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Spiritual Psychology Reconnect

Spiritual Psychology Reconnect

By Beverly Sartain
Welcome to your weekly reconnect, where I help holistic helping professionals reconnect with the truth of who they are for maximum personal and professional advancement. We do this through shifting paradigms, principles and practices so you can be your best helping Self without losing yourself through your good deeds.
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Reconnect Episode 21: Featuring Barbara Ptak on (Soul Genesis)

Spiritual Psychology Reconnect

Episode 27: Featuring Mary Markham on Application of F.A.I.T.H to Midlife Changes
Hello Holistic Helper I’m Mary Markham and I am a Spiritual Life Coach. I support and guide women as they start over and transition through midlife changes to get spiritually connected with grace and ease. Although there are many ways to get spiritually connected today I will share with you one what that has helped me along my journey. Question #1: What’s your connection to midlife changes? My connection to midlife changes is that most of the significant challenges/changes during midlife became the most pivotal time of my life. Changes with my career, finances and relationships could have taken me down a very negative path, if I would have allowed it. I literally started over as a single mom raising two teenagers with just enough money to rent a truck and move back to be closer to family. Question #2: How come you enjoy helping people around midlife changes? Midlife is a time when so many people start questioning their own life and may even have regrets, and question why they are where they are and how they wished their life could be better. Question #3: What’s the F.A.I.T.H. acronym? First I’d like to share that Faith is NOT a religion. It sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible. The acronym begins with F which stands for Forgiveness. We must first forgive ourselves and others in order to move forward. Self forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do. But once you learn to forgive yourself and others, you can take steps to move forward and live your purpose being the best version of yourself. The next letter is A for Awareness. Awareness of who you are and how you want to serve your purpose. It is being aware of how the different people, influencers, events, values, experiences, traditions, etc. have shaped you to be who you are today.  The next letter is I which stands for Identify. Identify what YOU want and how do you want to get there? That is why self awareness first. You must first become aware of who you are and then identify what you want. It’s important to identify how you define yourself, not how you think the world defines you. I love to use the analogy of planting a seed and watching it grow. Identify if you are giving it enough water, sun, and love to help it grow? What we pour into your lives is how we reflect ourselves into the world. Positive thoughts equals positive actions. The next letter is T for Trust. Trust is important in any relationship and once it is lost, it becomes a decision to either let go or rebuild. It is a process and there are steps to build trust again.  Question #4: What’s useful in using the F.A.I.T.H. acronym? It’s useful to use the F.A.I.T.H. acronym to help my clients become more aware and have a deeper spiritual connection through each letter. When I ask questions about each letter of the acronym with my clients, it helps to dig a little deeper into their personal life and discover something they weren’t aware of. And, using the acronym is different for each person. Question #5: What are some of the results your coaching Clients receive from using the acronyms? The results are truly amazing. I have a client who struggled with forgiveness for years and listed all the people she needed to forgive but still suffered with a heavy heart around forgiveness. When asked about self forgiveness and doing a self forgiveness exercise, she never thought about forgiving herself first. It’s been a transformation for her ever since. She still talks about that enlightenment. Thank you for being with me today. If you’d like to connect with me further, and find how these acronyms can help you along your journey, my contact information is or check out my website at
November 25, 2020
Episode 28: My First Published Book - Transcending Trauma: How I used Spiritual Psychology to Healing My Life
It's finally here... My first published book! Ahhh...can you feel my excitement?! I can't wait for you to get your hands on it and shout from the rooftops alongside me that we do recover. I'm thrilled to be answering people's burning questions about the beginning of my recovery journey, Spiritual Psychology and how I applied it to get transformative results that have me thriving in life, relationships and purpose. This is the ripple effect I've been longing to have for so many years. Your love and support with this ripple means the world to me. To get my experience on paper so that many others could hear about a way to resolve issues within their own consciousness and therefore create inner and outer freedom for themselves. That's what's possible...Yet it wasn't always so... In 2006, I made a decision to get sober. Substances were one of the ways I coped with hardships of life - until I chose to get to the root cause of my behaviors. And resolve my feelings of "not good enough," "unlovable" and "unworthy." I turned my weaknesses into my greatest strengths through a practical application of Spiritual Psychology - I released what disturbed my peace. Through my studies, applications and embodiment of new beliefs, I began co-creating my new life. In Transcending Trauma, I share my path with you. I share my transformative healing from substances and suicidal ideations to inspire you to discover your own way. May you also transform your experiences into gifts and become a light for those who need it. I give you my application of the principles, paradigms and practices of Spiritual Psychology that shifted my perspective, allowed me to let in the love and offered me a transformative healing. And now I'm giving you the "keys" to unlocking your consciousness so you can break free of old beliefs, patterns and stories that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck. Be one of the first people to get your hands on the book and workbook (since print versions haven't been released on Amazon quite yet.) GRAB THE BUNDLE HERE > That's Book + Workbook + Healing Course all for just $199 (Regularly $500). I'm thrilled to be sharing how I got onto my healing and recovery path 14 years ago. The book starts with my breakdown and moves through my breakthrough using Spiritual Psychology. Can't wait for you to read my vulnerable and intimate process! And furthermore, can't wait for you to apply something from the book to enhance your own healing and recovery journey. Your support means so much! With so much love, Bev
November 21, 2020
Reconnect Episode 26 Featuring Cybele Botran (Rediscovering Your Inner Child in Recovery)
Hello Holistic Helper… I am Cybele and I am a SHE RECOVERS Coach I help sober women work through their mom guilt from past drinking, stay sober while living with someone who still drinks, and rediscover their inner child. Today, I would like to help you reconnect to your true self by guiding you through a loving inner child reconnection exercise. Beverly has provided me with some questions to answer, all in support of you taking good care of yourself while you do great work into the world. Thank you for being here… When I was 7 years sober, I went on a SHERECOVERS retreat on a beautiful farm in Canada. There, I participated in twice daily trauma informed yoga led by the magical Taryn Strong, cofounder of SHERECOVERS. I was on my mat, doing breath of joy, when a ten year old me appeared. I could feel her energetic presence standing in front of me, facing me, and she was angry. I was quite surprised to see her and curious as well. What did this mean? Why was she so angry? Within a week’s time, a good friend reached out and asked me if I, along with a third friend, wanted to start inner child work. This is how things unfolded. As I became curious, the universe provided. I knew in my heart that it was time to start doing Inner Child work. There are many wonderful guided meditations, books, and videos on inner child work. I started by reading what is called The 14 Traits of an Adult Child, also known as The Laundry List,  from Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional families, which is a 12 step organization. I also follow the work of Dr. Nicole Lepera, also known as the holistic psychologist. She has educational videos on youtube and other resources that explore Inner Child healing work. I would like to invite you to practice an inner child exercise now. If it feels safe, find a comfortable place to sit, you may want to place your feet on the ground or lay down somewhere comfortably. I invite you to place your hands gently on your cheeks. If it feels safe, you may close your eyes. And just repeat these affirmations in your mind or out loud. All your feelings are valid. I will always listen to you. You’re allowed to slow down. I will always protect you. You are allowed to be you. I will keep you safe. You’re allowed to be playful. I adore you. You're allowed to make mistakes. I will never, ever leave you. You’re allowed to change. I won’t abandon you. Contact Info... Instagram @wideawakerecovery Cybele (M.Ed, CPC, CPRC, SRCD) will support you as you move forward into a life of radical self-acceptance, self-love, and self-compassion. She is fascinated with inner child work, brain science, trauma-informed healing, self-regulation techniques, and mindfulness. With more than 30 years of teaching experience, she will help you identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them. She has been alcohol-free since 2011 and specializes in helping women who have mom guilt or live with someone who still drinks. She will support you on your journey to wellness and believes every woman has agency in her own healing process. She is bilingual (Spanish/English).
October 14, 2020
Reconnect Episode 25: A Healing Roadmap Walk-through
Welcome Back! The healing journey is rarely a linear path. More like a winding road with twists and turns, some times circling back to things you thought you had completed that reappear for resolution once again. Embrace it all... You will know that you are making progress when you begin in live the principles and practices that resonate with your heart and soul. You bring your light to others... Your words turn into action and your intentional and inspired action turns into purpose, meaning and contribution. People experience your Loving Essence... You are embodying a new way of being with yourself, others and the world. You are free of judgments, guilt and shame. Doesn't mean you never experience those again, just means you know how to forgive your humanness for buying into those experiences as truth. You are living from your Authentic Self... Student turns to teacher and you become the demonstration of all the transformation, breakthroughs and awesome insights you have experienced. You are enlightened... You have transcended struggle and can see that each experience is spiritual opportunity. The healing journey is a remarkable path that reminds you of your loving nature and helps you return back home to your Self. Need some structure to your healing journey? I've created a map. Download It Here > Enjoy! Bev And if you want my support with your path then check out the Healing Course below. I've created an awesome self-directed experience for you so that you can help you connect more with yourself as a spiritual being while you bring your spiritual being into every day living. Reach out to That's my email, and I would love to hear from you.
September 30, 2020
Reconnect Episode 24: Featuring Elisa Palma Hancock (Exploring the Akashic Records)
Exploring the Akashic Records Question #1: What are the Akashic records and how would someone learn more about it? I described a few common ways to describe the Akashic Records - not a simple task anyway! - as well as invited the audience to the best two ways - for me - to learn more about them Question #2: How did you get started in the Akashic Records? There was so much to share about this, that I now realize I forgot to mention that it really happened in the most unexpected of ways: I signed up for a class without even knowing what the Records were (never done anything like that before or after!). But it all lead to me find out I’ve been there SO many times before in my life… Question #3: How do you prepare yourself to work within the Akashic Records? I like to do things following my way, so I’ve developed a protocol that is always expanding and changing a bit. But the most important thing before I access the Records for myself or someone else, is that I set the both of us for success. Question #4: What are 3 benefits to being able to work within the Akashic Records? Not much about knowing your future but aligning with your best future...and this is only one of them. Question #5: What else is on your heart to share with us about the Akashic Records in this very moment? As an old Coldplay song sang...Everything is not lost! The Akashic Records are present in our everyday life, we interact with them, consciously or not, and the need to find and align with our purpose is more important now than ever! Thank you for being with me today. If you’d like to connect with me further, my contact information is…. Also you can find my information on the episode notes. Thank you again. Contact Info… P.S. I also have a very interesting message that came through today for my monthly reading, if you think it might be of interest I can share it with you as a link or something. Elisa Palma-Hancock's biggest passions have always been art and metaphysics. After dedicating many years to theatre and music, she answered the call to do more of what she'd been doing all along: being a channel for Love, Positivity, and Spirit. She helps people with clarity and change, by integrating the most spiritual and intuitive aspects of living into everyday life. Native Italian, she relocated to Northern California (now Florida) and loves to share her time between the two worlds.
September 23, 2020
Reconnect Episode 23: The 33 Principles of Spiritual Psychology
The 33 Principles of Spiritual Psychology from "Remembering The Light Within" By Drs. Mary and Ron Hulnick 1. God is everything in existence, both seen and unseen. 2. The nature of God is love. 3. Since we are all a part of God our Essential Nature also is Love and we have the opportunity of knowing our loving nature experientially Here and Now. 4. We are not human beings with Souls; we are Souls using a human experience for the purpose of Awakening. 5. Earth functions as a school for Spiritual Awakening, meaning Conscious Awareness of principles #2 and #3 (above). Everyone registers for their specific curriculum. 6. Physical world reality exists for the purpose of Spiritual Awakening; thus, life is for learning and growing spiritually. 7. Graduation is based upon mastering your lessons, resulting in Wisdom and Compassion. 8. Everyone has the potential, resources, and destiny to graduate. There is no failure, only repeated opportunity. 9. Everyone will graduate. The only real variable is time and the only real time is Now. 10. Your primary goal is not to change the school; your primary goal is to graduate. 11. Awakening is a process, not an event. 12. Awakening can be accelerated by learning and implementing the principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology. 13. Your Spiritual Curriculum consists of unresolved issues as well as opportunities for service, sharing your gifts, and living into your heartfelt dreams. 14. An unresolved issue is anything that disturbs your peace. 15. Unresolved issues are not bad; they’re simply part of your Spiritual Curriculum. 16. Unresolved issues are blessings as they are opportunities for Healing and Awakening. 17. Accepting personal responsibility for your Spiritual Curriculum is empowering and opens the door to Freedom. 18. Nothing outside of you causes your disturbances. 19. All “becauses”--i.e., anything disturbs your peace-- is, in spiritual reality, a trigger to an unresolved issue that is part of your Spiritual Curriculum, providing an opportunity for true healing. 20. Outer experience is a reflection of inner reality. 21. Personal internal reality is subjective. Therefore, what you believe determines your experience. 22. Experiences you judge, you attract. They tend to proliferate, repeat, and multiply. 23. You create your future by how you respond to your experiences now. 24. There are no mistakes, only opportunities for Learning, Healing, and Awakening unto Love. 25. How you relate to an issue is the issue or how you relate with yourself while you go through an issue is the issue. 26. Healing is the application of loving to the places inside that hurt or suer, or healing is the “flooding with loving” of all the places inside that hurt or suer— thereby dissolving them. 27. In your Universe, your word is your law; thus, the power of intention. 28. The mind is a tool to be used in service to the heart. 29. Maintaining supportive disciplines is a demonstration of self-loving. 30. Intimacy is a natural and automatic byproduct of honest, caring Self-expression. 31. Judgement is self condemnation; self-forgiveness is restoration; and Compassion, Acceptance, Peace, and Joy naturally follow. 32. Loving, Healing, Awakening, and Evolving are all the same process whereby you experience deeper and deeper awareness of your Essential Nature we that refer to as your Authentic Self--already fully present and characterized by Unconditional Loving, Wisdom, Joy, Peace, Creativity, Compassion, Happiness, and more. 33. A life lived in Acceptance is a life devoid of unnecessary emotional suffering. It’s a life filled with Love. Resonate with the principles? Take these teachings further by joining us in the Spiritual Psychology Healing Course:
September 11, 2020
Reconnect Episode 22: Featuring Dena Rae (Belief Systems in the Body)
Welcome Back! Today we are being joined by Dena Rae who will be discussing belief systems in the body.  For further connection her contact info is: and website is
August 26, 2020
Reconnect Episode 21: Featuring Barbara Ptak on (Soul Genesis)
Welcome back! Enjoy this session from Barbara Ptak.  Contact:
August 12, 2020
Reconnect Episode 20: Featuring Tamara Gold (Neuroscience and Coaching)
Welcome Back! Hope you enjoy this podcast from Tamara Gold. Contact:
July 29, 2020
Reconnect Episode 19: Flood Your Body With Consciousness (A self-healing mediation from The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle)
Hello friends! I love applying what I am reading and learning, so I thought I would make a recording of one of the meditations offered in the book, The Power of Now. I have recorded the meditation provided on pages 124-125 of the book for you to listen to in the morning, before you go to bed or any time you have 5-10 minutes to spare. This is a practice which means you get better and better at flooding your body with healing consciousness the more you practice.  Enjoy...
July 15, 2020
Reconnect Episode 18: Featuring Beth Parasmo on Spinal Support Through Yoga
Welcome! Question #1: How does yoga support spine health? Movement, Conscious awareness, and breath. Answer…. The simplest answer is because movement of the spine is essential for spinal health, and a key component of any lineage of a yoga asana sequence is movement of the spine in the 6 directions: forward (flexion), backward (extension), lateral flexion to each side, and axial rotation or twisting, in each direction. In yoga we also focus a lot on axial extension of the spine, or elongating the spine up and down, which reduces the natural curves of the spine, but also increases space between the vertebrae and reduces pressure on the vertebral discs by using the core muscles to create a neutral pelvis... Question #2: What’s important about keeping the spine healthy and flexible? Answer…The spine is the  sole protector of your spinal cord and associated nerves - where your ability to move freely, in all the 6 directions I discussed before, think, sleep and function normally, including being an upright human, come from. Any damage or injury in any part of the spine can cause extreme and debilitating pain, never mind limited range of motion and losing the ability to move your appendages freely, and your entire body, for that matter.  Your neural responses originate here, such as: pressure, touch, cold, warm, pain, as well as sensations in your skin, muscles, and joints.... Question #3: Share a little bit about how you got into supporting people around spine health. Answer…My spinal health journey began when I was 20. I had always been an athlete in any sport I could, including being a distance runner for many years, and snowboarding, skating and skiing. I had taken many falls, including landing on my tailbone, and then on my head.  I had run long distances from the time I got my first pair of sneakers, and I ALWAYS had what is referred to as “Swayback Posture”.  This is when your Thoracic, or mid-spine and shoulders are slouched back behind your hips, so you lead with your hips in any motion, creating more pressure on the Lumbar spine, as the upper torso’s weight ends at the point where the Lumbar spine meets the sacrum. Question #4: Share a personal story or a Client story where yoga supported someone in improving their spine health. Answer...It is with great humility that I say, every single person I have taught yoga to has benefitted by learning how to engage their core to extend their lumbar spine. There is not one client whose life was changed more than another, nor did it save someone from surgery, because none of my clients have had to have surgery (but that’s not necessarily tied to me).  Hopefully, that is because they move consciously now.  But, overall everyone who comes to my classes, or has a private yoga session with me, particular to their own needs, feels supported and learns something new about their spine. Question #5: What are 3 postures that someone could do to support the spine? Answer…Well, the truth is that ANY posture where you are conscious of your pelvic tilt and spinal extension is supporting the spine.  So, being aware is the very best thing you can do to support your spine... Contact Info... Beth Parasmo +19292490117 Instagram: @BreathewithBeth Facebook:
July 01, 2020
Reconnect Episode 17: A Healing Prayer For The World Meditation
Welcome! So grateful to have you here. I used the Women's Meditation Network script to share this healing prayer meditation with you. One of the best ways to support humanity is by cleaning up our own misunderstandings. If you are in need of support, please check out the Spiritual Psychology Healing Circle.
June 21, 2020
Reconnect Episode 16: 9 Ways I Create Clients in my Coaching Biz
Welcome to Episode 16!  Here are 9 Ways I Create Clients… 1. Partnerships - Find people who compliment your work. 2. Email Marketing - Consistently add people to a list that you consistently email with value. 3. Facilitate your own group(s) - Bring together your Ideal Clients and consistently provide them value. 4. Referrals - Show up so powerfully for your people that they refer others to you. 5. Ads - Target your Ideal Clients and invite them to a Discovery Call. 6. Other People’s Groups - Show up consistently and provide value that positions you as a leader in your niche. 7. Relationships - Build lasting relationships in your business that help you build your legacy. 8. Essence - I share my Loving Essence with everyone I meet, adding value and upliftment to each person. 9. And the #1 way I create clients is by having calls with people. Please Follow my LinkedIn Business Page. #holisticcoachtraininginstitute
June 03, 2020
Reconnect Episode 15: Releasing Resentment Coaching Exercise
Great to have you back! Super excited to share with you this exercise I found that can be applied to a coaching session. Frameworks are great tools to share with Clients as they are easy to apply and something your Client can use in between sessions. This process comes from Vicki Tidwell Palmer at I enjoy taking exercises and applying them to coaching sessions in service to Clients learning how to work through their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  If you are interested in learning holistic coaching skills, set up a call with here:
May 20, 2020
Reconnect Episode 14: Featuring Vanessa Klugman (4 Noble Truths & Recovery)
Hi, I’m Vanessa Klugman, a  physician who stopped practicing medicine when I came into recovery five years ago. I am now trained as a life coach with a specialty in addictions. Today, I would like to help you reconnect by showing you how the four noble truths can help you not only navigate life’s challenges, but flourish and life a life of meaning and purpose. Question #1: What are the 4 noble truths? The four noble truths are the essence of the Buddha’s teachings. The Buddha went on a 45 year journey to answer the question of what causes us to suffer.. His findings are summarized in the four noble truths. The first truth is that there is suffering in life. The second truth is that there is a cause for this suffering. The third truth is that there is an end to this suffering. The fourth and final truth is the prescription to the ending of suffering is to follow the eightfold  path. Question #2: How did you apply the 4 noble truths to your recovery? The practice of mindfulness meditation led me to core insights that changed the way I functioned in the world. These included the inclination of our minds to be caught up in “sticky” and painful thoughts. When we learn to let go of these self limiting beliefs we suffer less. We feel at ease and balanced. All of our emotions and experiences are impermanent and pass more quickly if  we do not hold onto them. When our actions are rooted in the wise intentions of kindness and compassion we feel at ease and when they are rooted in greed and aversion we end up suffering. Question #3: How can you use the 4 noble truths to keep up-leveling in recovery or a healing process? The truths can be used in a practical way and then in more advanced ways. We use the practice of meditation to develop self-awareness. We become aware of our thoughts, the stories we are telling ourselves and we see which ones create suffering. We can implement a STOP practice and start to bring awareness into the moments we notice ourselves struggling.  We can use more advanced practices such as Tara Brach’s  RAIN practice to deepen our healing and our “trance of unworthiness.” Question #4: How have the 4 noble truths helped you professionally? I help my clients identify their triggers, those uncomfortable thoughts and emotions that they are conditioned to avoid. We work on mindfulness practices such as urge surfing to retrain the mind. Instead of our conditioned behavior to avoid, distract and numb the urge we work on mindfully surfing the sensations of the urge until it subsides. I also help my clients see that it is not their circumstances that cause their suffering but rather their reactions and thoughts about their circumstances. Compassion and self-compassion are some of  the beautiful qualities that we nurture when we follow the eightfold path. Question #5: Where might someone learn more about the 4 noble truths? Please provide a few resources.  Tara Brach: Radical Acceptance and Radical Self Compassion as well as her podcast. Rick Hanson: The Foundations of Well Being ( an online one year class) ResilIent By Rick Hanson Kristen Neff; Self- Compassion the Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself ( Thank you for being with me today. If you’d like to connect with me further, my contact information is…. Also you can find my information on the episode notes. Thank you again. FB @Resilience Recovery Coaching Linked in @Vanessa Klugman MD, ACC
May 13, 2020
Reconnect Episode 13: 5-Step Transformational Coaching Method Framework (Coaching Exercise)
Welcome Back! Please enjoy this coaching exercise/framework with your Clients. 1. Step Back 2. Let Go 3. Say Yes 4. Take Empowered Action 5. Hold Yourself Accountable This framework comes from the Transformational Coaching Method. And is my demonstration of the applying this framework to a specific Client issue around boundaries.  If you are interested in becoming a credentialed coach and want to hear more about our Holistic Coach Certification Program, set up a call here.   Thank you,  Bev
May 06, 2020
Reconnect Episode 12: Featuring Jennifer Blanchard (Book Writing Foundations)
I'm Jennifer Blanchard. I help heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and lightworkers write and publish their books so they can share their message far and wide. Today, I would like to help you reconnect by showing you how to use a book to spread your message far and wide Question #1: I want to write a book. Where do I begin? Start by figuring out what your exact idea is. Get clear on it. If you have multiple ideas, write them all down, flesh out all of the pieces, so you can get an overview of what you have to work with. Then choose one to focus on. If you’re unsure about your idea, I’d also recommend you think about your message and your personal story related to that message. That is always a great idea for a book. Once you know what your book is going to be about, the next step is creating an outline of what you want to write in the actual book. I like to do a brain dump of everything I have in my head and heart related to that topic and just get it all down on paper. From there you start to look at topics or ideas for the book that fit together or that are similar and group them together. Then you can write your outline out like a table-of-contents for your book, using the grouped ideas as the different chapters or sections of your book. Once you’re happy with your outline, the next step is to start writing based on that outline. Question #2: What is the most common problem you see people have during the book writing process? Internal noise is the most common problem. Which is really just a mindset issue. Writing the book isn’t nearly as challenging as dealing with the stuff that pops up along the way to try and stop you from writing the book.. Things like procrastination, fear, doubt, distractions, resistance, upper limits, limiting beliefs, etc. So when I work with clients, I bring the mindset work into the writing process. Question #3: How can you use a book as a marketing tool? A book is a messenger who’s out there 24/7/365. Write a book once and it will work for you forever. It’s a low-cost entry point for anyone who is interested in learning more about you and your work and/or for someone who doesn’t know you yet. It helps drive ideal clients to your other offers and repels non-ideal people from becoming part of your community. It’s a great way to get new clients. It’s a great way to change lives on a global scale and without you having to be involved with each person (which means it’s scalable). Question #4: Share a personal story of how you or a Client found some healing through the book writing process.Last year, I was hired by a 95-year-old woman to edit the novel she’d been working on for years. Soon after I finished her edit, she found out she had 6 months to live. She came back to me and asked if I’d help her finish her book and get it out into the world before she leaves. We worked for three months to revise the story and get it ready for publication. She had a few health scares during that time and I was afraid she wouldn’t live to see it, but she always pulled through and her doctors 100% said it had to do with her passion for seeing this book through to the end. Well, we finished the book and published it in February 2020. Not only did she live to see it, but her son has joked with me that finishing the book turned her into an immortal monster. She has more energy now than he’s seen from her in years and she’s thriving at a time when she should be “dying.” Oh, and she has definitely lived past the six months her doctors gave her. Question #5: What is your favorite tip to share about the book writing process that you feel is the most impactful for someone starting off?Write what you love and do it in a way that feels good to you. To connect further find me at:  FB @dreamlifeorbust IG @jenniferblanchardwrites
April 29, 2020
Reconnect Episode 11: Self-forgiveness Around Business Misunderstandings
Welcome! I'm so freakin' in love with this episode. I'm sharing one of my favorite Spiritual Psychology techniques with you so you can bring in the love and compassion and heal old narratives that don't serve you any longer while you do magnificent work into the world.  You are incredible. You matter. Your expression is valuable. So many of us start businesses because it is our next highest expression. Yet we don't feel or think of ourselves as business people.  May you heal what needs to be healed so you can shine your light. Your light IS needed. There is a hero in all of us.  If you would like to take a next step with me, join the Spiritual Psychology Healing Circle. Learn more here. 
April 22, 2020
Reconnect Episode 10: Featuring Dena Roering (Practitioners At Play)
Guest Feature... Hello Holistic Helper… I’m Dena Roering, I’m a playful helper. I help parents and children experiencing challenges in their family life due to adversity including adverse childhood experiences, special needs or issues affecting parents making it hard for them to feel good about family. Today, I would like to help you reconnect to your inner child in a unique way- using play.  By the end of this podcast you will understand why, as a holistic helper, connecting with your inner child through play is both possible and necessary. Beverly’s provided me with some questions to answer, all in support of you taking good care of yourself while you do great work into the world. Thank you for being here… If you are ready, let’s begin.. Question #1: What’s the importance of play in your life as a helper? Talking Point:  Play helps combat compassion fatigue on a visceral level.  It does this by reducing stress, creating balance and providing care for your Inner Child. Question #2: How can you add play throughout the day while at a day job? Talking Point:  Play can be many opposite things, it is in fact limitless.  By using this paradox of play, you can tailor your playful experiences at work to your circumstances and needs. Question #3: How do you access your Inner Child more often without opening old wounds? Talking Point:  Because play works on a subconscious level, it is quite possible that it will bring up old wounds.  Connecting with that part of yourself that remains pure and innocent, recognizing and validating what is coming up to be healed, will aid you in giving your Inner Child safe play experiences. Question #4: Share a personal story of when you realized that you needed more play and the results that transpired because of it. Talking Point:  My wife and I began playing together and have now found our relationship transformed and as a result we have started out on a new adventure together. Question #5: What are 3 tips, tools or strategies you recommend around play? Talking Point:  1) Watch AinleyTop Women TEDx Talk:  Playful Grownups Overcoming Adversity and make up your own A-Z list of play options.  2)  Listen to what you need and give it to yourself.  3)  Remember that maturity and playfulness are not mutually exclusive, in fact being a fully developed adult who can play is a great gift into the world. Thank you for being with me today. If you’d like to connect with me further, my contact information is: Instagram @Nurturing Parents Facebook @Safe Haven Foundation Website
April 15, 2020
Reconnect Episode 9: My Favorite Paradigms Around The 4 Pillars of Transformation
Welcome Back.  This is your weekly reconnect, where I you reconnect with the truth of who you are for maximum personal and professional advancement. We do this through shifting paradigms, principles and practices so you can be your best helping Self without losing yourself through your good deeds. My intention is that this podcast can be a source of connection, support and encouragement for you. I honor you as a helper, a healer, someone who serves for the highest good of all, including yourself. Today I will be providing you with my favorite paradigms around the 4 pillars of transformation. Here's a handout to help you follow along.  Please message me at if you want further support.
April 08, 2020
Reconnect Episode 8 : Featured Guest Lacey Maria (From Ashes to Action)
Guest Feature... I’m Lacey Maria  - Inner Awareness and Consciousness Guide Reiki Master, Akashic Records Reader & Energy Coach I help guide burnt out entrepreneurs in a discovery deep dive of their inner self so they can become consciously aware of their connection with the energetic world to heal, align and level up. Let’s begin… Question #1: What does from ashes to action mean to you? So, what does Ashes to Actions mean to me? Lacey Maria speaks on how losing all her worldly attachments and the life she created for herself through her spiritual awakening helped change her mindset and limiting beliefs. By turning inward for answers instead of looking outside of herself she was able to honour her gifts and get clear on her message. Question #2: What are some of the ashes you’ve come through in your own life? Lacey Maria speaks on the hurdles she experienced in her life as she was transitioning out of her previous career and the important of her energetic practices and knowledge was to her as well as a guide for her soulmate clients Question #3: How is your digital nomad lifestyle connected to from ashes to action? Lacey Maria speaks on how she recreated her life with her own non-negotiables, location independence and travel. She explains what from Ashes to Action means in terms of creating a life for yourself that is in alignment. Question #4: What are 3 skills you developed in order to take action in your life? Lacey Maria speaks on explaining the 3 skills she developed to take action in her life – authentic, aligned and inspired action. Question #5: How has spirituality played apart in your up-level? Discussed under question 3. Thank you for being with me today. If you’d like to connect with me further, contact information is…. Also you can find my information in the episode. Listeners, I would absolutely love to connect with you further and hear from you especially if what we chatted about today resonates with you. If you would to connect with me further feel free to visit my website at to learn more about me and my FB community Energy Maven where I share lots of free value in the form of workshops, lives and posts. I am also on IG as well under Lacey Maria If you would like to send me an email hit me up at email:
April 01, 2020
Reconnect Episode 7: Heed The Call Prayer
This episode was recorded as I had an urge to channel and call forward my Soul Clients and Tribe. I grabbed my computer, popped open zoom and started to channel this prayer for myself and for you. I hope you enjoy... I'm experiencing a "Gathering of the Light."  I'm being called to commune with other Lightworkers, Healers and Coaches... If you would like to join my Healing Circle so that we can gather in the light together, please do so here. It is $97/year so that there is an energy investment and reciprocation that happens in this space. Make payment here and receive a welcome email with next steps. Workbook, weekly lessons and Zoom calls are included to support you in diving deeper into your spiritual connection and clearing anything that gets in the way. 
March 25, 2020
Reconnect Episode 6: Featuring Sally Graddon (Spirituality In Medicine)
Guest Feature... Dr Sally Graddon is an ex-unhappy doctor turned joyful Empowerment and Self-Discovery Coach and Shamanic Practitioner! After spending 20+ years working towards achieving her goals, she had a profound realization that it wasn’t the life she wanted to lead. She walked away from medicine and embarked on a long journey of self-discovery and healing, reclaiming her power. Question #1: What’s the importance of spirituality in medicine? Medicine is vitally important and saves lives, but without spirituality, medicine isn’t whole - it’s been split.  Spirituality provides balance. We are spiritual beings, not just a series of chemical reactions, and all too often that is ignored by modern western medicine. We are capable of healing ourselves in ways we don’t yet understand and it’s short-sighted to overlook that. It can walk alongside science and both can benefit. Question #2: How did shamanism become part of your path? I left medicine 12 years ago and lost my identity at the same time. After I had my second daughter, I realized that I’d simply replace my identity of ‘doctor’ with ‘mother’ and had no idea who I really was. I went on a long(!) journey of learning to love myself, self-discovery and self-forgiveness. I became a life coach and later heard someone speaking about Shamanism. It was a remembering - I knew what she said to be true and it touched my soul. She became my mentor and I embarked upon a Shamanic Apprenticeship with her. Shamanism is a part of who I am at my very core, and, as a result, my everyday life and work. Question #3: How do you teach the application of shamanism to helpers and healers at your retreats? I offer my clients choices - I teach them tools, practices and rituals and invite them to explore, practice and deepen their relationship with each. I encourage them to pick and choose the ones that call to them and support them most. From techniques to protect and clear their own energy, grounding practices that keep them centered and present, to releasing blocks, old stories and emotions that are holding them back and calling parts of themselves home that may have been lost since childhood so that they can be whole and feel safe to be their True Self. I also share rituals such as powerful Fire Ceremonies, and show them how journeying can help them to drop beneath the surface noise of their brain and access their subconscious. Question #4: What’s your favorite spiritual or shamanic tool to use in your own life? So many!! Journeying (which I think I forgot to talk about lol!) to find the answers to questions and things I am unable to see. My everyday practice of ‘Sage, sit, breathe’, which brings me in to the present moment and helps me to prepare for my day. Journalling. And simply being in nature and letting her medicine heal my Soul. Question #5: Share a personal story from you or one of your Clients where it became clear that more spirituality was needed. Changing your life isn’t about getting more qualifications or polishing your CV, it’s about remembering who you are - stripping away the masks and layers of stories and crap that you have built up around you (or had put there by others), to reveal the REAL YOU underneath. To set him/her free to shine their light into the world. Contact info: Email: Website: Facebook Page: Facebook Group:
March 18, 2020
Reconnect Episode 5: 22 Principles of Spiritual Psychology Application
It's Episode 5... Welcome and thank you for being with me. In this episode, I am taking you through the 22 Principles of Spiritual Psychology and providing you some thought-provoking questions so you can try on Spiritual Psychology and apply the principles to your own life.  1. We are not human beings with Souls; we are Souls having a human experience. 2. The nature of God is love! 3. Direct experience is the process through which belief or faith is transformed into knowing. 4. Since we are all part of God, our nature also is Love, and we have the opportunity to know our Loving nature experientially, here and now. 5. Physical world reality exists for the purpose of spiritual evolution. 6. Spiritual evolution (growth) is a process, not an event. 7. All life is for Learning. 8. An unresolved issue is anything that disturbs your peace. 9. Every time a single person resolves a single issue, angels rejoice and all of humanity moves forward in its evolution. 10. All “becauses” are merely triggers to internal unresolved issues inviting completion. 11. Inner disturbances are themselves a major component of the spiritual curriculum you are here to complete. 12. Unresolved issues are not bad; they are just part of your spiritual curriculum you are here to complete. 13. Personal responsibility is the foundational key that opens the door to Freedom. 14. Nothing outside of you causes your disturbances. 15. You create your future by how you respond to experiences now. 16. How you relate to an issue is the issue, and how you relate to yourself while you are going through the issue is the issue. 17. What you believe determines your experience. 18. A life filled with Acceptance is a life devoid of unnecessary emotional suffering. It’s a life filled with Love. 19. Your primary goal is not to change the school; your primary goal is to graduate. 20. Healing is the application of Loving to the places inside that hurt. 21. Loving, Healing, and Evolving are all the same process. 22. Judgment is self-condemnation. Self-Forgiveness is redemption; and Compassion, Acceptance, Peace and Joy naturally follow. If you are resonating with these principles and would like to explore these principles further, please join me in the Healing Circle. The Healing Circle will help you clean up your consciousness so you can experience peace, joy and grace inside and out.
March 11, 2020
Reconnect Episode 4: Featuring Mary Rose "Wildfire" Maguire (Misunderstandings around Marketing & Money)
Hello Holistic Helper… I’m Mary Rose “Wildfire” Maguire, Founder of Star Maker Marketing. I help business owners and thought leaders the opportunity to share their expertise with ghostwriting services and book promotion marketing strategies through multiple channels. Today, I would like to help empower you by sharing a few misunderstandings around marketing and money. Question #1: What are 3 common misunderstandings that helpers have around marketing and money? 1) Making money with my gifts and talents is “greedy” or “dirty.” 2) Sales is “slimy” or “yucky.” It makes people dislike me and I don’t like doing it. 3) If I’m really good at what I do and my heart is in the right place, I should attract great clients who will be happy to pay me. Question #2: What’s a strategy you use to help people shift these misunderstandings? Recognize that money is a transaction of energy. The business owner has worked hard to create a service or product that will solve a problem. That problem drains the prospective buyer’s energy. The business owner replaces that energy and sometimes increases it. That is worth a lot to the customer/client and deserves a fair trade. Question #3: How do you reframe marketing and money in your own life? Attitudes about money first must be addressed in the mind. How did a person understand money in their life? Was it treated as a limited resource? Or was the person raised in a home where abundant thinking reigned? It’s first important to understand that many people -- and especially women -- undercharge for their services or products. It’s important to know your worth, the value you bring to your customers and clients, and then position your marketing as a clear way to address the problem a customer/client has and why you are uniquely qualified to solve it. Question #4: Share a story where you or someone you worked with became empowered around marketing and money and how that impacted their success. I’ll use myself as an example. When I first started out as a professional copywriter, I asked a colleague what was a fair price for writing a press release. She said, “I wouldn’t write a press release for anything less than $250.” Fast forward to today. I just recently gave a quote to a prospect for a project that could be between $7K - $15K, depending upon how many “extras” he wanted. I didn’t bat an eye when I quoted him that amount and did it confidently. Question #5: What are 3 tips or tools you would recommend to continue to work on money mindset so you can actualize a higher calling through a career or business? Every business owner and especially every woman business owner should read the book, Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal by Oren Klaff. He explains his system for selling high-ticket opportunities to investors but it’s a huge mindshift. He repeats this frequently throughout the book: YOU ARE THE PRIZE. More books revealed in the podcast... Mary Rose “Wildfire” Maguire Bio: Mary Rose is the Founder of Star Maker Marketing (formerly Maguire Copywriting). Star Maker Marketing offers business owners and thought leaders the opportunity to share their expertise with ghostwriting services and book promotion marketing strategies through multiple channels. She has written copy for Tripwire, a leader in cybersecurity (acquired by Belden for $710MM), Trainz (national leader in buying and selling collectible trains), My Patriot Supply, Cylance, an AI-based cybersecurity company (acquired by Blackberry for $1.4 billion), information marketers such as The Healthy Back Institute and Small Biz Lady, and dozens of mid-size companies and small businesses. 
March 04, 2020
Reconnect Episode 3: Prioritize Your Self
It's Episode 3.. Welcome and thank you for being with me. In this episode, I will be providing you with a lesson from my Helper Healing Workbook. I’ll be sharing a lesson on Prioritizing Yourself as you and I both know how easy it is to put other people’s needs before your own.  This episode includes me discussing the benefits of prioritizing yourself and provides you with a short exercise to help you practice prioritizing yourself.  Here's a sample lesson of the workbook:
February 26, 2020
Reconnect Episode 2: Featuring Jim LaPierre (Practice Versus Preach)
Guest Feature... I’m Jim LaPierre. I help professional healers and helpers overcome past trauma, self-destructive, and self-limiting behavior. Today, I would like to help you reconnect by…discussing the best kind of hypocrites. Question #1: What’s the importance of practicing what you preach? Effectiveness is paramount to all else Question #2: What are the challenges of practicing what you preach? What we suggest doesn’t come naturally Question #3: What’s a paradigm shift or reframe that could help a clinician or helper start to practice what they preach? Using the Golden Rule in Reverse Question #4: Share a personal story of a time you noticed you weren’t practicing what you preached and how you course-corrected. Being a slow learner with a high pain tolerance Question #5: What are 3 tips or tools you recommend when supporting others in practicing what they preach?  Accountability, structure, and how to stop telling yourself beautiful lies Thank you for being with me today. If you’d like to connect with me further, my contact information is…. Also you can find my information on the episode notes. Thank you again. The Best Therapy: A Guide for Wounded Healers on Amazon 💜 Connect with Jim and me in my free FB group called the Holistic Action-Taker Alliance. 
February 19, 2020
Reconnect Episode 1: Invocation
It's Episode 1... Welcome and thank you for being with me. In this episode, I have created an invocation for you to use at the start of your day, to center yourself before or after a session or any other way you see fit to get you connected, sourced and serving from wholeness. Use this invocation to help you bring your true Self to each and every interaction of the day! I am a whole helper. I help from wholeness, wellness and my loving essence. I’ve been healing my wounds so that I may demonstrate wholeness to others. It is through my demonstration that I help, heal and advance humanity. I am able to walk with other’s through their suffering because I have empathy for the human condition. I know that all that is happening is transpiring for the highest good of all. I hold in this knowing and become a beacon of light and love for others as they let in more light and love into their own lives. I am committed to the highest actualization of my Self and those who crass my path. I release any illusion of responsibility for someone else’s growth or healing. I support people in breaking through the illusion of victim consciousness and help people co-create a life they love and are proud of. And I do this by taking great care of my own mind, body and spirit, honoring myself while I lift up others. I know that my biggest impact on humanity comes from healing myself and serving from wholeness. I release any other misunderstanding that gets in the way of me loving my Self and serving from my Loving Essence. Today I will serve from my highest Self. I will share love, grace and joy with others. And I will hold the person I am speaking to as resourceful, empowered and fully capable of creating their own solutions. And if there is anything getting in the way of that experience, I will take full ownership of my own inner work that needs to be done so that I may be my best helping Self always. And so it is… Want to connect further? Please join my free FB group called The Holistic Action-Taker Alliance. Request invite here:
February 12, 2020