I Should Start a Podcast

What is a podcast, anyway?

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By Anchor
It’s a great time to start podcasting. It’s never been easier to record, publish, and distribute a podcast that everyone can listen to. But it can still be tricky to get started and make your show sound as good as possible. John Lagomarsino from the Anchor production team is here to help!
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More places to listen

What is a podcast, anyway?
So say you upload your latest podcast episode, give it a title, and publish it. Your listeners get that episode automatically on their phones, in all sorts of apps, on all sorts of devices, all over the world. How? Why? What kind of magic happens when you hit that publish button? What is a podcast, even? Music by Brendon Bigley - boqeh.bandcamp.com
May 23, 2018
Your Podcasting Questions, Answered
This week, we're changing things up and answering your questions in a special Q&A episode. Music by Brendon Bigley - boqeh.bandcamp.com
May 7, 2018
Getting the Word Out
After you’ve published an episode or two, and you’ve really got your rhythm down, you’ll probably want to start thinking about how to really find your audience, and grow your podcast. We’re talking about marketing. Today, we talk to Anchor’s marketing team about how to get the word out about your show. Music by Brendon Bigley - boqeh.bandcamp.com
April 30, 2018
Packaged with Care
You’ve got your show recorded, you’ve spent hours putting the finishing touches on it, and it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fame, fortune, and critical acclaim that your podcast deserves. But wait! You’ve forgotten the sexiest part: metadata and SEO. Today, we’re talking about packaging your show to give it the best chance for success. Thanks to The Europeans - https://anchor.fm/the-europeans Music by Brendon Bigley - boqeh.bandcamp.com
April 23, 2018
We explore the other voices on your show: cohosts, guests, and how to approach an interview. Plus, we hear some conversations from around Anchor.
April 16, 2018
Show Structure
On today's show, we talk about how to structure your show and come up with a great format. Podcasts on this episode: The Outline World Dispatch - https://anchor.fm/outline Subnet - https://anchor.fm/relayfm Guests: Stephen Hackett - https://www.relay.fm James T. Green - https://theoutline.com/podcasts Music by Brendon Bigley - https://boqeh.bandcamp.com
April 9, 2018
Recording and Microphones
You've got the idea, and now it's time to record it. What mic should you use? Will your phone sound good enough? What does "cardioid" mean? We talk about these questions and more on today's episode. Podcasts in this episode: Ask A Manager - https://anchor.fm/askamanager The Derry Connection - https://anchor.fm/derry-connection Music in this episode: Brendon Bigley - https://boqeh.bandcamp.com Microphone reviews in this episode: https://youtu.be/ml8i_KWyKvU https://youtu.be/-3rbPaJgTWA --- Send in a voice message: anchor.fm/startapodcast/message
April 5, 2018
What's your podcast about?
It’s pretty simple to record a podcast and get it distributed really quickly. But the part that can be the trickiest is just getting started, and having an idea of what your podcast actually is. So that's what we're talking about today. Podcasts on today's show: Let Me Google That - https://anchor.fm/letmegooglethat The Derry Connection - https://anchor.fm/derry-connection No Script At All - https://anchor.fm/nsaa Music in this episode by Brendon Bigley. Find his music at https://boqeh.bandcamp.com
March 26, 2018
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