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What Should I Do With My Life? with Steph Horwitz

What Should I Do With My Life? with Steph Horwitz

By Steph Horwitz
None of us have it all figured out. Let's talk about it! Join me as I host a variety of awesome guests whose stories and experience are bursting with real-deal insights. Welcome to our community of "figure-it-outers" who are searching for passion, looking to make a career pivot, or simply don't know what to do with our lives. You are in good company.

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S2 Ep12: Shana Recker
Meet the wonderful Shana Recker, a business coach and mindset strategist! Today’s episode is a special expert edition. While still learning about Shana’s story as in typical What Should I Do With My Life? chats, this episode is more of a deep dive into insights and actionable advice for our listeners from our expert. Shana is a coach for new coaches, helping them start their businesses and launch their first group coaching programs, using the quantum leap strategy. Today Shana shares about the importance of making a financial investment in our transformation journeys, talks about why we should set big goals and dream big, and discusses where we should begin if we have no idea what to do with our lives. A lot of us are scared to take that first step into change and achieving our goals, and Shana really helps us break down how to step into action.  Stay in touch with Shana! Instagram @quantumleapqueem  FB community: Quantum Leap with Shana 
January 26, 2022
S2 Ep11: Dr. Adia Gooden
Meet the incredible Dr. Adia Gooden! Adia is a licensed clinical psychologist, podcast host, public speaker, and teacher with a focus on empowering others to embrace their own unconditional self-worth. She also happens to be a TED Talk superstar with an inspiring talk on cultivating self-worth that has garnered almost 1,000,000 views! In this episode, Adia shares about her own personal self-worth journey, discusses how we can evaluate where we fall on the self-worth scale, and talks about tips on how we can tap into our own internal wisdom and trust our intuition. I stumbled upon Adia’s TED Talk about a year and a half ago and have been following her since and told myself that I needed to get her on the podcast one day. Her work really resonates with me and I have learned so much from her on my own self-worth journey. We only scratched the surface here, there is so much more we could get into. Instagram: @dradiagooden Website: Free e-book: Podcast:Unconditionally Worthy TED Talk: 
January 19, 2022
S2 Ep10: Meg Wagner
Meet The Goal Guru, Meg Wagner! After Meg’s 2nd grade Career Day ignited her passion to become book editor when she grew up, Meg spent her professional journey wanting to work in books,eventually landing her “dream job” at Penguin Random House. After shifting her focus and working in digital production at HBO, Meg’s journey, skills, and tools she has shared with others have all culminated in her latest role (which she has been deep down all along) - The Goal Guru! Today, Meg is a leadership coach and team vision builder who helps teams, individuals, and leaders break down their goals into actionable steps so they can make progress on things that are important to them. In this episode, Meg shares about expectations vs. reality when it comes to your dream job, teaches us how we can all become collaborators in our own job descriptions, and talk about how (and if!) we can really separate our careers from our identities. Please enjoy Meg Wagner, the Goal Guru! Website:  Instagram: 
November 03, 2021
S2 Ep9: Erica Davis
Meet the spectacular Erica Davis! From the court to corporate (get used to me saying that a bunch in this episode!) Erica is a multi-talented marketing professional, leader, athlete, world-traveler, and... she happens to be my colleague and friend at SAP! Erica is currently a Marketing Design Senior Specialist for SAP Customer Experience. In this episode, Erica shares about her journey to become a professional international basketball player, talks about how she transitioned from working the court to working a corporate job, and discusses the power and life-long impact of being on a high-achieving team. You’re going to love her. Follow Erica on Linkedin Follow Erica on Twitter Follow SAP CX on Twitter
October 20, 2021
S2 Ep8: Dani Sarusi
Meet Dani Sarusi! In her own words, Dani shows people how awesome they are, just as they are. Through beautiful branding photography, Dani helps businesses see themselves in a new way and get inspired, and through documentary photography, Dani shows families how awesome their everyday lives are, dirty dishes included. In this episode, Dani talks about the experience that completely 180’d the trajectory of her life and sparked her passion in the global development space , shares how motherhood became the catalyst for her career in photography, and talks about the elements of her background in anthropology that she takes with her everyday to photoshoots. Her life needs to be a movie, let me know who we should cast to play Dani - she has an incredible story that is still being written, she has been a super important figure in my own podcasting journey and What Should I Do With My Life? Would not be what it is without her. Here is the one and only, Dani Sarusi. Connect on Instagram!  Work with Dani! - Brand Photography Family Photography
October 06, 2021
S2 Ep7: Vanna Sann
Meet Vanna Sann! Vanna is the owner of Dorsu, an ethical garment manufacturing brand in Cambodia. Vanna is a multi-talented, global, passionate  go-getter with expertise in brand & marketing strategy, business development, event production & management, luxury retail, media, photography, travel, and more. From working at the Gap in high school to being tapped by a recruiter for the amazing opportunity to open up a luxury retail store in Cambodia, Vanna’s story is full of unexpected opportunities, and his flexible mindset is something we all need to take on. In this episode, Vanna gives pro tips for navigating a new job that you might feel underqualified for, talks about how moments of crisis actually presented opportunities and changes in his career path, and shares why he loves the hands-on and tactile nature of the garment industry, especially in our ever-digital world. Check out more information about Dorsu and shop at Dorsu Instagram Vanna Sann Instagram Vanna Sann Linkedin
September 24, 2021
S2 Ep6: Ava Szilagi
Meet the incredible Ava Szilagi!! Born and raised in New York, Ava is a firecracker - business owner, freelancer, mom, queen, and everything in between. Ava is a certified pilates and yoga instructor, Zumba teacher, 305 fitness instructor, and a personal trainer. In this episode, Ava talks about the role that dance played and plays in her life, we discuss the aftermath of living and breathing something you’re so passionate about in such an intensive way, she shares about the challenges and perks of mixing freelancing and motherhood, and talks about how 305 fitness is shaking up the industry. This really was a talk between girlfriends, it was so much fun, and you wouldn’t even know that I lost internet about 5 times in this conversation! Ava always makes me laugh- I am a huge fan of her and her work, so much so that I am in a group chat with friends called Ava’s Fan club! Ava is currently taking new clients, so please check out the links below to get in touch. Haute Body TLV- Instagram Haute Body Fitness with Ava - Facebook Haute Body Fitness- Website 305 Fitness - Instagram
August 18, 2021
S2 Ep5: Amy Mullins
Please meet the amazing Amy Mullins. Amy is a teacher, a healer, a CEO, a giver, a leader. She has dedicated her life’s work to empowering and supporting children in various ways, as a life coach, through her work at Detroit Boxing Gym, and oh so much more. In October, Amy created and launched A Courageous Voice (ACV) whose mission is to prevent and protect children from child sexual abuse using evidence based, educational tools to raise awareness and empower families to stop this violence. In today’s episode, Amy shares about how being of service to others has been a huge element in her healing journey, what it was like to take something so painful and not spoken about and turn that into her life’s work, and talks about how everything changed when she realized her voice matters. *This episode discusses child sexual abuse. Listener discretion is advised* A few things have changed since Amy and I recorded this episode. Amy left her day job and is now working on ACV full-time which is super exciting. Another very important update is that ACV which once focused on supporting adult survivors has had to shift its focus more toward children because there really aren’t any funds available that support adult survivors. ACV is still working with survivors, but implementing a curriculum with youth programs and schools to raise awareness and educate children and families.  If you would like to learn more, get involved, or donate, please go to If you are someone you know has been sexually abused, you can find a resources and support at For more information, please email Follow ACV: Instagram Linkedin Facebook
July 14, 2021
S2 Ep4: Richard Bachmann
Meet Richard Bachmann! Richard is currently getting his PhD in history from the University of Michigan. Born and raised in East Germany, Richard’s family ties to the past and social activism in the early 90’s helped lay the groundwork in setting his passion for social engagement and education. Richard is a teacher, a student, a role model, and a very unique person who is not afraid to deal with some discomfort in order to grow.  In this episode, we talk about what sparked Richard’s interest in Holocaust history and reconciliation work, what it means to carry a backpack of history in the present, and how finding your passion should be likened to growing in love instead of falling in love. Follow Richard on Linkedin!  Read more about Richard here! 
June 23, 2021
S2 Ep3: Stephanie Lee
Meet Stephanie Lee, CEO & Founder of SELFMADE, an emotional wellbeing brand whose mission is to create a radical self-love movement for all of us to build our own self-worth story.  From the makeup counter at MAC cosmetics to the East Wing of the White House working with First Lady Michelle Obama, the themes of creativity, impact, taking risks, and the greater good are constant and interwoven in Stephanie’s story. Stephanie shares about the big yet complex role the beauty industry has played in her life, the constant work she did and does (and we all should be doing) to maintain her mental health, why she quit her job to travel the world, and the genesis and vision of SELFMADE. Check out SELFMADE and use discount code "Life15" at checkout! Website CommonRoom TrueGrit  Instagram
June 09, 2021
S2 Ep2: Noa Matz
Meet the one and only Noa Matz! Startup Psychologist, and Operating Partner at F2 Capital in Tel Aviv and Founder, Noa has been using her strong intuition and unique talent to guide startup founders to success. From helping founders navigate high-stress situations to building a flourishing team dynamic, Noa is making a huge, first-of-her-kind impact on the startup and venture capital ecosystem.  Aside from my constant fan-girling, in this episode, we hash out many a-topic -- we talk about what it means to be a startup psychologist, the role of self-doubt in the entrepreneurial process, what ingredients make a satisfied employee, and the 3 elements to consider when selecting a co-founder. Enjoy! Follow Noa & F2 Capital: Noa Matz: Linkedin, Medium F2 Capital: Linkedin, Medium
May 12, 2021
S2 Ep1: Anthony Ware
Meet Anthony Ware! Founder and Principal of AWare Catalysts and Founder Mental Wealth, Anthony is a serial entrepreneur that has truly taken his life experiences and transformed them into his life’s work: to empower, lift up, and promote other entrepreneurs and their mental well-being.  An advocate, consultant, researcher, and a teacher in its truest form, Anthony shares about the role of entrepreneurship in his life from an early age, key findings and actionable insights from the Founder Mental Wealth research report, and how being open to the potential of what's next was and is a north star throughout his journey. Follow Anthony! Twitter  Instagram  Live Radio Show- Nedl LinkedIn  Website  Founder Mental Wealth Report 
April 28, 2021
Bonus: Season 1 Reflections
Stephanie shares her reflections on Season 1 of "What Should I Do With My Life? Figuring It Out From Those Who Seem To Have it All Figured Out." Find out what were the highlights and the challenges, and what is to come in season 2! 
January 19, 2021
S1 Ep12: Lee'at Gentely
Meet Lee’at Gentely! Born and raised in London, England,  Lee’at is a lawyer turned self-taught cake lady and successful entrepreneur who runs two thriving cake businesses in Tel Aviv. In this episode, Lee’at talks about her former life in the legal world and how making cakes for her kids’ birthdays ultimately became the foundation for her two companies, Caked and Baked and Baker Street TLV. She discusses the unique elements of her identity and different experiences that have shaped her, and gives words of wisdom for those getting back in the professional world or making a career shift. To check out Lee'at's incredible customized cakes, visit For a variety of unique cake decorating workshops in Tel Aviv, visit Follow Caked & Baked on Instagram: Follow Baker Street TLV on Instagram:
November 24, 2020
S1 Ep11: Phatry Derek Pan
Meet Phatry Derek Pan! Derek moved to the US at the age of 4 after his parents survived the Cambodian genocide. An entrepreneur, activist, and media maven, Derek’s north star throughout his career path has been shining the spotlight on the stories and talent of the Cambodian community and diaspora. In this episode, Derek talks about what inspired him to found news media outlet Khmerican, discusses the tools gained during his monkhood that he uses in his every-day professional life, and talks about what inspired him to create Perfect 10,  a Cambodian modeling agency currently celebrating its second anniversary. Check out Khmerican’s latest stories on Meet the talent at Perfect 10 at Follow Derek on Instagram: Learn more about Derek at
November 09, 2020
S1 Ep10: Dr. Maya Ozery
In today’s episode, we are joined by the amazing Dr. Maya Ozery. Born and raised in Givat Yearim, Israel, Maya’s passion for sports began as a child, and she found her niche on the soccer field, eventually playing for Israel’s national women's soccer team. Maya talks about her experience as a female athlete and what led her to advocate for equity in sports for women in Israel, talks group dynamics and the key ingredients for a successful team, and shares how she creates space for people to find their passions and explore their interests in the college athletics framework.
October 23, 2020
S1 Ep9: Mikhl Yashinsky
Meet the one and only Mikhl Yashinsky! A talented Yiddishist, actor, writer, director, and teacher, Mikhl is propelled by an undeniable energy to spread a love for the Yiddish language near and far. In this episode, Mikhl discusses the importance of Yiddish and how his passion for the language and culture blossomed, talks about the humbling and powerful experience he had when acting on stage in Fiddler on the Roof in Yiddish, and shares many nuggets of wisdom for those looking to explore and embrace new passions. Stay up to date with Mikhl’s delightful Yiddish videos and creative content on Instagram at @mikhldarling.
October 03, 2020
S1 Ep8: Katja Kolmetz
Meet Katja Kolmetz! A Dortmund, Germany, native, Katja is a passionate entrepreneur and international traveler, who went from the large corporate world to co-founding and running her own startup, Human Deluxe, a design studio focused on human-brand experiences.  In this episode, Katja shares how she helps businesses integrate their values with their products and branding, why failure is so important for success, and dishes out words of wisdom for those afraid to leave their comfortable jobs to start their own ventures. Follow Katja on Instagram! 
September 21, 2020
S1 Ep7: Beth Kohn Converse
In today’s episode, we will be joined by the sunny Beth Kohn Converse, a Registered Acupuncturist, Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, and Diplomate in Chinese Herbology (+ currently studying for her doctorate!) Beth opened up her own practice nearly 10 years ago, and helps patients dealing with a variety of challenges achieve their health care goals through acupuncture, body work, Chinese herbs, and cupping. Beth shares how the relief she found in acupuncture for her own migraine headaches inspired her to pursue a career in Chinese Medicine, discusses how her early experience of administering acupuncture needles like "on a factory line” inspired her to provide personalized care plans for her patients, and shares what she has to say to those hesitant about trying Chinese Medicine treatments.
September 05, 2020
S1 Ep6: Danny Devries
Meet Danny Devries! A lover of travel with a background in economics, Danny has served as a Foreign Service Officer for the last 8 years with the US State Department in different posts around the globe. Live from Amman, Jordan, Danny chats about some of the perks & challenges of living in different (and sometimes hostile) areas, talks about the process of becoming a diplomat, and passionately shares about the impact that his work has on foreign policy issues.  *This episode do not necessarily reflect the views of the US government* 
August 22, 2020
S1 Ep5: Mia Schon
In today’s episode, we will be joined by the talented and cheery Mia Schon! A boss lady of several talents, Mia loves to create large-scale mosaic installations all around Israel, striving to make art more accessible for people of all backgrounds. From public projects on the streets to leading mosaic workshops out of her home studio, Mia lives her passion every day. Mia dives into the nitty-gritty of life as an artist, shares what it feels like to wipe off the last tile before unleashing her mosaic to the public, and talks about some of the biggest challenges she faces as an artist and entrepreneur. Learn more about Mia and see her work at! 
August 06, 2020
S1 Ep4: Eden Adler
Meet Eden Adler! Her whole life, Eden dreamed of being a doctor, and was on a focused path to pursue a career in medicine. Fast forward 4 years, and today, Eden is not only a successful software engineer, but a thriving leader and advocate in Israel’s tech community. Eden shares how she went from pre-med to programmer, how her curiosity for coding transformed into a passion, and how others can open their minds to find new opportunities and interests. Follow Eden on Instagram!  Follow Whatthetech on Instagram!
August 06, 2020
S1 Ep3: Sara Klaben Avrahami
In today’s episode, we will be hearing from Sara Klaben Avrahami, an entrepreneur and adventurer who inspires others to live their best (flexible) lives! After figuring out early on in her career that a traditional 9-5 wouldn’t cut it, Sara began creating her own ventures, and mixing her passion of traveling with her day-to-day. From dog-sitting in Panama all the way to Beijing while working remotely, Sara shares her unique experiences of living an alternative lifestyle, gives amazing advice for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and much more. Follow Flexlifer on instagram! 
August 06, 2020
S1 Ep2: Ronnie Elkus
In today’s episode, we will be hearing from Ronnie Elkus, the best-dressed Metro-Detroiter with the biggest heart. At the ripe age of 21, Ronnie opened up “The Shirt Box,” a men’s clothing and accessories store.  After 38 years of running the “Cheers” of men’s retail, Ronnie sits down to share the ups and downs of his colorful journey, how he turned customers into lifelong friends, and important lessons he learned along the way. This episode is in loving memory of Rod Brown, a dear friend, and former co-owner of The Shirt Box.
August 06, 2020
S1 Ep1: Arthur Horwitz
In today's episode, we will be hearing from my Dad, Arthur Horwitz! From delivering papers on a paper route as a young child to managing and publishing one of the country's top Jewish newspapers, my Dad shares the journey of his 50-year love affair with the newspaper industry, when his job went from being work to being a passion, and what his next chapter will look like
July 16, 2020
So...What's this podcast all about? Get to know Stephanie a bit & get a taste of what's to come as we figure out what do with our lives!
July 15, 2020