feeling better. 40% of players want to financially support themselves by playing if they can find a way. The inter-action is more attractive than the passivity of TV or other screen watching. Gaming is the Future of Entertainment. Multiplayer MML games add the fun of the unpredictability of human interaction to spectator entertainment. Interaction is the future of education replacing our authoritative centralized system. E-games are growing bigger than any sport (U.S. teams lag far behind their counterparts in Asia, where e-sports are a way of life, where gamers compete as children and pros train 18 hours a day.) Gaming Liberates young men from brutal bloody rituals of scarification & war, from the duty of killing each other, calling each other out to duels, being drafted to war, fighting it out. Young men Experience all that metaphorically while growing up—experience sexism aggression opposition competitiveness through roles & avatars. This gets them out of the extreme stereotyping of their normative, dualist identity-forming required in the ‘normal’ world. Number 1 game in the world is: #LeagueofLegends. Number 2 is: #WorldofWarcraft. Number 3 is: #Minecraft. Number 4 is: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, #Siege. Number 5 is: #AmongUs. Followed by: #CallofDuty, #AngryBirds, #CandyCrush, #Destiny2. For more on #SpeakSex, go to For totes, books, art go to ⚡️ For Apple subscribe to ⚡️For video, subscribe to ⚡️ #speaksexpodcast #onlinegaming #videogames #gaming #gamingcommunity #gamerlife
January 31, 2021
Ep. 85: The New Uncoupling. Eve Eurydice w Human Connection Kara on the Gift of Conscious Separation
Eve Eurydice speaks with Kara Baruzzini, a Conscious event leader, who teaches Human Connection & intuitive yoga about Not Suffering. @eveeurydice speaks with @kara.makingwaves on the Power of the Rising Feminine Not to Suffer Patriarchy’s Dramas of Separation & Loss in Uncoupling. Emotional language is the language of the rising feminine, of what patriarchy calls instinct. When we let our past conditioning tell the story of what we are experiencing to our brain, we get stuck in repeating behaviors that are not our own choices, nor are within our logic. But our Emotion can be rewritten. We can repeat the language we have seen our families use or we can create our own language. Love is a leap of faith. Separation is a leap of faith too. A leap of faith is also the choice of our heart to accept and support the ending (the completion) of a relationship as another version of our empowerment. Scars incl psychic scars and ancestral traumas are the vocabulary of therapy and they imply illness. Breakups are normal. 50% of marriages 60% of second marriages 70% of third marriages ‘fail.’ Practically speaking, the system has lied to our brains. Our brains expect relationship success must be everlasting. Rather than seasonal and cyclical. Nature goes through the annual season of beginning & ending, of birth & death & then rebirth. So do humans in nature. The darkness is nurturing. Hearts don’t break. The ego, the identity, breaks. That’s what hurts. It’s not humanly possible to sustain one couple per lifetime without outside enforcement, legal requirement, and authoritarian control. We have evolved legally, socially, morally, but not emotionally. We still speak in terms of the inherited drama modeled for us by TV & movies, by our ancestors & peers. The weight of our cultural inheritance pulls us in the direction of pain, the narrative of recrimination & victimization & revenge. We as individuals & as a society must rewrite the narrative of love & celebrate the courage that it takes to move on. We must resist the mass weight of the past. We must take up the work of resisting the pull of the previous millennia in order to hear our own new voice. We complete the relationship. We journal. We open healthy space. We hold emotion containers to be sad or angry in. We create an altar in nature. We Build ritual around our agency to fortify it. We exchange completion & consolation words. We hold a business meeting. We agree on how we will behave next. We find what we are grateful for. We give affirmations & thanks. There is no love greater than the strength to say goodbye. The new you is not the old you. The Patriarchy is Old Earth. On the other side of all that, the Feminine is Rising. Find her at @karamakingwaves @speaksexpodcast For more on Speak Sex, go to For totes, books, art go to ⚡️ on Apple, subscribe to ⚡️For video, subscribe to #speaksexpodcast #uncoupling #therisingfeminine #divorcedrama #powerbreakup #separationhowto
January 15, 2021
Ep. 84: Gender, Slavery, Politics, Scandal & Lies in the White House. Eurydice Eve w Biz Mitchell
Comparing Trump to Lincoln. Eve Eurydice speaks with Elizabeth Mitchell—author of Lincoln’s Lie: a true civil war caper through fake news, Wall Street, & the White House—about history & politics, Gender & Patriarchy, Abe & Mary Lincoln, shopaholics man & murder at the theatre, the civil war & Slavery as an existential issue for the American Experiment. We live in historically potent times & we can understand the present instability better when we look closely to our past. Men in the public sphere still fight dirty for dominance. Women are still judged by the male gaze, no matter what we achieve in work & motherhood. We all get trapped by the demands of self-presentation & have no way to get out of the old dualisms. The way out is to restructure language & meaning & our consciousness so that we can contain all our contradictions at once into one continuous weave. America was founded on behalf of multiplicity instead of central authoritative truth, inclusion instead of identity optics. America’s promise is to unite the opposites under the democratic ideal. The conundrum is when we all believe we are fighting for democracy & are willing to die for it & not understand that we stand on the same side. ⚡️ Humanity is both ineffably flawed & ineffably beautiful. Biz Mitchell has also authored Liberty's Torch: The Great Adventure to Build the Statue of Liberty, The Fearless Mrs. Goodwin, & more. Find her at @bizmitchell @elizabethmitchellauthor For more on Speak Sex, go to @speaksexpodcast Read more History, Write less Code. Incorporate our Human Complexity into the Internet. That should be the goal of the Lincoln Project. ⚡️ For podcast on Apple, Subscribe to ⚡️For video interviews, follow
December 24, 2020
Ep. 83: Cupid & Covid: The Social Dilemma of Online Dating Apps Romance 2020. Eve Eurydice w Matthew
Has Online Dating Changed the Way We Date & Mate & Like Each Other? How has Covid-19 affected Romance in 2020? Eve Eurydice speaks to Matthew James about online dating apps & the resulting changes in human mating behaviors. The idea of love alone releases happy neurochemicals into the body. We get a chemical release just from getting likes & attention. When the dopamine hits of desire are mediated by phonescreens & apps, our expectations of pleasure change source. The Chemical Release is affected by a third party: the algorithm. Eve Eurydice speaks with Matthew about the different ways in which dating apps are changing our dating behaviors. The goal of the app is to keep bringing us back to the app. The goal of the app can’t be to no longer be needed. The app wants to change our behavior so that we’ll go through apps to find ppl to be romantic with. We are the product: we wanting & seeking love in the world What’s the Ratio of investment of time to relationship? Apps are better for temporary hook-ups or short-term partnerships. Apps train our brain to have low expectations—a quickie instead of true love. The proliferation of potential matches itself is prohibitive. We do not have time to know each person enough to make an honest choice. We get inundated emotionally on the human level. From then we focus on superficial contact. Intimacy is the False Promise of Social Media. Social Media is part of our Public Life. Our dating life is private. It’s where we hope to be accepted in our vulnerable truth. Love is unconditional trust. From an evolutionary standpoint, the apps show us what is not love. ⚡️ @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice For more Speak Sex content, go to or go to
December 15, 2020
Ep 82: Value your Body. Happiness is Harmony. Stay Young w Tantra. Eve Eurydice w Laurie Handlers
Tantra in the 21st century. Eve Eurydice speaks sexual justice, how to find harmony and happiness, the institution of marriage, tantric wisdom, Gestalt practices, the optics of sex & the effects of the digital lifestyle on the Body with Laurie Handlers—author of Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy. We discuss Tantra as a way of life. Tantra removes the ego so we can Embrace what is as what we want. The idea of the 'Secret' has been confused for the individual manifesting his or her will on the world—it’s not; the idea of self-love has been misunderstood as loving the self instead of others; yoga is seen as a workout instead of a holistic spiritual practice. The overcapitalization of humanity robs it of its power & essence. Capitalization takes the Spirit out of the practice. Spiritual teaching takes time. It’s unteaching. It's the Breath. Breath is Spirit. The meaning of happiness is harmony. Harmony is tantra. The pursuit of happiness in the Constitution was written to mean harmony. We need to elevate the sexual experience in society, to culturally validate the body. Laurie has offered sexual health & happiness courses for corporations & individuals throughout the world since 1999. For the past 10 years, she's hosted the weekly radio podcast Sex and Happiness, has produced and starred in 3 independent award-winning films, and is Lead Faculty at ISTA (International School of Temple Arts). She teaches Extraordinary Lovers, Tantra Meets BDSM, What's Sex Got to Do with Aging. For more visit @lauriehandlers @eveeurydice @eurydiceeve @speaksexpodcast For more Speak Sex content, go to or for videos go to
December 02, 2020
Ep. 81: Strongman Masculinity Turns on the Body Politic. Eve Eurydice w Latinx Rafael on 2020 Vote
The Paradox of the Trump Charisma: Why Strongman Masculinity Cliches brought out the diverse Latinx vote in Miami. Why Strongman Masculinity Turns on the Body Politic. Eve Eurydice Demystifies the pro-Trump vote 2020 with Rafael Gomez, who teaches Latin studies at Lehman College with a focus on the Latinx experience in the United States, incl. the migratory experience of the Latinx population. He’s a Ph.D. Candidate in Latin American & Caribbean Studies at SUNY Albany. We trace how Trump reactivated the primal instincts we were raised on. Inadvertently people who fled sectarian conflict zones led by strongmen resonate with Trump’s reprise of the role of the charismatic Supreme Leader. They find Trump-as-Fearless Leader comfortably familiar. He’s the American strongman. MAGA is a political populist cult. The Miami Latin vote is emotional nostalgia for the reassurance of dictators, for the strong leader who’s willing to punish. It’s not the success of better spin by the Trump brand nor the micro targeting of GOP messaging. It’s the Dynastic Drama played out by the two-party-only system. Miami’s Latin vote disproved the urban rural opposition. So no Democratic landslide in 2020 due to the loss of Florida which is poised to expand its stand your ground law. When the patriarchy is all we know, it’s hard to imagine how to move forward so we move backward looking for safety in the familiar. Trump is that abusive partner you know is toxic but you are hooked on the intensity. Trump is the narcissist who makes you feel good because he senses what you want him to promise & he’ll say anything. The Trump hit is emotional. Pure reality TV. The Dems can’t undo it with logic, fearmongering & identity politics. The way out of the patriarchy is expanding our span, our consciousness, our view of our options. The internet works when it opens up our horizons. The internet hurts when it amplifies our tribal instincts instead of our options out of past conditioning. For more go to @speaksexpodcast
November 13, 2020
Ep. 80: Change your Physiology from Fear to Freedom: Mind-Body Balance. Eve Eurydice w Enchant Shane
Reunite the Female body: Sex & Mother (Money & Respect)! Unite your Mind & Body, Culture & Nature. Change your Physiology from Fear to Freedom. The valuation differences that patriarchy assigns to the female body in & outside marriage, in & outside strip club, in & outside procreation are due for a MASS UPDATE! Here’s Why. Our brain’s prefrontal lobe is the New Frontier. Our norms our beliefs our habits can be remade but the Fear of Being Shunned Silences Us. If you want to know what ‘liberated’ women are talking & thinking about right now, tune into this episode. Eve Eurydice speaks wisdom, consciousness and real-life practical ways out of gender wars and political wars and verbal wars with Shane Kulman aka Enchantress, a transformational guide for sensitive folk. Founder of The Awkward Academy and New York’s Awkward Enchanted Coven, Shane is the author of From Anxiety to Ease, The Feminine Way. Shane has a master’s in special education and she brings embodiment, authentic relating, & improvisation to relationships. For more, go to ⚡️Find Eve Eurydice at ⚡️ Find Shane at @eveeurydice @speaksexpodcast @enchantressshane For video interviews, follow
October 30, 2020
Ep. 79: #FreeBritney Spears Give Mothers Human Rights, End Conservatorships! Eve Eurydice w Kevin Wu
Eve Eurydice speaks with Kevin Wu who runs the account @freebritneyla & advocates for Britney. For 12 years, Britney Spears has been stripped of her basic human rights under a conservatorship reserved for incapacitated individuals. Conservatorship can be used by the courts to reinforce Female Domestic Captivity. In 2007 Britney, as a 26-year-old celebrity & new Mom going through a public divorce, was hounded by the tabloid media & she had a breakdown. She committed no crimes, but her Dad James & his business manager Lou Tyler petitioned the California courts for a Conservatorship over her person & her estate. Her doctors joined in this corrupt scheme that gave her Dad access to Probate Conservatorship of the kind meant for old people who suffer from dementia. For the past 12 years Britney isn’t a person. Her Dad is Britney. He decides whether & where she works, whether & what she drives, whether & whom she sees, whether & what she sings & he signs her name on deals as if she were a woman in past centuries. He manages the fortune she has earned as ‘a liberated’ woman. She has 30% supervised visitations. Her ex took a restraining order on her Dad thereby lessening the time she can spend with her kids (one man, the current father & patriarch vs her father & previous patriarch, fighting for control over her children who will eventually inherit her $600M trust). This is how patriarchs control their adult daughters' or wives' behavior. Britney’s case is now precedent. This week the #FreeBritney movement, spearheaded by Spears’ fans, has won Britney the right to her own attorney after 12 years! Attend free Britney rallies, promote them, & boycott the brand that provides the funds that are the incentives for keeping Britney hostage. A conservatorship strips a person of the legal rights to even fight it. That’s why most conservatorships survive until death: The people subject to them lack the legal ability to escape from them. For more see For more speak sex, go to #freebritney @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @eurydiceeve
October 17, 2020
Ep. 78: Redefine #Womban Fertility, Misogyny, Sex Taboos & Free the V. Eve Eurydice w the Vaginablog
Eve Eurydice speaks sex, natural birth, wombxn’s rights, sexual justice, menstrual cups, & all things Vagina with doula & coach April Davis, founder of the Vagina Blog. Going down the Cultural Rabbit Hole of systemic misogyny, the laws & words & customs of patriarchy, the truths & facts of womb ownership & the taboos surrounding it. Patriarchy exists to punish & oppress womben for having the reproductive advantage over men. What is a Mother? When does Motherhood start & womanhood stop? Can women have bodily freedom & independence while they are with child? Patriarchy exists to protect men from women. For answers to questions about the vagina go to ⚡️For more on how to speak sex, follow Speak Sex w Eve podcast on Spotify or YouTube or go to ⚡️Find Eve Eurydice at ⚡️ @thevaginablog @speaksexpodcast
October 03, 2020
Ep 77: Transformational Choices for Transformational Times. Eve Eurydice synergy w Simrit Kaur Music
Eve Eurydice speaks art & life, Greek lineage & kundalini devotion, the American South & Yogi Bhajan with the famous singer songwriter artist Simrit Kaur Khalsa. Simrit is a spiritual leader whose concert performances, global meditation events, & healing retreats bring together diverse seekers of change. As we are all being shaken out of our collective complacency, we are each being asked to give voice to the deep, ancient, feminine, inner wisdom that flows to us via our intuitive heart & biological instinct so that we can manifest love, justice, & freedom for all people & all living beings. Simrit and her band produce music that's unencumbered by the need for narrow genre distinctions, synthesizing different influences into original work—which is the only way we can speak Sex. As truth tellers & originals. For more on Simrit, follow her on Spotify or go to ⚡️ For more on how to speak sex, follow Speak Sex w Eve podcast on Spotify or YouTube or go to or ⚡️ For video interviews, follow
September 26, 2020
Ep 76: Love Drama-free, Commit to Your Truth. Marry Yourself Ceremony. Eve Eurydice w Michelle Alva
Eve Eurydice speaks with Michelle Alva, creator of the Alva Method of Healing, a process of self-discovery that teaches us to connect deeply to the present moment, align to our heart & soul & sexual body, create heart coherence & awaken our intuition. We discuss self-love & selfless love, how we can reprogram our Neurolinguistic templates to redefine our expectations of unconditional love to manifest our self healing to turn codependency into interdependence! Marrying our selves is a symbolic first step on this path. We tell ourselves to expect love not from specific people but from our own core & from life itself—so we don’t behave in order to be liked by other people which gives us anxiety stress dependency but so that we are fulfilled & feel authentic. Love isn’t something we get from other people. Love is agency, consistency & sovereignty. If we rewrite our narrative of love, we can create a mass transition to a better society. Relationships are projections of how we see ourselves & how we perceived our childhoods—which is too arbitrary to spend the rest of our lives replaying & perpetuating. We can let go of drama & trauma. We can live lighter happier lives. At the end, Eve marries herself & commits to love & respect herself. Michelle’s vows, which Eve repeats in the podcast ceremony, can be found online along w her online classes at Michelle Alva has spent the past 23 years studying health & wellness modalities that unite science with ancient healing practices. She empowers people to self-integrate & to explore sexuality & sensuality from an intuitive perspective. ⚡️ For more ways to Speak Sex, go to or
September 18, 2020
Ep 75: Consensual NonMonogamy: Triads, Polyfidelity, Jealousy Survival. Eve Eurydice Kitty Chambliss
Eve Eurydice speaks conscious sex with Kitty Chambliss, founder of the Loving Without Boundaries website & fb community, & relationship coach & polyeducator. Her mission is to normalize ethical monogamy--a monogamy that partners who can speak Sex can negotiate & agree on. The patriarchy’s 'rule' has been that exclusive monogamy is ethical &, by partiarchy's law of opposites, all non-monogamy is immoral. By separating our moral from sexual practices, we can be true & honest to our partners & to our authentic evolving selves. Kitty has written numerous blog posts on these topics, incl. her "Jealousy Survival Guide," & interviewed folks who specialize in the field of emergent conscious sexuality on her podcast. Ethical non monogamy is a way to save marriages & long term partnerships. As we evolve out of our sexual oppression into experimentation with honest freedom, we must slow down our learned reactions so we can be sure we behave not as we have been taught but from authenticity. We can heal each trauma or jealousy or insecurity as we become aware of it. Uncomfortable feelings are engine lights that go on to tell us we need to heal something. Lasting intimacy is unconditional acceptance. The norm still insists on the old obsolete way of being a couple when most marriages end in divorce. The dominant culture glorifies & spotlights that tunnel vision of romance & true love. We haven’t had healthy role models in our parents who were deeper in the old social conditioning. So we all have to change our social conditioning to begin to approximate our truth. We owe it to our children first & then to our partners & to ourselves to bring awareness to the world. If you want a life of integrity, if you wanna be Sex positive in a Sex negative world, Speak Sex! For more on Kitty, go to For more ways to Speak Sex, go to or @speaksexpodcast @lovingwithoutboundaries
September 08, 2020
Ep 74: Knowledge is Power: Retell your Narrative No Shame. Eve Eurydice w the Shameless Psychiatrist
Eve Eurydice speaks with Dr. Lea Lis, best known as the shameless psychiatrist, author of the book “No Shame: Real Talk with Your Kids.” Dr. Lis shares healthy ways out of our fear & shame. Our discomfort with sex is the result of the narrative of shame that tells us that sex involves loss disease trauma; this narrative leads people to self-medicate in order to be sexual with each other because all our formative cultural messages tell us Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t (often in the voices of our parents!) even though we are all hard wired to be sexual & to experience consensual sex as pleasure. Society puts up barriers to adulthood. Sexual initiation feels unsafe throughout a person’s life. Systemic change requires not only individuals seeking therapy or coaching or advice, but us as a society to make a mass change that eliminates peer pressure, generational prohibitions, intersectional disrespect etc. For more, go to @speaksexpodcast or or or More about Dr. Lea   @shamelesspsychiatrist @drlealis
August 28, 2020
Ep 73: Money Matters! Financial Fluency is Freedom for Women at Work Eve Eurydice w Kathryn Mikesell
Eve Eurydice speaks with Kathryn Mikesell, co-founder & executive director of Fountainhead Arts Residency & Studios non-profit. We discuss her relationship with motherhood, art, community, career—& money in the art world & the post-covid world, the SHARE Economy & the unpaid labor that is motherhood. Kathryn created the ideal job for her. Her openness to self-creation, self-invention, & change is what America does best. She started in car sales, moved into technology & brought her skills into the world of art. For Kathryn & for Eve work is about the people, people caring about each other, in synergy & synchronicity. We all open each other up. We spotlight each other. We close with a talk on Money Matters. After 12-16 yrs in school most Americans lack financial literacy. People have just as difficult a time talking about money as sex. The language of money is the language of intimacy. Let’s speak together with openness & compassion. For more, go to @speaksexpodcast or or or Find Kathryn at
August 22, 2020
Ep 72: Power is in Pleasure, Freedom is in Knowledge. Queer Intersect Poly Sex Ed. Eve w Adwhoreable
Speak Sex for Empowerment, Collective & Personal. Eve Eurydice speaks with Roman Cohen, a queer non binary polyamorous sex activist & founder of Roman, who's majoring in Gender Studies at Skidmore College, is committed to Intersectional pleasure-centered practical digital sex education, physical & mental well-being, sex info & personal advice. @adwhoreable promotes communication as the key to sexual health. That’s the mission of Speaking Sex. For more, go to @speaksexpodcast or or #sexualwellness #mentalhealth #digitalsexed #sexed
August 15, 2020
Ep 71: Bodies, Babies, Borders, Abolition Feminism. Economy of Sex. Eve Eurydice Yale Gender Studies
Eve Eurydice speaks with Chloe & Jessie, PhD students in Gender Studies at Yale & UC Berkeley who are a loving gay couple (one of them is trans). We talk about the fractured state of liberal feminism after the 2016 election & the direct correlation between today’s feminism & the anti capitalism anti racism anti mass incarceration anti police movements that challenge the existing hierarchical structures of oppression. It’s important to interrogate the way we each see ourselves & place ourselves in the world in order to improve it. If oppression first happened because of the gender discrepancy in biological reproduction; if male oppression of females is the first & oldest systemic oppression, driven by male biological insecurity & resulting urge to take over & control the means of Re/Production; then all oppression is based on the model of patriarchal control of the womb. This doesn’t mean that the role we play in reproduction places us in donation-oppression categories ‘naturally.’ This oppression doesn’t happen in nature. In fact, women’s oppression was intensified in Victorian times with the advent of the Industrial Revolution & Colonialism. As we evolve, our vocabulary keeps changing; we get to coin words for things that were unspeakable or shameful; new words that come free of judgment & self harming shame; so by participating in speaking sex, we get to use more words that speak of social change & expand our own voice. Rather than go on with the vocabulary we grew up with that hurts people’s feelings & disrespects or marginalizes most of us in different ways, we can choose to update our vocabulary. That’s the mission of Speaking Sex. For more, go to @speaksexpodcast or or
August 09, 2020
Ep 70: The Digital Sexual Revolution. Body Wisdom will Heal us. Eve Eurydice w Heather of Pleazeme
Eve Eurydice speaks with Heather Montgomery, founder & CEO of, the facebook of sexuality. This online community for sexual awareness & inclusivity offers personalized worlds & interactions. Membership is by avatar--anonymous & free. We can’t talk about sexual harassment without talking about Sex. We can’t have sexual abuse without sexual health. MeToo opened the floodgates Of speaking Sex in the World. It has Helped Make Sex Visible & helped us begin to accept our sexuality openly without feeling devalued humiliated disrespected & Sex shamed. How do we Release the Old Defenses that Once Kept Us Women Safe in order to Make Choices That Free Up Our Creativity & Capacity to Heal Ourselves & Each Other? How do we unlearn our unconscious sexual views & prejudices & practices? How do we overcome these social biases & embrace our bodies & sexuality honestly? How do we Protect children from sex trafficking & mental slavery? We start by Letting Go Our Attachment to our Learned Habits. The internet is full of learning platforms that encourage Women’s Sexual Genital Presence in the public sphere. We start by admitting that we are each a naked body. Instead of using power to obtain sex, we can trust our body to lead the way to sexual health. Instead of exchanging sex as a commodity, we can aim to Heal the world through safe, open sexuality. That’s the task of our sexual liberation. The dominant  social structure has made normative macho males dominant & normative femme women submissive. It wants us to restrict & demonize & belittle & shame sexuality. We need fresh tools to communicate about sexuality in order to break the cycle of abuse & provide healing to the sexually abused so the world can be a happier, healthier place. Our coping mechanisms are to Control Or Please others )get along, avoid conflict), Self-Isolate (go into our head) or Distract ourselves away from our own evolution. 90% of women have been sexually abused raped assaulted harassed. 100% have felt fear of attack while in public. 100% of women have self censored, dressed down, toned down, hidden & disguised their bodies to earn more social respect & more physical security. By age 24 most living women have experienced sexual harassment. By 48 they will again if we don’t change the culture. Our Sexuality binds us together. Our sexual perspectives don’t divide us the way our sociopolitical perspectives do. It’s healthy for us as individuals not to be too precisely defined by our habits, to be open to evolving & adapting to the consciousness updates that happen to us as we mature. For more go to or or @speaksexpodcast @pleazeme.channels @eveeurydice @pleazemesocial
July 24, 2020
Ep 69: Demonetize Sex, Invest in Wombxn, End #SexTourism. Eve Eurydice on How Money Buys Consent
Eve Eurydice speaks with artists Kathy Kissik & Maia Lyn-Simmora about the monetization of sex in our culture that trains us to eroticize the domination & dehumanization of our beloved. Monetization of Intimacy devalues our Humanity. Regardless of our moral views on Sugar Baby culture, Sex Tourism, Mail Brides, Millionaire Match, The Bachelor, Seeking Arrangements, Ashley Madison type dating apps are a backlash. Sex Lib has been turned into another business for the patriarchy (Daddy rule). Sex for profit perpetuates the separation of self from sex & the primacy of the male (the taker, the payer, the client, the customer) that devalues the female. When men pay, women feel indebted, obligated to service the men in exchange; that affects our view of sexuality & the type & quality of the sex exchange. Demonetizing sex starts in our heads. Finding our truth is worth a loss of income. Liberating sexuality from its monetization is a healthy practice of self-liberation, self-dignity, self-understanding. Money for sex empowers the Dom/Sub binary hierarchy in our society. It is not ‘normal’ that the body, & esp. the female body, is sub to the mind, & esp. the male mind, & is paid little or nothing for the labor only the body can do, which includes birth & motherhood. This monetary distribution rewards generational wealth in families of privilege & propagates cliche dynamics of marriage & romance that perpetuate female monetary dependency. For more go to @speaksexpodcast Watch at
July 22, 2020
Ep 68: Own Your Identity: Rainbow Pronouns, Gender Fluidity, Queer ‘I.’ Eve Eurydice w Protest Poets
Eve Eurydice speaks with Farah C Yamini & Rosen T Gordon, non-binary queer Miami-based poets, activists, scholars. Farah is programming director of Reading Queer & mentors the SoFla Protest Poets. Rosen is the administrator of the Rainbow Rights PAC, member of SoFla Protest Poets & performs slam poetry centering zhir identities. Naming has long been a normative tool of the patriarchy. Gender claiming is a creative human act: we get to create who we are in the world & how we are described. Our orientation, our attraction, our sexuality. We get to redefine it as we evolve. We don’t have to embody static identities. There are so many different forms of attraction. We can clarify our desires for the sake of honest communication & at the same time participate in the creation & use of the language. Linguistic intimacy, linguistic respect & specificity are a daily means of social intervention & resistance to the dominant propaganda. Rosen T. Gordon (zhe, zhir, zhirs) utilizes the intersectionality framework coined by Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw in zhir fight for the rights of LGBTQIA+ POC marginalized communities & fights for social justice. Rosen guides us into the practice of renaming & specifying our gender identity, understanding how & why. For more go to or watch Find us at @speaksexpodcast @yaminifarah @reformistrevolutionaryrosen @eveeurydice
July 05, 2020
Ep 67: Make America Queer Again: Let Your Freak Flag Fly! Eve Eurydice w drag queen Shelley Novak
Eve Eurydice speaks with drag comedian Tommy Strangie aka Shelley Novak, creator of the Shelley Novak Awards, host of the Shut Up and Listen! w Shelley Novak podcast. Shelley was voted Best of Drag by the Miami New Times twice and received the city of MB Local Hero Pink Flamingo award. Shelley started her career at Kenny Scharf’s hotel in the Birdcage-Priscilla, Queen of the Desert-Lucky Changs-Gianni Versace-Madonna-Gloria Estefan 90s and has been a Miami drag icon for 27 years. Shelley shares her take on Ru Paul, Courtney Act, Bianca del Rio, Serena ChaCha, and S.F. classic Drag Queens Adora, Queef Latina and Elaine Lancaster. In the great tradition of men dressing as women, Gender Illusionists are nightlife staples because people visit Miami to let down their social mask and their social branding facade. The gay community lost a generation during the AIDS crisis in the 80s and recognizes the Dis-ease analogies with covid-19 as illness-phobia brainwashes people into predictable, normative behavior. Gender blender is a self liberation practice, and freedom from self is freedom from patriarchy since 'self' is a construct of the patriarchy. Getting in a dress is a political act. Shelley recites George Carlin’s '7 Words You’ll Never Hear on Television' and helps people take care of each other. #pride #speaksex @justsayshelley @speaksexpodcast or visit Go to Watch us
June 23, 2020
Ep 66: From I to We, from Illness to Wellness, from Excess to Balance! Eve w Dr Quant Viva la Vulva
Eve Eurydice speaks sex with Dr. Cara Quant, an internal medicine physician & the founder of Viva La Vulva, an organization that educates on female sexual health via multimedia visual arts events that bring together art & medicine & use art for social healing. Viva La Vulva’s mission is to break down the barriers that stop us from talking & learning about female sexual health in a way that transcends race, culture, age or geography. Dr. Cara noticed women’s sexual health issues are overlooked by the medical community, incl. sexual abuse & coercion, pregnancy, pelvic stress, menopause, cultural norms, STD protection & lack of desire. We discuss the importance of right & left brain integration & our goal to get our message to as many people as possible. In a society that devalues motherhood & femininity & views sexual pleasure as time-wasting indulgence, many women are more comfortable talking about sex w their doctors. We discuss the medical benefits of sexual pleasure & female orgasm. Education is the key to overcoming social prejudice & silence. Did you know that the clitoris has 8000 nerve endings & its only purpose is female pleasure? For more info on Dr Cara & her work, go to ⚡️ Want to learn more about how to Speak Sex? Go to Watch @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @vivalavulvala @drcaraquant
June 15, 2020
Ep 65: The Death of the Patriarchy: Eve Eurydice w Porochista Khakpour on Being Women Who Write
Eve Eurydice speaks with Porochista Khakpour, author of Sick, Brown Album, The Last Illusion, Sons and Other Flammable objects, intellectual valley girl recipient of a 2012 NEA. She’s a girl after my own heart—plus we both have Persian last names, similar moms, experimental prose writer creds, mold survival expertise, & sexual fluidity. We talk about divesting ourselves of the Patriarchy Aesthetic & the Addiction to Materialism which is America’s fundamentalism. If we no longer equate good with profitable, we can evaluate our choices & the choices of others in socially meaningful, impactful ways. Profit drove Americans to sell kidnapped humans to each other & profit is keeping social equality & health care limited to those who can afford it & privatized. Are we committed to freedom or to profitability? If we choose Freedom, we must learn to speak truth, & this is when we speak sex. Find Porochista’s work at ⚡️Want to Speak Sex? Go to ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @pchza @eveeurydice For video interviews, follow #speaksexwithEve
June 12, 2020
Ep 64: How to be a Human in the 21st c: Eve Eurydice on Riding Flow & Change into the Future. Eve Up
Eve Eurydice shares her First Woman Vibes Thoughts & Ruminations from the Garden of Delusion. Eury speaks on the Purge and the Pandemic, on Democracy in America and Justice for All, on Capitalism and Systemic Racism, on our Comfort Zone and our Vigilance, on White Privilege, Environmental Abuse Systemic Oppression, Vanity over Unity, Wealth over Sustainability, Propaganda over Truth. On Social Conditioning and Social Opportunity, Digital Identity and Physical Reality, on the Global Patriarchy and Resistance, on Non-optical Allyship and Foundational Solidarity, on a Conscious Self-Evolution into becoming the humans of this Third Millennium we are in. On the chaos of the unknown that fosters change. #BelieveEve Go to ⚡️ ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice #speaksexwithEve
June 03, 2020
Ep 63: How to Smash the Patriarchy & Orgasm! 15 ways to Please Every Woman. Eve Eury w Susan Bratton
Eve Eurydice speaks with Intimacy Wellness expert Susan Bratton author of 34 books & founder of Personal Life Media & of Flow supplements. Susan, an orgasmanaut, describes the 15 types of orgasms women & men can feel, defines our different languages of kinesthetics, our psychological firmament & common mental foundation of safety & trust. Susan starts off w a description of the patriarchy’s definition of a woman’s orgasm, goes on into a chant of the types of orgasming, details the EMO expanded orgasm technique & ends by asking: What are you into right now, Eve? Stay with us for my reply in the end.  We are not born knowing how to have sex. How long did we take to learn how to do math how to spell how to learn a new language how to drive a car how to write code? takes time to learn how our bodies are built & how we each feel them. This is why I produce Speak Sex. It’s fundamental Education 101. We can’t live a happy human life without learning how to receive & give, share & respect each other, without evolving out of passive consumption into proactive human connection. Our intimacy is our highest portal. ⚡️Find Susan at ⚡️ Want to Speak Sex? Go to ⚡️ ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @susanbratton
June 01, 2020
Ep 62: Life is Chaos, Mortality isn’t our Disease, it’s our Wisdom. Eve Eurydice & perks of Covid-19
I’m Eve, defiant from the first act in the Bible, determined to KNOW for myself. I saw through the virtual feed of Eden. I’m the Knowledge thief, the Truth-Seeker. I’m the ocean that refuses no river. In response to covid19, every week I discuss a change I foresee in our human patterns, habits, conscious awareness. I dig into how we rewire our dissociative conditioning. I sink my mental teeth into a sacred cow per episode, using a simple Socratic method of questioning. Eve Up! (as in: Man up) Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported. Go to⚡️Want to Speak Sex? Go to ⚡️ #speaksexwithEve
May 27, 2020
Ep 61: The Uncovered Woman: Unveil the Face Mask, Heal Your Sex. Eve Eurydice w Kimberly Pendleton
Eve Eurydice speaks with Kimberly Rose Pendleton PhD, a sexual empowerment coach, expert on sexual healing, & founder of The Uncovered Woman. With retreats, courses & online resources, Kimberly helps client members rewrite their stories & patterns from pain to pleasure. We discuss turning our trauma into our power & our fear into our fun. We talk ways of unveiling our truths & healing ourselves. ⚡️Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported. Go to⚡️Want to Speak Sex? Go to ⚡️ ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve
May 23, 2020
Ep 60: Plant Medicine, GodGasm, Toad Venom, IMHU. Eve Eurydice w Psychonaut Joel, Entheogenic Yogi.
Eve Eurydice speaks with Joël Brierre, entheogenic yogi, sacred medicine practitioner, IMHU spiritual emergence coach, psychedelic integration specialist, ex psychonaut, founder of the Kaivalya Kollektiv & retreat leader. Entheogenic: the experience of finding a God within yourself through psychedelics, specifically dosing with the compound 5-MeO-DMT (found in the venom of the Bufo Alvarius toad). Joël believes the toad medicine’s effect is congruent with the Samadhi states that can be attained through years of yoga. He thinks it is the most powerful entheogen on the planet, allowing participants to experience a non-dual state of awareness in which they cease to view reality as individuals and are absorbed into the infinite. He leads workshops around the world and assists clients through pre and post integration using a program derived from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. We discuss how we can all implement non-duality and Oneness in our daily lives, and crack open our resistance to the natural flow of things, esp. during a pandemic, in order to create lasting change in the world. We end with a Psychedelic Sex Poem.  ⚡️ Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported. Go to ⚡️Want to Learn how to Speak Sex? Go to ⚡️ ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve #speaksex #Eurydice #psychedelics
May 19, 2020
Ep 59: Practice Conscious Sex & Manifest Sex Magick & Life Alchemy. Eve Eurydice w Franceasca Seiden
Eve Eurydice speaks with Franceasca Seiden, filmmaker, writer, director, photographer, healer, sex practitioner, host of Sex, Magick & Dessert. Her love of meditation & sacred knowledge brought her to conscious sex. Just as Speaking Sex is a way to open space during sex to be conscious & deliberate, Sex Magick is a ritual sex meditation that can be performed alone or by a conscious honest couple to add intention & manifestation to orgasmic pleasure, transmuting our sexual energy (chi)--through our faith--into creative outlets to actualize our goals & desires. Franceasca's How To guidelines come an hour into the show, so wait for them! The visualization or articulation of a clear intent during orgasm opens up a communication channel within ourselves & with our partner that allows us to be conscious while having sex & orgasm. A basic definition of Sex Lib is: what makes us conscious while we enjoy sex. Sex space is where we don’t get likes we don’t have a camera we don’t make $ we don’t invest time in the world outside of us, but we tend the garden of our bodies for happiness & regeneration. What we say in this space is our truth--it’s not prefab modeled prescribed codified organized for us. As we train our bodies to find the pleasure where we are most vulnerable & afraid of being rejected & judged, we unite the dichotomy between body & mind (or soul), we shift sex trauma into sex pleasure, & discover our freedom. Sex is our space for independent personal reinforcement. We don’t need the outside world for sexual satisfaction. Speaking sex is our gateway to living a free conscious life. For more info on Franceasca & SAHA, visit Sexual Alchemy Healing Arts or LAiCreatives. ⚡️ Speak Sex Stay safe & hawt & outspoken! ⚡️ Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported. Subscribe at ⚡️Want to Speak Sex? Go to ⚡️ ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve @franceasca @sexualalchemyhealingarts
May 10, 2020
Ep 58: Chemical Manhood: Implants, Sleeves, Injections, Pills, PhalloFixes! Eve w Boston Scientific
Eve Eurydice speaks with Victor Torrente of Boston Scientific about the progress in medical, psychological, technological hacks & interventions available to men (& couples) who want to improve their sex performance, confidence, functionality, stamina, sense of self, intimate fulfillment, & quality of life. Lockdown is a great time to learn more about our life choices & male identity has been attached to sexual experience since ancient times. Knowledge is power in the current moment. Knowledge is the new currency. These podcasts are designed to offer coherent information & self-improvement through awareness. Never an agenda, a barrage, only what needs to be expressed. ⚡️ subscribe, take part in the discussion, go to ⚡️Want to Speak Sex? Go to ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice #speaksexwithEve #bostonscientific #chemicalmanhood #manenhancements
April 29, 2020
Ep 57: How to Know Sex from Love, Addiction from Restriction, Respect from PC Police. Eve w Jon & X!
Eve Eurydice speaks with celebrity lifestyler and reality TV alum Mister X, & award winning activist photographer & filmmaker Jonathan De Camps about models of femininity and masculinity we can live with. We discuss the latest sex statistics of America's sexual behavior, favorite sex positions, sexual knowledge and communication, monogamy and polyamory, gender differences we each perceive, what we fetishize, what we call love, libido killers, sex addiction and treatment, sex clubs and dungeons, vanilla sex and kink, lubes and aphrodisiac edibles, porn and gang bangs and xxx conventions, sexual confidence vs sexual vanity. We end with a heated discussion of: Believe the Woman! Hope you enjoy! ⚡️  Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported. Join us at ⚡️Want to Learn How to Speak Sex? Go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @jonathandecamps
April 20, 2020
Ep 56: Adapt Your Sex Life to Quarantine: Eve Eurydice Dr Holly Richmond Talk Smart Sex Tech & covid
Eve Eurydice speaks w Dr. Holly Richmond, sex therapist & sex tech consultant, about the multi-faceted effects of Covid19 on our sex lives and sexual fluency during isolation. We discuss sex in social isolation: the explosion of escapism & abstinence, porn & viral love, viral experiences, intentions and expectations, our changing comfort zone with self-exposure on social media, finding freedom from feeling watched, and a lot of self-love how-tos. We go over bluetooth smart toys, teledildonics, immersive sex robots, sex surrogates and sexological body workers, sex athletes and adult virgins, sex work and women's empowerment, feminism and the demonetizing of sex. We give clear descriptive quotes for initiating conscious long-distance sex and intimacy. Now is the perfect time to start Speaking Sex if you haven't yet! Our words form and reform our experiences. Love and Trust your body and rewrite the narrative of patriarchy. ⚡️ our truths & healing ourselves. ⚡️Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported. Go to⚡️Want to Speak Sex? Go to ⚡️ ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve @drhollyrichmond
April 16, 2020
Ep 55: Feminine Freed from Dominant Viral Machismo! Eve Eurydice w karmasupergirl & nude artist Elsa
Eve Eurydice speaks with artists Elsa Marie Keefe and Maurice du Monde about reconnecting with Nature, disconnecting from the Virtual Feed and resisting our Social Conditioning of Greed and Competition for More and More Resources despite our Wealth. We discuss Conservation, Detoxing from Online and Tech, Raising children as Evolved versions of ourselves who can help us release our generational trauma, and  Finding Healing and Transcendence. Nude artist Elsa Marie Keefe grew up in a clothing optional community and was spared the stigma of the fetishized, sexualized, objectified nude female body. She promotes Body Positivity, Inclusive Beauty, Naked Gatherings, the Decommodification of  the Female Fertile Body and Freedom from the Shame and Taboo of Bodily Exposure. The more time we spend naked together the less sexual we feel about the experience of being seen naked! Maurice du Monde grew up a cis- male in Colombia in an abusive environment of intense toxic masculinity, chauvinism and misogyny, and as a father of two daughters and a performer who is on stage in drag, he has dedicated his life to promoting alternate models of a healthy feminist masculinity. ⚡️Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported. Go to⚡️Want to Speak Sex? Go to ⚡️ ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve @elsamariekeefe @karmasupergirl
April 03, 2020
Ep 54: Pussy Power Posse: Patriarchy is a Dis-ease Haley Hasen Uncensored, Patty Suau, Eve Eurydice
Eve Eurydice speaks with Patty Suau, Rebekah Langer & Haley Hasen (artists-educators) about the masculine & feminine in every person, about emotional intelligence & woman’s extraordinary genetic privilege of giving birth.  Creation Power is the Woman Sex Power that Patriarchy has feared & has taken away. We agree that our patriarchal culture rewards only the masculine in each one of us & as a result we live in a continuous imbalance & dis-ease w our nurturing feminine in atrophy. We debate our Emotional Intelligence vs our Social conditioning; Women’s Power as Feminine Vs as Masculine Identified; Mass Generational Trauma, Marital Rape, Female Servitude. We explain the Gender Divide Dilemma. We ReEvaluate our Vocabulary, Update our Use of Language, ReEducate. We ask: How do we shift the social paradigm of Patriarchy? What do we Break a Millennia-long Belief System? How do we worship woman’s divine right to give birth & raise our young? How do we reward womanhood? How do we navigate out of these last few thousand years? Past Ancestral conversations that are no longer relevant? How do we Raise New People? ⚡️ Want to learn to Speak Sex? Go to ⚡️For video interviews, follow @haleyhasenuncensored @tinyfckinpix_by_pattysuau @rebekahlanger @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice
March 26, 2020
Ep 53: Love Past Fear: Spiritual Sex Worker, Sex Surrogate, Faith. Eve Eurydice w Dr. Marilyn Volker
Eve Eurydice speaks with Dr. Marilyn Volker, founder of Fringe Clergy & Institute of International Sexology. She worked for Masters & Johnson’s in St. Louis in 1969. She led the work for gay, bi & transgender folk in Miami in the 70s & AIDS patients in the 80s. She was a counselor, teacher, & minister when she became a sexual surrogate under the supervision of a psychiatrist. She surrogated for 50 people, then began training & supervising other surrogates. We discuss: Body Mapping; Observational, Nurturing, Playful, Sensuous, Sexual Touching; Eye Gazing; Showering; Cuddling. How Does this Feel Feedback (Speak Sex!). Our language is Patriarchy’s Language & it’s designed to be understood by the lowest common denominator & highest numbers. Love is what gets you out of the darkest spots where words don’t help. & Step by Step Touch is the Hack. Liberate yourself from the Beauty & Sexual Success from the Standards of the Establishment. Let Go of Goals, Develop your Skills & Get your Questions Answered. Respect our Elders! PS Marilyn married one of her patients. ⚡️ our truths & healing ourselves. ⚡️Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported. Go to⚡️Want to Speak Sex? Go to ⚡️ ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve #speaksex #Eurydice
March 15, 2020
Ep 52: If You Love Somebody Set Them Free: Eve Eurydice & Dude on BDSM, toys, prep, edge & polyamory
Eve Eurydice speaks w Anonymous who gives us his tell all about Sex & Polyamory. We all live in patriarchy, so I respect those who feel safer being honest as Anonymous. Sex is a break from goals. Sex is fun. Sex is all about being creative. Sex is an all-around electrifying experience. ⚡️What to do: Do your homework. Watch YouTube videos. Practice & communicate. Train each other. Take your time. Ladies come first. Edge. Start & Stop. Stay in the Want. Tease. Be everything: rough soft giving receiving passive active kinky normative. Compromise is real. Prep & after care are real. Couple’s privilege works. Maybe use a to-go bag. ⚡️What not to do: Don’t be sexually lazy. Don’t be goal-oriented. Don’t learn from porn: it’s not real. Don’t fear kink. Don’t fear our animal commonality: we all eat drink sleep pee poop sleep have sex & die. ⚡️Inside secrets: Men like women who can take control. Men like to receive because patriarchy forces men to take control & be in control. Power in bedroom is a turn on & an ego stroke for men & women because we all have masculine & feminine in us. ⚡️ our truths & healing ourselves. ⚡️Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported. Go to⚡️Want to Speak Sex? Go to ⚡️ ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve
March 06, 2020
Ep 51: Find Sacred Union, Conscious Marriage, Self-Love! Eve w Brandon Evans 1Heart & Jeanette Rios
. Eve Eurydice speaks conscious love with Jeanette Rios, founder of I Am Sacred, & Brandon Evans, co-founder of 1heart. Our generation is in transformation. People are becoming conscious & patient, less self involved. We discuss How to put love into Sex. How to be vulnerable in front of a man wt shame, how to make sex a source of empowerment. The sacrum power is in you. Womb power is your ultimate creative energy & you channel it into everything you do & how you live. Use sacred Orgasm as a source of energy transformation & accessing the ancestral wisdom & knowledge you’re born with. How to Manifest abundance through Orgasm. When your sacred root chakra opens, your creative power comes in. We discuss the twin soul journey as a sacred union, a soul contract; having a soul wedding, a life mission. Speak Sex because life starts from sex! ⚡️ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Follow me at Watch Speak Sex content on @iamjeanetterios @brandone @iamsacred @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice
February 21, 2020
Ep 50: How to Unleash Your Inner Animal & Boost Your Home Sex Life. Eve w wildlife expert Ron Magill
Eve Eurydice speaks animal sex with Ron Magill, wildlife expert, zoologist & Nikon photographer who is the communications director of the Miami zoo where he gives his famous annual lecture on Sex & Animals every Valentine's Day for the past 25 years. Ron gives us endless fun trivia of animal mating habits & how like them we are, if we relax into our sexual nature. Eve says that separating humanity from nature is our original sin; regulating our sexual lives through our faith in spirit & the divine has removed us far from our natural ways & that distance causes moral & sexual anxiety & confusion so much so that we now need words to get access back into our own nature! ⚡️Listen & Laugh! As ESPN’s Dan Le Batard said about Ron Magill, “In the human portion of the animal kingdom, we don't make them better than Ron." ⚡️ our truths & healing ourselves. ⚡️Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported. Go to⚡️Want to Speak Sex? Go to ⚡️ ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve
February 14, 2020
Ep 49: Harness your Sex Energy w a Yoni Massage. Sex Freedom Hacks. Eve Euryd w Tantra Love Coach
Eve Eurydice speaks tantra how-to with Justin Gottlieb, sex freedom coach known as the #tantralovecoach. We discuss sexual wellness: connecting to your sexuality in a holistic way to boost your confidence & expand your comfort zone. We explain mapping the interior of the yoni, giving a yoni massage, & the wheel of consent—a consent template composed of absolute No’s, as-you-proceed No’s, after you’re in sex-space No’s. Learn how to have sober sex while holding on to the high of sex & how to get out of your sheltered self & come into your wild power stigma-free! Relearn your sex habits! Sex is a laboratory! ⚡️Connect w Justin Gottlieb ⚡️Speak Sex because everything starts from sex! ⚡️Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Go to ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve
February 06, 2020
Ep 48: How to Relax your Body to Love Your Partner Better. Eve Eurydice w Bodywise Sex & Velvetlips
Eve Eurydice speaks with Marla Renee Stewart, founder of @Velvetlips, a sex education platform & cofounder of the @SexDownSouthConference in Atlanta & of the SexualLiberationCollective, a sexologist & sex & relationship coach, & speaks Sex with Susana Potter, a yogi psychotherapist, founder of @Bodywise psychotherapy, a center for body-centered therapy. ⚡️ Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported. Go to ⚡️Want to Learn how to Speak Sex? Go to
January 20, 2020
Ep 47: Sex Academy: End Spectator Sex. Learn How to Say What U Want! Eve Eurydice w Sexology Girl
Eve Eurydice speaks with Avril Louise Clark & Maya Rodriguez about the sex academy, sex education, sex therapy, sexual healing & sexual enlightenment. Avril is a sexologist who teaches at the @SexAcademy in Spain launching the @sexacademyinternational in MIami. She tells us the sex curriculum of the academy, mindful sex practices vs. flight or fight sex. Maya is an author, reiki practitioner, holistic coach, founder of @MayashealingPlace where she gives workshops & classes focusing on healing & loving our bodies & our lovers’ bodies beyond porn or cliche. Take the time to learn how to have Sex. @Sexeducation can be lifelong. You can’t figure it out by yourself, so forget what other people think, slow down, go back to you & study. You’re your own bible. Feeding the ego & not feeding the spirit creates dis-ease. If you’ve ever asked yourself, why should I take @SexEd classes? This episode tells you why. Women are the sex gender by virtue of giving birth, a magic skill men don’t have & had to control. Our society was built to protect us from sex, to protect men from women. We must divorce sex from the cycle of judgment & enhancement, embrace our discomfort, so we can have a positive sexual & nonsexual communication. Listening to @speaksexpodcast opens the floodgates & familiarizes you with the words & the ease to speak to each other as couples as suitors as friends as humans. We live fear-based. The speak Sex movement isn’t about sex. It’s about speaking openly about all things we fear to speak about. @SpeakSexpodcast is about being conscious during the transition from you as you’re in the world to sexual space, going fluently from one to the other. Speaking Sex reminds us that our sexual identity isn’t a moral choice, that sex is play. We can undo our dichotomy & compartmentalization & rewire ourselves holistically by speaking Sex. Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Follow at Watch Speak Sex @speaksexpodcast @sexologygirl @thesexacademy @mayashealingplace @eveeurydice @theinternationalsexacademy
January 06, 2020
Ep 46: Use Sex to DeStress and Relax! Eve Eurydice w Misssexplorer and Crystal Wands Yoni Wonderland
Eve Eurydice speaks with Nathalia Gilek & Naomi Ross about sexual wellness, sexual health, sexual evolution, & the magic of sexual empowerment, awareness & healing incl. masturbation as meditation. Nathalia is the founder of @yoniwonderland—which sells GIA Certified, Natural, Non-Toxic Intimate Accessories, hand-carved crystals that come in different shapes & sizes & are used as pleasure wands & vaginal weights to support pelvic floor strength and vitality—& Naomi is the communications director of @WEAM, the World Erotic Art museum in MB. We all agree that @sexclasses & workshops & properly organized parties are the safest ways to learn about sex. They are where the language of consent & Sex speak are most prevalent & useful, where we can open up & share without judging or self medicating so we can feel more & remember more, connect more deeply energetically, be in flow, & articulate what works for us & what we want to try out. The more we practice sex, the more we free ourselves. So Sober your Sex & Open Up. Pleasure makes you feel satiated, fed & happy. A Happy Sex life helps you stop shopping, consuming, & overdoing, it helps you get off the hamster wheel & slow time down, get your priorities clear & get out of ego-driven fear-driven decision-making in your life. That’s the goal of the @SpeakSex Movement. In America today feeling satisfied & satiated is the most rebellious act! ⚡️ Go to ⚡️Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Go to⚡️ watch us at @yoniwonderland @misssexplorer @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice
December 16, 2019
Ep 45: Feminists Love Sex Too! Eve Eurydice talks Mature Sex w photo Maggie Steber & Starr Sariego.
Eve Eurydice & two well-known women photographers, Maggie Steber & Starr Sariego, talk female gaze (as in not the male gaze), muses & fashion shoots, beauty & sex appeal, kissing & chemistry & oral sex, viagra & cialis, financial freedom, marriage, slavery, rape culture, the value & importance of metoo. We also Laugh a lot! We reassure men who are intimidated by feminists & who feel that all men are seen as misogynists that this is not a gender war. It’s a re-education of us all. We speak about how we see our bodies, how we wear our bodies, how difficult it is to tell our lovers what to do to our bodies without worrying of hurting their feelings, how we struggle to find sexually enlightened men, how we separate our body from our mind & self & soul, & how we self-censor to fit our place in the social power structure or to please our lovers. We speak sex to overcome our fear of feeling judged, to separate our general identity from our sex practice & to make our sex choices more conscious & less transactional. To quote Maggie, who just spoke Sex openly for the first time: ‘Speaking Sex in a public forum is invigorating. It feels liberating. It makes me feel like a grown up.’ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Follow my blog at Go to ⚡️Want to Learn how to Speak Sex? Go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @starrsariegophotography @maggiesteber
December 12, 2019
Ep 44: Know Your Self and Speak it. Sexual Honesty Sets You Free! Eve Eurydice w actor Haaz Sleiman
Eve Eurydice speaks sex with Haaz Sleiman, the first Muslim gay actor in mainstream Hollywood, who starred in movies like @TheVisitor, @TheState, Of Kings & Prophets, & TV series like @NurseJackie, @ER, @Nikita, @24, @NCIS, & is in the next @Marvel Superhero film w Angelina Jolie & Salma Hayek. His powerful coming out video (‘I’m gay & a total bottom & if you mess with me, I’ll kill you!’ ) is a must see! Haaz grew up gay in the United Arab Emirates & in Lebanon during the civil war & the Syrian occupation. We talk about our feminine & masculine sides & whether they clash or coexist, the eyes of love & the fullness of being human; about gay bars, lesbians & trans, Fetish lifestylers, introverts & extroverts, people who are genuine & posers, gender blind & non binary people, the male gaze vs the female gaze in patriarchy. We talk about the self-repression of gay men, same kink over variety, bottom shaming, the great injustice that prevents men from wearing make up dresses skirts wigs & acting emotional, & the greater injustice that equates our self-respect to what we do in bed. We talk about the acting profession & the suspicion that actors are good liars, & the vast empowerment of coming out because being honest about our sexuality isn’t slutty or shameful but life-changingly powerful. We discuss his interview w the Advocate when he falsely claimed he was straight because of the prevalent definitions of manhood that confuse what we do in the bedroom with how we conduct ourselves in daily life. We are all unique, nuanced & sophisticated sexually. When we live in a toxic culture, we don’t have the words to recognize & describe our truth. We must step out of the nonstop propaganda to understand it & ourselves. Empathy & sensitivity make for good sex. Part of our job when we are being sexual with other people is to proselytize them to being free! Because we need help from each other in our sexual healing & in our letting go of our fears—& of our cliche, mean, indoctrinated moral judgments. Sex gets us out of our heads which are colonized by the dominant culture & out of our public calculating selves. That is where our healing happens. That’s where speaking Sex comes in. Speaking Sex makes the moments of freedom real. Help each other speak sex, & then use that to be freer in everything else. Sex expands us & opens us & raises our vibration. Most daily life constructs & tightens us & makes us aggressive, paranoid, stale, rigid, self-protective, & brainwashed. Sex makes us wanna live this life. Sex makes life worth living. There’s no other way to undo our mass repression but to speak about this & spread the word! Speak Sex, you all! ⚡️ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Follow my blog at go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @haazsleiman For video interviews, follow
November 16, 2019
Ep 43: Wiccan Femme Resistance. Eve Eurydice Deprogramming w the Black Women of Goddess Collective
Eve Eurydice speaks with the Goddess Collective (artists: Iyanna James-Stephenson, Jade Lilly, Gianna Sol Auset, Dyna Edyne) about living in touch with Nature & the Seasons, Synchronizing our bodies with the Universe, enhancing the flow in our energy with our body’s Creative birth power! We can each practice magic & revolutionary witchcraft by changing our food choices & word choices, by making our words & our consumption Conscious—with Veganism, farmers markets, recycling. We each have the potential to tap into our magic, starting with what we put in our bodies, detoxing our energy by burning sage or Palo santo, holding & charging crystals, using candlelight, matching our words to our intentions! Sex & Eros involve magic, that’s why we feel we are under a spell. We can use this magic to talk to each other truth & to turn around our mood & feelings from dark to light, from fear to hope, from doubt to conviction. So long as we don’t come from our ego, don’t impose on another’s free will, don’t forget that every act has an unexpected consequence, we can’t undo our programming & the false identity of our growing up. Magic gives us permission to act on our desires; to look unique & original; to feel empowered to say what we want & ask for it which is a rebellious act of fem resistance itself. Learning honesty & unapologetic consciousness is what Speak Sex is for. ⚡️ This is such a Feel Good & Happy Space Episode! ⚡️ Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported. Go to ⚡️Want to Learn how to Speak Sex? Go to For more, go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @thegoddesscollective @shootmejade @iyannathemodel @solauset @dynaedyne
November 02, 2019
Ep 42: Boudoir Surreal Eros Gala. Eve Eurydice w HIP Tantra coaches & Shibari rope bondage master.
Eve Eurydice speaks with the founder of @BoudoirSurreal, Ian Max Karmin, & the founders of @HIPTantra. Boudoir Surreal is a Masquerade Gala inspired by the Rothschild Illuminati Ball & Salvador Dali held in Miami this Saturday. Ian Karmin is also a Shibari rope master & instructor, self-suspension aficionado & Tantra practitioner. HIP Tantra is the brainchild of Kathryn & Serge Gasc & offers tantric love coaching workshops & pink tantra experiences. Listen & Enjoy the Party! ⚡️ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Follow me at Watch on @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice
October 17, 2019
Ep 41: Non-Toxic Masculinity, Holistic Sex Magick, Tips for Dicks. Eve Eurydice w tantra love coach
Eve Eurydice speaks woke masculinity with the Sex Magick speakers at the World Erotic Art Museum. Holistic educator Alessandra Calderin aka @boneseed, tantric healer Justin Gottlieb, aka @tantralovecoach, spoken word poet, thinker & DJ Alan Epps, & author, speaker, coach Lynn Everard bring their thoughts & lessons of masculinity to the conversation. We discuss how men can learn & practice healthy, non-toxic masculinity if they take the time to be conscious & open to new experience, & we agree that this practice leads to lasting happiness for both genders. We give simple examples of nontoxic masculinity as well as practical tips for men & the women who love them. Listen & pass the word! & Be Patient, Man of the Western World! ⚡️Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Follow my blog at ⚡️ ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve @eveeurydice
October 14, 2019
Ep 40: Monogamish, Polyamory, Radical Pleasure, Hookup Culture, True Love. Eve Eurydice w Mitrooper
Eve Eurydice speaks with a group of friends who work in corporate, marketing, yoga, graffiti art, writing about their sexual practices in honesty, in a way they’ve never dared speak in public before. We discuss alternative relationship structures, the evolving lingo of sex, polyamory with emphasis on amor, how to have a full blown romantic relationship alongside ones marriage, how Polyamory & Kink simplify sexual/power exchange because they require extra consent & clarification & codification, giving the partners a language to be honest in. #Anonymous confesses that being committed to a spouse isn’t being crazy in love & being committed to his marriage can include being committed to loving his girlfriend within the understood parameters. #Carlos practices radical pleasure activism by choosing partners energetically & psychically & appreciating the friendship element of sex regardless of gender & appearance. #Mitrooper explains why speaking about sex is really hard which is why we subtitle the show: ‘Sorry Mom!” Real sex, real talk. Get real with us. Speak sex. ⚡️ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @mitrooper
October 09, 2019
Ep 39: On the Battle of the Sexes: How the Genders Differ, Perform, Feel, Share Eve Eurydice w X & X
Eve Eurydice answers listeners’ questions, joined by her friends Dolores X & Mr. X whose differing views of humanity & sexuality make for a wild, unpredictable multilayered conversation on today’s gender differences, sexual changes & psychosexual habits. This is our reality-talk audience Q&A episode. ⚡️ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Follow my blog at ⚡️ ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve
October 02, 2019
Ep 38: Men who are Fluent in Sex. Emotional Alchemy. Eve Eurydice w Mateo Serna Zapata Miami dancers
Eve Eurydice speaks with Mateo Serna Zapata, Miami artist & photographer, & Kyla Thomas & Joshua Rosado, established Miami dancers who are his models. We discuss that the dominant culture has turned our purest instincts into shame & guilt in order to control our ‘animal’ nature & convinced us that nature is impure whereas the mind, which can be brainwashed, is pure. By returning to Nature we take back our power. By speaking sex we bring us back to nature where we belong among our fellow life forms. We discuss dancers’ bodies & minds at work, in rehearsal, in groove, in casting calls, on stage beheld by the male gaze which turns the exposed body into porn, fine line between professionalism & commercialism, fine art & advertising. We discuss polyamory, body standards, sex positions, queer identity & sex labels, nudity or nakedness, mass culture & social media policing & fracturing us. We Identify the tools we need to speak sex fluently, not just through body language but through language. We discuss patriarchy not as a gender driven authority but a tyranny over both sexes. Let us make open communication as normal as it is natural so that love allows space for individuality. Lying, cheating, drama, pain, arguing, guilt, fear would be avoided if we could be speaking freely about love & sex with our partners. Listen & you’ll find yourself nodding along. Lots of truth came out on this cast! ⚡️ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Go to ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve
September 23, 2019
Ep 37: From Bedroom to Boardroom: How to Be an Empowered Full Woman! Eve w the Skirt club & Femily
Eve Eurydice speaks with Emily Meghan Morrow Howe aka Femily, gender inclusion strategist who advises tech companies on non-binary gender workplace equality practices, & Genevieve LeJeune, founder of the skirt club, the global society for bicurious women which has 13,000 members in 13 countries, about being a Liberated BossLady in a Male-Dominated Work Environment. Of course, since our whole Society is a Male-Dominated Patriarchy, the conversation quickly expanded to cover what Practices can make Women more Aware of Injustice & Prejudice in their Lives & how to stand up to them. Whether you’re underpaid or overlooked for promotions, ignored or interrupted or inundated by mansplaining, sexually harassed or objectified, this sexual empowerment conversation is for you. Stay with it & you’ll find useful tricks for your daily womxn consciousness practice. The next sexual revolution will start at the level of our self-awareness & our one on one daily relationships improved by new ways of speaking to each other. Love & Light & Speak Sex! ⚡️ Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported. Go to ⚡️Want to Learn how to Speak Sex? Go to ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve @femily @theskirtclub
September 08, 2019
Ep 36: Our Lives Are Studies in the Sociology of Sex & Gender Stereotype Eve Eury w a Gringa in Cuba
Eve Eurydice speaks with Alexandra Gelbard, a sociologist focused on issues of the African diaspora in the Cuban community, about cross-cultural patriarchy & the exotification of the foreign female by the native male gaze. She describes the dynamic & positionality of working in all male spaces as a white woman. We discuss the caballerismo of most machismo that turns women into feeble accessible objects with no bodily autonomy. She gives us a lesson in Cuban spiritual lineages. She describes being followed in the streets by men who declare: I like your body! which is how EE grew up surrounded by men who feel entitled to any female bodies out of their family homes. We discuss bridging the inner split bn body & mind that patriarchy trains & controls us through & reclaiming our holistic beings. We touch on the importance of data collection for archival study & preservation. We look at human history (herstory) for the overview effect & we bear witness as we aim to embrace the power of the divine feminine in our daily lives personally, professionally, spiritually. ⚡️ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Visit ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve #speaksexwithEve #agringainCuba
July 14, 2019
Ep 35: Eve Eurydice Speaks Art, Sex as Art & the Art of Sex, & Muse Downloads w the Sunday Painter
Eve Eurydice speaks of art practice as sexual liberation & sexual liberation as an art practice. She discusses love & light & inspirational living & ending the patriarchy with The Sunday Painter, aka fellow artist Alex Nunez, who hosts the podcast. (A sample of Eury’s Spotify playlist, curated by the host, is played.) ⚡️ ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve #speaksexwithEve #theSundayPainter #art
June 30, 2019
Ep 34: What Women Talk About When We Talk About Sex: Dating Apps, Sex Lib, Sex ID, Mature Sex & gfs.
Eve Eurydice speaks with three of her women friends, Starr Sariego, Tamara & Mariella, & gives you a peek into What Woman Talk About When They Talk About Sex. In this episode we talk about becoming sexually happier with age & freedom; about our surprising sexual journeys, especially post divorce & post mothering, when most women become more sexual than ever with the sexual liberation that comes post-menopause. We discuss sexual experience as a form of sociology & socialization & our new sexual awareness. We re-evaluate gender roles, dating apps, initiating sex, embracing our new confidence & avoiding passivity, & the scent & grooming of men. We all agree that sexual labels limit us & we like to keep our sexual identities fluid & flexible. We share some life-changing sexual firsts & our cultural sexual silencing & repressions. We discuss ‘losing our virginities’ & We celebrate everything we have done sexually. Eve Eurydice speaks about being born Lesbian from the island of Lesbos & its effect on her psyche & her sexuality. Talking Truths Relieves the Blues! More Speak Sex at @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice
June 22, 2019
Ep 33: The Moral Sexual Oppression of Men of Color, Racism in Moonlight. Eve Eurydice w gay Rapper T
Eve Eurydice speaks w Tyrone Smith, a successful artist in the music industry who identifies as hetero but has other sexual truths to confess. Tyrone sees the dominant Western religions as the foundations of patriarchy: Whereas animistic mother- & nature-based religions were sex positive & early agape offered love to everyone, official monotheism has turned humanity’s pleasures into dehumanizing addictions & demonized sex. Tyrone says that the master’s tools won’t dismantle the master’s house, & the gods of the oppressor won’t facilitate liberation. As long as the colonizer’s religion spiritually controls POC, it will oppress & silence them. We criticize the biases of Hollywood, the Vatican, the news media & tech. We want to bring Agape back to faith & bring sex out to the light. That is our own conversion therapy: take time to think for ourselves & create our own truths. Join us & DM me your thoughts.⚡️ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Follow me at Watch Speak Sex on @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice
June 15, 2019
Ep 32: Find God in Nature, Live in your Body, Love Sex. Eve Eurydice w Church of the Cosmic Cunt
Eve Eurydice speaks with the co-founders of the church of the cosmic cunt: Frida Future, Sarah Brujita, & Luna Elisa, about the dream & the drive propelling this body-centered & Mother-Earth-centered lifestyle movement. Our original sin was to separate god from the earth. It is our collective calling to reunite the divine to the earth & reunite our identity to the earth & find our cunt core instinct & live by it with pleasure & consent at every moment & no harm done. Do Whatever juices you up & share the juicy invitations to liberation with everyone. Cunt consciousness is the ultimate food & the deepest personal fulfillment. Practice Multi-way ultra presence in your body, slowness & conscious checking-in with your body & you can normalize sexual feeling & sexual space & be in bliss. ⚡️ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Go to More on or Watch Speak Sex content on @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @sarahbrujita @fridafuture @lunaelise
June 09, 2019
Ep 31: Sex & Dating Etiquette: What Do Guys Want & What Cis-Women Do. Eve Eurydice w Mr X & X do Q&A
Eve Eurydice answers listeners’ questions sent to SpeakSexPodcast on story & DM on instagram. She is on w her friends Dolores X & Mr. X who don’t know one another & who hold v different views of humanity & sexuality. Join us for an unpredictable, uncensored, multilayered conversation on today’s psychosocial norms. This Q&A is the Speak Sex version of The View. If you want your questions to be featured, Ask Eve! ⚡️ For more, go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice #speaksexwithEve #womenwithmen
June 03, 2019
Ep 30: Time to Reset How we Have Sex, or Time to Revisit Lysistrata! Eve Eurydice w Belaxis Buil
Eve Eurydice speaks with feminist artist Belaxis Buil about giving meaning back to sex by redefining the magic of our sexuality, by resisting the religiocultural assumption that women seduce men, & by abstaining, Lysistrata-style, until we no longer feel that we are giving ourselves away. We discuss the value of being out in the public sphere & being in the present moment instead of in a state of permanently delayed gratification, while abstaining from celebrity & corporate culture which uses the female body to sell products & which veils us in layers of transactional exchange that disconnect us from each other. We discuss body image battles & the struggle to not dichotomize ourselves when our sex ed consists of porn or silence. We argue for sex as a spiritual exchange of energy, we demonstrate faking an orgasm & we brainstorm a performance piece of radical honesty that would chip away at the lineage of secrets we are raised on. ⚡️ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Follow at Watch on @speaksexpodcast @belaxisbuil @eveeurydice
May 27, 2019
Ep 29: Black Women Know the Female Plenty & its Healing Superpowers! Eve w the Goddess Collective
Eve Eurydice speaks with Jade the photographer, Iyanna the model, Gianna Auset the jewelry designer, Dyna Edyne the singer, & Jasmine Nicole the artist clothing designer, who together make the Goddess Collective. We discuss our collective commitment to working toward a new more independent model of womanhood personally & professionally, privately & publicly. We are willing to sacrifice intimacy & pleasure to truth, respect, dignity & agency, to find comfort in our nature & celebrate our difference. We want to create beauty, meaning & change more than we want to be loved & exotified. We invite you to listen to us & to send your responses & your own stories via direct messages which will be played in future episodes, making this podcast a real & growing cultural dialogue! We’re learning how to speak Sex in the same way we’re learning a foreign language; only this one is brand new & we are manifesting it; just as we manifest the divine essence in our human flesh. Follow the @thegoddesscollective @iyannathemodel @shootmejade @daleedyne @solauset ⚡️ Speak Sex on ⚡️ watch on @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice
May 20, 2019
Ep 28: Put Your Man on a Leash: Sapiosexual Models of Masculinity. Eve Eurydice w Iyanna & Indigo
Eve Eurydice speaks w Iyanna James-Stephenson aka Iyanna the Model & Indigo Brujo, models & muses who present themselves as a new type of couple, both visually & psychosexually. We discuss sacred energy eXchange (SEX), taking & giving control (BDSM), sapiosexual intrigue, sex consciousness, & dozens of ways to break out of gender stereotypes & of our narrow established identity definitions, how to pursue sexual & emotional & mental disruptions for the sake of fun & liberty for all. ⚡️ For more Speak Sex, go to For books & merch, Go to For videos Go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @iyannathemodel @indigobrujo #speaksex #eveeurydice
May 14, 2019
Ep 27: Dating Know-How, Sex & Moral Marriage Counseling. What U Want, How U Get it. Eve w Arnie Roza
Eve Eurydice speaks with Michelle & Arnie Roza, relationship coaches who support singles & couples navigating romance. Some highlights from this amazing conversation: How to Make the Unconscious Conscious. How to distinguish Sexuality from Morality. How to Not Lose Yourself in your Lover. How to Take Responsibility for your Love Life & Own your Choices. How to be Present & to Rise (Not Fall) in Love. How to learn than to CONSENT means to CHOOSE, not to Be Chosen. How to Equate Desire with Respect, Love with Trust. How to Understand the Other Gender & Translate between the Genders. How to put aside your Past & Psychology & Take Responsibility for your Relationships. How to Be Consistent. How to Be Who You Say You Are, Do What You Say You’ll Do. Know Who You Are & How to Speak in Truth. & much more, incl. how our guests met & fell in love at a transformational seminar & a sworn bachelor became a committed husband. The best episode to help you think about how to Speak Intimacy & Relationship. ⚡️ For more, go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @arnieroza
May 04, 2019
Ep 26: Is Every Woman Bisexual? Eve Eurydice w Genevieve LeJeune. Q&A w 12,000 Skirtclub bi women
Eve & Genevieve answer Sex Questions from the 12,000 women members of skirtclub, the only women-only private club with chapters in 16 cities around the world founded by Genevieve LeJeune. Learn how to join the skirtclub, the requirements, the perks of membership, the networking cocktail events, the exclusive play parties, the friendship requests, your place on the sexual Kinsey scale, & all about Bicurious Lesbian Sex Play. Learn what to tell the man in your life about your bicuriosity, how your marriage will profit from your own sexscapades, how to navigate home sex & play sex, how to handle jealousy & possessiveness in long-term committed relationships. & the answer to the Big Bi Question: What is the definition of Sex between two women? Learn how to tell what to the man in your life, the woman in your life, & your family. From dental dams to types of cunnilingus, learn why it’s worth leaving your comfort zone for the sake of playful & fun & private new experience. Take your mind out of the equation & live a parallel life for a few hours. Remember, sexuality isn’t morality. ⚡️ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Follow my blog at ⚡️Watch Speak Sex on @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @theskirtclub @genevievelejeune
April 27, 2019
Ep 25: Virtual Sex, Online Porn, Technodildonics. Is VR Better than Real Sex? Eve Eurydice DJ Virgo
Eve Eurydice speaks sex w Elizabeth, aka Virgo, sound & video game designer & DJ, about being a woman in the male-dominated digital culture, about VR being Reality, about being ready for virtual sex & romancing an elf, about virtual porn & its revolutionary freedom from the 2600 yr old moral judgement of the human body & sexuality by virtue of its being virtual. Gender-free in her public persona, immersed in an online art practice & entertainment that liberate her from the constraints of cliche stereotypes, living alone w her 10-yr-old turtle Audrey, Virgo forges a model of femininity that smashes the patriarchy with a restrained, quiet, delicate, single-minded power that does her chosen name justice. This is a unique conversation! ⚡️ For more, go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice
April 16, 2019
Ep 24: Miami Sex Experts Define a Happy Sex Life. Sex Educators Eve Eurydice w Dr Sonjia MB Love Doc
Eve Eurydice speaks all things Sex with Dr. Sonjia Kenya, aka America’s Sex Educator, Known as America’s Sex Educator, an ivy-league educated sexologist, associate professor of medicine at the University of Miami, & author of Sex in South Beach. We discuss our Extreme lack of a global safe Sex Education—esp Practicum learning, sex coaches & sexual role models—which results in our adult need for sexual self education & re-education, since good sex is a skill & a facility that has to be learned. Sadly, it’s easier these days to have sex than speak sex! We discuss how HIV is fully preventable w prep & pep (pre & post prophylactics), & how Porn is acting, not realistic & not educational. Whether you love to cuddle & motorboat or peg & bareback, there’s juicy useful info here for you! ⚡️ For more, go to ⚡️Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported at ⚡️Want to Watch how to Speak Sex? Go to @drsonjia @speaksexpodcast #speaksexwithEve
April 05, 2019
Ep 23: Is Nip & Tuck Hawt? Eve on Cosmetic Surgery, Ethics of Self-Objectification, Sexism, Ageism.
Eve Eurydice speaks w Lori Kelly, academic librarian, philosophy teacher, member of the Paradise Commons artist collective which creates femme-centered spaces of collaborative creativity & study—its latest Summit explored the theme of Facing Necrophilia: Botox Ethics. Eury & Lori discuss the aesthetics of aging, the financial incentives of elective cosmetic enhancement for women who choose to change body, the feminist potential in refusing to curate an appearance, the social connection or isolation wrought by somatic rearranging, the lessons of performing gender & the trans experience. How transformative medical technologies affect feminist thinking, incl. our take on past practices of ritual scarification, body modification, adherence to or abstinence from the dominant heteronormative aesthetic and the approval of the male gaze. We discuss the ethics of redesigning a physical self to fit desirability or to claim pleasure. Is our Pleasure Socially Constructed? Is our Truth? ⚡️ For more, go to ⚡️for this video go to @eveeurydice
March 29, 2019
Ep 22: Retire Static Sex Identities & Labels, Do Witchcraft Branding. Eve Eurydice w Raw Storyteller
Eve Eurydice speaks with Enid Nolasco, founder of, a live storytelling show & podcast, & the founder of WitchcraftBranding. We discuss the power of sharing truth, practicing radical honesty, confessional stage performances, sex identities, lost and found changing identity labels. ⚡️ For more, go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @rawstorytelling
March 27, 2019
Ep 21: How to be a Dominatrix & Sexual Healer Both. Eve Eurydice w Fluid Sex Performer Vikerrious
Eve Eurydice speaks with Kerri Aultman of ViKerrious, an Erotic Performance artist, Dancer, Entertainer, Natural Healer & Dominatrix turned sexual wellness advocate about shame & guilt, norms & philias, finding your sexuality in your original innocence, bringing light to the darkness, being sexually fluid & experimental & free from labels (‘we are not soup cans’) & in order to avoid perversion, rape & criminality. About capitalism making its money off the female body & the forever delayed gratification of promised desires. About tapping into your innate wildness, about learning how to say No, about how the link helps you find tantra, & about finding trust in a partner to enter the ultimate catharsis of sacred sex. After she found healing for herself, she began to sexoheal others through kink tantra & teaching. She demonstrates her sensual dom technique on Eve Eurydice’s skin using black matte clothespins, a rubber stingy whip, a riding crop, a metal rolling wheel, a metal knuckle claw, a Lelo intravaginal amber rose remote-control app-supported dildo, the vesper necklace vibrator by Krave rechargeable by usb, all of which came out of her Mary Poppins dungeon bag. Not just another podcast, people! ⚡️Listen & subscribe! For more on how to Speak Sex, go to For books & merch, Go to For videos Go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @viKerrious #speaksex #eveeurydice
March 24, 2019
Ep 20: How to Polyamory in Vanilla or Kink, How to Mental Body Play. Eve Eurydice w the Florida Dom
Eve Eurydice speaks with FloridaDom, aka Flash, about his slaves, his toys, his sex life & fetlife, about morethantwo & polyamory or poly-mono in power exchange & in the lifestyle, about the spread of BDSM & poly on the Internet & juggling lovers (in his case collared slaves, of whom he had 136 at the same time), about the difference between tops & dominants, bottoms & submissives, about mental sex space & mental freedom. He demonstrates knife play on the host & his flogging technique on his slave in the studio. Listen & subscribe! For more, go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice
March 13, 2019
Ep 19: Everything You Want to Know about BDSM & Are too Afraid to Ask. Eve w the Florida Dom Flash
Eve Eurydice speaks with FloridaDom, aka Flash, about his 3 slaves, his many toys (incl. paddles, floggers, whip, rattan cane that he brought to the studio), about fetlife, aftercare, bondage & holding stillness, using music to build a sex scene (match the base beat to the downstroke), building intensity, drama & surprise into a sex scene, mind fuck, power exchange, service, fear, fun, & adrenaline release, how to enter the lifestyle, how to destress & trust, about safe words (English works v well), sub space, dom space, & the rewards of self-restraint. He demonstrates flogging techniques on his slave. Then he lights the host’s arm on fire 🔥. Not just another podcast. Listen & subscribe! For more, go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice
March 10, 2019
Ep 18: Live Yoni Massage, Self Love, Open to Your Tantric Bliss! Eve Eurydice w Michelle Alva
Eve Eurydice speaks with Michelle Alva, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist & Tantric Healer, founder of the Alva Method, about the benefits of tantra, sensual spiritual meditation, self-touch, self-acceptance, combining neuromuscular & energetic-holistic healing. Michelle gives Eve a yoni massage in the studio! listen to a live description of it all. Give some love to yourself, release sexual trauma & enjoy being you in your physical body. ⚡️ Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported. Go to⚡️Want to Speak Sex? Go to ⚡️ Speak Sex on ⚡️ watch on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve @michellealva
March 06, 2019
Ep 17: Eve Eurydice w her Miami girlfriends Answer Sex Etiquette, Grooming, Cougar Sex, Pos Porn Os
Eve Eurydice & her best friends talk Sex & answer audience questions. Join the banter & hear the woke girls’ secrets! We talk vaginal grooming & labial/anal aesthetics, oral sex etiquette, cougar sex & post menopausal sex, taking our genitalia back, sex pos porn, lovers who are rubbers & non-performative sexuality. Learn what rosebud means. Learn as we liberate you from your lingering preconditioned sexual hang-ups so you can enjoy your life. join us at ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️@speaksexpodcast
March 02, 2019
Ep 16: Dating FauxPas, Fakers and Woke Girls, Ladies Who Do Art. Eve Eurydice w the Sunday Painter
Eve Eurydice speaks with Alex Nunez, aka the Sunday Painter, artist & podcaster, about the male & the female & the iPhone gaze, truth & authenticity in daily life, fakes & fakers in social media, costume & performance in social life & in art, the dating scene & its self-advertising & faux pas (the fish pics), texting & sexting, about being a lady, being a femmebot, being a conscious being, & being a woman artist. ⚡️ For more, go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @shockingly_unambitious
February 27, 2019
Ep 15: Gender Violence, Tattoo Art, Oracle, Queer LGBTQ+ Femme Energy Exchange, w Geovanna & Angel
Eve Eurydice speaks with artists Geovanna Gonzalez & Angel Garcia, co-founders of coin-in/coin-out art collective, women in the art world in Miami, LA, Berlin. We discuss transactional sex, queer femme space, community-building, perception-challenging VIP events, the male gaze, the female body & spirit boundaries, scarification, ritual, poke tattoo, stillness & nudity, creating a conscious vocabulary in an oracular way of being.⚡️ For more, go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @vannajuanita @humanrind
February 20, 2019
Ep 14: Black Woman on Top: Ritual, Conscious, Evolutionary Sex. Love & Pegging. Eve Eurydice w Lulu
Eve Eurydice speaks w Lulu Brown, aka Chez Brillouet, a musician, photographer, & yogi about mutually evolutionary sex, monogamy as sacred energy exchange rather than emotional pain body functionality, transcendent edging, pegging, sharing sex space w long term partners, human frailty as the human condition, POC in BDSM, shubaru rope meditation & soul baring trust. Are we born a certain way sexually? Connect with us & find out. For more, go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice
February 16, 2019
Ep 13: Queer Polyamorous Femme Poet Spaces in Rape Culture. Find your Unicorns! Eve Eurydice w Coral
In episode 13 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice speaks with queer poet, artist & activist Cathleen Chambless aka Coral about being a polyamorous bisexual woman in rape culture & the metoo era. The new negotiations, new definitions, new roles, power exchanges, feelings & reasons of strong femme women. The primaries, the secondaries, the unicorns of polyamory. The burden & bondage & cost of cliche masculine identity. For more, go to @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @coralinthesky
February 13, 2019
Ep 12: Being a Polyamorous Bisexual Black Man in the Metoo Era. Eve Eurydice w the Masked Lifestyler
In episode 12 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice speaks with Dominican artist George Lopez, the Man Behind the Mask, about being a polyamorous bisexual man of color in the #metoo era. The challenges, the fumbles, the highs, & the reasons why. ⚡️Speak Sex on⚡️ watch on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve @eveeurydice
February 09, 2019
Ep 11: Emotional Life of Men: White Guys Fear Women Have Power in Sex Now. Eve Eurydice w Modern Man
In episode 11 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice speaks w filmmaker #Anonymous about men on women. He says men perceive women as having all the power in sex & love, & men want women to exercise it, to initiate, take charge, experience the difficulties men face in dating, sexual conquest & consummation. He hopes we Replace showmanship w truth, romantic delusion w self love, fear of social judgment w bravery. unlearn what doesn’t serve us, dissociate our desire from the monogamy code. Biplay. Experiment. Speak Sex. ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ Watch content on @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @eurydiceeve
February 06, 2019
Ep 10: The Female Sex Anatomy, Cosmetic Gynecology, & Genital Reconstruction. Eve w Dr Amir Marashi
In episode 10 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice speaks w Dr. Amir Marashi, aka the vagina whisperer, a board certified gynecologist who specializes in cosmetic gynecology, female anatomical orgasm improvement & pelvic (genital, labial) reconstruction, & the host of the first designer vagina-fashion show in NYC. Tune in to demystify the female sexual anatomy & learn to articulate your everyday sexual practice. ⚡️ Go to ⚡️Watch on ⚡️ @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve @eveeyrudice @thevaginawhisperer
February 02, 2019
Ep 9: The Future is Female. Believe Women, Support Women, Ask Wombxn. Eve Eurydice w Kathy Kissik
In episode 9 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice speaks w artist & thinker Kathy Kissik about the different ways in which women can liberate their psyches & bodies & also shake up the patriarchy, starting with Only Buying Female!⚡️ Go to ⚡️Video on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve @kathykiss
January 30, 2019
Ep 8: How to Get out of Patriarchy When It’s All There is. New Sexways. Eve Eurydice poorgrrrl Tara
In episode 8 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice speaks w Tara Long, aka poorgrrrl aka mr.taralong, founder of poorgrrrl enterprises & Little Späti, a performer & multimedia artist whose full length LP titled ‘IDIOTS AVANTI: the blood of the damned’ is coming out in 2019. We discuss the insidious all-encompassing co-opting control of Patriarchy & how we boys & girls can reform our stereotypical relationship & sexuality tropes that serve it instead of us. ⚡️ @poorgrrrl ⚡️ Speak Sex on ⚡️ watch on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve
January 24, 2019
Ep 7: Feel Bicurious? Give Yourself Permission to Play w Girls Safely. Eve Eurydice w the Skirtclub
In episode 7 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice speaks w Genevieve LeJeune, the founder & CEO of Skirtclub, a women-only worldwide social club for bicurious & sex-curious women. Skirt Club offers members a friend-driven website, signature play parties for women curious about their sexuality, cocktail soirées to meet other members, & access to sex education & advice, because growth & change & self-discovery happen at every age. The episode for Bicurious Women. Listen & Subscribe. ⚡️ @skirtclub ⚡️Find Speak Sex on⚡️Watch on @speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve
January 15, 2019
Ep 6: Study Sex to Be Post-Metoo Mature Women! Cliteratti Vagina Club. Eve Eurydice w Shannon Leeman
In episode 6 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice talks w Shannon Leeman, a sex-advice writer, about her years of attending countless sex workshops, what she learned & why we all need to learn (& unlearn) sex as we do everything else. We are joined by artist Starr Sariego to discuss the emerging cliteratti & pussy posse camaraderie among women mature enough to finally own & name our pleasure.  ⚡️ @darlingleeman @niptucknews ⚡️ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Follow me at ⚡️ Watch Speak Sex content on @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice
January 11, 2019
Ep 5: Sexual Theology, Hypnotherapy, Holy Sex Lib. Eve Eurydice w Gnostic Bishop Alex Guldbeck
In episode 5 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice talks w Alex Guldbeck, bishop & sexological hypnotherapist, about pagan, Gnostic & post Freudian gender archetypes, the history of sexual repression by monotheist religions, & how to unlearn it.  ⚡️ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Follow me at ⚡️ Watch Speak Sex content on
January 09, 2019
Ep 4: How to Turn Trauma Sex to Sacred Sex. Go on the Tantric Journey. Eve Eurydice w Nicole Soden
In episode 4 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice talks w Nicole Soden, artist, healer, space activator, about her own heroine’s journey from rape & assault survivor to Taoist master & Naga sacred sexuality practitioner & mother of a bisexual preteen. Learn about tantra as a personal healing modality. ⚡️ @nmsoden ⚡️Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Follow me at Watch Speak Sex content on
January 05, 2019
Ep 3: How do we Tell Sex from Romance? Is Sex Even Moral? Eve Eurydice & her Hamptons girlfriend
In episode 3 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice & her Hamptons girlfriend Sloan discuss: How Can We Tell Sex from Romance? Can women go from giving verbal consent to naming their actual sexual needs? Do we know the difference between provider sex & physical pleasure? ⚡️ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Follow me at ⚡️ Watch Speak Sex content on
January 02, 2019
Ep 2: Negotiate Monogamy to Suit your Need. European Girls Confess EveEurydice w the Happy Housewife
In episode 2 of Speak Sex, Eve Eurydice talks w glamorous European expat housewives in Miami Beach about #metoo & #cooldudes, about old-world marriage standards & flexible ethical monogamy vs America’s traditional binary morality & politically correct puritanism. What Europeans think of American Feminism, Puritanism & Metoo. ⚡️ Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Follow at ⚡️ Watch Speak Sex content on
January 02, 2019
Ep 1: What is Speak Sex? It's People’s Language. Why Speak Sex? To Consent to a Wholistic ReValidated Conscious Life. Eve Eurydice on the Patriarchy
What is Speak Sex? It's People’s Language. Why Speak Sex? To Consent to a Wholistic ReValidated Conscious Life. Eve Eurydice on the Patriarchy. In this first episode of Speak Sex, Eurydice, author of Satyricon USA (Scribner), the Second Coming (Virago), & F/32, writer of the Sex Files advice column & staff writer in Spin mag on sex issues, founder of The Institute for Self-Satisfaction, discusses in detail the concept of her Speak Sex therapy as a healing & sexual emancipation technique. Listeners can use it as an introduction to their Speak Sex practice for Social Equality & Sanity, & as a reference to the weekly podcast. Expect your Consciousness to be Altered.  Want to learn How to Speak Sex? Want to Practice Honest Conscious Sex? Follow my blog at  Watch Speak Sex on @speaksexpodcast @eveeurydice @eurydiceeve
January 02, 2019