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Partnerscapes Podcast

Partnerscapes Podcast

By Steve Jester
Partnerscapes brings people, working landscapes and communities together in conservation to sustain natural resources and human communities. We are a landowner-led organization that connects private landowners to partner organizations and agencies that share a common purpose to sustain working lands for people, wildlife and natural resources through voluntary conservation partnerships.
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Conservation Partnerships and Listening to Landowners in Nebraska...and Beyond

Partnerscapes Podcast

Building Relationships with Landowners with Bill Sproul
Hear from Kansas Flint Hills rancher Bill Sproul about his journey from commodity-based conservation to community-based conservation and what he learned about partnerships and relationships working with people along the way.
September 15, 2021
Conservation Partnerships and Listening to Landowners in Nebraska...and Beyond
Private Landowners are almost always key partners when it comes to implementing natural resource and wildlife conservation projects in the United States.  Hear from Shelly Kelly, rancher, former government conservation agency employee and current conservation leader on the the importance of landowner perspectives in voluntary conservation efforts.
January 13, 2021
Living with Large Predators in Western Montana
Hear from Montana rancher and community leader Jim Stone about the work he and his neighbors and partners have been engaged in over the last couple of decades adapting to the return of large predators
November 20, 2020