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Spilling The Tea Leaves

Spilling The Tea Leaves

By Michelle
Michelle Melo dives into all things New Age, Spiritual & Metaphysical in a welcoming and safe space for everyone on their own personal journey. We explore chakras, tarot, meditation, yoga, astrology and so much more. We take the opportunity to interview other souls on their own spiritual journey. Grab a cup and join Spilling The Tea Leaves.
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Halloween and a Blue Moon. What does that mean for you?

Spilling The Tea Leaves

Halloween and a Blue Moon. What does that mean for you?

Spilling The Tea Leaves

Halloween and a Blue Moon. What does that mean for you?
Oh yeah, it's going to be a real one this year (WTH 2020?!) In this episode, Michelle from Remember Love will talk about the background of Halloween and what you can do to kick the Blue Moon in the ball.  Hint: It's a great time to get rid of some excess baggage.  As promised, link on how to make your own Florida Water: Where can you find Michelle? : For information, Services and Sessions with Michelle: https: Instagram: If you love this podcast, please share and give a like and please support Michelle on Patreon: Through Patreon you can join our community and have access to our community forums. Be kind and Spread Love.
October 30, 2020
Hello from Nairobi, Kenya
Checking in from another part of the world. Just a small episode to say "Hi!".  All is well here. Just a hello.  If you want to support MIchelle, please follow: Instagram: Online: https// By supporting our sponsor, you support this Podcast and for that we THANK YOU! Check them out: or visit and use Coupon Code: "RememberLove461"
October 22, 2020
The Power of Expression with Intent and Manifestation
You have the power to manifest your best life, as long as your word is authentic and you are living your passion and purpose. It's your intent and TRUST your words are so incredibly powerful. My asking the Universe to help me serve and in less than 24 hours, Remember Love is on Netflix! Believe in your own power, magick and strength. Sit with your favorite cup and join in on the conversation. Find Michelle Here: IG: @RememberLove Online:
July 18, 2020
How to Survive this Mercury Retrograde
Yes, Mercury Retrograde is here, but there are things you can do to stay safe and come out of it better than ever. These are simple techniques that are important to surviving this Mercury Retrograde as unscathed as possible. Follow Michelle: Instagram: Web:
June 19, 2020
Akashic Records with Zee Mendez from SoulMamaMagik
Today Michelle Melo has the honor to interview Zee Mendez, an Akashic Records Practitioner, Tarot Reader and Teacher and Reiki Master.  Zee explains what Akashic records are and briefly discuss my own personal reading by Zee. We also dive in to Zee's own very personal Awakening.  Grab a cup of tea, settle in and join in on our conversation, we would love to have you! Want to find Zee? Locate them on Instagram @SoulMamaMagik Want to find Michelle? Locate her on Instagram @RememberLove or Web:
May 28, 2020
Are Energy Healers Anti-Medicine?
Are All Energy Healers Anti-Medicine, especially Anti-Vaxx? Are all those "light workers" online there for your own good? Join the conversation with Michelle and see how we can find balance with all types of healing. Put the tin hats least for this.  Please follow the podcast and share.  You can find Michelle Here: Wed: IG: YouTube:
May 21, 2020
The Toxicity of the "Twin Flames" Idea
Twin Flames idea is toxic and advocates incompletness.  Why it's total BS and how YOU can attract a partner with your energy. Follow Michelle: Instagram: @RememberLove
April 12, 2020
This IS the Time!
What is the "New Age" perspective on the current situation? Yeah, a shift is occurring but why? Right now is the time for YOU to practice raising vibrations. How you can do it and why LOVE is so essential at this time.  Join Michelle on this episode and right this very second, we can help make a difference. Follow Michelle at: Instagram: @RememberLove Web:
March 17, 2020
How to Use Crystals in your Daily Life
In this weeks episode, Michelle goes over how you can use crystals in your daily life.  Michelle goes over the top ten ways to optimize your daily crystal use.  Michelle also talks about her findings of Moldavite and the influx of fakes in the number one spot where most people go to look for it...Prague.  Grab your cup of tea and your favorite stone and take a listen.  How can you support? Visit one of our sponsors, SkillShare and get 2 months FREE Follow Michelle (Crystal Reiki Master and Spiritual Coach): Instagram :  Website: Are you in Miami? Want to get your Crystal Reiki Certification? Here is your chance : Love the Podcast and want to buy Michelle a coffee? Thank you! Visit Here: Ko-fi/RememberLove 
January 27, 2020
January 14, 2020
January 14, 2020
You have Questions? I have Answers!
Hello! Your favorite Podcast is back! Michelle Melo is answering some of the top questions you have had, including what 2020 has in store for us, Yoni Eggs, crystals for stress and dreaming and the ethics of mining crystals. A lot is covered here but we hope you stay with your favorite cup in hand and get into the discussion. Love and Light.  Want to connect? Follow Michelle: Instagram: @RememberLove Twitter: @TheRememberLove
January 14, 2020
Some Updates and How to Survive the Holidays
In this short episode, Michelle talks some updates and where did the podcast go (no where, it's still here) and how to survive this season. What crystal is number one in protecting yourself and what to do if engaged into an argument.  You can find Michelle : IG Website: Have questions: Email Michelle at : or
November 26, 2019
Crown Chakra and How to Bring it Back to Balance
The Crown Chakra is essential for our connection with the spirtual realm. It is the point where we seperate from Ego and realize that we are so much more than ourselves and our a part of a larger collective. We recognize ourselves in each other. It is also where we receive our divine revelations and inspiration from source. It sounds so simple but can be so complicated and involved for the individual. Come and explore with Michelle and learn a bit more about it and how to bring it back to harmony.  This is the last episode in the Chakra series thus ending Season 1 (Woohoo!). Spilling The Tea Leaves Podcast will return November 1st with Season 2. More topics, some contreversial and more guests from our Spiritual Community.  Thank you so much for sharing the podcast and sharing this episode. By sharing this episode, we can reach other souls and encourage each other to walk this journey.  Follow Michelle: Instagram: and online at
October 3, 2019
Third Eye Chakra Harmony
Your Third Eye is a very powerful chakra, especially for those who are starting their spiritual journey. It's very quick to dismiss this chakra on a daily basis. In this week's episode, Michelle talks about how to bring it back to balance, including intuition exercises to practice on a daily basis. She also talks about how anxiety and over thinking can really stifle the third eye and your intuitive abilities. This weeks episode dives into the necessity of a spiritual connection and the importance of overall well being. Follow Michelle: Instagram @RememberLove ( Website (Ways to Support too): Host Note: Thank you so much for supporting my podcast. It means a lot to me to be able to help those who are coming into this path and providing a safe space where there are no "bad" or "dumb" questions. Thank you for sharing and listening and overall being an amazing soul on this planet. Thank you for walking this journey with me. Love and Light always --Michelle 
September 26, 2019
Throat Chakra and How to Balance and bring it back to Harmony
The throat chakra is very important to communication and self expression. When it is out of balance, it triggers a chain of events that can cause physical dis-ease and even a break down in manifestation.  How can you bring it back to harmony and communicate clearly and express yourself fully? Take a listen here.  Support this podcast at: Your host, Michelle, can be found at: Online at : Absolutely grateful and blown away by all the love I have been getting from this podcast. THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Grateful that I am fulfilling my Life's Purpose through what I do.  If you can't help financially, please review this podcast where ever you listen to and share. Every single review and share counts.  Love and Light, Michelle 
September 12, 2019
Heart Chakra Healing
As part of the Chakra Series episode, Michelle explores the Heart Chakra, how does it get blocked and what you can do to help heal it. This episodes covers crystals, affirmations and heart healing, especially for those who have gone through heart break or those who need help with self-love. Hint: Being self-fish is important sometimes. Thank you SO much for those who listen and support. Please share this podcast to get this to as many people as possible, Help me help make a positive change in the world. Love and Light.  Follow Michelle at: Instagram: Online: Support us on Patreon:
September 5, 2019
Solar Plexus Chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra is the most problematic when it comes to most people. This is your ideas in action, self confidence and authenticity. There is an 80% chance yours is out of balance right now.  This episode, Michelle talks about how to bring it back into harmony and how it can affect our day to day living, including it's physical manifestations of dis-ease. If you are a small business owner, this one is most definitely for you! THANK YOU for listening to my little corner of the Podcast world! Support our Patreon: You can follow Spilling The Tea Leaves at You can follow Michelle at: IG @RememberLove or
August 29, 2019
Sacral Chakra and how to Heal it
Part of our Chakra Series, Michelle goes into the Sacral Chakra, it's symptoms of disharmony and how to bring it back into balance. She also talks about Manifestation through Sex and how the Sacral Chakra plays into it.  Thank you for listening.  Please follow Michelle: Instagram: @RememberLove Website: Follow Spilling The Tea Leaves Website :
August 22, 2019
Root Chakra
As part of the Chakra series, Michelle goes over the Root Chakra and what causes imbalances, the symptoms of imbalances and how to bring it back to harmony. The Root Chakra is our first energy center that relates to our basic needs and safety. It's important.  You can reach Michelle at : @RememberLove on IG or at
August 15, 2019
What are your Chakras?
 Did you know that there are different chakra systems? Did you know  there are believed to be more than 7? Host Rachel and Michelle start a Chakra Summer Series, starting with an introduction to the traditional chakra system.    Follow us:  Michelle:                  Rachel:    IG: 
July 14, 2019
Shadow Work
In this episode, Rachel and Michelle talk about Shadow. WTF is it? How do we do it? Why is it necessary? We include some crystal recommendations and some techniques to get down to the real dark work. It's not supposed to be scary but it can be sometimes, especially when we ignore it long enough. This is the real work.
July 4, 2019
What is Solstice?
 In this Podcast, Rachel and Michelle talk a little bit of Solstice and the overall importance of it in several cultures and religions including for many witches.    Find us on the Web:  Follow Rachel: IG@CottageonWolfLane Follow Michelle IG: @RememberLove Web: 
June 22, 2019
Moon Phases and Rituals
In this Spilling The Tea Leaves episode, Rachel and Michelle talk about the moon phases and some rituals that can be done during your Spiritual practice.  We explain the phases of the moon and how it can affect our lives. Visit us at
June 16, 2019
Who are You? Who are your Spirit Guides and more ways to connect with them TODAY!
 This is a sort of part 2 on Spirit Guides! Rachel and Michelle talk about who is on YOUR Spirit Guide Team and how you can call on them RIGHT NOW for assistance.  Get a notebook handy, there is some information on this one!   Find us on the Web:  Follow Rachel: IG@CottageonWolfLane Follow Michelle IG: @RememberLove Web: 
June 10, 2019
Connecting with Spirit, Right NOW!
In this Episode, Rachel and Michelle talk about ways that we connect with Spirit/ Guides/ Source/ Universe/ our Higher Selves or whatever you want to call it.  While living in this very real world, we look for daily signs and communications ...and yes, Spirit talks to ALL of us ALL THE TIME! Listen how you can tune in and connect right now with spirit and what messages are they trying to communicate with you.  Thank you for listening.  You can visit us at
June 2, 2019
Talking to our very own Crystal Reiki Master, Michelle
Rachel interviews Michelle, our very own Crystal Reiki Master and Teacher. How she got started, her background and working between two battling upbringings. Towards the end of the episode we talk about an unpopular trend within the Spiritual community. Please read the following Message from Michelle to clarify any misunderstandings.  Message from Michelle:  "Towards the end of our podcast I discussed something that comes up often in our Spiritual Community and I want to make it clear what I am against: I am against Spiritual Policing. I believe everyone has access to tools to work with in order to evolve in their spiritual practice. I DO NOT believe in the cultural appropriation ESPECIALLY for commercialization or any sort of financial or personal gain. I believe we should all embrace each other on this journey while honoring the place of where these tools come from and their his/herstory. While I understand there are sacred rituals and practices that are private for certain groups of people, the overall policing of others private practices, especially on social media, I do not like. As a Latina who can pass as someone from other cultures, I have been attacked for using tools that belong to my ancestry and people JUST because I "look" a certain way. I cannot tolerate this. Our spiritual practice is private and sacred and we need to respect each other and keep out of other's spaces unless invited in. It is also the individuals responsibility to research these tools before putting them to work for themselves and actively displaying them on Social Media. I hope this clears it up a bit. Love and Light"  Visit us at:
May 26, 2019
Ask An Animal Intuitive
In Episode 5, we interview our very own Rachel, an Animal Intuitive and ask her all those questions we always wanted to ask. Get to know her better and how her process works. Also, do our pets stay with us? How about animals that we are afraid of? Does it count when we dream about them? 
May 17, 2019
How to keep "Negative" Energies away.
In Episode 4, Rachel and Michelle discuss different ways to cleanse your energetic space and protect yourself from low or "negative" vibes. From Smudging to Crystal recommendations and rituals, this is New Age nitty gritty.
May 6, 2019
Part 2 of "Revealing Your Spiritual Journey"
In Part 2 of this series, we talk about the positives of sharing (if you chose to), your spiritual journey with your family and friends. With the potential of losing some, you can gain so much more.  We also talk about "safe" ways to share your spiritual experience.
April 19, 2019
Revealing your Spiritual Journey (Part 1)
In this episode Rachel and Michelle discuss the highs and lows of proclaiming your spiritual journey with family and friends. We talk about our own experiences losing friends but finding your tribe.
March 31, 2019
Introduction to Rachel and Michelle
Welcome to our first ever Podcast. This episode is a short-ish intro to your awesome hosts, Rachel and Michelle. We talk about our goals for our newest podcast and offer a brief overview about our spiritual journeys. Join us with a cup of tea and settle in. 
March 21, 2019