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Stash and Burn

Stash and Burn

By Nicole and Jenny
Podcasting about all things knitting and life under the weight of the stash.
Episode 172: Intercontinental Convo
Jenny and Nicole talk across continents about what they are knitting and what they want to be knitting. Jenny keeps busting out the sweaters and Nic has an unexpected Spanish FO. Sewing conundrums are contemplated. At the end Adrian and Nic chat about his knitting, other hobbies, and Granada, Spain.
February 28, 2020
Episode 171: Traveling Stitches
Jenny and Nicole get on the same page by finishing up accessories and starting Felix pullovers. Nicole overthinks what to bring on her trip and Jenny dreams about legwarmers. In their sewing they stay steady making some of their TNT patterns in a variety of fabrics. Happy New Year! Jenny’s Hat Nicole’s Camp Out Mitts Nalu Mitts Nicole’s Nalu Mitts Manos Silk Wool The Loome Black Squirrel Oakland Felix sweater Tubular bind-off Mountain Mohair Macallen Vest Dyed for Yarn Merino Alpaca Yak Fluorite socks Bien Aimée Swoon Fiber Arts Jenny’s Farmhouse in Swoon ZuZu’s Petals Cowl 3 Color Cashmere Cowl Must Stash Colorway Library (Jyn Erso, Denali, Ooh Scary) Pants No. 1 Ethel Pants Style Arc Piedmont Fabrics StoneMountain and Daughter Burnside Bibs Charcoal Santa Fe Top Leave us a message or question here!
January 24, 2020
Episode 170: Off the Rails
Jenny is a kid sweater making machine. Nicole stalls out on sweaters and works on some small projects to break through her knitter's block. We are joined by Adrian, producer and Stash and Burn progeny. Interested in taking the next step in your sewing--Pants No. 1 are well within your abilities or try a t-shirt, no serger required! Jenny talks about soap-making and we start to go off the rails with the appearance of another guest star.
December 22, 2019
Episode 169: Rhinebeck!
After two years away, we are back, baby! We can't catch you up on all that we have done during our absence so we dive right back in. A few weeks ago, we went to Rhinebeck to go to the New York Sheep & Wool Festival. We met a few friends there, pet some sheep, and bought some wool. Full show notes can be found at Many thanks to our friend, Chris, who adventured to New York with us, and to Nicole's kid, Adrian, who served as a producer on this episode!
November 25, 2019
Episode 168: Eating my purls
Episode 168: Eating my purls Knitting Brooke and Kira's Dye Workshops (under Workshops and Retreats) The Modern Natural Dyer Harvesting Color Dyer's Garden Kristine Vejar's indigo class on Creativebug Syncopated brioche Knitting Brioche by Nancy Marchant Take it all Unicorn...
August 24, 2017
Episode 167: Knit. Love. Repeat.
Episode 167: Knit. Love. Repeat. What we are knitting and thinking about: Flyway Twist Lemonade Shop Yarns Atelier Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool Fine Sand Cardigan Elsa Wool Fingering Woodfords Cardigan Earnest Cardigan Polygon Blanket Western Auto Cowl Black Sheep Gathering!...
July 19, 2017
Episode 166: A Little Bit of Chaos
Episode 166: A Little Bit of Chaos Long Sands by Amy Christoffers Black Squirrel Old Rusted Chair- Lauren is in the process of moving across the country, so shop will be back soon! Nox yarns Polygon blanket by Tin Can...
March 30, 2017
Episode 165: Rise Up!
Episode 165: Rise Up! socks for my mom blueberry hat western auto cowl farmer's daughter fibers little farm rochambeau cognac hat long sands cardigan elemental affects cormo spun monkey pine cone hat manos clasica the Crown little dude sweater Dyed...
January 09, 2017
Episode 164: Blame it on . . .
Episode 164: Blame it on . . . Between all the knittin' and dreamin', we've been buyin' and retreatin'. We've been finishing, starting, and planning all the knitwear. Sweaters, shawls, and self-striping socks have all been knit. In the meantime,...
October 21, 2016
Episode 163: Adventure
Episode 163: Adventure! Finishing abounds! Sweaters and tees and skirts have all been finished since we last spoke to you. We've cast on, dreamt about, and abandoned a few things along the way. Yarn has been purchased from near, far,...
August 01, 2016
Episode 162: Sleeves off!
Episode 162: Sleeves off! Jenny finishes a big FO and Nicole knits and reknits her latest FO. We confess what we bought and didn't buy. Nicole talks about her other crafting and travels in NY state. Jenny casts on at...
July 04, 2016
Episode 161: What the Shawl?
Episode 161: What the Shawl? Nicole's socks! Purple socks! Russian rainbow Fishbowl Rikke Bamboo Rikke Lilli Pilli Marklee Industrial Revolution outfit along Hollyburn skirt Zinone top A Frame Skirt Bartonia Dye for Wool Modern Natural Dyer Workalong Kit Rugged Knits...
June 01, 2016
Episode 160: Retreat!
Episode 160: Retreat! Northern California Knitting Retreat Stranded Magazine rabbitbrush cardi by Andi Satterlund route 99 bottle cap shawl Marklee Nicole's Miley Jenny's Ahull Nicole's DK Starshower Nic's Knockers Volga Lilli Pilli Industrial revolution
May 10, 2016
Episode 159: Stitches 2016 Post-Game Show
Episode 159: Stitches 2016 Post-Game Show Curried Cables Audrey in Unst Vintage rubber buttons Java socks Pomball hats Caprica/Adama cowl Sesame Street Socks Miele vest Monster cowl White Birch Fiber Arts Canon Hand-Dyes Pigeonroof Studios Western Sky Knits Blue Bee...
March 01, 2016
Episode 158: Brought to you by the Number 9
Episode 158: Brought to you by the Number 9 Jenny's Buttercup Curry Cabled Cardigan Linnie Nicole's Dark side of a baby sweater Jenny's Stripey Flax Nicole's Rocketeer February is for cowls
February 01, 2016
Episode 157: Now That's What I Call Knitwear
Episode 157: Now That's What I Call Knitwear Jenny's seven hats (starting in row 3) Nicole's 2015 hats Nicole's 2015 projects Alana Dakos' store--Never Not Knitting Red Cup Controversy Let's Blow this Popsicle Stand Tanis Fiber Arts Mielie Vest Avenue...
January 02, 2016
Episode 156: I Want Candy
Episode 156: I Want Candy music = jimi hendrix, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
November 08, 2015
Episode 155: Hey, Knitter
Episode 155: Hey, Knitter One Beer Forbidden Woolery Gluttony One Bourbon Knightsbridge Hey, Girl meme Threads in our group: Cold Sheep Single Skein September WIP Smackdown Relax and Unwind My WIPs Jules (no longer seems to be available) Java Socks...
September 30, 2015
Episode 154: Happy Hour with Baby Cocktails
Episode 154: Happy Hour with Baby Cocktails Thea Colman of Baby Cocktails on Ravelry Baby Cocktails blog
September 19, 2015
Episode 153: Top down and bottoms up!
Episode 153: Top down and bottoms up! Jenny's Starshower 1 Jenny's Starshower 2 Double Scoop Top Down: Reimagining the set-in sleeve Nicole's Starshower Nicole's Mullspice Dandelion Days Raven's Nest Shawl Rose City Rollers Thea Colman/Babycocktails Hat patterns Dark and Stormy...
September 01, 2015
Episode 152: Palette Cleanser
Episode 152: Palette Cleanser Short, sweet, but very special episode today. Nicole and Jenny couldn't hook it up, so Jenny is joined by guests Alma (her sister) and Emma (her niece), who fill in admirably. More show notes later. Music:...
August 02, 2015
Episode 151: Starshower Summer
Episode 151: Starshower Summer Notes to come! Anti-Summersong, The Decemberists
July 04, 2015
Episode 150: Breather
Episode 150: Breather Full size Stax Worsted Helix hat Fingering weight Helix hat Babette blanket Elfe Stovetop Little scallops Coburn Starshower Audrey in Unst Bartonia Sip of espresso socks Stardust Greyhaven Brickless Denver cowl Yowza weigh it shawls Woolly Wormhead...
May 31, 2015
Episode 149: We are your nemesis-es: Lee Meredith May!
Episode 149: We are your nemesis-es: Lee Meredith May! Elfe Audrey in Unst Chickadee Coburn Pullover Lisa Souza Polwarth Silk Stax Max & Bohdi's Wardrobe Romy Nicole's Bowburn Neon socks OMG Heel Padovane Atelier Drifting Woobu Killington Silky Victoria toujour...
April 30, 2015
Episode 148: Retreat!
Episode 148: Retreat! Padovane by Svetlana Volkova Knitted bathrobe from Interweave by Micki Hair Romy hat by Katya Frankel Elfe by Astrid Schramm Shaldon poncho by Ella Austin Fossil & Bone by Silvia Bo Bilvia Nicole's cowlified version of Fossil...
March 29, 2015
Episode 147: Vest Practices
Episode 147: Vest Practices What’s off the needles? Modern Mangas armwarmers Composed mitts Quynn Arkanoid Milo Rocket Pop Fructose What’s on the needles? Tillie by Pam Allen from Home Hiiumaa Mismatched Mates socks by Nancy Bush (Knitting on the Road)...
February 25, 2015
Episode 146: Dull Roar Designs
Episode 146: Dull Roar Designs Alex Tinsley of Dull Roar is our featured Designer You can get 15% off her patterns until February 15th with the code "stashburn" ChicKnits zipper tutorial Splityarn tutorial Marina Arkanoid in Casbah Rocket Pop (in...
February 01, 2015
Episode 145: Hats off to 2014!
Episode 145: Hats off to 2014! FOs Nalu mitts Tinker Ruskin Tricable El pequeno gigante Slippers for Adrian Measure in love Dolce mitts Water street cardigan Lion Brand Amazing WIPs Abate Rain City Knits Brothers sweater Marina hat The January...
January 06, 2015
Episode 144: Jackpot!
Episode 144: Jackpot! FO's! Nicole Weather the weather Breve Cowl WIPs Nicole Baby Buffet Nalu mitts Brother’s sweater Jenny water street cardigan gramps On the Horizon Nicole Hat in Bacchus--Barry from Lee Meredith Another pair of mitts Vests! Jenny hats-...
December 07, 2014
Episode 143: Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads
Episode 143: Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads Adrian’s Neon socks Desert Vista Dyeworks Dragee in Malabrigo Hollyhock Sweet Tooth Collection Self striping socks for Matilda Fish Lips Kiss Water Street Cardigan Weather the weather hat Gramps cardigan Baby Buffet Giraffe from...
November 18, 2014
Episode 142: Sonic Circus
Episode 142: Sonic Circus Just One More Row podcast Fireweed Dyeworks FishKnits Yarn Tiny Treads Fish Lips Kiss Heel Lambtown Anadel Bristol hat Finito Dogwood blanket Water St. Cardigan Lintilla Helen Stewart/Curious Handmade Becoming Art Mixed Polly Top by Hand...
October 17, 2014
Episode 141: All Kinds of Yellow
Episode 141: All Kinds of Yellow Dogwood blanket I heart rainbows Gramps by TinCanKnits Pioneer Elsa Wool Water Street Cardigan Penumbra T Togue Pond Second Time Cotton Bristol Hat Malabrigo Finito Storytime Scholar Berroco Vintage Chunky Barley Hat Flax Matilda...
September 21, 2014
Episode 140: Up, Down, All-Around
Episode 140: Up, Down, All-Around Lulu Vest Dogwood Audrey in Unst Outfit Along Untangling Knots Lladybird Wine Purple Silky Wool Abria CeCe Cinnie Style Arc Togue Pond Fancy Tiger Crafts Blog Jaime's Instagram Amber's Instagram Sivia Harding Review: Up Down...
June 21, 2014
Episode 139: Summer Stitching
Episode 139: Summer Stitching Little Oak Sincere Sheep- Brooke does sell this on her site, but she had sold out of vitamin C! Windschief by Stephen West Nicole's Clincher by Ash Kearns Long Walks legwarmers in Dragonfly Fibers Traveller Nicole's...
May 24, 2014
Episode 138: Maslow's Hierarchy of Yarn
Episode 138: Maslow's Hierarchy of Yarn Erin B. of the DoubleKnit Podcast Gayle & Sharlene of the Yarniacs Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Becoming Art and the True Love Colorway Theia sport Agave sport Lisa Souza Baby Alpaca Silk Mokoshi Sincere...
March 25, 2014
Episode 137: Sweater crazy
Episode 137: Sweater Crazy This episode's contest sponsor is The Sexy Knitter on Etsy Toast armwarmers Milo vest Like sleeves Matilda in tons of knits Bad Oyster Vintage Fremont Stricken Smitten Nicole's Papillon Meier cardigan Elven cloche from The Great...
February 10, 2014
Episode 136: Bring on the Knit
Episode 136: Bring on the Knit Matilda's Britannia Sweater Toast armwarmers Bad Oyster Nicole's Maize Mittens Chunkeanie pattern Bracken Vest Pattern ideas for Handspun: Age of Brass and Steam Shawl, Triton Hat, Tubey Hat, Seeded Rib Hat, Struan, Daybreak, Storm...
January 14, 2014
Episode 135: Holidays!
Episode 135: Holidays! Notes, hopefully, to follow. Music: The Orange Peels, "The Words Don't Work"
December 24, 2013
Episode 134: The Hat Report
Episode 134: The Hat Report Bailey Cardigan Adiri Sea glass pullover I heart rainbows Heather hat Ann (Princess) mitts Rooibos Bodega Pastures Drops 116-24 Jacket with hood in two threads Ramona Woodstove Season Argo Everything Nice Hoodie A search for...
October 30, 2013
Episode 133: A hole in my stash
Episode 133: A hole in my stash Knitting catalog cards Knitting Loft Knitventures Riveting worsted Winter is coming He's a yarneater/Gort Waffles blanket from 9 Months of Knitting Thermis cowl Cider Press hat and mitts I heart rainbows Ladybug Fiber...
October 02, 2013
Episode 132: Summer Craft
Episode 132:Summer Craft BSA Organic Cotton Dishcloth Diva BSA Skinny Cotton Malabrigo Organic cotton Baby Placket sweater Aislinn My recent sewing projects Wearable Muslin blog Three dresses Rooibos Hawthorn Rebecca Danger Monsters Beatnik by Norah Gaughan Fishermen's pullover from the...
July 23, 2013
Episode 131: Oh, Mexico
Episode 131: Oh, Mexico Rebecca/Rebequita Rebecca's Vogue sweater Two dear friends cowls one and two Rebecca's Dad's hat Cyrus, the iPad monster Storybook stripes Hiya Hiya needles Plarn UILI07 Chat SBSMABAL Cold Sheep June Ladies of the Knit Knit to...
June 29, 2013
Episode 130: Dishcloth Diva
Episode 130: Dishcloth Diva Bad Oyster Electric Rose Aislinn Placket sweater Storybook sweater (Bottom-up raglan) Air Plant Hanger Dishcloth Diva by Deb Buckingham Nicole's Organic dishcloth Mercerized cotton Pakucho story Organic cotton principles on Knowledge Cotton Apparel More on organic...
May 30, 2013
Episode 129: Kiddopalooza
Episode 129: Kiddopalooza Matilda in knitwear Flickr! Five hour baby sweater The Not Curried Cardigan Twigs and Willows Cardigan Bailey Quarters Harvest Moon Toothy Joe (currently toothless) Pakucho Corset Pullover The Fiber Factor Stature Ponder Industrial Revolution Shawl blank Radiance...
May 04, 2013
Episode 128: Cold Sheep
Photo credit: Sheffield Tiger Episode 128: Cold Sheep Nicole is joined by Meg Croft to talk about the Cold Sheep effort active since 2009 on the Stash and Burn group. They talk stash size, strategies, and temptations. Grab your needles...
April 12, 2013
Episode 127: Knit to Flatter
Episode 127: Knit to Flatter Amy Herzog Designs website Amy Herzog on Ravelry Ravelry thread with the demo of Amy's principles Knit to Flatter Craftsy class (discount link!) Knit to Flatter book SBSMABAL Cold Sheep 2013 thread UILI04
March 30, 2013
Episode 126: Swathed in knitwear
Episode 126: Swathed in Knitwear The Jenny Don't Peek Thread Matilda in knitwear Flickr set little scallops Sweet dreams baby hat Artfibers Svalbard Vertex sweater The Bourne Sweater!! Pimlico Iceland Backgammon Sweater Yarn Thing: Being a fiber podcaster
March 08, 2013
Episode 125: The Botanical Knitting Garden
Episode 125: The Botanical Knitting Garden Nicole's Queenie Hat Nicole's Shilling Hat Nicole's Fisherman's Scarf Nicole's Dad's new scarf (#26 Basketweave Scarf from 60 Quick Knits) Jenny's Sister's Shawl in Silk Alpaca Jenny's Grandma's Shawl in Silk Alpaca Jenny's Mom's...
February 13, 2013
Episode 124: Use it or Lose it
Episode 124: Use it or Lose it The Pinecone Hat Go, Pack, Go! Nicole's Dustland Mitts Nicole's brother's socks Tea sock Tea coaster Bristol Lazy Jacks Hat Red Jacks Hat Suri Merino Cider Press Set Water's Edge Cardigan from Coastal...
January 05, 2013
Episode 123: The big prune
Episode 123: The big prune Duffers Revisited (Ravelry link) Jenny's big destash strategy If I didn't see this again, would I even miss it? Online impulse purchases were most likely to go Buying multiple sweaters worth of yarn is a...
December 04, 2012
Episode 122: More talk, less rock
Episode 122: More talk, less rockl Knitting Vintage Socks Grow Old with Me Chalet Grapevine pullover A little bit about slashing in patternmaking Belle Simple Pleasures Slyph Reliquary II February Baby Sweater Bas Relief hat Shedir Nicole's kids mitts favorites...
November 06, 2012
Episode 121: It's fall, but summer, but actually fall
Episode 121: It's fall, but summer, but actually fall Yarniacs podcast Jenny's Portland pullover Nicole's Zuzu's petals Work + Shelter Acer cardigan Nicole's Tubey Hat Simple Pleasures hat Bandana cowl Nicole's Harmony shawl Debaser shawl Chalet sweater Belle Grow Old...
October 21, 2012
Episode 120: Accessorize
Episode 120: Accessorize Nicole's single skein favorites Alexandra Tinsley Chrissy Prange Amy Keefer
September 20, 2012