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Strong Habits - The Podcast

Strong Habits - The Podcast

By Pennie Varvarides
Inclusive feminist fitness podcast covering all things training, nutrition and mindset with Coach Pennie Varvarides. A mix of solo episodes where Pennie answers your questions and shares tips and stories, with episodes in conversation with some incredible people within the industry.
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#56: With Lucas Aaron - on flexibility and strength

Strong Habits - The Podcast

#68: With Greg Nuckols - on sex differences in strength, muscle mass and training
PART 1 In this episode, I speak with Greg Nuckols, who is an exercise science writer, powerlifter and coach. Greg is one of the smartest guys in strength sports and I've been learning from him via Stronger by Science and MASS for years. He also has held three all-time world records in powerlifting in the 220lb and 242lb classes. I split the interview into two parts as it was almost two hours long and I thought I'd give you a break. I'll share part two next week.  In this episode we discuss muscle loss and gains through lockdown, sex differences in training and muscle mass, what that could mean in terms of trans athletes and sport Find Greg: MASS research review Instagram @gregnuckols Twitter @gregnuckols Find me: 30-Day Bender Instagram @superpennie Twitter @superpennie Facebook @superpennie
January 15, 2021
#67: Client Q&A - on posture, habit building and PCOS
In this episode, I answer questions from clients. I cover: hydration and caffeine, building effective habits/routines, dairy and PCOS and exercise snacks If you're interested in training email me on or find me: on Instagram @superpennie Download 30-Day Bender: Music: Feather Waltz by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
January 13, 2021
#66 - With Dr Rachel Evans: on eating disorder recovery, disordered eating and the binge restrict cycle
In this episode, I speak with Dr Rachel Evans, a psychologist, hypnotherapist and eating disorder survivor. She uses her experience and academic knowledge to help clients to stop the restrict-binge cycle and feel comfortable in their body. Dr Evans’ approach focusses on conscious change, subconscious change and how physiology can impact recovery. She shares some tips for people struggling with disordered eating as well as her own personal recovery story. Check out Dr Evans' blog on body acceptance: Instagram: ED charity and helpline: Beat: Find me: @superpennie |
January 8, 2021
#65: Intentions for 2021 - single-tasking
Happy new year, folks. Welcome to 2021. Are you ready? Find me on Instagram @superpennie Download 30-Day Bender: Music: Greta Sting by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Feather Waltz by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
January 4, 2021
#64: With Ban Hass - On sex, relationships and f*ckbuddies
Lessons from 2020.  I had the honour of closing 2020 with the incredible Ban Hass. This was Ban's 2nd appearance on the show - you can also find her discussing whether there's space for feminism in fitness on episode 24. Ban is a fitness instructor, PT and Insta-Queen (  In this episode, Ban and I have a chat about what we learnt this year. And it turns out it was mostly about sex and relationships. Ban is very honest as she retells some tales of the year, as we discuss breakups, hook-ups and calling the police. It was so much fun recording this with Ban and then fun again going through editing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If you'd like to register your interest in the next Strong Habits intake - or just send me a message - you can do so using this link. 30-Day Bender is available at And I'm on Instagram @superpennie
December 28, 2020
#63: With Alan Flanagan - on cholesterol, heart health and dementia prevention
I spoke with Alan Flanagan, who is currently pursuing his PhD in nutrition at the University of Surrey, having completed his Masters degree in nutrition science at the same institution. Alan is the founder of Alinea Nutrition (, an online education hub dedicated to providing impartial, science-based nutrition analysis. He is also Research Communication Officer for Sigma Nutrition, creating educational resources for nutrition science.  Previously a lawyer in Dublin, Ireland, Alan combines an investigative and logical approach to nutrition science communication and is dedicated to guiding healthcare professionals and the lay public in science-based nutrition. This is an excellent chat we Alan answers questions on: Good cholesterol vs bad cholesterol Nutrition choices for heart health Saturated vs unsaturated fats Metabolic benefits of time-restricted eating Dementia prevention And a really great fact about maths at the end Find Alan on Instagram @thenutritional_advocate Find Alan at Sigma Nutrition: **Get your hands on 30-Day Bender**
December 22, 2020
#62: With Becca Knapp - on gender, inclusivity and gym intimidation
I spoke with Becca Knapp, a PT based in Hackney. Becca has been working as a PT in London for 7 years: Fundamental to their ethos is that training should be inclusive. They help people move better and feel better irrespective of age, gender or identity. This is an excellent chat about the gender binary, patriarchy, strength training, inclusivity and finding what you love.  We share our experiences of living in society as queer people, of that feeling of being new in a gym and what people can do to make it a nicer environment for everyone.  Find Becca on Instagram: Get 30-Day Bender:
December 21, 2020
#61: With Dr Hana Kahleova - Vegan diets, insulin resistance and arthiritis
I speak to Dr Hana Kahleova, director of clinical research for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. She has conducted several clinical trials, using a plant-based diet in the treatment of obesity, diabetes, and metabolic disease. Her research showed that a plant-based diet leads to a greater weight loss and improvement in metabolism, and addresses multiple mechanisms behind diabetes. This is a really interesting episode discussing the benefits of plant-based diets and time-restricted feeding windows on metabolic health and arthritis. There were some real good nuggets in here that'll make you go "ooh".  Please rate and review the podcast on Apple Podcasts! If you'd like to watch Dr Kahleova's video on using green leaves instead of mouth wash, click here. Subscribe to Dr. Hana Kahleova on YouTube. And you can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @superpennie.  30-Day Bender is available at
December 13, 2020
#60: With Dan Van Zandt - on flexibility research and how mindset can change range
This is such an informative episode with flexibility researcher Dan Van Zandt. He busts some flexibility myths and goes into detail on what flexibility is, why it matters and how to improve it. We also discuss the impact of mindfulness practice on flexibility and how anti-anxiety exercises can sometimes make more difference to flexibility than short bursts of static stretches.  You can find Dan on Instagram @flexibility.research You can buy my 30-Day Bender at
December 10, 2020
#59: Q&A - metabolism, glucose disposal agents, and Miley Cyrus
Answering client questions this week: - Healthy vegetarian breakfast ideas - What are glucose disposal agents and do they work? - How to hit 10,000 steps working from home - Foods that boost metabolism - Foods that impact brain health and concentration - Are Miley Cyrus and I compatible Don't forget to rate and review if you're listening on Apple. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook @superpennie
December 3, 2020
#58: with Ben Patrick AKA the Knees Over Toes Guy - on bulletproof knees
In this episode I speak with Ben Patrick, world renown knee specialist working with athletes across the board to fix knee pain, run faster, jump higher and hurt less. I've been excited about this episode for MONTHS.  Ben is a new dad, and he was multitasking recording this interview, with his tiny human in the backseat of his car.  We spoke about Ben's journey from knee surgery to knees of steel, his system for rebuilding damaged knees, training older populations, training kids and what you can you do right now to start building stronger knees from day 1. You can find Ben on instagram @kneesovertoesguy You can find me on instagram, twitter and facebook @superpennie Get 30-Day Bender:
November 26, 2020
#57: With Kelechi Okafor - on spirituality, motherhood and living your truth
I spoke with the incredible Kelechi Okafor about being present in your training can teach you to be present in your life; about mum shame and the systems that create it; and about breaking free of the stories the world tells you about yourself. This episode was really fun and I'm so pleased I got to sit down with Kelechi and have this chat.  Kelechi's studio on instagram @kelechnekoff_studio Kelechi on instagram @kelechnekoff and Twitter You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @superpennie Get 30-Day Bender:
November 23, 2020
#56: With Lucas Aaron - on flexibility and strength
I speak with Real MVMT coach Lucas Aaron on all things flexibility. He answers the questions: what is it, where do you get it, and do you need it.  You can find Lucas on instagram at @rangeofstrength and find more about his flexibility coaching course at @real_mvmt or If you'd like to purchase my 30-day flexibility programme, 30-Day Bend(er), head over to my website: Find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @superpennie
November 15, 2020
#55: With Afolabi Akinola - on community and mindset
I speak with Afolabi Akinola, co-owner of black-owned gym Elite Evolution in Hackney, about creating a community, helping black fitness professionals in the industry and taking care of your mental health. Find Afolabi on instagram @eliteevolution If you'd like to level your fitness up, or get someone the gift of movement for xmas, you can pre-order 30-Day Bender here: Find me on instagram, twitter and facebook @superpennie
November 11, 2020
#54: Q&A - on running in the dark, being intentional and knowing your values
In this episode I answer client questions, covering training through winter; why we eat more this time of year; intermittent fasting and PCOS; and sugar cravings. Plus a very cool fun fact at the end about a new invention doing good things for the environment. Pre-order 30-Day Bender from my website: Find me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @superpennie
November 8, 2020
#53: On PCOS and the gut microbiome
In this short episode I discuss strategies for managing PCOS and some cool research into gut health Find me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @superpennie Pre-order 30 Day Bend(er)
November 1, 2020
#52: With Richie Kirwan - On muscle loss, aging and the consequences of the covid lockdown
This is such a brilliant episode. I spoke with Richie Kirwan, a Nutritionist and PhD researcher at Liverpool John Moores University. He has an undergrad degree in biological sciences from University College Cork and a masters degree in nutrition and metabolism from the University of Barcelona. His research focuses on the effect of muscle and body fat on heart disease and how we can use high protein Mediterranean diets and Resistance Exercise to improve body composition and health.  In this episode we speak about what happens when we stop moving as much, how quickly muscle can be lost, and how fast exercise can impact insulin resistance. We also discuss some simple, actionable advice on what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from excessive muscle loss.  One of my fave episodes to-date. Find Richie on instagram @be_more_nutrition Find me on intagram, twitter and facebook @superpennie
October 26, 2020
#51: With Gregg Slater - on health, longevity and training smarter
In this episode I speak with Lift The Bar Head Coach and Owner of Lift The Bar Training, Gregg Slater, about the importance of training in terms of health and longevity. We speak about training more efficiently as you get older, so you don't have to train for as long. About what happens to our bones and muscles as we get older, and how lifting weights and generally doing exercise can slow this down. Losing our ability to live unassisted isn't a given part of ageing; but we treat is as such. But what if you could cultivate a life where your 80 year old self was able to still go for a walk, take the stairs, carry the shopping, play with the grandkids? Heck, what if you could still go on adventures?  We have spent so much time and effort increasing the lifespan of humans, with little consideration for the healthspan. This is a really interesting chat on what we can do to change that and to give ourselves the best chance of getting the most out of our lives. Find Gregg on Instagram @gregg_ltb Find me @superpennie on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Pre-Order 30-day Bend(er) here.
October 21, 2020
#50: On motivation, mental health, gender, mobility and more
Can you believe there have been 50 episodes already! Thanks so much to all my listeners and subscribers. I appreciate you.  This is a special episode answering some client questions and speaking with some special guests.  Sophie Thomas (@sofitee) on dealing with depression and identifying your values Jay Alderton (@jayalderton) on motivation and discipline Ollie McCarthy (@ollywmccarthy) on strength and mobility training for runners  Becca Knapp (@trainwithbecca) on gender and strength You can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @superpennie And you can pre-order the 30 day bender at
October 18, 2020
#49: With Michaela Breeze - on weightlifting, technique and bureaucracy
I speak with weightlifting coach Michaela Breeze about all things weightlifting, from her 20+ year career, training, technique and accessory work. Michaela also spills the tea on the red tape stopping the UK's weightlifting body from moving with the times, as well as some insight into what it was like to be the only girl with the team for so long. Find Michaela: @MichaelaBreeze And pre-order my Strong Habits: 30-Day Bend(er) here: 
October 12, 2020
#48: With Sarah Hawkins - on gut health and IBS
In this episode I speak with Sarah Hawkins from F.I.G (Food is Good) Nutrition. Sarah is a registered associate nutritionist (ANutr) and yoga teacher with a special interest in gut health, IBS and improving our relationship with food. Sarah works on a one to one basis helping  people to improve both their nutrition as well as other important lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep and physical activity, all of which play a major role in the health of our guts and our relationship to food. Sarah takes a non-judgemental approach and aims to empower people to trust themselves and their bodies.
September 30, 2020
#47: Work/life stress is ruining your training
In this episode I'm answering a client question. I discuss how work/life stress can lead to you over reaching / over training and what you can do about it. Making training progress is all about managing stress. Are you doing these things? Find me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @superpennie
September 29, 2020
#46: With Lee Chambers - on losing use of his legs and overcoming adversary
In this episode I speak with Lee Chambers, Environmental Psychologist, Wellbeing Consultant and Founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing.  Lee discusses how he overcame numerous life struggles to be the man he is today, including when an autoimmune disorder took away the use of his legs. He talks about what it was like as a young black man navigating his mental health and what it meant to be a man, in an environment where people didn't really understand what mental health even was. And he shares some helpful advice on what people suffering with chronic illnesses and pain can do to take care of themselves and keep moving forwards.  You can find lee on Instagram @essentialisecoach and on Twitter @essentialise Tag me @superpennie on Instagram to discuss your biggest take away from the episode, and to enter the competition. 
September 27, 2020
#45: Q&A - newbie gains, running faster and iodine
In this week's episode I answer client questions. I discuss the biggest lesson I wish I knew when I first started training, how long it takes to rebuild strength and muscle mass after a break, how often you need to train legs to run faster and what kit is worth getting if you're not planning on going back to the gym any time soon. I also take a look at getting enough iodine on a vegan diet.  I've levelled up the podcast with a new jingle and a new microphone, so I'd love your feedback! You can find me on instagram, facebook and twitter @superpennie.
September 23, 2020
#44 - Stop eating your feelings
In this episode, I offer some practical advice for managing emotional eating and share some of my own journey through the process. We all know what food we're supposed to eat to be more healthy, and yet. The reason we can know what we are supposed to do and not do it, is because often the eating has nothing to do with the food itself. It's the other stuff. It's the stuff we've been ignoring.  Disclaimer: If you're suffering with binge eating disorder, or any other eating disorder, you should speak specialist help. Visit Beat for more information. If you have struggling with your mental health, speak to your GP or find a therapist. It's important to reach out for appropriate help.  If you need to chat, my DMs are open. Find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @superpennie.
September 15, 2020
#43: With Zorica Bowie - on Taekwon Do, discipline and the patriarchy
This was such a wonderful episode. I spoke with my wonderful friend Zorica Bowie about all things Taekwon Do. Zed is a co-founder for Girls Who Kick, an organisation bringing all the girls and women of ITF Taekwon Do together. She has been a Taekwon-Do student of Master Nick Symonds since 1997, black belt since 2002, 5th Dan since 2018. She's also European Silver medallist (2005), a full time English teacher, a qualified car mechanic and is completing a research PhD this year.  This might be my favourite episode to date, and I actually laughed out loud listening back to it during the editing process, so I really hope you enjoy it too. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @superpennie. Email me on for coaching enquiries. 
September 7, 2020
#42: With Michelle Griffith Robinson - on the Olympics and cultivating a positive mental attitude
In this episode I spoke with the incredible Michelle Griffith Robinson, our very first Olympian on the show! We spoke about her time as a pro athlete, what it's like being an athlete from a working class background, being a black woman, how to cultivate a mindset that will help you succeed and why exercise is so, so important whether you're a young girl or an older woman. You can find Michelle on Twitter @RobinsonOly. Get in touch with me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @superpennie.
August 31, 2020
#41 - Fitness and mental health
In this episode I discuss tips for managing fatigue and the ways in which exercise can affect mental illness. Sign ups are now open for the September intake of Strong Habits. Get in touch if you'd like to join the team. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @superpennie.
August 29, 2020
#40: With Jamie Alderdon - on mindset, discipline and getting shit done
In this episode with fitness and business coach Jamie Alderdon (@jayalderton), we speak about how he trained for his Guinness World Record, how you stay motivated to do stuff when you don't feel like and how to cultivate discipline. Jay also shares some insight on how he dug himself out of quite a dark place and reshaped his values and his life to improve his mental health - and how looking after his mental health actually improved his business, even though that's what his was ignoring his mental health to grow in the first place. A common tale of too much work and not enough play.  You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @superpennie. 
August 25, 2020
#39: PCOS and ghrelin, plus training while pregnant
In this episode I discuss the connection between ghrelin and PCOS and why it's so damn hard to lose weight. Plus a look at training while pregnant and what you need to watch out for. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @superpennie. If you're interested in signing up for the next intake of Strong Habits, email me at
August 20, 2020
#38: With Chloe Whylie - on being a hybrid athlete and racism in the fitness industry
In this episode I speak with Chloe Whylie, Whylie Can Lift, about her journey into weightlifting, competing injured, fighting for social justice and how money becomes a barrier for so many young athletes. Chloe is a hybrid athlete competing in weightlifting and powerlifting, as well as a strength and conditioning coach, from Bath, UK. You can find Chloe on instagram ( and Twitter () at @WhylieCanLift. If you'd like to discuss the episode, or anything else, with me, you can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @SuperPennie.
August 13, 2020
#37: Keeping hydrated in hot weather
Short one from me today on staying hydrated in this mini heatwave
August 11, 2020
#36: With Ashley Bowers - on emotional eating, diet culture and weight loss
In this episode I speak with American strength and nutrition coach Ashley Bowers about how to stop emotional eating, and work on your relationship with food whilst still having aesthetic goals. You can find Ashley on instagram @ashley_bowers_
August 7, 2020
#35: going back to the gym, obesity and PCOS
In this episode I talk about Boris' plan to take on the UK's obesity problem, whether meal timing makes a difference for people with PCOS and other metabolic disturbances and what it was like to go back to the gym for the first time in four months. Find me on instagram @superpennie.
July 29, 2020
#34 With Sophie Thomas - on psychology, philosophy and fitness
In this episode I speak with the wonderful Sophie Thomas on all things modelling, fitness, psychology and philosophy. She shares stories of her experiences with depression and how fitness and philosophy both helped her get through the dark times. As well as explaining the power our minds have over our physicality. Sophie is a personal trainer currently doing her masters in psychology. You can find her on instagram @sofitee. If you'd like to send me any questions, or talk about this episode, find me on instagram @superpennie.
July 18, 2020
#33: Simple strategies to self-motivate
Stop relying on motivation to get you started. Sometimes you just need to start by yourself. In this episode I share a number of techniques I use to build self-discipline, something more important that motivation. Want to discuss this episode? Find me on instagram @superpennie.
July 13, 2020
#32: With Elle Linton - on Cycling, being a woman and menstrual cups
This is a fun episode with fitness blogger and personal trainer Elle Linton. She shares useful tips for women wanting to get into cycling, something often seen as a bit of a boys club. You can find Elle on instagram @ellelinton. If you'd like to ask me anything, find me on instagram @superpennie. If you're interested in finding your own local Breeze rides, here's the link:
July 5, 2020
#31: On the science of habits + Q&A
I really liked this episode. I explain how habits are formed in our brains and what that means for behaviour change. Intentionality is important here. Plus I answer your questions on recovery, massage machines and pcos. Find me on instagram @superpennie. Sign up to my FREE newsletter here and get weekly tips straight into your inbox.
June 29, 2020
#30: With Dibs on dysmorphia and inclusive fitness
To celebrate Pride Month I am speaking to a few different LGBT fitness pros about their journey and their philosophy. At a time where our trans brothers, sisters and non-binary fam are under increasing pressure and danger, I wanted to amplify their voices.  In this episode I speak with trans fitness professional Dibs about their holistic approach to training, their personal struggle with dysmorphia and why fitness should be inclusive. I really enjoyed this episode. This was my first time speaking with Dibs, and it felt like we could be pals. You can find Dibs on instagram @dibs_pt. They mentioned a few cool accounts for you to follow to diversify your newsfeed. One of them was @decolonizing_fitness. If you'd like to talk to me about anything training, nutrition or mindset, find me on instagram @superpennie.
June 18, 2020
#29: Barefoot training
In this episode I discuss the pros and cons of barefoot training and how it could affect your lifts and runs Want to talk about training? Find me on instagram @superpennie.
June 16, 2020
#28: With Cairo - on trans fitness, community and self-love
In this episode I speak with trans activist, model and personal trainer Cairo on his journey to fitness. He gives an honest account of his struggles, his incredible community and his positive outlook on life. Cairo was such a joy to speak with. I hope you enjoy this episode.  This episode was scheduled in honour of Pride Month, a month-long celebration of LGBT+ life, culture and progress.  It feels especially important in light of JKR's transphobic essay this week. I want all my trans listeners to know that they are valid and they are seen and nobody has the right to tell you you aren't real or just a phase. I remember people telling me being gay was just a phase 12-13 years ago. And while I think gay rights have moved forwards slightly over the last decade, our trans friends have not been awarded as much acceptance or respect and it's outrageous. Not that there isn't still a long way to go for the gays too, but we are not under quite as constant an attack from such public figures. It breaks my heart that people like JKR are using their platform to spread such viterol. Anyway, this episode isn't about that. This episode showcases a wonderful activist. Cairo and I discuss how helpful fitness can be for your mental health, and why fitness is for everyone - something you know I love to talk about. Happy Pride Month, folks.  You can find Cairo on Instagram here: @cairo_leon. If you'd like to talk to me about this episode, feel free to find me on instagram @superpennie. And if you would like to help support trans youths this Pride, you can do so here: Mermaids Gendered Intelligence Black LGBTQIA Therapy Fund Exist Loudly Fund
June 14, 2020
#27: What comes first, cardio or strength training?
This episode is late this week as I was taking the time to process what's going on in the world right now. It feels like a really pivotal point in history. This is a really short episode with a quick comment on doing the work, followed by a quick discussion on training order when it comes to cardio and strength training.  I have two really exciting episodes lined up for Pride month, so keep your eyes peeled for those. If you want to find me, I'm @superpennie on instagram (and twitter).
June 12, 2020
#26: With Stacy Hackner on the real paleo diet
In this episode bio-archeologist Stacy Hackner discusses the pitfalls of the paleo diet in terms of truth and accuracy. She takes us through what life and food was actually like during the paleolithic era and we also discuss the health lessons learnt the Blue Zone.  This is a fun, sideways episode, looking at a popular modern diet that makes no sense. Have any training, nutrition or mindset questions? Find me on Instagram @superpennie.
June 1, 2020
#25: Why is it so hard to break old habits?
In this episode I discuss the power of triggers in behaviour change and simples tools you can implement to make anything a habit.  Sign ups are now open for the next intake of Strong Habits - starts 1 June. You can sign up here - or find me on social media and ask me anything you'd like to know. You can find me on instagram @superpennie. And on twitter @superpennie.
May 25, 2020
#24: With Ban Hass - on feminism, fitness and mental health
In this episode I spoke with the infamous Ban Hass on all things fitness, looking at where feminism fits in, if you can be a feminist and still have body composition goals and how exercise impacts mental health. Ban also shares a fun fact about the weird things that straight people do.  Ban was really funny and honest and I think you're going to enjoy this episode. You can find Ban on Instagram @banhass. If you'd like to talk to me about the episode or anything training, nutrition or mindset related, you can find me on instagram @superpennie. Click here to download your free copy of my ebook, Guide to training, nutrition and mindset.
May 21, 2020
#23: With Charlotte Fisher on endurance training through lockdown
In this episode I speak with nutritionist Charlotte Fisher on training through lockdown. She shares some insights in how endurance athletes can continue to make progress and make training satisfying, even without any races to train for.  You can find Charlotte on instagram @charlotte.f.nutrition Please subscribe if you enjoyed this episode. Wanna chat about nutrition, training or mindset? Find me on instagram @superpennie.
May 16, 2020
#22 Q&A protein timing and metabolism
In this episode I answer questions on protein timings; and whether people can have fast or slow metabolisms and what affects those rates. This was the third time recording this episode because I was in some kind of echo battle with my microphone. I would appreciate the love if you enjoyed it to make me feel like my efforts were worth it lol 
May 11, 2020
#21: With Danni Tabor - on self compassion through dieting (and life)
In this episode I speak to wellness coach Danni Tabor on all things self-compassion. This is probably my favourite episode to date, as we unpack why people do the things they do. And how they can change their life by changing the story.  You can find Danni on Instagram: And Danni's podcast, This is Life, on Spotify: Here's the link to the post I mentioned about feeling fat being a smokescreen:  
May 6, 2020
#20: Managing the guilt and shame of not doing enough
In this short episode I share some helpful tools on managing the guilt and shame of not doing enough
May 4, 2020
#19 Over-stretching, meditation and cannibalism
In this week's episode I discuss how you know when you're over-stretching, how to get started with meditation and why you need discipline not motivation
April 27, 2020
#18: With Alex Pearson - on behaviour change, willpower and the dark side of meditation
I speak to behaviour change expert Alex Pearson on all things behaviour change in this special episode. We discuss why people self sabotage, the role of willpower in behaviour change, and how to make actionable changes today. We also touch on the dark side of meditation
April 22, 2020
#17: Why does sweat smell?
In this short episode I discuss the difference between heat sweat and stress sweat, my personal anxiety remedies, considerations for an under thyroid and how to craft a mini workout when you can't be bothered to do a whole one. I also introduce the Fun Fact segment, where at the end of each episode I share a fun fact I learnt - not related to fitness or nutrition. This week's fun fact was pretty fun, if I do say so myself.
April 20, 2020
#16 Focus on what you can do
In this week's episode, I discuss adjusting your expectations, focussing on what you can achieve and how to make a habit stick. Our perception of who we are and what matters to us drives our actions, so spend time figuring out who you actually are and what you actually want.  I answer questions on maintaining habits post-quarantine, meditation, muscular awareness, training at home, injury-risk in running and using food volume in dieting. This is my longest episode to date, with more questions than usual. Enjoy! Download your free copy of my new training, nutrition and behaviour change ebook here. 
April 13, 2020
#15 Nutritional considerations for women with PCOS + glute gains at home
In this episode I discuss the nutritional consideration for women with PCOS and the role of exercise in insulin resistance, as well as how to maintain muscle mass at home and how to adapt to home training
April 7, 2020
#14: sleep, immune systems and how to set up your home training
Why you can't boost your immune system (and why you wouldn't want to). What you can do to support a healthy immune system. And how to train effectively at home with no gym
March 30, 2020
#13: Staying on track, laying foundation habits and a little update
In this episode I discuss the changes in how I'm helping you guys going forwards, a solid strategy for building new habits and eight tips on staying on track through all of this.  You might want a notebook for one of the tasks at the end. Here's a link to Dr Steph's story highlight "The Curve"
March 23, 2020
#12: Covid19 update + dance parties and home workouts
In this episode I discuss what I'm doing to make the programme more accessible at home, some tips for keeping your NEAT up in isolation and the silver lining to not being able to do all the fun stuff Here's the link to the NHS Covid19 quiz: Here's the link to government guidelines: Here's WHO: This is all changing daily, so these links might not be up to date by the time you click on them. But these are good places to get your info from. I mention a few doctors who are doing a great job sharing info via instagram. Here are their accounts:
March 16, 2020
#11: Strategies for behaviour change
In this episode, I discuss two strategies for successfully establishing new habits to become the person you want to become. Plus a lesson on energy balance, why a person might gain or lose weight, and the point of resistance bands
March 9, 2020
#10: turning struggles to strength + feminist rage
In this episode I discuss turning your struggles to strength, why focussing on the small tiny things you can control is better than focussing on the end goal and I have a little rant about men interrupting women in the gym and strategies to deal with them
March 1, 2020
#9 Vegan protein sources, how to build muscle + aging
In this episode I discuss how vegans should mix their protein sources, what you need to do to build muscle and why building muscle is so important. This includes a look at what happens as we get older and what we can do to lengthen our independence in later life. In the introduction I call it episode 8 by mistake - soz lol If you'd like to sign up to the next intake of Strong Habits, here's the link:  It starts Sunday, so you've only got a couple of days! Follow me on Instagram: @superpennie
February 20, 2020
#8: How to maintain weight/progress
In this episode I discuss how to maintain weight and progress going forwards, the key to long-term success and explain how to create your own workout
February 17, 2020
#7: Strength training, water intake and motivation
In this week's episode I discuss the importance of strength training on your mind and body, why motivation isn't always enough and what you can do to keep going when it wanes, and whether or not you can drink too much water. I also go into what you can do to stop yourself from boredom eating when you work from home and the pros and cons of detox diets.  For anybody interested in signing up to the next intake of Strong Habits (starts 23 Feb), you can sign up here:
February 10, 2020
#6: diet culture, dieting on holiday, cancer risks
In this episode I talk about navigating the middle ground between extreme diet culture and the anti-diet movement; how to enjoy your holiday without "ruining" your progress; how to properly warm up for a training session; progressive overload and the benefits of machines vs free weights; and whether or not cheese causes cancer. Here's a link to the 2019 systematic review I mention in the episode:
February 3, 2020
#5: The principles of habit change, plus thoughts on meal plans and juices
In this episode I discuss the principles of habit change and how you can start changing your narrative to change your behaviour.  Plus I discuss why I've not supplied you with any meal plans, training around periods, if juice counts as one of your five a day and how long it takes to digest meat. Here's the link to the gut expert I mention in the episode:
January 26, 2020
#4: DOMS, Omega 3 and the ergogenic effect of caffeine
In this episode I look at why we experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and if there's anything we can do about it. I also discuss the benefits of Omega 3 and how much caffeine you need to boost your workout.
January 21, 2020
#3: NEAT, protein and shift work
In this episode I discuss NEAT, why you should lift weights to build muscle rather than to burn calories and answer your questions on protein, skin and shift work.  Here's a link to the dermatologist I mentioned, Dr Anjali Mahto, who is a fountain of knowledge on all things skin related:
January 12, 2020
#2: Setting intentions for 2020
In this short episode, I discuss a list of prompts that will help you reflect on 2019 and set your 2020 intentions.  New Year's resolutions often fall by the wayside by February. It's time for another approach. I want you to set intentions, make a plan and decide on what you want to get out of 2020.  Here's a link to the free 2020 goals helpsheet I mention in the episode: Fill it out and get your answers emailed to you. Hope you all have a wonderful new year's and a wonderful 2020!
December 31, 2019
Strong Habits Podcast: Episode 1, Introductions
In this short podcast, I explain the ethos behind Strong Habits and what the programme entails. If you have any questions, email me at First intake starts 6 Jan. To sign up, use this link: Find me on Instagram @superpennie
December 21, 2019