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Speak YOUR Truth Series

Speak YOUR Truth Series

By Speak YOUR Truth Podcast
Speak Your Truth is authentic and unapologetic! Join me every week for raw and scintillating conversations and lots of laughs as a variety of topics are covered. Nothing is ever held back and we are not afraid to go there-polygamy, sex, therapy, politics, you name it, and we got it! 🤭
As always, talk yo’ shit and Speak YOUR Truth! 💕💕
Catch the Speak Your Truth Podcast every Wednesday at 6:30 pm CST. Email ideas to, or connect with me on Facebook at I am Allicia or
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This is 30-Fighting Relationship Insecurity
Have you experienced crippling anxiety and relationship-ending insecurity all at the same time? Sometimes it leads to the creation and action upon false narratives. Learn how I have been learning to settle my insecurities in my relationship. Let me know what you think of this episode! Email me at with comments and feedback.
April 1, 2021
The Tone in Tonedef
Interview with Tone 
March 30, 2021
What Makes you a Good Woman
Speak your Truth Podcast What Makes you a Good Woman
March 30, 2021
Season Finale
Brandon & Allicia Wraps up Season 5 and what to expect in Season 6 
March 30, 2021
Men Grieve Too: Overcoming Addiction
This episode details the journey of an individual fighting for sobriety. Often, men do not know how to cope with the struggles of life. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health or depression, please call the National Suicide Hotline (800) 273-8255. Journaling, listening to music, and yoga are outlets to help manage stress.
February 24, 2021
Mommypreneur-tips on juggling kids and dreams.
Being a mom is tough. Balancing life on top of work is equally challenging. This week, Allicia sits down with other mommypreneurs and discuss tips on managing.
February 24, 2021
High School Stories
Do you remember your time in high school? Those moments often shape who we become. We take a trip down memory lane and share embarrassing 🙈 moments, pranks, and lessons we now appreciate as adults.
February 24, 2021
Game time: Holding it down for your Favorite Team
Holding it down for your Favorite Team. Sports fans, could you date someone who is a fan of your rival football team? Do you pay off your bets?
February 3, 2021
House rules
How to properly play UNO and Spades and the unwritten rules of Black family gatherings.
February 3, 2021
Season Five (Episode 7) Expiration Dating
Does social media put an expiration date on relationships? The crew talks through scenarios in how social media can either enhance or hinder the growth of a relationship.
January 13, 2021
(Season 5) Episode VI: What Men Want to Know (Battle of the Sexes)
The Fellas asked ladies questions this week. Allicia is joined by a group of dynamic women-moderated by B and Drew.
December 18, 2020
Season 5 (Episode V) What Women Want to Know: Battle of the Sexes Part II
We have received an overwhelming amount of questions and we had to break the episode into two! Allicia moderates this week! 12.16.20
December 18, 2020
Season 5 (Episode IV) What Women Want to Know: Battle of the Sexes Part I
B and Drew are joined by a panel of men who discuss questions asked by women! Allicia helps moderate this panel as it gives you perspective on insecurity, dating, marriage, and more! 
December 18, 2020
Season 5 (Episode III) Pure Comedy
Allicia is out this week so the guys are holding down the fort. They are joined by a few of Milwaukee's own comedians who talk about the challenge of making people laugh.
December 18, 2020
The R. Kelly Effect
In this special episode, I dig in deep into victim-blaming and shaming and protecting predators. The media is buzzing with a debate over the allegations against the infamous R. Kelly. Learn more about why sexual abuse survivors hesitate to speak out.
November 23, 2020
Stuck in The Grey Area
In the world of dating where everyone is afraid of being played, how can we ever get to know someone? Most of us become complacent in situationships in hopes that it blossoms into something real. Also, what happens after a breakup-where does the love go, or do feelings linger on? Or what about newly dating and you become disappointed. Each of these instances are real and problematic and leave a grey area open for interpretation and if your not careful, it can sour you on dating and you give up your quest for adding extra love to your life. Connect with me on Facebook: IamAllicia Instagram: IamAllicia Twitter: IamAlliciaW or send me an email with a topic: Check out my website to view a full list of episodes and events
November 23, 2020
the crew
November 23, 2020
Bonus #1: Live from The TDR SHowcase
the showcase with two Special guest 
November 23, 2020
Season 5 Episode 1: We're Back
Welcome to start of Season 5 
November 23, 2020
Season 5 Episode 2: The Unpredictable Crew
the team behind Unpredictable Characters
November 23, 2020
Women of color in the workplace
Have you ever felt like you had to be ON all the time, or walk on eggshells at work? Listen on tips to help you at the job.
October 4, 2020
This is 30-Dating Tips 🥰
The cat 🐱 is officially out of the bag, I have been dating and I have tips for you to help keep the headaches and heartache at bay. 🥰😍
September 27, 2020
Loving Your Ugly Self
Sometimes it can be hard accepting ourselves. Especially when society paints an image of who we should be.
September 21, 2020
In what ways do you cope with anxiety? Many people have moved to smoking or using gummies go help calm their mind. Let’s be real, as we get older, we look for more natural ways to help deal with mental health issues.
September 16, 2020
From Lip Service to Lip Gloss
From depending on a man to building a business from the ground up. What can you accomplish when you finally start thinking for and believing in yourself?
September 5, 2020
This is 30-Body Image
A special mini series that shares the inner thoughts of a single black 30 year old woman. This eight episode series covers topics that women in their 30s think about.
August 30, 2020
Facebook Relationships
Does social media have an effect on relationships?
August 22, 2020
Wet Ass Pussy
Need we say more!
August 22, 2020
Season 4: Episode 4- Taking Care of Your Mental Health
The crew talks openly about mental health disorders and recent suicide that took the life of a young man who jumped off a bridge.
August 10, 2020
Season Four Episode 4: Three's Company
We asked the ladies if they would be down with having a threesome if their man asked them for one. Listen to see what their answers are! 
July 25, 2020
Season 4: Episode 3- Busted While Cheated!
Have you ever got caught cheating on your significant other? Have you ever caught your lover in the act? Listen to the gang as they share their most sensational stories of infidelity. Special guest this week.
July 15, 2020
Season 4: Episode 2-Interracial Dating
A guest asked-can you still be pro-black even though you are dating outside your race? Tune in to what the crew has to say. #BlackLivesMatter. Submit your stories to
July 8, 2020
WE ARE BACK! Welcome to Season Four
What has the gang been up to? Catch up with your fav hosts. 
June 29, 2020
The Vampire Diary Episode
We take some of your questions live!
May 1, 2020
Who is Allicia?
Listeners submitted questions to learn more about Allicia! She discusses dating, podcasting, and more!
April 23, 2020
Breaking Girl Code: Choosing your lover over your friends?
Why is it that so many women abandon their friendships for their new mates? Why are men forgiven so often and friendships often dwindle? Author Michelle Touro joins Allicia to discuss life in New Orleans, relationships, and more!
April 17, 2020
The team discusses life in quarantine
April 16, 2020
Quarantined: The Viral Episode
With the Corona virus placing a strain on the world, the gang sits down and discusses its implications on life.
March 16, 2020
Season III (Episode 13) Welcome to The Brew City
The crew sits down with notable Milwaukee community activist Vaun Mayes. He speaks about the divide in the city and ways to solve them. Vaun has helped save lives and inspires thousand through his activism. 
March 10, 2020
Season III ( Episode 12) What’s goin on baby? The Nola episode
Live from Bourbon Street! A special minisode in the big easy.
February 28, 2020
Season III (Episode II) On Being Black and Trans
Is D Wade a bad father? He has certainly face controversy in the media regarding the transition of his son. We weigh in on this topic and peel off the layers of taboo.
February 15, 2020
Season III (Episode 10) what is CO- Parenting ?
What is life as a single dad? Why do some dads feel as if child support is enough? Listen as we engage with the listeners about what it means to be an active parent and have a healthy co-parenting relationship.
February 10, 2020
Season III (Episode 9) Celebrating Milwaukee Music: TMGBookie
We celebrated a fellow artist this week! While Drew vacayed in Atlanta, Allicia and Brandon sat down with Tmgbookie to discuss his music, his inspiration, and we let the fans choose which song they wanted to sample in the episode. Download and stream his music on Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify. 
February 2, 2020
Season III (Episode 8) Let's Talk about HBICs
What does it take to be a Head Beauty in Charge? Listen as we sit down with Ashley Harrell, Executive Director of The COA Goldin Center. Sometimes being the only minority seated at the table is difficult, listen to how she manages to navigate her way through upper management. 
January 28, 2020
Season III (Episode 7) Real talk with Real Bar Talk
Joining us today are the hosts from Real Bar Talk MKE. Tori, Kaci, and KayTee. Listen for an explosive talk yo’ shit segment! Connect with Real Bar Talk on Facebook or at
January 17, 2020
Season III (Episode 6) The Live Episode
You asked and we listened! Allicia, Drew, and Brandon hosted their first live show with old and new listeners. Guests submitted questions and received answers from the hosts with lots of insights and laughs!
January 13, 2020
Season III: (Episode 5) Happy New Year!
It’s 2020 and it’s time to get serious about your goals. Listen to our goals for the upcoming year!! Allicia lost a friend, somebody said Drew was a tranny!!! Tune in. Follow us on Facebook @speak_your_truth_podcast
January 3, 2020
Speaking Life with Shawnie
Let’s have a real conversation! Milwaukee community leader LaShawnda Wilkins sits down on the couch to discuss her book, her platform, and getting shot! Connect with her on social media @speaklifeshawnie
December 19, 2019
Happy Friendsgiving
The gang discusses what they are thankful for!
December 13, 2019
Losing Your Virginity
TI has been the buzz of social media surrounding his comments about checking his daughter's hymen! Allicia, B Moore, Drew, and Bedroom Kandi consultant Hope take a trip down memory lane and explore what their first times were like.
December 13, 2019
Annoying Shit You Do
Join Allicia and new cohosts B Moore and Drew and they pick apart the elleged annoying things women do! Follow us on Facebook @speak_your_truth. Welcome to season 3 yall! 
December 13, 2019
Talkin' Yourself Outta Sum
Men, we know y'all mean well, but sometimes yall gotta cool it! I sit down with Bmoore and we discuss a list of things that men do to turn women off.   Do you fall into the category of texting too often, being too needy, or anxious? Get some tips on how to keep it cool when dealing with the ladies. 
November 16, 2019
Season II: Managing Your Mental
Allicia sits down with veteran social worker Valerie Carmel based out of the sunshine state. Valerie Carmel is a mental health professional who is knowledgeable, passionate, and authentic.  She is on a mission to support and strengthen women in their battle to cope with stressors, heal from pain and trauma, and create a thriving legacy for their families.  Valerie Carmel has combined years of professional experience and clinical background with lessons from her own struggles with fear and loss to create an approach which ignites the drive for personal healing and growth.  As a result, she founded Sage Steps, a movement to educate and empower women through the transformative power of journaling. Stay connected with her @_valeriecarmel on social media!
September 5, 2019
Season II: Black Girl Magic!
Versatile, beautiful, soulful, and full of life. Allicia sits down with Shenell and Bri and cover areas such as black women and: LGBT rights, anxiety, traveling, and getting through a stressful day. All black women can relate-chime in on the conversation!
August 28, 2019
The Random Episode
Allicia sits down with Brandon and they shoot the shit. This is one of this random episodes, so yea-enjoy! Stay connected with me on social media, or send me new topic episodes at
August 22, 2019
Are You Ready For Marriage?
This week's episode brought the heat as I sat down with fellow singles and married folks to talk about the good and bad of being married vs. being single. As always, stay connected with me on social media to send new topics! @iamalliciaw and @speak_your_truth_podcast.
August 8, 2019
Dreams and Passions: learn how to turn what you love into a career!
Allicia chatted with special guest @technical_motivator to talk about how he turned his passion into a career. Once you find a career you love, you never have to work again. Listen to his story and learn how to empower and motivate yourself to excel toward your dreams.
August 1, 2019
Barbershop Talk Episode
Allicia sits down with the master barbers and stylists at Ebony Man's World salon in Milwaukee, WI. The group dives into styling do's and dont's, dating, and sex? See what the gang has to say about the New Revolution of Black Sex. Keep in touch with the Ebony Man's Crew on Facebook @EbonyMansWorld.If you have an idea for a topic, send me an email at This podcast is now part of the TDR Network!  Connect with me! | Instagram/Twitter: @iamalliciaw | Facebook: @IamAllicia
July 24, 2019
Welcome to Season II: What’s New with Allicia
We are back for season two. Catch up with Allicia as she talks about new projects for the rest of 2019. Travel, a book launch, and more! Kick in your ideas by emailing me at Stay connected I’m social media Facebook: @iamallicia Twitter:iamalliciaw Instagram:iamalliciaw
July 14, 2019
Black Millennials on the Rise!
Allicia sits down with co-owner Jazmine and Martez and talks about their upcoming grand opening! They are opening Milwaukee's first ever CBD and Hemp Bakery--Purple Reign.  Imagine opening your restaurant before the age of 30! 
May 7, 2019
Stories My Mother Never Told Me
Allicia reads excerpts from her new book, “ Stories My Mother Never Told Me.” Preorder your copy by visiting Facebook @IamAllicia
May 1, 2019
Black GUY Magic: Up & Coming Black Male Moguls
This week, Allicia explores up and coming black entrepreneurs who are currently building their empire. This week, Allicia chats with rising media mogul James Grant of Urban Granstand Digital. He's a publisher, journalist, and so much more! Based in Cleveland Ohio, James will talk about what inspired his career, and how Speaking his Truth has helped him along the way. Connect with James on Instagram @iamjamesgrant, or by visiting his website  As always, connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @IamAllicia Check out my upcoming events: Send me ideas for an upcoming episode:
April 17, 2019
The Hoecially Awkward Episode
Allicia and special guest Omar sit down and talk about that Hoecially Awkward phase. 🤭 You know, the ones where you’re stuck in between playing games and settling down? We also touch on married while dating, and one night stands in other cities. See what they think about marriage and relationships. 💍 Join in on the conversation and fun on Facebook and Instagram: @SpeakYourTruthPodcast. You can also connect with me via email: 💞💞 #speakyourtruth #iamallicia
April 9, 2019
Zodiac Dating Disasters
Which zodiac sign is the absolute worst to date? Allicia sits down with one half of the @sweatssuitspodcast and talk about some first date fails. Connect with me on Facebook: IamAllicia Instagram: IamAlliciaW or email:
March 27, 2019
Travel Disaster: The Mardi Gras Episode
When you think of New Orleans, the words beads, beer, and Bourbon come to mind. The Crescent City is unparalleled when it comes to culture, food, and music. Listen to Allicia as she details her horrid travels to the Big Easy for Mardi Gras. Grab your beignets, as she details stories from the locals involving women, bounce music, and hurricane Katrina. Connect with me on Facebook: IamAllicia
March 11, 2019
What About Your Friends: Friends as foes?
On this episode, Allicia and her close friends sit down and talk about friendships, accountability, and foes pretending to be your friends. Listeners on the Facebook live chime in and tell us stories about being bad friends and ending terrible friendships. Stay connected with me on Facebook: IamAllicia and if you have an idea for a topic, email Speak Your Truth and Talk Yo Shit.
February 25, 2019
Mini Episode-Financial Literacy
A special mini episode! What are you spending your money on? What isn’t your money making you money? Listen to financial advisor Martinez and learn how you can make your money work for you! Connect with Martinez, you can also send me an email if you want me to cover other topics:
February 20, 2019
Polygamy and Side N*ggas
Today’s episode digs into polygamy! Allicia and friends Kourtney, Naomi, Marvin, and Emmitt provide hilarious commentary as they share their experiences dealing with relationships. Listen as Marvin shares his thoughts on a former turbulent polygamy relationship and the ladies spill the tea about side piece protocol. The laughter does not stop during this conversation, join in on topic, connect with me! Do you have an idea for a topic? Facebook: IamAllicia Twitter: IamAlliciaW Instagram: IamAllicia Connect with Marvin on Facebook! Subscribe and share.
February 4, 2019
Shrink Until it Fits: The Therapy Episode
This week, Allicia sits down with her psychiatrist for an actual session. The purpose of this is to dispel myths about therapy session. If you have ever been curious about a therapy session, you can take a listen at a raw ams authentic session. Be mindful that therapy can help with growth over time. If you have questions about this session, or want to learn more about the therapist, send an email to Facebook: IamAllicia Instagram: IamAllicia Twitter: IamAlliciaW
January 21, 2019
The Guy Code Episode
This week, E returns to talk about the things women are dying to know! We are also joined by Big Mo and we dive into guy code and dig deeper into girl code. This episode was a true battle of the sexes. Connect with me on Facebook: IamAllicia Instagram: IamAllicia Twitter: IamAlliciaW Send podcast topics to
January 19, 2019
The G Code Episode
Boyfriends, gossip, vagina and more! This week, Allicia and special guest Naomi speak candidly about being single, relationships, parenting, and vagina health. This episode is just like having a laugh filled conversation with one of your best girlfriends! Have any ideas topic, email Stay connected with me website: Facebook: IamAllicia Instagram: IamAllicia Twitter: IamAlliciaW
January 14, 2019
A Conversation about Mental Health
Why is mental health so taboo in the African American community? This open conversation seeks to raise awareness about mental health, wellness, and self-care. What is it like going to therapy and how can I help my child if I think they are suffering from a mental illness? Joining me this week is Kai and Erionia who share the positive aspects of being within the mental health field. If you want to learn more, send an email to Stay connected with me on Facebook at IamAllicia. The national suicide hotline number is 1-800-273-8255.
January 8, 2019