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By Stuart Walter
As an athlete, you have incredible benefits by tapping into the power of your mind.
We have always known that the elite have that 'something different' and this is it!
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Why I decided to crash.
The title eludes to the control we have with everything in life. We choose out actions, reactions, behaviours and beliefs. So why did Porsche Junior Factory Driver, Jaxon Evans, choose to crash? Having grown up around motorsport, you can see why Jaxon immersed himself into racing. It takes more than that though. Motorsport is a huge investment, financially, physically and emotionally. You choose to sacrifice much of what your friends are doing, your family and girlfriend are on the other side of the world and you now live in Germany. New Zealand born, Australian Porsche Carrerra Cup 2018 Champion Jaxon Evan is now living his dream in Germany, as a fully sponsored Porsche Junior Factory Driver, travelling the world following the F1 circus as a support category. Jaxon was here recently in Brisbane to catch up with friends, family and myself to share this new part of his journey and give his advice for athletes when it comes to mindset, sacrifice, belief and the ability to keep in control when a technical issue or someone else can end your race. Here is a clip with Jaxon outlining a brief rundown on himself, his history and the future. Sit back and enjoy Jaxon's interview. Stuart Walter,  The Athlete's Secret Weapon  
July 24, 2019
The Best Coach to make you Better!
What a pleasure this interview was... Talk about passion in sport, Brant Best is a swimming coach with a difference. He was the swim coach to James Magnussen, former World Champion, Olympian and the fastest swimmer in history at the time. Brant is passionate about coaching and his current role is as a coach development coach for Swimming Queensland. When you listen to this as an athlete, you will hear how coaches commit to their craft as much as you do as an athlete. If you are a coach, this is enlightening to understand and hear from the coach of such a successful athlete. You will also understand the importance of being the best version of yourself as a coach. Brant eludes to 'The Dear Diary Process' in this recording too, this is my published book. if you want a copy of the eBook for FREE please send me an email to Below in the link is a great video outlining Brant Best and James Magnussen and the bond these two have, the trust they have and the respect. Please watch this before listening to the podcast Thanks for taking the time to subscribe to any future podcasts. and please share this to athletes if you are a coach and for athletes, share it with your coaches and maybe listen to this together. It is really powerful and can be the difference in your success in sport and life. Stuart Walter The Athlete's Secret Weapon
July 10, 2019
Never die wondering
Michelle Lee, is an amazing lady who should stop reading! This podcast interview is result of reading a book, Rowing the Atlantic by Roz Savage.  Having never rowed before, Michelle thought she would tackle of of the most extreme rowing races in the world. My interview with Michelle was great fun, we had many technical challenges with poor connections that dropped out a few times and a 5 week delay after the first 25 minutes. We both got caught up, Michelle ended up doing the media circus on TV and radio and now corporate events, talking about her journey and her results! Please take the time to connect with Michelle, have a read of her website and listen to her own Podcast. For corporate groups, I would urge you to consider Michelle for your next conference or convention, again check her out on her website through this link below.  Time now to sit back and listen to the slightly interrupted recording that is myself and Michelle Lee, the first female to conquer solo the Atlantic Ocean in the world's toughest race. Enjoy the podcast and be careful what you read after this! Stuart Walter, The Athlete's Secret Weapon
May 20, 2019
Aspire Beyond Greatness
Imagine at the age of 18 you win a World title...  What do you do next? What could possibly inspire you for the rest of your life? This week's Podcast Athlete is Anna Kaszycki, a Junior World Rowing Champion and awesome human being. PLEASE NOTE... we lost the direct audio on this recording and had to pull it off the video chat, the quality is not 100% ... The content is priceless. Anna's story is one of hide and seek... hide from life and find your passion and your freedom. This dream she was chasing took Anna all around the world and furthered her studies in the USA and connections to incredible people. I had the fortune to be working with Anna recently as she embarked on another journey, no longer hiding, she is now free and is inspiring the youth of today to put down your devices and chase the dream. Anna is now travelling to schools and sporting clubs to inspire the younger generation into action.  Anna has her own podcast, 'Aspire Beyond Greatness' and this is her story. What do you do once you have achieved? What is the next step? What is beyond Greatness?  The link to her podcast is below... listen to this interview and then connect to Anna.  Thanks for listening in advance, please share this Athlete's Secret Weapon Podcast with the younger generation and get them off their devises and chasing dreams. Stuart Walter
April 30, 2019
You don't reach the pinnacle by accident.
Dave Nilsson is a very humble family man with a passion for sports. For those not around baseball, this man would walk past you and you would never know the man, the story and the success he has to date. Retired now from a Professional Baseball career in the USA, this man is still as passionate about the sport that gave him soo much today... and now he is giving back.  It was a pleasure to meet Dave, the energy and passion he exudes when he opens up, gave me an understanding of the person that became the Champion. When you listen you will certainly understand this passion and the inner champion you need in your own life and sport,  Dave is an Australian retired professional baseball player who played as catcher for Major League Baseball's Milwaukee Brewers from 1992 to 1999. He was an All-Star in 1999, becoming the first Australian player to appear in an All-Star game. He ended his US Major League career in 1999 with 837 games played, 789 hits, 105 home runs and a .284 career batting average. Following 1999, Nilsson opted not to sign with any Major League teams because of his desire to play for Australia in the 2000 Olympics. He was widely applauded for this move as he was turning down big money to represent his country and not just the once.  This 2 time Olympian in 2000 and 2004 achieved the Silver Medal and in 2008 Nilsson was named to the Sport Australia Hall of Fame. These days Dave Nilsson continues to share his knowledge, experience and amazing leadership skills as a coach... not just any Coach as you would expect.  He was the recipient of the Coca-Cola Amatil 2017 Queensland Sport Coach of the Year at the annual Q Sport awards. In 2019, he guided the Brisbane Bandits to secure its 4th consecutive ABL championships. Now Dave focuses on the 5th title and his passion as manager of the Australian national baseball team. I love these stats, the achievement and highly respect this man, he is the first to shrug his shoulders and say... I am a Dad, that is my job! Please enjoy this as much as I did. Stuart Walter The Athlete's Secret Weapon
April 9, 2019
"I face death every ride... "
Leighton Silva, a Professional Bull Rider from Riverside, California is my guest in this episode.  This will make you re-think nerves in your sport. This will get you thinking about survival, persistence and belief. Leighton was focused on #1 World this year, he was in the best physical and mental condition until... Please listen all the way through this podcast, it is essential listening for every athlete. Listen to this and you will put out of your mind what you thought was fear.  This maybe the re-set button in your sport to think, what is the worst thing that can happen and what have I got to worry about? A slow time in the pool a bad golf shot? it will all seem irrelevant after this! to watch the interview with myself and Leighton on You Tube, click here Please connect with Leighton on Instagram and say thanks, he is a true champion for sharing this and be real and raw in this time. Instagram  leighton_silvaa  You can also see 'That Bull' in his most recent posts. Now please sit and absorb this podcast, not everything you hear in my episodes is inspirational, this is a reality check episode. I have got in early with this episode because athletes need to understand, success in sport is not guaranteed, there are many factors at play and if you are willing to confront many of them, you are willing to be a champion like Leighton. Stuart Walter The Athlete's Secret Weapon
March 11, 2019
The Athlete's Secret Weapon Podcast Inroduction
   Thank you and welcome to my podcast. I am Stuart Walter, or as my clients call me, the Athletes Secret Weapon.  I am passionate about sport and even more about peak performance. I have the honour of working with some of the finest athletes in the world and now calling them friends. Every athlete needs to understand the part mindset plays in sport and life and my mission is to have every athlete fully aware of their potential and focused on achieving it.  During my presentations I share this statement and I really get emotional about it…  “I want each of you to believe in yourselves as much as I do now”.  This may seem simple and easily glossed over, the truth is that only a few people believe in themselves and they are the ones that end up making a real difference in the world. My mission is to  ‘Empower people to change the way they think, believe, behave and communicate in a way that empowers others’.  This Podcast will do exactly that. When you listen to me interviewing these incredible athletes and sports associated specialists, you will get to learn the Fundamentals of the human mind. You will realise that these athletes are real people, that have overcome real issues to get real results.  these results will empower you to think, believe, behave differently and you will go out in the world and empower others' through your actions and results. Speaking of results, 36 World Champions choose to work with me for that reason... RESULTS! I know how to get the most from the best in the world. What you have gone through and what you may go through will be easier when you understand what it takes to get to the top, to stay there, and to transition back into a life. This journey will take you through the highs, the depth of the lows, the struggles the injuries and the sacrifice of life that is sport.  If sport is 80-90% mental, and a note here… the higher you are ranked, the more it is about belief and trust in yourself and your skills. You are going to be exposed as a person and have every action questioned. You will need a very thick skin to be successful. So welcome on this journey into the mind and see why this is now the area of massive gains for athletes. Coaches are now starting to see the advantages of a mindset program because they have a duty of care for their athletes and the results they see, leave them scratching their heads.  I have been in clinical practice now for 13 years and I am now even more passionate about sharing my knowledge, skills and tips while interviewing some amazing humans. They have given up their time to help you understand and they really open up to what they have been through in sport and life. It is very real, raw and emotional…  Please enjoy Stuart Walter The Athlete's Secret Weapon
March 4, 2019
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