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The Money Flirt Podcast

The Money Flirt Podcast

By Stephanie Trujillo
Welcome to The Money Flirt Podcast, a supportive space to open up about our raw and real money stories. The Money Flirt was born from the idea that we all deserve to have a light hearted, flirty, and fun relationship with money. I'm your host, Steph, and a few years ago I started to investigate the ways that I was programmed since childhood to think and behave poorly around money. In this podcast, I interview guests who open up about their own money stories, shedding light on their journey, so that others may feel less alone.

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22. What Are You Asking Money to Do?

The Money Flirt Podcast

24. Money Is an Energy, Not an Identity
In this episode, Josephine Phoenix talks about how money intersects with many areas of her life, including her self worth, spirituality and relationships. She discusses how her relationship with money continues to evolve through different chapters of her life and how her predisposition toward optimism helps her stay balanced in times of stress. She also openly discusses extremely relatable stories she's told herself about her perceived worth and her money.  Josephine is a musician, creative actor, and performer living in NYC and Miami. She brings both humor and deep wisdom to her storytelling, and you're going to love her infectious energy. There are so many gems in this episode! We also talk about: Knee jerk reactions to tell people, "I got it on sale!" Intersecting racial identities that impact wealth mindset  Healing money stories through therapy Discomfort of "belonging" in luxury spaces Follow Josephine @josephinephoenixofficial Follow me @themoneyflirt
May 21, 2022
23. Healing and Money Manifestation
When we talk about money manifestation, it's also very important to talk about the healing work that's involved in the process. In this episode, mindset coach, Sydney Smith, talks about how she works with clients to heal their relationship with money by first inviting them to release the shame about their current financial reality and then to observe the stories they're telling themselves that hold them back from manifesting more money.  Sydney is an intuitive business coach on a mission to help people tap into their inner wisdom and live a life of freedom and fulfillment. In this episode, we also talk about: How to do clearing work before moving into manifestation.  Money manifestation and energetic minimums.  Ebb and flow in entrepreneurship. Connect with Sydney on IG @mindsetwithsyd and check out her website. Connect with me on IG @themoneyflirt
May 05, 2022
22. What Are You Asking Money to Do?
There are limits as to what money can do. In this episode, Diana Yanez asks the important question: what are you asking money to do that money can’t do? Diana is a financial empowerment coach, educator, and speaker who helps groups get clarity on what they want to create in their life and how money can be a tool to get them there. In the episode, we talk about how money is a wonderful tool, but cannot serve as a one-size-fits-all solution to our very human desires. While her technical skills as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) help clients quickly navigate financial decisions, it’s Diana’s ability to empower her clients that transforms their relationship with money. In this episode, we talk about: Healing money through community Financial empowerment through the lens of social justice Money as a specialized tool Money archetypes Connect with Diana on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram Connect with me on IG @themoneyflirt
April 27, 2022
21. Self Love and Money
This is a special episode with Sara Powell who talks about how self love and financial abundance coincided after a dark night of the soul experience. She talks about how coming back to self love was the catalyst that began to align so many new opportunities for growth and abundance. I love how Sara shares her story so openly and vulnerably. You’ll hear how she went through several different seasons with money and career that impacted her life. Sara discovered her passion for social entrepreneurship while supporting a project in India to curb human trafficking and later went on to co-found a clean water social enterprise in Ethiopia. Over the past 10+ years she has provided strategic guidance to nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, and government agencies globally as a consultant for Accenture, director of strategy and COO for a digital consultancy, and as a guest lecturer and mentor. She is currently building a social enterprise called Impactury that aligns strategy and purpose to empower social enterprises to sustainably tackle poverty. We also talk about: Money triggers that occur when dating. Navigating a dark night of the soul. The phenomenon of underspending out of fear. Using tools like meditation to come back to self. Connect with Sara on LinkedIn! Stay tuned for Sara's new business venture going live April 2022. Connect with me on IG @themoneyflirt Join the Money Moon waitlist! A 5-week, online course to improve your relationship with money.
April 13, 2022
20. The Language of Healthy Money Mindset
Do you speak money mindset? In my work with clients, I've learned that there are some common blocks when learning the language of healthy money mindset. One of these blocks has to do with managing money and the belief that they need to have MORE money before they can learn how to manage it. But, I argue that the opposite is true. You want to practice managing your money with whatever amount you have right now in order to learn how to be great at it when more money starts pouring in. In the episode I also talk about how to gain more traction with your money mindset in a few different ways: Starting very small Incorporating meaningful practice Honoring your money trauma and triggers (rather than pushing through them) If you’re interested in exploring your subconscious money blocks, check out my guided meditation that will help you build rapport with your inner money programming. And if you’re looking to truly up level your money healing with 1:1 money coaching, fill out an application to work with me! Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt
April 05, 2022
19. Money Mindset School // Leaning into Uncertainty
In this episode, I talk about my recent decision to leave my corporate job and the feelings of uncertainty that followed. I talk about how I work to befriend uncertainty, rather than try to avoid it or grasp at something to immediately fill the void. I’m not sure what’s coming next for me. It may very well be another corporate job that helps me learn and grow, but ultimately, I am on the path toward entrepreneurship. I’m letting go of the need to control how I get there, and leaning into the beautiful possibility of the unknown. Also in the episode, I mention that I’m opening up money mindset coaching again, and if you’re interested in applying to work with me, check out this link. I’d love to hear from you! Connect with me on IG @themoneyflirt
March 30, 2022
18. Healing From Internalized Capitalism
In this episode, Erin Monahan talks about internalized capitalism and anti capitalist business models. We discuss how to build more ethical, inclusive businesses starting with our own. It’s such a powerful conversation that every conscious entrepreneur should listen to. Erin Monahan, she/her, is a trauma-informed, astrology and tarot obsessed, mindset coach, certified Trauma of Money facilitator, writer, speaker, and founder of Vesta Business School, as well as Terra Incognita Media. She’s also a feminist killjoy, proud slut, and podcast host of OFF THE DEEP. Her mission in life is to guide fellow spiritual, anti-girlboss, anti-capitalist entrepreneurs toward building businesses that support their emotional and financial well-being without compromising their values. Erin is also offering a special discount to Money Flirt listeners for her workshop, Healing Money Trauma 101. In this recorded workshop, Erin teaches you the foundations of healing money trauma, so you can cultivate resonant and long-lasting financial and emotional well-being. In this workshop you will learn the key to cultivating emotional and financial well-being, so you can step into your purpose with confidence and clarity and invite in a sustainable, trauma-informed abundance mindset. Use code: MONEYFLIRT for 25% off Erin’s workshop! Connect with Erin on IG @erin.k.monahan Connect with me on IG @themoneyflirt Resources mentioned in the episode. Give them a follow! @darkest.hue @iharterika @buddkenya @jolievarela @canoecanoa @bellhooks_ @audrelordeproject @_angeladavis1944 @thenapministry @theoutspokengirlfriend @chr1styharrison (Food/body image that I mentioned in the intro)
March 24, 2022
17. Money Mindset School // Gaslighting Your Money Mindset
In this new series, I explore the experience of growing a healthy money mindset. I take a deep dive into ways that we can start to cultivate more emotionally resilient money mindsets.  In this first lesson, I talk about a common pitfall of money mindset work: Gaslighting. So often we hear about creating affirmations around what we're most desiring in our financial reality, but if we're not careful, it can lead to our inner bully running the show.  I offer a few ways to bring in more compassionate baby steps into cultivating a healthier money mindset by using the following tactics: Identity formation rather than affirmations. Acknowledging money trauma. Tending to the inner child. Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt
March 16, 2022
16. Exploring Our Relationship to Debt/Nuestras Perspectivas Hacia Deuda (Bilingual Episode!)
This is the first Money Flirt Podcast episode in both English and Spanish! First, you’ll hear my talk with Ileana in English, and then the second half of the conversation we switch to Spanish (minute 41:00). What if there was another way to feel about your debt? So often we hear about aggressive debt payoff strategies, while that totally works for some people,  it’s not a one-size-fits all approach that works for everyone. In this episode, Ileana Cardona talks about how she’s come to terms with her student loan debt in a way that works for her and her family. We talk about the different emotional energetics behind the experience of debt, and how there are ways to embrace your debt, if that’s something you desire to do. Ileana is a wife, mother, attorney, budget coach and financial educator from Puerto Rico. She created her page to provide financial literacy content en español to millennial women like herself. During the pandemic, she realized the importance of this content and decided to go for it. La Budgetera was born out of a desire to make personal finance content available to Spanish speaking women all over. Ileana also talks about: Navigating different money scripts with her husband Working multiple jobs and managing money in her adolescence Alternative approaches to debt Helping her clients manage their money through budgeting Nuestra conversación en español comienza @ 41:00 Connect with Ileana on Instagram @la_bugetera Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt
March 09, 2022
15. Bouncing Back in Business
This special episode is an ode to Wealth Consciousness Brain Training, a hypnotherapy container led by Niki Cozmo. All of the women featured in this episode were part of this beautiful multi-month container to improve our subconscious relationship to money and wealth. Part 1 of this episode is my interview with conscious entrepreneur, Amanda Chase.  Part 2 contains before + after interviews of the WCBT experience with Kelsey Luneberg and Jana Mutch. Part 3 contains information about the GIVEAWAY to win sessions with Amanda, Jana, and me. In this interview, Amanda Chase, founder and CEO of ōSHen, talks about her experiences as an entrepreneur and about the financial ups and downs along the way. Amanda experienced a wide range of financial twist and turns over the past few years, but has emerged a stronger and better resourced leader and conscious entrepreneur. I recently had a Harmony session with Amanda, and it was truly transformative. Amanda has a gift for conveying intuitively led business coaching, and I came away from the experience revitalized and with so much clarity about where to next take my own business. Amanda is helping so many other conscious business owners create beautiful content and offerings, and I'm so excited to witness her inevitable success and growth! Giveaway details:  Like the IG post for this episode Tag two friends in the comments Follow each of us on IG: @themoneyflirt @amandalchase @moonrise_soul @kelseylucoaching Amanda is the Founder and Creative Director of ōSHen. Follow her at @amandalchase. Jana Mutch is an intuitive guide. Follow her at @moonrise_soul. Kelsey Luneberg is a mindset and energy coach. Follow her at @kelseylucoaching. To learn more about Wealth Consciousness Brain Training, follow Niki Cozmo at @nikicozmo.
March 02, 2022
14. Money Dates
Money Dates have been the best way that I've found to reinforce new money identities. I went from someone who always said, "I'm bad at money," to someone who proved to myself that "I'm someone who takes good care of money." In the episode, I talk all about how Money Dates are an essential tool for you in making peace with your money.  This coming Sunday (2/27/22), I'll be hosting a free, virtual workshop to teach about Money Dates! During the workshop, I’ll teach you about how money dates are more than just a cute way to dress up an everyday task. There’s an actual link between creating safe spaces (money dates) and reducing money anxiety and trauma. During the dates, we put in place some somatic practices, such as breathing techniques, and subconscious reprogramming, such as journaling, to help create new neural pathways around dealing with your finances. This workshop is for you if: You’re looking to have a lighter relationship with your finances. You feel ready to pay more attention to your money in a way that doesn’t inflict more anxiety. You’re ready to create nourishing rituals around things like looking at your bank account, your investments, and your spending. You want to have more fun with money! Here's the link to sign up.
February 23, 2022
13. Teachers and the Money Wound
In this episode, I talk with Maideli Garcia of My Daily Dinero about her experiences creating financial wellness content, her current transition out of the teaching industry, and healing her money story. You’ll hear how her experiences growing up as First Gen in the United States shaped her relationship with money as an adult. She discusses how she grappled with earning money early in her career as a teacher and how she’s come to understand new possibilities that lie ahead when it comes to making more money. You’ll also hear in the introduction my personal beliefs about teaching and the money wound that I personally experienced choosing a notoriously low-paying profession. With so many educators seeking better, more lucrative work, I hope to shine a light on how leaving teaching is possible. Maideli is a daughter of immigrants, First Gen Latina, and personal finance content creator. She created My Daily Dinero to bring inclusive and shame-free personal finance content to underrepresented communities. By sharing her journey and experiences, she hopes to help others overcome limiting beliefs around money, take action and build wealth un día a la vez. In this interview, we also talk about: The emotional ties to the idea of “emergency savings” Maideli’s experiences with money as a First Gen Latina Grappling with making more money than your parents Forgiving yourself for credit card debt Transitioning out of teaching Connect with Maideli on Instagram @mydailydinero Connect with Viv @overgenpoverty and Jess @finerthingsfinance Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt
February 16, 2022
12. Creating a Values-Based Budget
In this episode I talk with Gillian Jakob Kieser about her experiences using a budget in a way that aligns with her values and desires. Gillian was modeled strong money habits and behaviors as a child, and she carried those healthy money patterns into adulthood. We discuss how she approaches money and money management in her marriage and how money is an important tool that she uses thoughtfully in her life. You’ll also hear Gillian coach me through a money trigger that arose as we were discussing retirement savings. An old money wound, retirement savings still activates strong emotions of shame and guilt for me. Through exposing and embracing my own money triggers, I'm able to integrate them with compassion, which I hope provides a helpful model for others. Gillian Jakob Kieser is a content strategist, writer, and advocate for creatives. She runs Beautiful Possibility, a community dedicated to exploring the creative process and helping writers and artists overcome blocks to build fulfilling creative lives. In this interview, we also talk about: Impulse spending at Target Aligning money habits with your partner Saving for financial freedom Retirement savings and triggers Money Moon Enrollment is NOW OPEN (Feb 2, 2022 through Feb 16, 2022)! Learn more about the Money Moon program here. Connect with Gillian on Instagram @beautiful_possibility Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt
February 09, 2022
11. My Money Story
You may have heard bits and pieces of my money story from my Instagram posts and from my other episodes of The Money Flirt Podcast, but in this very special interview, I tell the whole story of my relationship with money. In this episode, I’m sharing the interview I did with the Clever Girls Know podcast by Clever Girl Finance, and I’m re-publishing the episode with their permission. I talk about how I changed careers, increased my income by $80k+ within a few months, and how I still suffered with money despite the income increase. I share my story because I know I’m not alone in some of these struggles with money. In this interview, I talk about: How I increased my income by $86k but still struggled financially despite this increase. How I realized that just “cutting back” and budgeting wasn’t going to magically fix my money habits. The mindset work and inner child healing I had to do to strengthen my emotional intelligence with money. What my current relationship with money is like. I also talk about my upcoming group program called Money Moon, a 5-week series of live calls to help you up level your relationship with money. In the group container, we’ll talk about what it means to be in relationship with money and how to cultivate healthier practices that support your financial wellness. Money Moon Enrollment is NOW OPEN (Feb 2, 2022 through Feb 16, 2022)! Learn more about Money Moon here. Check out the resources from Clever Girl Finance Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt
February 02, 2022
10. Being a Caretaker of Money
Money is a neutral energy that is expressed through its caretaker. So how would you describe yourself as a caretaker of money? In this episode, Grace Chon talks about how her journey to heal her relationship with money coincided with her desire to follow her soul-aligned career path as a commercial pet photographer. Grace describes the evolution of her mindset and journey from childhood through adulthood and how she models new, expansive money beliefs to her son. Grace Chon is a commercial and editorial animal photographer, recognized for her highly expressive portraits of animals. Her clients include ad agencies, pet brands, magazines, and celebrities. She's also the author of 2 books, a Creative Transformation Coach, and has a podcast called Creativity School, where she guides people on how to share their unique gifts and talents with others. Grace believes the key to life is allowing your creative energy to flow and is passionate about empowering and teaching others how to do it with courage, ease and fun. In the episode, we talk about: Grace's path as she stepped into her aligned career How a relationship with nature can nourish your abundance mindset Her upbringing as a child of immigrant parents and the impact it had in shaping her relationship to money The healing power of dogs and the love they share with us What it means to be a good steward of money Connect with Grace on Instagram @thegracechon Listen to Grace's podcast Creativity School Join the Money Moon waitlist  Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt
January 26, 2022
9. Subconscious Patterns of Overspending
My first solo episode is all about my personal cycles of overspending. After years of creating the ingrained spending behaviors, it took a few more years to identify the pattern in a way that was useful for me to understand my own spending habits. I can now look at the pattern with objectivity and see it for exactly what it was: a comfort zone. In the episode, I talk through the 9 different phases of overspending: Payday hits Spending begins Treat myself The come down Denial Loss of power Reality sets in Shame spiral Payday hits & the cycle begins again Check out my free guide to help you uncover your own patterns around money. Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt
January 19, 2022
8. A Hypnotherapist's Take on Money and Wealth Consciousness
What if you started to notice opportunities and gifts all around you? This is wealth consciousness, and it’s within your grasp, if you desire it. In this episode I talk with Megs Sharland who shares her story of self development and the rich life she discovered along the way. Megs is a powerful coach and hypnotherapist. She shares her take on the power of the subconscious mind and how rewiring your subconscious can help you literally change your career, relationships, and entire life. Her passion for how hypnosis opens a door to activate the true you is compelling. She has worked with top performers in the film, media, and education fields for over 18 years and continues to serve clients from around the world from her practice in the UK. In the episode, we talk about: Limiting beliefs that arise during motherhood. Sprinkling brilliance in your life. How becoming a new version of yourself requires you saying YES to things you’ve never done before. The gifts that hypnotherapy brings to the healing space. Connect with Meg on Instagram @megsharlandcoach Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt Join The Money Flirt Patreon!
January 12, 2022
7. Money Mindfulness
Do you desire a more mindful relationship with money? Writer and mindfulness instructor Kyra Evans talks about how we can alleviate some of our suffering with money by incorporating easy and present-moment mindfulness practices. In the episode, we dig into how minimalist culture can devolve into a form of spending restriction if we’re not intentional. She also discusses how she models healthy earning and spending habits to her daughter in a way that aligns with her new, expanded relationship with money. Kyra Evans is an author, speaker, and certified mindfulness instructor. She works with clients 1:1 and with corporate groups to transition out of overwhelm, release self-criticism, optimize communication, and remain grounded during periods of uncertainty. In June of 2021 she self-published her first book, "The Dictionary of Limiting Beliefs: Transforming your inner narrative to manifest a wholehearted life." She lives in a little cabin in the woods in Canada with her husband, daughter, and German Shepherd. In this episode, we also talk about: Limiting money beliefs and stirring up energy in the universe. The energetics of spending vs. circulating money How to incorporate mindfulness into our relationship to money. Living a rich life by enjoying simple pleasures. Connect with Kyra on IG @kyra_evans_writer Learn more about To Be Magnetic Read the book We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt Join The Money Flirt Patreon!
January 05, 2022
6. Trauma of Money and Empowerment through Financial Education
What are generational money curses and how do they impact queer women of color? In this episode, wealth coach Lea Landaverde talks about how she experienced (and still experiences) the reverberating negative impact of money trauma both in the forms of generational trauma and in the form of systemic financial trauma. As someone who began her career working in big finance, Lea explains how her perspective and mission to educate her community coincides with her own healing around money trauma. She discusses how she witnessed from the inside how these systems don’t work for members of the BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and immigrant communities and how she’s committed to changing the narrative. Lea Landaverde is a First Generation, Queer Latina. She is the founder of The Riqueza Collective and Podcast host of Mi Riqueza Podcast. Lea has 6+ years of experience in the financial industry from wealth management, investment banking to financial literacy education. Her mission is to break generational money curses for Queer, Women of Color through finding alignment with building wealth. Lea is also an advocate for mental health, Immigrants, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ rights. In this episode we talk about: Lea’s story about repeating familial money patterns. Our experiences in The Trauma of Money course, facilitated by Chantel Chapman. Why financial education is key to empowerment and building wealth. Shifting personal money mindset from scarcity to abundance. Connect with Lea on Instagram @lealandaverde Follow The Trauma of Money on Instagram @traumaofmoney and @decolonizingwealth Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt Join The Money Flirt Patreon!
December 29, 2021
5. Moving Energetic Money Blocks
Let’s move the stuck energy that lives in the body around your money story! My guest, Lara Carney, is an energy healer and talks about the science and spirituality of energetic blocks that live in the body. In the episode, Lara leads us through an exercise to notice and move energy that gets stuck in our bodies in the form of tension or discomfort. In this episode we also talk about: Lara’s journey re-writing old money stories. How to listen to your inner voice to cultivate a rich life. Stopping the comparison game when it comes to money. Taking small steps toward money healing in order to regulate the nervous system. Lara is an energy healer and Inner Voice facilitator. She specializes in removing emotional and energetic blocks that may be preventing her clients from living the beautiful life they dream about and deserve. She acts as a bridge, connecting each back to the divine wisdom that lives within them. The knowledge of their soul. Their personal truth. She's spent countless hours studying how the universe and the mind work, especially together. After many conversations with her own Inner Voice, she believes every answer we're looking for is within us and provides each client with a clear and direct connection to this limitless and powerful source. Connect with Lara on Instagram @mindingmyfreq Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt Join The Money Flirt Patreon! 
December 15, 2021
4. Cultivating a Relationship with Money
If you were in an intimate relationship with money, how would money describe you as a partner? Are you wishy-washy, controlling, anxious? Or are you compassionate, consistent, and peaceful? In this episode, soul astrologer and empowerment coach, Tonie Zamora talks about the importance of cultivating a healthy, nurturing relationship with money and the path she's taken to get there. We also discuss her first memories with money growing up, how the traumatic experiences of her parents’ divorce impacted her spending and money hoarding habits as an adult, how she has deeply improved her money story over the years by committing to gratitude and taking small steps toward saving money. Tonie is an intuitive soul astrologer, empowerment coach, and straight-up activator. She guides her community to their own inner power and disrupts stagnant energy so that they can make quantum leaps. She was divinely led to astrology as a means to connect deeply with parts of herself she had yet to remember. Using astrology as a galactic blueprint along with other healing modalities, she helps guide clients to face their shadow, clear old patterns, and come back home to themselves. In this episode we also talk about: Using astrology to gain insight and inspiration about your committed partnership with money Masculine and feminine approaches toward nurturing money (they’re both important and symbiotic!) Tonie’s experience in Tori Washington’s Money membership called House of WE (Wealth Embodiment) Connect with Tonie on Instagram @toniethecreator Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt
December 01, 2021
3. Hypnosis for Wealth Consciousness
Hypnosis has become a POWERFUL tool in my wealth consciousness journey. In this episode, I talk with Kelsey Luneburg about our experience in a specific hypnosis program that we recently completed.  Kelsey is a business mindset coach that helps female entrepreneurs stop doubting themselves and start quantum leaping in their business by shifting their mindset and energy. She believes that the more you focus on yourself, the easier your business becomes and the faster it grows. She has a gift for inspiring clients and helping them see their unlimited potential by connecting to their intuition and purpose. She supports her clients in moving the mental and energetic blocks that are holding their business back, and they leave feeling empowered and full of belief in themselves and their ability to succeed. You can connect with Kelsey on Instagram @kelseylucoaching We talk about how we are re-writing our money stories through concentrated mindset work and unlearning money beliefs that kept us stuck. In this episode we also talk about: Inheriting our parents’ money stories Pervasiveness of scarcity mindset The idea of over-working to “prove” worthiness Hypnosis for wealth consciousness Our experience with Niki Cozmo's WCBT program Connect with Kelsey on Instagram @kelseylucoaching Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt
November 10, 2021
2. Living a Silk Status Life
What do our lowest moments have to teach us? In this episode, Ana Paula Bastian talks about how her dark nights of the soul have helped her cultivate growth and expansion. In this episode, we talk about all the riches that life has in store. Ana is a writer, poet, and creatrix living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Her book, "A Dirty Word Called Grief," is a collection of poetry and prose that journeys through the aftermath of death with the intent to help the reader befriend grief. With her Sun sign of Pisces in her 12th house of dreams, secrets, and emotions, Ana knows what it's like to transmute darkness into light. Her Instagram @apbastian showcases her daily musings about life, love, and beauty. She recently manifested a move to Mexico which she tells us all about in the episode. We talked about what her experience was like growing up as a Brazilian immigrant in the US, the impact her childhood had on her financial life as an adult, her decision to leave her law career, and so much more. In this episode we talk about: Navigating career change Dark nights of the soul Cultivating lightness around money Finding work that aligns with your soul Living a silk status luxe lifestyle Cultural difference and “The Culture Map” by Erin Myer Wealth consciousness and “Happy Pocket Full of Money” by David Gikandi Connect with Ana on Instagram @apbastian and visit her website. You can purchase her book, “A Dirty Word Called Grief” here. Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt
October 26, 2021
1. Reprogramming Subconscious Money Stories
Elizabeth West is an artist, creative, and coach using art therapy, who helps women explore their unique soul expression by encouraging her clients to embrace their own creativity. Currently living in Sydney, Australia, Elizabeth has such a powerful vision and voice when it comes to helping others step into their own power.  In the interview Elizabeth talks about what sessions with her are like, her personal journey with wealth consciousness, her incredible vision to make an impact in the world, and so much more.  In this episode we talk about: Reprogramming limiting subconscious beliefs about money Unhelpful money stories inherited from previous generations Asking the question "Whose shame is this?" when examining money trauma Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram @elizabethwest.creative Connect with me on Instagram @themoneyflirt
October 12, 2021